How to Make a Journal of Your Life

Dan Price

How to Make a Journal of Your Life

How to Make a Journal of Your Life

  • Title: How to Make a Journal of Your Life
  • Author: Dan Price
  • ISBN: 9781580080934
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback

When nomad artist and free spirit Dan Price began jotting down his musings in the form of whimsical drawings and inspired prose, he hardly could have imagined that his self published journal zine, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES, would earn him a cult following across the country Now in its twentieth edition, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES has brought Dan s creed of truth, beauty, anWhen nomad artist and free spirit Dan Price began jotting down his musings in the form of whimsical drawings and inspired prose, he hardly could have imagined that his self published journal zine, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES, would earn him a cult following across the country Now in its twentieth edition, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES has brought Dan s creed of truth, beauty, and really big sabbaticals from the convention of life to thousands across the countryWith such a following, Dan figured it was time to collect his offbeat observations into book form in hopes of inspiring other would be journal writers to take pen, camera, and brush in hand As Dan is fond of noting Seems there s tons of empty journal books, but not too many on how to fill em up In HOW TO MAKE A JOURNAL, Dan answers the call, teaching readers how to tap into those pent up creative juices and collect their life experiences on paper.

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A tiny, inspirational book about keeping a diary including the art of writing, sketching, collage and photography. I especially enjoyed the chapter about photography since this is a topic rarely mentioned in books about journaling (at least to my knowledge). Since this is only 100 pages and small format, most topics are only briefly touched upon, but it can whet your appetite to learn more about the techniques mentioned.What I like most about it is that Dan's writing is so laid-back and encourag [...]

I originally picked up this little book at the library book sale to pass this on to my Mom-in-law, who does keep a journal, mostly of little paintings. but as I started to peruse this little book, I decided to read it first, and THEN pass it on to her. I have kept a diary on and off since I was 4? maybe. I remember mom used to put down what I did in a day book (it was a cool diary that had five years in one book -- I may try to find another like it.) -- Anyway, I would like to start doing so aga [...]

What a neat, little book on journaling. And not just journalingbut documenting life around you. First, write about whatever, but more importantly, ADD to the journal, with drawing, photos, snippets and pieces found around you. There is a small portion on taking good photos, how to sketch with the right side of your brain, and saving those little mementos from life and add them to your journal with a note. There is even a small piece on making your own journal to fill and how rewarding it is to g [...]

If you've ever thought of starting a journal but didn't know where to begin you have Dan Price to show you the way. His handwritten book on how to write, document, illustrate and doodle a journal is priceless. He makes it look easy and super fun! I suggest you get this book to help get you excited about journaling!

I have been wanting to start a journal for a very long time and it just always seemed daunting! Dan made it seem so fun and made sure to let the reader know that there is NO WRONG WAY of doing it and to make it fun along the way!

A quick read with some good advice. I rather didn't like his tone with the photography chapter even if he is an expert and all. I don't think it's wise to make fun of someone's choice of subject (ie close ups of flowers). So I knocked off a star. Sorry dude.

It's a cute little book although I'm struggling with Price's, hm, personality? Yeah. He comes off like an oddly entitled hippie. That said, he has some suggestions that are decent, food for thought, but I also sometimes just want to punch him because he's annoying. So, yeah, mixed feelings. Not likely to recommend, not entirely sad that I read it though.

If you are considering journaling, then this book is for you. I you are a journaler, like me, who mostly relies on text to chronicle life, then this will open your eyes to new ways. This is written and drawn in a style of journaling that I aspire to.

I attempted to use this book in a class in journal writing I taught at a local psychiatric center, but the class never got into it. However, I enjoyed reading the book.

Dan Price gets it. There are so many struggles in really embracing and living a creative life, but sometimes more than the people around me, the only real obstacle is myself. This book is a good reminder of that. I have scribbled all over the margins (only to find out that there are some spaces provided at the end of the book for notes!), and well -- here are some of the things I liked:"You see, your mind will be saying obnoxious things like this: 1. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANYTHING WORTHW [...]

I'm an extremely prolific journal writer, but I've frequently used my journals as a place to do a lot of navel gazing, self-pitying, whining, and generally spiritually toxic behavior. One of my goals for 2016 was to have a less neurotic relationship with my journaling (if that's not a real verb then it SHOULD BE), so when this tiny little how to book on journal writing turned up in a bag of donations at the library where I work, it seemed like a really cosmic coincidence. Overall this book is pr [...]

