The Organ Grinder

Maan Meyers

The Organ Grinder

The Organ Grinder

  • Title: The Organ Grinder
  • Author: Maan Meyers
  • ISBN: 9781594147210
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover

1899 Police detective John Tonneman is home from serving with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War Appearing in this wild ride through turn of the century New York are characters including a murderous organ grinder and an Italian detective.

Recent Comments "The Organ Grinder"

I really enjoyed the other books in this series but found this one to be boring and completely lacking in plot.

This one is a fast-paced historical thriller. It takes place in New York City in the late 1890’s. Many of the characters had nicknames which I found a little confusing at times.

Sadly once again Mystery Guild picks up something 7 books in so I’m totally missing out on the beginning of this. Then again I wasn’t’ so ‘OOOO shiny’ that I want to go find them either. This is set in 1899 and a brave new world awaits with the turn of the century. Cars are just getting a foothold in NYC, women still don’t have the vote but they’re working on it. In the middle of this we have two detectives, John ‘Dutch’ Tonneman & his partner and cousin Bo Clancy, working [...]

Although it was a good mystery, and kept me interested enough to read until the crime was solved, the reading slows down with too many details of New York City's history and geography. Too many characters also made it confusing. I'm sure the author's research was thorough and extensive, but the reader of the Organ Grinder didn't need all those details.

I really liked this book. It was a quick read and very interesting. The only thing I didnt' like was the fact that there were so many different characters that it became a little confusing. It had a lot of plot twists and things that you didn't think would happen.

This book had too many characters (couldn't keep track of half of them) and too many details that I felt were unnecessary. So in the end this book too way too long to read and left me not caring.

Certainly not the best in the series - disjointed with too many characters - though packed with historical detail. Skip this and read the earlier books.

i've read all the books in this series but i lost interest in this one about 2/3 thru. but still a great historical account of NYC.

I can't recommend.

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