The Callender Papers

Cynthia Voigt

The Callender Papers

The Callender Papers

  • Title: The Callender Papers
  • Author: Cynthia Voigt
  • ISBN: 9780689832833
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback

Think carefully That s the advice Jean Wainwright always gets from her beloved Aunt Constance, Jean s guardian and headmistress at the boarding school where she lives It s advice that proves valuable when Jean finds herself spending the summer far from home, sorting out family papers for the reclusive Mr Thiel, a trustee of Aunt Constance s school and the widower ofThink carefully That s the advice Jean Wainwright always gets from her beloved Aunt Constance, Jean s guardian and headmistress at the boarding school where she lives It s advice that proves valuable when Jean finds herself spending the summer far from home, sorting out family papers for the reclusive Mr Thiel, a trustee of Aunt Constance s school and the widower of her childhood friend Irene Callender At Mr Thiel s isolated country estate, Jean is surrounded by bewildering questions from the past Why is there such hatred between Mr Thiel and his late wife s brother Was her death an accident And what happened to their child, who disappeared after Irene Thiel s death Do the answers lie in the Callender papers And will searching for the answers put Jean s own life in jeopardy

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I found this book while browsing with my mom in the young adult section of the public library. The description caught my eye because the story was about a young girl who was charged with going though and organizing personal papers. I thought what a great author to write about record retention and the screening of archival papers !Without revealing too much of the story which lead to my conclusions, I will say that being an older reader, I suspected the direction in which the plot was heading by [...]

While the narrator of this little book is just thirteen, the story is appropriate for this age and up. Winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Award, the mystery begins with a young girl sorting family papers for Mr. Thiel. Even though he's a friend of her Aunt Constance, she finds him a little terrifying. Instead, she finds herself drawn to another man whose warmth and friendly manner is more appealing to a young person. As the mystery unfolds, she finds herself the center of it all. To tell more about t [...]

A Gothic novel, first published in 1983 and winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award, written in the style and tone of a good old-fashioned classic, for young teenagers. This is a good introduction to the Gothic genre, without the modern trend for vampires round every corner! Several reviewers have mentioned predictability in the plot, but I think that is because it ticks off the typical elements of a Gothic novel in a style accessible to its target readers. I love the dedication in my copy: "Fur Cla [...]

Well-written gothic mystery which lands oddly between juvenile and adult since the protagonist is twelve, yet the tone and vocabulary seem much more suited at much older readers. Voigt is a talented writer. Though the plot was fairly predicable, it was still an enjoyable read with all the classic structure of the gothic--mysterious circumstances, conflicting hero types, dark emotions, secrets, nightmares. Yes, a great little warm up for those entering into the gothic genre.

I got this when I was a little girl, about 5, at a book festival. It sat on my shelf for six years, dubbed as boring. When I opened it up, it drew me in. I loved the entire book, and the characters just jump out on you, real and diverse. I'm a minor still, so it actually appeals to me more than a thirty year old. Anyway, it is a beautiful book.

I teach school and this is a great period piece. It is a great mystery and every student I have suggested it for loves it.

This book calledwas a detective story that written by Cynthia Voigt, about the secret surrounding Jean and Callender family. Jean was an orphan. In the beginning, Jean went to a small town, lived in Mr. Thief‘s house and worked as collating documents for him. Then, she found our that those documents were concerning an accident that happened ten years ago. Mrs. Thief accidental death, their baby and her nurse were all missing. In the end, the truth completely exposed. Jean was the baby who disa [...]

I am Chinese.一次偶然的机会,从朋友那里获得这本书的简体中文译本,名叫“阁楼里的秘密”(繁体中文译本名叫“卡兰德文件”),都是同一个译者——麦倩宜翻译的。这本1983年出版的小说,2007年中国台湾出版译本,中国大陆出版的时候已经是2013年。意想不到的是,时隔30年,这本书魅力不减,故事反映的价值观、生活态度对现代生活仍具有启发性意义,我非常欣赏作家Cynth [...]

I enjoyed this litte book. It had an ending that surprised me and that is always good.

"People can be unimaginably foolishd they can be unimaginably grand, at times." —Aunt Constance, The Callender Papers, P. 9 "Men, and women too, are unpredictable creatures. You have seen little of this. I wonder now if your innocence is enough protection for you." —Aunt Constance, P. 17 I would give two and a half stars to this book. Cynthia Voigt has delivered a solid family mystery story that stretches back a full decade before this book begins, populated with strong, realistic characters [...]

Personally, I liked this book. It had a fun plot idea. I thought it was better at some points than others though. The basic idea of the plot was that, a young girl went to live with a man for the summer in a small town, to help him with some work. While she was there, she began finding a deeper meaning to her work. Things began to come together, and fall apart in her understanding as time went on. As she digs deeper into her research, her life begins to be put on the line. Finally she uncovers w [...]