I liked this book better the second time around and would give it four stars now. The author gives some good advice for journal-keeping and using drawings and photos and found objects to document your journey through life. The book is all hand-drawn and illustrated and the author was a bit of a nomad who has a zest for life all of which is motivating and contagious. And he lives in Joseph, Oregon which is a great place I spent a lot of summers in when I was a child. Extra points for that.

AUTHOR: PRICE, DanTITLE: How to Make A Journal of Your LifeDATE READ: 2/06/2011RATING: 4.0/BGENRE/PUB DATE/PUBLISHER/# OF Pages: Self Discovery/1999/Ten Speed Press/116 pagesSERIES/STAND ALONE: Stand AloneTIME/PLACE: N/ACHARACTERS: N/AFIRST LINES: Has your intuition been telling you to get an empty journal and begin filling it with all the interesting events of your life? Well, time is racing by.Comments: Inspiring quick read. Now where is my journal?

This book and it's earlier companion, Moonlight Chronicles, inspired my own journaling experience. Through Dan Prices' encouragement, I began, at age 60, to explore sketching and watercolors. My own experiences with journaling have enhanced my life and Dan's Price humility, sage advice, and example have encouraged my continued growth.

Simple and inspiring. Overall I'm fairly familiar with a lot of this self identified hobo artists convictions and journaling suggestions. I had been journaling going on a decade so I feel like I am pretty set in my preferred ways but what I appreciated the most was the authors doodling encouragement. I don't doodle enough in my actual journals.

A beautiful,lovely, childish book, you will feel that the guy is actually talking to youd I realised, a little be amusedly, that I was already doing all those things he was talking about so fascinated!that didn't deduce at all from the pleasure of reading, it was like he was opening up his own personal, creative journal for me to peep in to,and take notes and store up memories.a must read.

Great little images. I don't think the writing inspired me to do much -- but the voice in the writing is fun, and I appreciate that he includes cookie eating as a reward periodically. Sweet. The "how-to" was thin and ordinary, but the personal stories came through in ways that provide a nice example for other people. I think students would appreciate this even though the writer is an adult.

I've been keeping a journal since I was 13 years old. This book is a cute, somewhat useful itty bitty guide to journaling. I especially liked the section on sketching, and others might find the collaging and photography sections helpful, but in all, a little too cutesy and not as in-depth as I would have liked.

Such a neat little book full of encouragement and inspiration for anyone looking to begin - or continue - journalling. Well designed, full of practical ideas, great illustrations, and lots of good stuff. A great addition to my studio library!!

This was a wonderfully irreverent and cheeky book about making an illustrated journal of your days and why it's a good thing to do and how to do it. Loved his simple and quirky illustrations sprinkled throughout!

This book inspired me to draw, think, look, and commemorate. Some of the ideas that Price advocates I do naturally; Some I don't care to do. Still, it gave me suggestions so that I don't get into a journaling rut.

This is a sweet book full of jubilant inspiration and great drawings. Dan Price is like a best friend who is always calling to get you to come on a hike with him and draw. This is a great little book to check in with when you need a little reminder about what is important in life.

I teach watercolor journaling and I'm always on the lookout for good books/information that I can share with my students - and use myself. Dan Price's books are always inspiring and filled with good stuff!

By golly, I am going to start a journal! And draw pictures too! This is a cute book written by a guy who is obsessed with writing his journal. He makes a good case why we should all do this. Write down things you saw. Draw a picture. He has totally convinced me. LOL

This book is mentioned in Danny Gregory's the Creative License, which I can see how Danny was inspired by Dan Price. For me though, having been introduced to Danny's work first, this book seems a bit lack luster to me. Still a fun and quick read though.

fun, inspiring book on journaling. It has me desiring to make illustrated pages of my life now. (The info about photos is a little dated.)

I liked the encouraging tone throughout and the sections on sketching, photography, and collage. Definitely some good ideas in a whimsical format.


I was recently given a copy by a friend of mine.I wish I'd had it when I was in college, it would have helped so much! I'm only on page 32 but so far it's a delightful little arty book.

Really helpful for anyone who wants to journal in a different way. Good suggestions for photography and drawing in your journal.

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