First to Kill


First to Kill

First to Kill

  • Title: First to Kill
  • Author: AndrewPeterson
  • ISBN: 9780843961447
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Ten years ago, a botched mission in Nicaragua ended covert ops specialist Nathan McBride s CIA career Now he utilizes his unique skill set in the private sector until the night Frank Ortega, former director of the FBI, calls in a favor A deep cover federal agent has vanished, along with a ton of Semtex explosives, and Ortega needs them found fast Because for him, this mTen years ago, a botched mission in Nicaragua ended covert ops specialist Nathan McBride s CIA career Now he utilizes his unique skill set in the private sector until the night Frank Ortega, former director of the FBI, calls in a favor A deep cover federal agent has vanished, along with a ton of Semtex explosives, and Ortega needs them found fast Because for him, this mission is personal the missing agent is his grandson And Nathan McBride is the only man he trusts to save him.But it quickly becomes clear that something bigger than even Ortega could have imagined is at stake Within days of accepting the assignment, McBride finds himself trapped between a ruthless adversary hell bent on revenge and a group of high ranking federal officials who will stop at nothing to reap their own brand of justice Here there are no rules, no protocol, no backup Only McBride

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Above average action suspense. Former military guy can investigate without following the rules.I liked the way Nathan notices, analyzes, and talks about details. There a hint of Sherlock Holmes to him. He’s a sniper, helicopter pilot, good at fighting, and wealthy from his security business.Bad guys are dealing in explosives. FBI tries to find them. Bad guys kill good guys. A retired FBI guy asks Nathan and his partner to help as a favor. Nathan does not have to follow FBI rules. He can tortur [...]

Okay first off with me being a writer I hate to rate a book 3 stars. I loved the storyline and the book had very memorable characters with healthy back and subplots. Me being retired military as well I can appreciate the research that was done to be as close to honest as you can be in a fiction novel. Now the negative WAY to many flowery words and over the top descriptions of scenes that never caught on. I caught myself skipping 3-4 pages at a time and missing absolutely nothing It's almost like [...]

I am a Jack Reacher fan so I picked up this book when I had run out of Lee Child novels. The main character is a millionaire, security specialist, torture surviving, ex-military sniper. The beginning of the book is rather goofy - Nathan defends a group of call girls (one of which is his main squeeze) from a difficult customer. This encounter does not blend well with how Nathan ultimately shows his personality and abilities when he goes up against the Bridgestone brothers. But, once the main stor [...]

I accidentally read the second book in this series (Forced to Kill) first, and while it worked as a standalone, I would have gotten more out of it had I read THIS ONE first.Purely stated, it's a wonderful book. I loved the characters and felt the plot line was engaging to the end. Nathan McBride deserves to be right up there with Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher in the "badass loner you definitely want on your side when everything hits the fan" category of heroes.

Got this book on for $1.99 because i was waiting for a couple books from the online library and needed something to read.What a great book! well written and the characters had great depth to them! Can't wait to read more from this series.

Forget every hard-ass, smart-ass, super-cool, lady-killing super-hero you've met before Nathan McBride is the One. Invincible? Check. Smart? Check. To cut out a lot of checking Can do everything that anyone in the world would ever want to do but be better at it than anyone else? Check. McBride is an ex-Marine turned super rich business man with ladies swooning at his feet, who is in more demand than Ghostbusters.First to Kill is a decent, if fairly predictable, plot for a thriller. The action sc [...]

5-Stars! A Crackling Good Action-Adventure Story“First to Kill” is the first book in what is now a four book series of action-adventure thriller novels from Andrew Peterson featuring the lead character, Nathan McBride. He is a cerebral CIA Special Ops contractor and ex-Marine sniper who is still healing from an earlier mission that went badly wrong. McBride gets called out to help the FBI track down the grandson of a retired FBI director who has gone missing on an undercover assignment to pe [...]

4 Stars! Hands Down. When I said I was looking for a D*** Good Book, I found it! "First to Kill" is a heart-pounding, roller-coaster of a thriller featuring Nathan McBride, an ex-Marine sniper and his old partner Harvey who come out of retirement for a private job issued by long time friend Frank Ortega, a high-profile government official. Ortega's son, James, an under cover CIA op, as been kidnapped and presumed dead. Together, Nathan and Harvey must track down those responsible for James' disa [...]

Been looking for a good action-thriller seriesunfortunately, I'll have to keep looking. Main character Nathan McBride is a confident no limits protagonist, fairly common for the genre, but for all his bluster makes dumb move after dumb move usually resulting in the death/injury of those he is working with or civilians in the nearby vicinity. He is also an avid subscriber to Torturers Monthly despite the fact his "interrogations" typically result in misinformation.The author dedicates a surprisin [...]

I just finished my second reading of this book, and I enjoyed it every bit as much the second time around. I don't often re-read books, so the ones I choose to reread have to feel like I'm visiting an old friend.I stand by the opinion I first gave when I discovered these books: Nathan McBride can stand tall and proud as a hero every bit as engaging as Child's Jack Reacher or Ludlum's Jason Bourne. McBride is a former Marine sniper scout with some serious post trauma issues. Peterson is an expert [...]

Love the seriesI'm a fan of characters that continue though a series of books. I like to see development. This will be my new favorite series

Another great crime-action fiction with a new hero!!!Nathan McBride (and Harv ? (∩_∩*)ゞ)Story is in very fast pace fast so that you almost can't put it downI felt the 4th quarter of the book was a bit too rushed, but it didn't effect to the story as I thought.Well, I like Nathan a lot, but I have to confess I love Harvey more (laugh).I think Nathan was a bit too much talkative for his character.I laughed many times when he talked or told the details of the matters he insisted to some peo [...]

