The World's Greatest Super-Heroes

Paul Dini Alex Ross

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes

  • Title: The World's Greatest Super-Heroes
  • Author: Paul Dini Alex Ross
  • ISBN: 9781401202545
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Oversized Slipcased Hardcover

You can t afford to miss this massive slipcased hardcover you ve been waiting for, featuring the stunning art of the Eisner Award winning team of the incomparable Alex Ross writer Paul Dini Between 1998 and 2003, Paul Dini, the Emmy Award winning producer of Batman Beyond and The New Batman Superman Adventures, joined forces with superstar illustrator Alex Ross to cYou can t afford to miss this massive slipcased hardcover you ve been waiting for, featuring the stunning art of the Eisner Award winning team of the incomparable Alex Ross writer Paul Dini Between 1998 and 2003, Paul Dini, the Emmy Award winning producer of Batman Beyond and The New Batman Superman Adventures, joined forces with superstar illustrator Alex Ross to create six oversized tabloid editions of stories featuring the World s Greatest Super Heroes SUPERMAN PEACE ON EARTH, BATMAN WAR ON CRIME, SHAZAM POWER OF HOPE, WONDER WOMAN SPIRIT OF TRUTH, JLA SECRET ORIGINS, and JLA LIBERTY And JUSTICE These classic works for all ages feature the iconic DC characters in a unique storytelling format that combines aspects of both comics and picture books Also included are several pages of promotional art, preliminary art and thumbnails, art done for DC Direct product, model to finished painting comparisons, reflections by the book s creators, and much This landmark volume also features an introduction by noted book designer and author Chip Kidd, a new painted cover by Alex Ross, and an 8 page foldout of the JLA LIBERTY And JUSTICE poster featuring every member of the JLA by Ross.

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Loved Alex Ross growing up. His photo realistic paintings were around at a time when we didn’t have 6 comic book films coming out a year, so his paintings were as close as we got in some cases to how these characters would look in real life. I was very happy to hear DC would be bringing out a new edition of this Absolute book, since I hadn’t read a lot of the tabloid stories that are collected here.Nearly 20 years later, his artwork still stands out as something special. It does work best at [...]

Umwow. The art in thisAlex Ross, you are my hero. Spectacular, the style is like a painting, every frame a work of art. And the stories are so interesting, trying to ground the heroes we know in a real humanity, a reality. This is a breathtaking graphic novel, a great gift and just wonderfully done.

Contains perhaps the best Superman story I've ever read. The art, by Alex Ross, is uniformly stunning in a way that honours the history of these characters, providing both a window to the past and a snowglobe effect, meaning that the essence of these characters are represented in a way that makes them timeless, very much in the style of Batman: TAS. The single most devastating panel in the entire book comes early, when Superman tries to feed the world. The last incident which makes him give up i [...]

Obviously, no brainer, the art stands out in this collection. Alex Ross used models and sketched/painted each scene with such detail, the characters look simultaneously 2D and 3D, which is pretty much what superheroes are. It is extraordinary to look at. It is one of few places where Wonder Woman looks like what you imagine an should be - not just eye candy, and not a muscle-man with long hair, but a larger-than-life, gorgeous but imposing figure. The story lives up to the art, and vice versa. [...]

It's an art museum in a book. Art. Museum. In a book.In all seriousness though, its no secret that painter Alex Ross has a deep affinity for all these characters, and it shows on every page. In every panel.Paul Dini writes what could be described as human moral conundrums juxtaposed against these larger than life super heroes and their idealistic mentalities. It works rather well.But even if the writing was bad––which its not––the artwork alone is worth the price of admission.

Elmas değerinde ideallere sahip koruyucuların, ağızlarını açtıkları her an etrafa yaşam sundukları, adım attıkları her panele Michelangelo'nun ruhunu yaydıkları bir külliyat.

The most beautiful graphic novel I've ever seen!

