Silent on the Moor

Deanna Raybourn

Silent on the Moor

Silent on the Moor

  • Title: Silent on the Moor
  • Author: Deanna Raybourn
  • ISBN: 9780778326144
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback

In Grimsgrave Hall, enigmatic Nicholas Brisbane has inherited a ruined estate, replete with uncanny tenants and one unwanted houseguest Lady Julia Grey Despite his admonitions to stay away, Lady Julia arrives in Yorkshire to find Brisbane as remote and maddeningly attractive as ever Cloistered together, they share the moldering house with the proud but impoverished remnIn Grimsgrave Hall, enigmatic Nicholas Brisbane has inherited a ruined estate, replete with uncanny tenants and one unwanted houseguest Lady Julia Grey Despite his admonitions to stay away, Lady Julia arrives in Yorkshire to find Brisbane as remote and maddeningly attractive as ever Cloistered together, they share the moldering house with the proud but impoverished remnants of an ancient family the sort that keeps their bloodline pure and their secrets close Lady Allenby and her daughters, dependent upon Brisbane and devastated by their fall in society, seem adrift on the moor winds, powerless to change their fortunes But poison does not discriminate between classes A mystery unfolds from the rotten heart of Grimsgrave, one Lady Julia may have to solve alone, as Brisbane appears inextricably tangled in its heinous twists and turns But blood will out, and before spring touches the craggy northern landscape, Lady Julia will have uncovered a Gypsy witch, a dark rider, and a long buried legacy of malevolence and evil Deanna Raybourn spins a gripping tale of loyalty and lust, set against the wild beauty of the Yorkshire moors.

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3.5 stars. Silent on the Moor is the third book in this LADY JULIA GREY series, and Julia and Nicholas Brisbane are stilltrying to figure out what their relationship is (and if they even have a relationship). But luckily there are mysteries to solve and murderous people to distract them (and us) from their relationship woes.Julia, disregarding all the normal rules of British Victoian society, decides that Brisbane needs her and, moreover, needs to admit he loves her. So she travels, uninvited, w [...]

What is with the new cover? This series is so much more than "romance." In fact, what drew me to this series was the independent spirit of the heroine, Lady Julia. Austen meets Mary Russell (the Laurie King books). I will keep reading because I'm already hooked, but I must wonder whether I would have picked up this series with this current designI know we shouldn't judge books by their cover, but this one makes me think it is a traditional bodice-ripper which I completely detest. I am looking fo [...]

Me he llevado una decepción. Sabía que el romance no tenía peso y estaba avisada de su final, pero el suspense y el tema de investigación tiene también muy poco peso lo cierto es que la mayor parte de la novela es una sesión de conversaciones entre sus miembros, que al final tampoco ayudan a mucho ya que desde el principio he sabido el meollo de la cuestión quizás porque con un rincón con tan pocos personajes las opciones son realmente muy pocas Por ahora me planto con la serie.Esta nov [...]

The third book in the Lady Julia series was a little more gothic than her previous two stories. I thought it worked well, though. I felt creeped out the entire time I was reading this book! Deanna Raybourn is such a wonderful storyteller. I'm amazed with every book I read by her. I've been to so many different and unique places just by stepping into her stories and imagination. This time I was in the desolate, wild moors of England. She's so vivid with all the surroundings and even with the char [...]

It's difficult for me to describe exactly how excited I was for this book to come out. Silent on the Moor was easily at the top of my most anxiously awaited books of 2009. I discovered Deanna Raybourn last year and, after blowing through the first two Julia Grey novels, have spent the last six months in that special agony reserved for the lovers of sequels. Fortunately a copy popped up at a local (ish) bookstore and I was saved from suffering through the last two weeks til its March 1st publicat [...]

HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!This one is my favorite in the series so farr SO many reasons.1. Although I have never been to the Moors, I FEEL as though I have, thanks to the Bronte sisters, so everything surrounding this locale is always magically enhanced to me. (and usually depressing).2. Julia grabs the bull by the horns and goes after the Brisbane. That's what I'm talking about!!! 3. Portia is in itend of.The story wasn't very novel or surprising. I felt annoyed that the main characters didn't seem to c [...]

