Planting Hope

Brenda S. Anderson

Planting Hope

Planting Hope

  • Title: Planting Hope
  • Author: Brenda S. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780986214769
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback

When flowers and chocolate collide, romance is sure to bloomFamily has always been the one constant in Jess Beaumont s messy life, so when her parents separate, she puts Operation Planting Hope into action All she has to do is recreate the circumstances that helped her parents fall in love Unfortunately, that includes the daunting task of restoring the family cabin sWhen flowers and chocolate collide, romance is sure to bloomFamily has always been the one constant in Jess Beaumont s messy life, so when her parents separate, she puts Operation Planting Hope into action All she has to do is recreate the circumstances that helped her parents fall in love Unfortunately, that includes the daunting task of restoring the family cabin s gardens When the handsome candy store owner shows up to help, she s certain she has all the elements required for her parents love to bloom again After all, flowers and chocolate are the perfect ingredients for romance.Luke Harrison has spent his life trying to win his father s approval, and a promotion in the family land development business would be a step in that direction But when he inherits Gran s candy store, his dreams of being promoted start melting away Then his dad dangles a Vice President position in front of Luke, with one caveat acquire the land on both sides of Gran s store within five months, including the Beaumont cabin, and the promotion is his.What at first seemed a simple challenge for Luke becomes a tangled mess Buying the Beaumont cabin and land will nip his blossoming romance with Jess in the bud Even worse, it could end her parents marriage But if he doesn t succeed, he could be trading in his corner office for the corner candy store.

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Warning: this book may cause extreme chocolate cravings so have plenty on hand before you start to read!Family dynamics are at the heart of this contemporary love story as Anderson explores the power we hold over the people we love. Honestly, there are a few characters I wanted to smack up side the head in a fit of seething fury. Not the hero or heroine though. They were delightful fun -- as in cue the teasing banter and dust off the fainting couch 'cause the sparks fly fast and furious every ti [...]

Planting Hope by Brenda Anderson is a wonderful Christian romance which I really adored. It is the third book in the Where The Heart Is series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed meeting up with familiar characters.Brenda Anderson always writes warm and welcoming novels with characters that just take up residence in my heart. Planting Hope is no exception. The characters are all realistic and likable. There are some wonderfully amusing and fun dialogue exchanges that put a smile on your [...]

Planting Hope, written by Brenda S. Anderson, is book 3 of Where the Heart is Series.I've enjoyed each of the books in this series and was not surprised when I enjoyed Planting Hope, too.Once again we get to know another member of the familyJess, this time. We know of Jess from Capturing Beautye snooty sister who was a model, big-time flirt and less than pleasant to be around. BUT transformations are part of God's businessd what a transformation for character! The focus is now no longer Jess, bu [...]

Planting Hope is a sweet romance with flirty banter and toe-curling kisses, but it is much more than that. Anderson's novel addresses family relationships in a real way, whether it be husband/wife, parent/child, or siblings. We see how our actions can hurt those we love, but are also shown hope for restoring these strained relationships. This novel also shows us the relationship between God and His children. Jess is a new Christian, and I love how Anderson portrays her newfound faith. Jess still [...]

How often have you ever put blood, sweat and tears into a "project", AND prayer, hoping to receive a particular outcome? Did you then get mad at God for "not listening"? This is much the quandry for Jess Beaumont. She is putting all she has on the line in order for God to fix her parents marriage. I really enjoyed the story and characters. There is also a nice little subplot in there of the impact of godly Christian grandparents and the legacy they can have on their families. I so enjoyed readin [...]

I have enjoyed all of Brenda's books that I have read so far and Planting Hope is no exception! She is one author I can count on for a good time of reading. Planting Hope is a satisfying part of Brenda’s Where Your Heart Is series. It is well written, entertaining and encouraging. A great reminder that one of the best ways to grow hope in your own life is to help nurture it in someone else’s.