I wanted something special for book #150 for 2014 and settled on this one which I have as a hardcopy. A combination of six Paul Dini/Alex Ross collaborations (Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime, Shazam!: Power of Hope, Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth, JLA: Secret Origins, and JLA: Liberty and Justice), this is probably my preferred primer for DC Comics heroes. I'm a sucker for well-told origin stories, and the two-page ones featured here are excellent. This volume also contains very un [...]

I just want to shove this book in the face of every comic book writer or artist who assumes that imagining these heroes operating in the real(ish) world requires rebuilding them into dark and gritty purveyors of violence always one small step away from a mental breakdown (yes, Miller, I am looking at you).Yes, yes, OK the world probably isn't quite as simple as presented here. It is always clear to our heroes whether people are dastardly terrorists or plucky freedom fighters, whether governments [...]

Fantastic. Perhaps the best Justice League collection--Alex Ross as artist, Paul Dini, writer? Best match up ever.

Just beautiful! I had read the 'Shazam!' story before, and it is still my favorite, but the whole collection is tremendous. Thoughtful, heartwarming, exciting stuff.

Алекс Росс после своего крутого политического триллера Kingdom Come (1996) решил сделать паузу в деле масштабных эпосов и следующие шесть лет посвятил проекту The World's Greatest Super-Heroes, который представляет собой нечто среднее между комиксами и иллюстрированными книгами (а-ля Шон Тан), с [...]

Absolute Justice League: World’s Greatest Superheroes!!! In the spirit of Justice and Kingdom Come, Alex Ross and Paul Dini started a project to showcase individual superheroes, in unconventional situations. Superman, being a relief good distributor instead of a defensive measure; Bruce Wayne actually being a business entrepreneur more than a vigilante; Wonder Woman being shunned by the public instead of saving the day; Or Captain Marvel giving way to Billy Batson to save the day for a change. [...]

The good:-Batman and Wonder Woman story.-The JL story conlifct, putting the Justice League against the world was very entertaining to watch.-Obviously, Alex Ross's art is majestic.-The concept of this stories: super humans fighting humane problems, no supervillains.The bad:-I think that the weakest part of this stories are Paul Dini dialogues, they are childish sometimes, and other times they are overly dramatic. Dini is telling a story of gods fighting humane problems, is a dramatic and grandio [...]

Beautiful art and excellent writing. I rarely enjoy Superman stories, but I really liked this one. Batman is my all-time favorite hero, and I was very impressed by this comic. Shazam was cool. Wonder Woman was okay. I loved the styling of the other JLA member's intros. The full JLA tale was a great examination of the line between protector and overlord. A must-read for DC fans.

Stunning art! If you're a fan of Justice League and Alex Ross than this is a must read.

I have more super-hero books because of Alex Ross than because of anything else. Though his art is always a bit static, looking often like the photo-referenced painting it is more than like dynamically active comic art, I always enjoy his take on heroes I otherwise don't bother about. His talent for theatric but not overblown expression is always enjoyable. I didn't get any of these tabloid-size books when they came out and wasn't that interested beyond looking at them in the comic shop where I [...]

Shocked. Absolutely wonderful. Most obvious is the outstanding artwork. Each page warrants its own close examination and time. Really really beautiful stuff. But the stories were compelling as well. A very realistic look at the kind of issues that could be faced in a world of super beings. Wonder Woman's tale especially I thought was really touching and thought provoking. It's true (as some have said) that some of it could be considered a little hokey or slightly cheesy in the attempt to be hear [...]

Ever wonder what the major DC superheroes would do if they tackled actual real-life problems, like starvation, civil unrest, or the spread of a highly contagious disease? Paul Dini and Alex Ross teamed up to do just that through the release of six oversized graphic novels, collected in this attractive hardcover package. It's a bit of a departure from a typical comic story in that there is no dialogue, no thought balloons. There is introspective narration from the characters' points of view that [...]

A "Deluxe" "Over-Sized" "Absolute" Edition collecting the "Tabloid" size stories by Paul Dini and Alex Ross.Great single stories set in a "believable" universe of DC's Mightiest and greatest. Apart from the Justice League "Tabloid", I had already bought the original tabloïds of these stories still, when they were assembled and packaged together in this nice slipcase hardcover (which DC never refers to as an Absolute Edition, even though it matches their other Absolute books), well, you just kno [...]

