Rick's Story

Dave Sim Gerhard

Rick's Story

Rick's Story

  • Title: Rick's Story
  • Author: Dave Sim Gerhard
  • ISBN: 9780919359185
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback

Reprinting Cerebus Issues 220 231

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I gave this book 2 stars because the art is outstanding. The fact that it took me close to half a year to read a comic book should speak volume about either the quality of it's contents or my reading capacity.As you read this, you have to notice that gone are the days of the gloriously epic adventures of Cerebus. They have been replaced by all the pageantry that the author can cloak around his views on women and his asshattery. If you're a woman, you may want to skip this book. If you're a guy, [...]

To me this book reads like "Guys: Part 2". Cerebus is still tending bar, and still holding internal arguments with different parts of his personality. This time, though, he's accompanied by "girly-boy" Rick. No longer Jaka's husband, the sweet naif with no tolerance for alcohol, Rick has become a slightly overweight, wise-cracking, hard-drinking, successful writer. Or at least he believes he's GOING to be a successful writer. His break-up with Jaka has obviously unbalanced him, and throughout th [...]

At this point we realize that Sims is never returning to the epic glory of the first few plots, but that's okay - the comic has evolved in strange directions, and instead of being sweeping fantasy, its one of the most touching, human dramas of the comic world. Sims' and Gerhard's art continues to get more impressive.

More of the boring bar, but it picks up in the latter half of the book. There is some fairly heavy text, but by the time you get used to the v's and u's it becomes more interesting. The ending is great.

Ricks religious folderol was wincey and the misogyny palpable. The art and lettering is fantastic. Shrug.

And the main characters are now so unlikeable that there's no way to enjoy the series. Great.


I think that it's this book where Sim kind of loses the thread. The return of Rick, Jaka's ex-husband. Rick is now (according to Sim) mentally damaged from his separation, and ends up looking upon Cerebus as a religious leader. Cerebus teaches Rick about how women must be taken and left, because they always end up manipulating you. Rick meets God (or does he, seeing as how Rick is demonstrably schizophrenic) and there will be no turning back.Sim himself appears in the guise of "Viktor", a friend [...]

Rather a mixed bag. It continues Sim's radical experimentation with comics form, notably this time by folding in some cod scripture, as Rick (in a state of dubious mental health) takes Cerebus for a messiah and sets out to transcribe his wisdom for the ages. Sim has a decent enough ear for the cadences of the King James bible, but this stuff doesn't quite play, perhaps because Sim was himself on the cusp of a religious conversion at the time, so the satirical edge is somewhat blunted. Sim's prob [...]

Once again, you don't listen to me. You poor, poor fool.Well, there isn't much to say here. Dave continues to descend into madness and misogyny. Hell, there isn't even anything sensationalist to garner from this point on. We've heard it so much that there isn't anything to really get from it anymore.The reappearance of Rick is forced and contrived, and apparently while many, many years seem to pass for everyone else, Jaka remains in some sort of weird timeless state of youthful beauty.I really d [...]

Here it is: the post-Reads moment when style really rises triumphant over the ashes of substance.This is, in this case, not a harsh criticism; the style rampant in Rick's Story is stunning, whether considered purely on the strength of the artwork or on Sim's increasingly creative layouts and use of text (Gerhard's art is, as always, stunning; there is no moment in the series when his insanely meticulous detail would be not be capable of carrying the book).But, still, there's no real heart. There [...]

This is not the place to begin if you are unfamiliar with the Cerebus universe, but this chapter of the saga offers a devastatingly honest portrayal of the misguided assumptions and overwrought search for personal meaning that leads to the formation of religion. Rick, a misogynistic dolt who was once married to Cerebus' beloved Jaka, returns as an adult who has, based on a number of throwaway remarks Cerebus made in the past, formulated a religious text touting Cerebus as a prophet. The passion [...]

I did not like the ending of this part of the arc. Cerebus becomes a bartender and that bar seems awfully familiar to a lot of people I know. The bar patrons dwindle as they move from a previous bad relationship into another bad relationship, a recurring theme in Cerebus. Even though he is a bit of an ass, we get to see his interior dialogue and realize that there is more to Cerebus than this macho bullshit but he never figures it out. This is another fine example of that story line. The ending [...]

Así es. Este libro se merece cuatro estrellas por la sencilla razón de que me recordó en todos los sentidos a los primeros libros de Cerebus (por el final) y a los libros de la mitad de la serie (por el contenido). La estrella que le quité fue sólo por la siempre presente misoginia ¡inclusive la aparición de Dave Sim es conveniente y bien efectuada!Sí, este volumen de las aventuras de Cerebus the Aardvark aún vale mucho la pena.

While I had rather enjoyed Guys and very much enjoyed Rick's story, I had at this point in my life stopped reading all comics save Cerebus. With only 50 issues left to go in the 300 issue series, I simply stopped buying comics and sold my entire collection and lived off the proceeds for about a year. Go figure. I think I would like to read the final two volumes now.

I found that Dave Sim peaked relatively early, with High Society, which I loved. Church & State could have been just as good but was too long, and then digressions overtook the story and the series went downhill. This book was part of Sim's playing out the string period, which lasted for a long time and seemed very self-indulgent.

Considered the worst of the Cerebus volumes, this one is not too bad. Jaka's ex husband Rick visits the bar Cerebus was inhabiting in the previous volume Guys and asks for redemption. Features a cameo by Dave Sims himself.

Before I read the book, can I say this? I love how the cover of this phonebook is drawn. I have a weakness to depictions of angels and religion, and seeing this made me gape. Both Ricks look amazing on this cover, and the stained glass window behind is just


another relative lull in the storyline, but the events that this book sets up are pretty crucial and make it worth paying close attention to.


Pretty, but just okay.

Meh, boring. Rick found religion. Also, Cerebus hates his life. Great.

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