Going Home

Dave Sim

Going Home

Going Home

  • Title: Going Home
  • Author: Dave Sim
  • ISBN: 9780919359192
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback

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Reprinting Cerebus Issues 232 250Cerebus and Jaka travel towards his home village but don t get there Instead it offers an extended critique partiche of the work of F Scott Fitzgerald, as F Stop Kennedy.

Recent Comments "Going Home"

Going Home is really three books. This volume contains the first two, the short-ish "Sudden Moves" and "Fall And The River", while the third part "Form & Void" gets the next phonebook to itself. "Sudden Moves" picks up where Rick's Story left off. Cerebus and Jaka are heading north to Cerebus' home of Sand Hills Creek to start a life together there. They are in the first flush of love, the giddy, exhilarated, laughing part, as they walk from tavern to tavern. Jaka appears to have a kind of c [...]

Me duele tener que ponerle a uno de los libros de una de las series de historietas que más me han gustado 3 estrellas. Pero se las merece."Going Home" es un libro que divaga, confunde y aburre. Los pedazos escritos (que son estúpidamente abundantes) son desesperantes y extraños. Digo, no es que no me agrade leerlos, pero me da mucha flojera tener que quemarme las pestañas y el cerebro tratando de entender lo que Sim quiere decir. Al contrario de libros como Jaka's Story y en parte Rick's Sto [...]

This book is split into two distinct entities, the first being the struggle of Cerebus to get Jaka to his old hometown (and apparently their new home) without running afoul of Jaka's compulsion to never wear the same outfit two days in a row. I will skip this patently bizarre device of Sim's (although it does have faint roots in her dancing costumes at Pud's tavern). In any case, they decide to tour south in order to always be near clothing stores, and then take a boat up the river towards their [...]

My goodnesstual narrative? Actual, dare I say, plot? Yes! Oh my goodness, actual things happoh hey there F. Scott Fitzgerald. Yeah, it is kind of weird seeing you in a Cerebus book. In fact, you kind of bring the story to a screeching halt fast enough to give the reader whiplash.To his credit, I'll at least say here that this character is forced into the world of Cerebus much more smoothly then Oscar or the next character Ham. But it still is a little confusing and certainly throws off the narra [...]

Most of Dave Sim's Cerebus run is a dense read, packed with stunning backgrounds and clever lettering. This one has a slow moving plot covering Cerebus and Jaka's trip to Cerebus homelands. Things are complicated by her being a princess under constant guard and the two of them changing destinations frequently. I do miss the moments of inspired parody from the early run of the series, but respect his exploration of meta-themes as writers in the story write about their traveling partners. What's n [...]

This late volume of Cerebus is light on plot--basically, Cerebus and Jaka travel towards his home village but don't get there. instead it offers an extended critique/partiche of the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, as F. Stop Kennedy, who writes a novel that transmogrifies the events in Cerebus's life. Very meta, generally itneresting, beautifully drawn.

After reading the end section of chasing Scott it's difficult to remember how the main story went.This book pulls out of the slump of being more novel than graphic, then being in a bar forever. We finally get back out in Estarcion and the freedom is wonderful. The conversation's between Jaka and Cerebus are for the most part bright and cheerful, and I look forward to the next installment.

Cerebus and Jaka travel to his home town in a boat with F. Scott Fitzgerald (?). Once again, Sims gives us some of the most human relationships out of any comic, told with grace and beautiful illustrations. One of the issues in this volume was the first issue of Cerebus I ever read - it has no dialogue, yet it made me cry. That's the sort of story teller Sims is at his best.

I could not believe how boring (and misogynistic) this was. (Of course, *I* am allegedly the narrowindmindrightwingreactionary.)Did Sim get premature senility.Bolsters my opinion that the series went straight downhill after the "boiling lead" incident.

The better the art the more troubling the politic. This volume carefully scuttles whatever credit jaka's story may have developed for the character of jaka. Cerebus himself was already beyond hope. And f Scott Fitzgerald shows up to be unhappy and lustful.

More bitter misogynist rants, despite Sim's claim that he's not a misogynist, merely an anti-feminist.

Great book. Finished all of Cerebus.

the better volume of the "going home" storyline by a long shot.

This when Cerebus REALLY became a chore to read. Sometimes the plotlines meander.

And after this one, I gave up reading about the warrior ardvark. I am surprised I stuck it out as long as I did.

F Scott Fitzgerald for some reason.

Wow, Sims is such a downer on relationships.

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