A Nurse In Time

Evelyn Prentis

A Nurse In Time

A Nurse In Time

  • Title: A Nurse In Time
  • Author: Evelyn Prentis
  • ISBN: 9780312580254
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover

Desperate circumstances were something Evelyn Prentis had to get very used to when she began her life as a nurse It was in 1934 that Evelyn left home for the first time to enrol as a trainee at a busy Nottingham hospital in the hope of GBP25 a year This book gives her account of those days of dedication and hardship.

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This is the second or third of Evelyn's books I have read and they are just utterly wonderful. She writes with such charm, tenderness and wit that it's a joy to return to her tales of nursing. I will be reading the other two or three in the series and loving every minute of them.

Evelyn Prentis describes her experiences as a young girl who was put into nurse training by her mother because she didn't know what else to do with her. Her story highlights the hierarchical, rigid system which ensured effort was put into hygiene and routines probably because there wasn't a lot else medicine could do for patients other than give them somewhere spotless to be cured or die.As a nurse myself, I sometimes wonder if nursing would have been better if routine and hygiene remained a hig [...]

This book is alternately sweet, sad and horrifying. It's the perfect read for anyone who romanticizes the 1930's when life was "better". The author's matter of fact approach to her training and difficulties of life makes one realize how much was expected of people to except hard circumstances and move on. Nursing during this period was all about on the job training with the lowest tasks given to probationers. From bedpans, cleaning, cooking and being run ragged it was less the sweet sitting at a [...]

One morning when the Irish girl stood in the cubicle arranging the roses the husband had brought the night before, she stopped messing about with the flowers and turned to the woman in the bed.'Sure and it's lovely husbad you've got, Mrs Moore,' she said.'Well, I think so, Nurse,' said Mrs Moore, smiling gratefully.'Can I have him when you've finished with him?' asked the Irish girl.'You'll have to wait a long time, I hope,' said the woman, laughing. She laughed too much and one of her damaged l [...]

BrilliantLovely stories with a whiff of sadness, joy and laughter, some tragedy but all worth while you will never forget

Sorry not for me at the mo, read too many nursing books.

As a nurse I found it uncomfortable reading and actually very depressing. Still can see some of the traditions ( not so good) still in nursing to thus day!

a rather dull read .

A Nurse In Time By Evelyn Prentis Autobiography (Historical) This book is about the childhood and working life of Evelyn Prentis a nurse, who started working between the wars. She was brought up in a poor country home in the British Midlands and started as a trainee in a city hospital in Nottingham. It is a very vivid and realistic account of a time before sophisticated medicine and especially before antibiotics. I really liked this book partly because I thought it was very educational and good [...]

Evelyn Prentis trained to be a nurse in the 1930's, the training was so much different then ,and was very much a hands on approach the young girls were just thrown in at the deep end. Sisters and Matrons were very much in charge and to be feared. It seemed most people in those days went to hospital as a last resort and without antibiotics and medical knowledge we have taken for granted died from relatively simple things, which nowadays we would just shrug off.I think you had to be really hard to [...]

I was recommended this book off the back of reading call the midwife.Its a good book, quick to read and quick moving (maybe bordering on too quick occasionally). That been said I did enjoy it and will continue through the whole series.I think once you have got into the idea of how medical conditions were "discussed" (hushed voice) by these young girls in the start then this book is a good example of the genre.It also shows the maturing of the main character quite well. I dont think you will be b [...]

I liked this book because it gave a good picture of what nurse training and nursing was like in the 1930s and was easy to read. Evelyn's story is an interesting one and has its funny moments. As a newly qualified nurse I found the differences between then and now interesting and amusing. At points in the story I would think, Id rather be a nurse then, and yet at others Im glad nursing has developed as a profession, and that training has developed. Defintely worth a read if you like this type of [...]

I loved this book. It's a true story of a young woman who trains as a nurse in 1930's Lincolnshire. It's very funny, but in a realistic way. I've read a lot of novels by Betty Neels about young nurses, and this true story really makes me believe that what when on in nurses training was real. The nurses were paid horribly, and worked very long hours, and took a lot of abuse from their superiors.

As a nurse myself I found this a wonderful book to read. The extent to the way things have changed is overwhelming. She tells her story so passionatley, and however often she says she wasn't a born nurse, the way she describes certian events in this book I beg to differ. A must read for any nurse out there!

this is a really well written witty basic autobiography by someone who spent thier life as a nurse rather than a writer. I work in the NHS and it was great to read what it was like in the 30s before the NHS was born. Prentis says she was not a born nurse and I doubt she'd say she was a born writer but it's still an excellent read

If you're a nurse like me, it's very interesting to see how things worked before, unless you are a parted the business profession or have a keen interest in it then it makes pretty good easy reading. Good book in all.

An easy to read account of a nurse's training in the 1930s. Not up to Jennifer Worth's standard, but interesting nevertheless.

Another great book

review to follow xxx

3.5* An enjoyable and easy to read account. The humour and anecdotes remind me of the stories my mother and grandmother told of their training in the 1920's and 1950's respectively.

It was ok. I didn't find it funny. but it was interesting in learning what it was like to be a trainee. I'd give the next book a go but it's not one to shout about from the rooftops.

Fantastic true story, very easy to read and really interesting.

Had hoped it would be more interesting, but a good read nevertheless. Think the nurses of today would certainly find training much easier now than what it was back then in the 30's.

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