4.5 stars full review to come

4'5 Estrellas. Me ha gustado mucho, pero no más que los anteriores, y eso que aquí se consolida algo que llevo esperando todos los libros. Si le he bajado estrellita es porque ésta historia me resultó algo más farragosa que las otras historias. Hasta la mitad del libro no consigues ver la trama, no sabes por donde irá, pero por suerte la autora ha recuperado su esencia al final.Ésta vez el libro nos traslada al Yorkshire rural. Nicholas Brisbane adquirió una casa ruinosa que quiere refor [...]

How is it possible that Deanna Raybourn’s third Julia Grey novel is even better and more thoroughly enjoyable than the first two in the series? The mind boggles at the possibility, but it’s true – in my book Raybourn has achieved the rare feat of crafting characters and stories so engaging that each installment is more enthralling and satisfying than the last. Where the second book in the series, Silent in the Sanctuary, gave readers a more self-assured Lady Julia, now more than ever she w [...]

Since I barely got beyond two chapters, I don't think it'd be fair to rate it and thus I won't. But can I stomach more of Julia essentially throwing herself at Brisbane when he has made it quite clear (repeatedly) that he doesn't want to see her, doesn't want her around and she is most definitely unwelcome at his house? No. If it was Brisbane stalking Julia's every step and refusing to accept "no" for an answer, I suspect we'd find the behavior far more off-putting. Even with that issue aside, I [...]

I picked this edition because the cover on the other one looks like a reprehensible prom dress. Love this book, wraps things up very well, quite interesting torment. Although I could see the ending coming, the characters are so good that the trip was worth it. Less of a mystery than the last two installments, very evocative of Wuthering Heights or Rebecca. Still Loved it, hope the series continues!

My notes for this book just say, "Goddamn it, I love you, Nicholas Brisbane!!"

What the heck? (I want to say something else, but I'm trying to contain myself.)This installment was my least favorite so far, and really for one main reason. Brisbane. He pushed Julia away for the most ridiculously stupid reason throughout the entire book. (view spoiler)[ He simply refused to marry a woman with money- which he had mentioned before, but honestlywould someone really give up the love of their life for that stupid of a reason?(hide spoiler)] It just got exhausting, and it made me f [...]

The main mystery was a bit too simplistic for me as I figured it out early on. I do enjoy reading about the March family and that probably helps to keep my interest in the series.

I was really disappointed in this book. I had enjoyed Raybourn's first novel, Silent in the Grave, but I feel that the overall skill, literary style, and simply classiness of the first novel had sadly deteriorated by this one. First, I think it is clear that her publishers are taking Raybourn's literary pretensions less seriously, judging from this cover as compared to the earlier ones, as well as from the fact that this book unlike previous ones was published only in paperback. It's as if Raybo [...]

Lady Julia Grey has had enough. Despite Brisbane's best efforts to keep her safely out of his path, she has decided to follow her sister Portia to his remote Yorkshire estate, Grimsgrave, on the pretext of helping him to outfit the place. Despite his strong feelings for her (and she for him) Brisbane decidedly does not want Julia to come to his new home but Julia convinces her reluctant family to let her go and force Brisbane to decide once and for all what is to become of their relationship. Up [...]

The murder, in this one, was the easiest to guess ahead of time. But there were SO MANY subplots that I think you had to have some idea of the bigger crime when you reached the final bend in the story or you would have been completely overwhelmed by everything else that happened.What I love most about this series, anyway, is that it isn't about the mystery plot as much as it is the characters. Once the murders had been solved, there was still 50 pages left in the book to resolve the personal iss [...]

The mystery in this one is really pathetic. I guessed it all correctly from the get go. I was hoping that it would change into something far less obvious, but it didn’t. So sad. This book definitely felt like a placeholder. Or, relationship filler. Once again, I have issues with how Julia is portrayed. Here, she’s just so desperate. I don’t know how else to view her stalking of Brisbane. Seriously. It’s stalking. So, a dude tells you he doesn’t want anything to do with you. He ignores [...]

