Mommy by Mistake

Rowan Coleman

Mommy by Mistake

Mommy by Mistake

  • Title: Mommy by Mistake
  • Author: Rowan Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781416583882
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback

No longer just her but her with a baby From the acclaimed bestselling author of The Accidental Mother and Another Mother s Life comes a moving novel of how having a child really does change your lifer When a spur of the moment romantic weekend in Venice has an unexpected outcome, Natalie Curzon thinks she s ready to take on single motherhood But while iNo longer just her but her with a baby From the acclaimed bestselling author of The Accidental Mother and Another Mother s Life comes a moving novel of how having a child really does change your lifer When a spur of the moment romantic weekend in Venice has an unexpected outcome, Natalie Curzon thinks she s ready to take on single motherhood But while it s love at first sight between Natalie and baby Freddie, being on leave from the office, alone all day with her baby and her post pregnancy hormones, makes her feel trapped in some alien body Just when she s at her wit s end, a major electrical issue in her London home leads Natalie to a whole new circle of friends There s handsome, dependable Gary the electrician, and his assistant s young girlfriend Tiffany also the mother of a surprise baby A crazy impulse leads Natalie to invent a husband who s working in Dubai, but when she and Tiffany decide to start a baby group, Natalie finds her lie spiraling out of control Then Freddie s real father, Jack, unexpectedly reappears, and Natalie realizes just how much there is to win or loset just for herself, but her baby as well A comedy of errors, a lesson in living, but most of all a story told straight from the heart, Mommy By Mistake is a funny and poignant tale for anyone whose heart has ever lifted at the sight of a baby s smile.

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Reminiscent of characters in the “Shopaholic” series, Rowan Coleman’s “Mommy by Mistake” follows the adventures of a thirty-something woman as she embarks on child rearing – unexpectedly.When Natalie Curzon impulsively connects with a charming man – Jack Newhouse – and agrees to a weekend in Venice, she has no idea of the consequences that will unfold. After the weekend is over, she hopes to see him again. But he doesn’t call. And then she discovers she is pregnant.Fortunately, [...]

This was a good fluff read and thats about it. I'm so tired of the British genre where the woman is a patholgical liar similar to Bridgette Jones or Marion Keyes characters. It is funny at first but then you continue to fall down the rabbit hole. There are a few surprising twists and turns that make it worth finishing.

This book stunk. And there are quite a few errors in it, which bugs me immensely. The plot was so corny -- but that may be my own boredom with this genre and not the book itself. I have no idea why I finished it except I am obsessive about leaving books unfinished.

Bleck. I have liked this author's other books (Accidental Mother, Accidental Wife) but this one was not good. It also seemed to be the same story line as Jennifer Weiner's "Little Earthquakes", which I also did not like.

Although this book was pretty good, and I did enjoy it, I felt that the ending was much too abrupt. I did not really expect the ending, but it did not feel like it was supposed to be a surprise, just that it was not well prepared throughout the rest of the book.

Really cute, clean and fun. Right time of my life to read it. Just a cute story about a single mom who joins a moms group.

This one was not quite as good as the other Rowan Coleman books I read.

Currently on a Rowan Coleman binge.I enjoyed this story and also how Rowan portrays her characters. In her books nobody are perfect just like in normal life. Enjoyable characters and a lovely read.A nice holiday read.

This was a cute story. I really enjoyed the other Coleman book I read, "The Accidental Mother" and this book was also enjoyable. Natalie has a fling weekend with Jack, who she randomly meets in the train station. Jack promised to call, but never did, and Natalie finds herself pregnant. She loves her son, Freddie, and thinks they can do just fine without a father. There is a nagging in the back of Natalie's head saying that Jack should be told, though. She wrestles with what to do. Meanwhile, Nat [...]

I was borrowed this book by a friend. I was a little surprised as we are both child free, and was expecting a mushy tale of baby changing the lead characters life instantly for the better, and yada yada. While the ending was a little cheesy, the story itself was the opposite. Twisted, real as far as sacrifice goes, and actually not very much related to the baby.

Rowan Coleman is like a deeper Sophie Kinsella. Every character, however minor, has both flaws and virtues and remains a full whole character. I'm amazed at how poignant this chick lit novel is. During a one-night stand in Italy with an charming man who just blew her away, Natalie gets pregnant. Since Jack never called her after the most amazing night of her life, Natalie decides to keep the baby and take a six month leave of absence from her upcoming lingerie business. That's the fiction part - [...]

Natalie has always been a little on the spontaneous, even flighty side, but when she meets Jack Newhouse on a train one Friday morning and ends up spending the entire weekend in Venice with him, she surprises even herself. But despite her having fallen hard for her new lover, Natalie is heartbroken when she does not hear from him again. Finding out that she is pregnant with his child does not help Natalie get over Jack any quicker either, though she refuses to actively seek him out to let him kn [...]

I picked this book up on my quest for a story typical of this kind of genre; multiple characters with interweaving stories but all focussed around a central theme, in this case, babies! Although as can be expected, there are numerous subplots for each of the various characters from family dynamics to love interests. In a way, this book essentially did deliver what was expected, but I couldn't help feeling it was just a little flat in places. While the story follows the lives of several character [...]

This book was a random pull of the library shelves, which is something I rarely do anymore but with a lack of books I wanted to read, decided to give it a try.Story focuses on single mother struggling to care for herself and a newborn. Shows how you can find people willing to help and support you. The characters were all in various stages in life. Shows that even though we aren't exactly the same we can still relate to each other. Natalie starts out afraid of what they will think so she doesn't [...]