I picked this book up at a book event, where the author was promoting and signing it, but hadn't gotten around to reading it. The cover blurbs somehow didn't grab me.Once I finally picked it up, I found it to be a pretty good book of the "hunt down the bad guys at all cost" genre.While the anti-terrorist plot was nothing special, the relationships between the central characters were pretty interesting. I found certain plot elements hard to believe, like a 3rd-generation FBI agent blowing his und [...]

Andrew Peterson's 1st book in the Kill series featuring former Marine Sniper, Nathan McBride narrated by Master of the spoken word Dick Hill, is a great book. I would compare McBride to Lee Child's Jack Reacher in a lot of ways except he didn't walk away. Nathan became a covert CIA operative. When he did retire and walked away he was certain his life would slow down and he could rest.When a deep undercover FBI Agent disappears along with 1 ton of Semtex explosive the Government reaches out to N [...]

I think it is to violent for me. I guess as I get older I think " Do I want to waste my time on a book I am not enjoying."Andrew Peterson sounds so much like Lee Childs that I had to check to see if this was a pseudonym for Lee Childs. So many phrases that are reminiscent of his writing. I will give the second in the series a chance.

I liked this book but I think it would have been better if it left off the romance part. It didn't add anything and it just irritated me. The women were all weak, most were "escorts" or helpless. A few were helpless escorts.

This was okay in the first half but I started getting bored and didn't bother with the last two chapters. I was still more engaged in it than a Jack Reacher book so I guess action-thrillers really aren't cuppagh, back to serial killers?

It was in all ways an okay book. I "liked" it, didn't love it like some of the Patterson or Clancy titles, but didn't hate it either. It was your average mediocre shoot 'em up novel with a few hole & some serious issues in believability regarding the Government & FBI.

One badass sniperThis was a great start to the series. Nathan McBride is one crazy sniper and this first story going against some crazy brothers proves it. A must read.

Not my style. Pretty unbelievable main character

This book needs to be a movie!Felt like Jason Bourne meets Mission Impossible. Good thriller that’s hard to put down. When I catch my breath, I’ll look for the next book

Absolutely loved this book! I am a huge Reacher series fan and I think McBride is even a bigger bad a$$.

Loved it. The first Andrew Peterson book I have read. I will definitely be reading more of his Nathan McBride series

First to Kill First to Kill is the first novel of the Nathan McBride series, which follows the actions of Nathan McBride, a retired Black Ops Recon Sniper and CIA Operations officer. This book is the story of his attempt to hunt down members of a domestic terrorism ring after they set off a bomb that nearly kills his girlfriend. The brothers are both on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and are highly trained and dangerous. Much of Nathan’s past is not revealed until later in the book, but you lea [...]

HERE ARE FACTS on these tactically BELIEVABLE stories!Okay, I have read a lot of apocalyptic novels, High Scfi, and covert operations books lately. I love when a story is told by someone whom obviously knows what their talking about. Like this (nice lengthy) novel by Andrew Peterson; the author obviously has either been in the armed forces, or has done a mountain of research. These BELIEVABLE novels are hard to find actually. Believable, AND interesting is even harder to achieve. There is no tel [...]

An undercover agent gets caught. The FBI enlist the help of a former superstar agent turned businessman and give him leeway to break every law in existence.The whole plot is pretty basic and straight forward. The book itself is good. Not stellar. Not jaw-droppingly amazing. Not horrendous. Just middle-of-the-road good.Nathan himself might as well be Superman since everything he does is of impeccable caliber and nobody can top him in anything. The greatest sniper the world has ever known. The gre [...]

This was a pretty good book with a strong plot and an interesting lead character. Nathan McBride, the hero of this book, is a damaged veteran, literally scarred by his time as a CIA sniper. Now, working as a security contractor, he becomes involved in a high stakes criminal conspiracy.The pace of these books is very good, although I found there was some general over-simplification of how things work that went on 'off-screen'. There was also a little telegraphing of how things worked.While the ma [...]

In many ways this book reminded me of Stephen Hunter's Bob Lee Swagger series. Andrew Peterson's knowledge of military procedure and sniper craft seems authentic (or at least well researched), and his characters are both believable and interesting.My criticisms of his book actually have nothing to do with his the technical aspects of writing. His story was well-paced, exciting, and fun to read. His use of dialogue was both believable and flowed naturally.His main character, Nathan McBride, howev [...]

I read about this book in a blog post about audiobook narrators (no, I don't remember where it was, I'm old, I forget stuff easily). Dick Hill said that he really enjoyed doing this series. Well, since Dick Hill is one of my favorite narrators, I just had to listen. Wasn't disappointed.For some reason it reminds me a bit of Jack Reacher. We have a former Marine (Reacher is Army), sniper, (Reacher wasn't a sniper, but is an excellent shot,) someone who knows how to "get the job done." But we also [...]

Bought this book on offer and for the price was worth it.The story revolves around an ex marine sniper/CIA agent and his partner who get asked to help the FBI out when an agent is kidnapped. This soon turns into a manhunt for the culprits who then commit domestic terrorism.The story is ok and the author keeps the pages turning. Never made me feel I couldn't put it down tho!The main character is a bit wooden. Some of the conversations are stilted and one dimensional. You feel as if he is going to [...]

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