De Londres a la casa familiar con asesinato, y de ahí a los sombríos páramos. Con un toque a lo "Cumbres borrascosas" por la ambientación, es el libro en el que más conocemos a Brisbane y su pasado. También es el libro más romántico, todo lo que lo pueda ser esta serie, pero es algo que siempre es secundario en la serie, no esperéis escenas de pasión porque no las hay en ninguno de los libros, al menos "frente a las cámaras". Más secretos, más mentiras y más crímenes por resolver [...]

aah so worth the wait and the read! I loved how the reader was able to 'see' grow and change into the character she truly was meant to be throughout the three books. I can't wait to see what her next adventures will be!

Secondo l'opinione comune, l'omicidio è un difetto tipico della borghesia. Gli aristocratici si ritiene siano superiori a tali sgradevole bassezze.Concordo su chi ha detto che è forse tra i migliori della serie, sempre in crescendo sino a questo gioiellino.Ammetto che già il richiamo a certe atmosfere di Cime Tempestose (e la Raybourn ci gioca alla grande, scherzando spesso sul confronto Brisbane-Heathcliff) me lo ha fatto amare sin dalle prime pagine, ma ho trovato stupenda l'ambientazione i [...]

Not as good as the first two books (the 2nd is my favorite so far), but still a very enjoyable read. The book did lag in spots--most notably when Brisbane was absent--and the mysteries themselves were rather easy to figure out, but the interesting characters more than make up for it. That is where I feel Ms. Raybourn truly shines--her characterization. She writes compelling and complex characters that you cannot help but care about, with Brisbane being the most captivating of the lot. Julia's fa [...]

SILENT ON THE MOOR (Hist. Mys-Lady Jane Grey-England-1888) – VG+Raybourn, Deanna – 3rd in seriesMira, 2009, US Trade paperback – ISBN: 9780778326144First Sentence: “Julia Grey, I would rather see you hanged than watch any sister of mine go haring off after a man who will not have her,” my brother Bellmont raged.Lady Jane Grey is put out knowing that the man she loves, Nicholas Brisbane, has asked her sister, Portia, to help him renovate his new home in Yorkshire, Grimsgave Hall, but ha [...]

Oh this was my favorite of the series so far. I love payoff books. Lots of great Julia and Brisbane stuff.

This is the third in the Lady Julia Grey series and while not the strongest entry by far (I'd give the edge to the second book) it was still a fun ride.The mystery this time around was a bit pedestrian (not to mention terribly gothic) and I pretty much figured it out from the get go. There were a few surprises but I got the main gist so that part of the story really didn't grasp and is one of the reasons (along with the new cover which is just awful, not to mention terribly misleading!) I am kno [...]

I figured out many things in the book: the parentage of the mummified twins, the incestuous relationship between Ailith and Redwall and the fact that it wasn't Lady Allenby who poisoned Brisbane. I also knew how the relationship of Julia and Brisbane would be at the end of this book. All thanks to an asshat who doesn't know how to use the goddamn spoiler feature.I still think the second book in the series was the best book, so far. I think the fact that there was no murder mystery here is what b [...]

My favorite so far! Kept me guessing right up to the wonderfully romantic ending. Lady Julia is such a fun character and her adventures never fail to entertain. Deanna Raybourn has a gift of talent, combining a well-planned, suspenseful, unpredictable mystery with a heroine that any woman would want to be, a hero that any woman would want to love, and a cast of eccentric supporting characters that readers never tire of. The Lady Julia books are fresh, smart, funny, all-around great escapes that [...]

This third instalment of the Lady Julia Grey mysteries was not as intricately plotted as previous instalments. The previous books have all had a murder occur by about halfway through the book, but this mystery was rather different. I missed the pacing of the previous books.I also found it difficult to understand some elements of the story, which were not sufficiently explained to satisfy me. This might be because I'd missed something (see 'the bad' below), but some aspects of the mystery just di [...]

The dark moors, a middling mystery, and two strong-willed characters whose prides interfere with love make for an interesting read. I enjoyed the book, though I've noticed after reading 3 in this series that they all start out slow and long-winded, then take the reader galloping to the end in the last few chapters.

Slower than the first two and somewhat predictable, but satisfying. (view spoiler)[I am devastated about Jane and Portia (hide spoiler)]. I can’t wait to read the next one; I’m so glad I thought ahead and got it through ILL!This is my “book with a cover I hate” for the 2018 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. Lady Julia wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress. I realize this series has a fair dollop of romance—I like the romance between Brisbane and Julia. BUT THAT COVER IS RIDICULOUS.

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