I was a big Cynthia Voigt fan as a kid - but not her realistic fiction. Homecoming depressed me, although I think I worked my way through the whole thing. I much preferred stories with some mystery or fantasy to them, so The Callender Papers really worked for me then (as did Jackaroo: A Novel of the Kingdom, which I've yet to reread). Coming back to it as an adult, I know exactly why I enjoyed it then, but the mystery elements don't work quite as well because the ending felt obvious. But here's [...]

I read this book in fourth grade. It was recommended to me by my teacher, Mrs. Stevenson. I remember that part, at least. The details of the story elude my memory. I remember not being enthralled but feeling like I was supposed to be. Incidentally, it may have been this book that inspired my desire to choose a book for each of my children where the main character shared their name. When I was 9 I had already picked all five of my kids' names. My second daughter was to be named Constance Marie, a [...]

This author has always impressed me. She's a master at developing characters. It was fun to re-discover her after not reading any of her work for several years. I noticed in this book that she writes clearly and cleanly, but not with the elegance of a Phillip Pullman or the fiery, jaw-dropping poetry of Gormeghast which I'm also reading. She shines on her clean story line and beautiful character development.I enjoyed this book immensely though the mystery part of it is something you will probabl [...]

Solid story about a 12-year-old girl in the late 19th century who spends a summer working for a mysterious and cantankerous acquaintance of her adoptive aunt. She's smart and plainspoken, but is believable as a 12 year old. The writing style didn't feel dated at all. Some of the plot twists seemed obvious to me early on, but I'm pretty sure I've read this one before (albeit probably at least 15 years ago), so maybe I'm just remembering the story from an earlier reading.

This was a good book and it seemed fairly classic. But I do have to say one thing, I found the plot highly predictable. It really was pretty obvious that she was the daughter all along and that Mr. Callender was trying to murder her. I even had a vague idea of what was going to happen before they even introduced half the characters. I'm definitely not saying it's not a good book, it totally was. But reader beware, you shall find no suspense (except in one scene) here.

In spite of its predictability, this YA mystery was a fun read. Kind of like a mini-Jane Eyre or The Secret Garden. I was amused by the main character's refrain about the importance of "thinking carefully." It was pretty cute, how devoted she was to the idea that thinking carefully could solve all of her problems. It made a funny contrast with how many things were actually beyond her understanding or control.

was a good, short book that held my interest, especially towards the end. the only thing that didn't see so plausible, was that the girl was that smart, and could hold that adult a conversation, at 12. of course, i SHOULDN'T be surprised, as i had/have a few kids like that myself, but don't know that i would have hired on for the job this character was!

This book is set in the late 1800s, and follows Jean, a young orphan who is given a job sorting through some old family papers in the attic of a trustee of her aunt's school for girls. It was an interesting read, and was able to keep my attention for most of the story. Although much of it was predictable, it was a forgivable predictablity. 3.5 stars would be more accurate. If only

This was an interesting turn-of-the century mystery that I remember liking as a kid and I enjoyed it again as an adult. I was able to guess at the ending well before it came though, and I wonder if that's just because I'm older or if kids would guess too. Should appeal to upper grade elementary ages.

A relaxed little mystery, told from the perspective of a (mature) 12-year old girl. It took a long time for the mystery part to become apparent, but the story leading up to it was still satisfying. It's a bit strange that the adults seem to treat the young girl as an equal or contemporary in conversation, especially in the time period when (I believe) children were to be seen and not heard.

This wasn't quite as exciting as it's claimed to be. The story was thrilling, but a tad bit unrealistic. The main character is only twelve, but she's solving mysteries and having mature conversations that I found hard to believe - the author should have put her at least 5 years older because that's how she appeared. All in all, I did like how it the story resolved.

I read this years ago and it sounded so good that I thought I'd read it again. I was disappointed that the girl didn't actually go back into the past. She just discovers some family secrets- and secrets about herself- while sorting papers for a "family friend".

More of a children's/young teen's book but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Not much of a mystery (if you're an adult reading the book). I knew the answer the whole time but it was "interesting" how they played it out.Not too bad.

Such junior high school nostalgia. I hope I'll remember to read this when I'm 50 or 60 and just sit there and smile and remember how we were in B10 and I was in the inner U of the classroom in the third seat from the row facing the windows.

I Own this book and I love it and I do not remember when or where I got it but I read the whole thing and I cried somewhat when reading. If you have not read it I storngly you read it.I have not read it anytime soon but I may in a few weeks or months again.

This was another one of the books I'm reading in my rediscovery of Voigt. This was a pretty stable mystery, but I'm thinking I would have enjoyed more as a tween - especially since I had it figured out before half way through ;)

This gets four stars for a juvenile mystery. For an all-category rating, it would be 3 stars. I knew what was going on right from the beginning, but the tension was there throughout. I didn't know exactly how it would play out.

One of the best books I've ever read. I'm amazed at how Ms. Voigt can change her writing style so completely from book to book. This novel has all the beautiful, lilting characteristics of the classics, without the excess description or terribly antiquated terms. A modern "classic"

I liked The Callender Papers. The mystery and the surrounding reasons were apparent to me, but I am older and have had more experiences than the protagonist, Jean. Even so, I enjoyed this story.

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