What a wonderful story, I couldn't put this book down after I started it because I just had to know what was happening next. Planting Hope is a Christian romance and the 3rd book in the series but can be read as a stand alone.

Attractions are always hampered by baggage, the hurts buried deep in our souls that rise up when life gets bumpy. Insecurities raise their ugly heads, and if people don’t mentally stop such thoughts, they spiral out of control and lead us where we don’t want to go. As it affects us in real life, so it affects the lives of the fictional characters we root for in novels.Romance lovers will enjoy this quick read which actually includes the romance of three couples, some people whom we have foll [...]

Planting Hope is a lovely wrap-up to the Where the Heart Is series. The strength, or lack thereof, of a family unit has a profound impact on all of its members. Brenda Anderson expertly illustrates that in this story, and all of her books, as she deal honestly with the idiosyncrasies of families - the good, bad, and ugly. The Beaumont family seems to have it all - looks, talent, money. But when her parents separate, Jess Beaumont is stunned. Perhaps it wasn't the perfect marriage, but divorce? T [...]

In Planting Hope, book 3 of Where The Heart Is series, flowers and chocolate collide and romance blooms. In Jess Beaumont's messy life, family has always been the one constant. When her parents separate, she puts a plan into action. She recreates the circumstances that helped her parents fall in love that includes the task of restoring the family cabin’s gardens. Luke Harrison has spent his life trying to win his father’s approval. A promotion in the family land development business would be [...]

Calling all romantics. This is definitely a book that appeals to the romantic side, but what I appreciated is that it includes real life challenges. In this story, you will meet Luke and Jess who find themselves drawn to each other only, but who also are trying to please their families sometimes over themselves And life being what it is, throws a curve ball into the mix. Luke who works for his father at a development company wants to buy property that is in Jess's family and to Jess that propert [...]

A knight in shining armor; a damsel in distress; a marriage in shambles Luke and Jess have their work cut out for them -- if it's even possible to succeed.One of the pleasures of reading a series is the continuation of settings and characters that have become familiar. Characters from Capturing Beauty appear in Planting Hope, and although they play small roles, it was fun to see them again.I loved Gran's legacy, both in the candy shop and her wisdom-filled "gran-isms." Even though Gran isn't [...]

This is the third and final book in the Where the Heart Is series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, and I wasn't disappointed in this one. It can be read as a standalone, but I certainly recommend reading the first two books in the series for further backgrounds on the characters and because they are good ones. I thoroughly enjoyed following Jess and Luke's story and seeing how God worked in their lives to bring them together in spite of the family situations each of them faced. This is [...]

What lengths would you go through to make your parents fall in love so they will not divorce? Jess was determined to recreate a moment from the beginning of their love. When a tree fell that she could not remove, Luke came to the rescue. He was following a decree on his grandmother's will that stated he had to live above her candy store for 6 months. A lot can happen in six months. Does Jess complete her project? What does Luke do with the candy store? And do the parents get back together.I love [...]

Planting Hope is the third installment from Brenda S Anderson's Where the Heart Is series. I have loved each and every one of the books of this series, but Planting Hope is by far my favorite. It is such a delightful read full of love, hope, faith and inspiration. I loved the characters, Jess and Luke. The scenes with those two were wonderful. The book toys with the reader's emotions. I was brought to tears at times and had to snicker at others. This is my kind of story. Loved it! Highly recomme [...]

This story really pulled at my heartstrings. Laughter and tears, hope and despair. Family issues are brought out into the open. Can fixing a cabin and planting flowers help heal a marriage? I absolutely loved this story.

This book, Planting Hope, the third in the series was wonderful. It was exactly what I needed to read at this time in my life. I am in the middle of a changing season, orchestrated by God, or should I say the end of the changing season with God, and I needed this encouragement and hope that the book offered. It was wonderful. I think the part that spoke to me the most was how God is working behind the scenes, or even more front and center but sometimes has to get some things out of our lives bef [...]

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