I admit it -- my chick-lit binge is in full-swing. Unlike "The Village Bride," I would classify this more as chick-lit for thewhat do you call my age group, anyway? I refuse to accept the title "middle-aged" until I'm at least 35. Surely there's a name for the post-newlywed, pre-sandwich generation? Anyway, sorry for that narcissistic and irrelevant rant. Basically, it's light, fun, and almost too unrealistic but not quite (I do want to give the characters a major reality check, but I can still [...]

I read this on a train journey with a hangover, and it did what I needed it to do - distracted me without demanding too much of me. Pretty predictable, nothing amazing about it and the editing was APPALLING, to the extent that it made the book annoying to read, but it was an OK book. The writing wasn't amazing and some of the characters were pretty generic and two-dimensional - the author relies a lot on telling you that someone is weird / strange / quirky / brave / interesting, without really g [...]

I think this book is OK, in my opinion on its literariness. This book describes the story of Natalie Curzon, with a spur-of-the-moment romantic weekend in Venice and unexpected outcome, thinks she's ready to take on single motherhood. Just when she's at her wit's end, a major electrical issue in her London home leads Natalie to a whole new circle of friends. There is the electrician, the assistant's young girlfriend and the mother of another surprised baby, brings the book filled with comical er [...]

The fact that this woman had a complete inability to tell the truth was bothersome for me.What made her totally unlikable, for me, was her willingness to justify and excuse being completely dishonest.I found the book interesting enough to complete. However, I didn't believe in her happily-ever-after. In my mind, I imagine as soon as it is convenient,she will revert to lying again. Which would have negative affects on any relationship.I did enjoy may of the other charachters and would have liked [...]

The last 3 or 4 pages of this book had me grinning like crazy! The author really held everything right up until the end and then just let it all come out. This book was adorably cute. I loved Natalie and how she was a strong and independent woman, but still felt vulnerable and insecure all at the same time. While at times I wanted to smack her and tell her to just tell the truth, I couldn't fault her for lying. Even though Natalie was the central character, this book would not have been half of [...]

It's a chick book. This is a pretty easy read. The story focused around a group of women, mothers. It seems the book will focus only on one character mostly, but really all the women get some focus on their own individual problems and issues. I admit I was quite jealous at the closeness of these group of women. I thought the dynamics between them was written very well. They definitely showed a closeness in friendship. The ending is very predictable, but it was fun to read to see how the events u [...]

Picked this up for a quick, breezy read. It turned out to be better than I expected. Everything turned out pretty much how I expected but there was an emotional pull I didn't expect.The main character gets pregnant, by accident, and much detail of that discovery and how she adjusts to a new born is left out of the book. It concentrates on the friendships she forms with other new moms. Unrealistic at times, too much left out to be believable at times, but some interesting situations with realisti [...]

Mommy by Mistake by Rowan Coleman was a good read. I didn't think it was my type of book, but i was pleasantly surprised. Natalies ' struggles as a single mom fitting into a group of new moms forming a baby and me group begins the story. Natalie gets caught up in a lie sbout her baby, Freddie's dad. Her mother comes to help her out and they buttheads. The baby's dad comes back into the picture. Natalie grows up and gets wiser.

I liked this book but I guess the reason I'm rating a little lower is that it was just a little too predictable for me. Especially in regards to the main character. I know this is a weird complaint, but I feel like there was a little too much of everything magically working out perfectly for all of the characters regardless of the problems that come up: Natalie and her mom, Natalie and Jack, Tiffany and her mom, Steve and Jill, etc But not a bad read by any means.

This is the first book I have read by Rowan Coleman and I really enjoyed it. The storyline was good it covered a lot of different angles about mothers struggling to raise children in different circumstances from being new to motherhood, young & unmarried, older mums, adultery and stillbirth. The characters kept me interested, were strong but all had flaws. The ending might have been a bit cheesy but all up it was well written, I look forwarded to reading more of Rowan's books.

I really liked the book. I have just one complaint. I wish there was more written about Natalie's weekend fling with Jack, the father of her son. It was that weekend she fell in love with him, and he with her, but we, the reader, don't get to know all the little details of exactly why. It was a good book, though.

I laughed out loud many times while reading this book. I think I found the situations with the new moms funny after having my 2 raised! I liked how each mom worked through her crisis and came out a stronger mom as well as a better person. I really like Rowan Coleman's books and can't wait for another!

Although this book was somewhat predictable, it was enjoyable. Anyone who is a Mom can realte to Natalie's emotional rollercoaster and trepidation in paving a new path. It was touching to read about Natalie's efforts and relationships with other new Mom's. If you are looking for a light read, I reccommend this book.

I really enjoyed this book! I felt I connected with the characters and couldn't put this down! trust me I did try lol! I found myself yelling out loud about Jack, and Robert That's when I k ow I've found a good book, when I react to the storyline hehe. overall I enjoyed this, very chick lit. but brilliant! :)

I really enjoyed this book. It had a nice mix of characters and the story often switched between them which made the book nearly impossible to put down. While I highly doubt someone like Natalie would show up in real life, it was quite fun to read about.

This turned out to be pretty poor chick lit -- not terrible, but certainly forgettable. The narrative follows several loosely-developed members of a mommies' group in Great Britain. Damningly, there were at least three typos that jumped out at me, and I wasn't even reading that closely.

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