Paul Dini and Alex Ross have teamed up to show us something rarely seen in graphic novels and comic books - superheroes fighting ordinary, but pressing global problems instead of many-tentacled monsters and supervillians.Fans will be glad to see that the stalwarts of DC are all present: Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Batman and the JLA (plus its associate members).Although preachy undertones creep into some of the stories in this collection, the idea of superheroes tackling real-world i [...]

Alex Ross y Paul Dini crean esta serie de historias, con los personajes mas famosos de DC, y los ponen a enfrentarse contra problemas grandes en nuestra sociedad: Superman trata de vencer el hambre en el mundo, Batman intenta de una vez por todas deshacerse de el crimen en general (llevandolo a la conclusion logica de que es imposible, sin importar cuanto esfuerzo ni cuanto dinero invierta), La Mujer Maravilla intenta enfrentar el abuso a las mujeres y el machismo contra ellas, Shazam acompaña [...]

Simply put, this is beautiful. Alex Ross, who's now a legend, shows why as he paints every single imaginable detail in such realistic incredibility. Its amazing. Somehow he creates an iconic look for each of these icons without making them look alike. Obviously the selling point of this collection is the artwork by Ross but Paul Dini does a good job with each story focusing on a certain aspect of the hero. While none of the plotlines are earth shattering or matter to the continuity of each hero [...]

This collection won't make best graphic novel lists because there isn't an epic storyline threaded together but it is a beautiful set of vignettes that give really thoughtful, sympathetic perspectives on characters that are usually far out of reach. The tabloid format, children's book layouts, and the amazingly expressive art that Alex Ross can only produce make this a very visually captivating journey. Paul Dini captured, very cleverly, the personal struggles and emotional burdens of Superman, [...]

Blah. This is the first time I thought that someone was just trying to skate by on Alex Ross's art. Usually they hitch his art to a grand story. Here, it's basically "JLA does charity work." So it's a lot of HARD TO READ uplifting text placed over relatively uplifting images. In some instances, the author seems to have nagging doubts that charity will not work. In other instances, he seems to believe that charity can essentially perform miracles. In both cases, he's unwilling to strongly present [...]

Just wow. If you follow comics at all, you've most likely heard the name Alex Ross. His artwork is simply incredible. I pretty much had to stop and marvel at it every time I turned the page. Combine that with the writing of Paul Dini and you have a pretty fantastic team. The stories deal with super heroes dealing with more human problems. There are no super villains with plots to destroy the world here. Superman attempts to stop world hunger, Captain Marvel spends time at a children's hospital. [...]

This collection was a satisfying read, overall. All of the stories have some substance and do an exceptional job of posing several Justice League icons in the middle of Earth's politics. There are no supervillains or evil masterminds at work.Alex Ross' hyper-realistic art continues to be exceptional and very communicative of characters' emotions. Personally, I like my comic art a bit more stylized and less realistic, but it's hard not to be in awe of his creations.

Some of the best comic book art you'll ever see but the stories were too cheesy for me. I would have given this at least one more star if they would have fought at least one real villian in this giant book. Instead we get them dealing with world hunger, crime & corruption, hope, truth, and a virus from outer space. Nothing epic or anything to really get excited about. What saved it though, was Alex Ross' art.

Good if a little pompous stories.The artwork is about the best you will ever see.My gripe, and its quite a major one, is the text. Its gets lost in the artwork, and really detracts from the bookwork (ordinarily the level of artwork would have me at 5 stars on its own). IT looks like a conscious decision to go with the realistic artwork, but a v bad one in my view.

Alex Ross's art is as amazing as always, and the 2-page spreads telling the hero origins are wonderful. The issues themselves are okay; pitting super heroes against regular world problems is an interesting story idea, but the stories themselves are only so-so. But the artwork is the centerpiece, and Ross' style does not disappoint. His poses and characters are as amazing as always.

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