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  • Title: Submission
  • Author: Marthe Blau
  • ISBN: 9780552772372
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

You ll want to scream, but you ll be gagged You ll want to cry, but you ll be blindfolded You ll want to run away, but you ll be tied up You ll have no way of begging me, I ll do what I want with you.Sexual obsession, domination and extreme lust Submission is the story of a young married Parisian lawyer who is drawn into a sado masochistic relationship A handsome strYou ll want to scream, but you ll be gagged You ll want to cry, but you ll be blindfolded You ll want to run away, but you ll be tied up You ll have no way of begging me, I ll do what I want with you.Sexual obsession, domination and extreme lust Submission is the story of a young married Parisian lawyer who is drawn into a sado masochistic relationship A handsome stranger she meets in the courts issues her with a series of instructions which she finds herself compelled to follow As the violence of their encounters escalates, it becomes a dangerous addiction that she can t break But how far can she go and how much of her life will she risk in the process Based on the author s own experiences, this astonishing book sent shockwaves through the French establishment.

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Where to start.First of all, this is a horrible representation of a BDSM relationship. This is supposedly based on real events, but I find it more likely that's just to get tongues wagging. Seeing as I'm highly interested in the BDSM community and am in a BDSM-based relationship myself, I can say that this is nothing like what a real- and healthy- relationship is like. There is no discussion of safewords, and even when Elodie says she doesn't want to follow through with what 'He' says, He makes [...]

- How kinky?Very. Oh wow is it kinky. It is explicit and descriptive, detailing many very kinky practices including orgies, extreme violence, ownership (of a sort) and exhibitionism/voyeurism.- How sexy?Rather. It is, in short, porn. As mentioned, extremely explicit and detailed. The somewhat staccato delivery can be a bit offputting, as I found the lack of rhythm and flow impeded my own, er, flow. The plot was also stop-start, as it focussed for short periods on the sex, and then cut back for l [...]

I'm an open minded sort and I understand why this book is so hot. What didn't work for me was her master's attitude. I have to admit I only made it half way through this book because I couldn't handle the woman's lowering self-esteem and his lack of real affection for her. I think that you can have a master/slave relationship that can be full of humiliation and power tripping but also promote real affection within the relationship. I don't mean love. I mean affection and respect while at the sam [...]

Okay, first things first.I was disappointed with the beginning of the book. It jumped into graphic sexual encounters quickly, which is fine, but I felt it was missing parts of the story line. I also was not a fan of the sodomy and the degree to which it is present in the beginning. I do not have any personal issues with discussing anal sex, but something about the way it was done bothered me.About half way through the story itself finally pulled me in. I than read most the book in one day. I lov [...]

EroticSeductiveArousingDarkIntenseAfter finishing, it’s easy to see why this book elicits very strong reactions –both good and bad. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I repeat: THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It definitely separates the physical from the emotional when it comes to BDSM. In no way is this a romantic BDSM novel so don’t be disappointed when the Dom’s true colors are revealed. The level of submission is very deep and told from the Submissive’s point of view. Elodie is a very i [...]

Whatef*ckdid I just read?? I bought this book having read the description on the back that sounded so promising. There really was no plot, just the incoherent rambling similar to reading someone's diary. That didn't bother me as much as the pathetic lack of self respect for the narrator/main character. She blindly follows this man around and is desperate for any attention from him. So much so that she allows him to physically, emotionally and mentally abuse her, and she just puts up with it! Fin [...]

just finished this book it was amazing quick to read, and very vivid with detail and well written. I absolutely loved the fact that it wasn't hard for me to get into this book especially cause right now I am taking classes and don't have much time to read at the moment so i try to keep my reads simple and easy at the moment until textbooks stop becoming my focusyone who is into the lifestyle and bdsm will enjoy this read.

Never has a book infuriated me with a character until this one. Elodie is a complete moron, this is not a novel about normal sub/dom relationships. The character in this book is mentally ill and needs help. If you want to be pissed off and not turned on at all by her pathetic internal pleadings then, by all means, read this book. If you're looking for a sexy novel on sub/dom culture and relationships then stay the fuck away.

Finished this last night, and what a disappointment. I kept hoping the book would move out of the drastically abusive relationship and get good, but it didn't (other than our heroine finally got the back bone to say NO!) -- I mean, she asked Him to not make her do one thing -- the thing she had nightmares about, the thing she dreaded over anything elsed guess what? he made her do it. Yes he didd she followed throughdumb.

This was my first book of this kind that I have read. I do have to admit that I was expecting something more intense. After reading this, I have long searched for the same type of books, one to keep me hooked. If you have never read a 'dark side' book and want to start soft, I suggest this book to you.

Though an awful, untrue representation of a BDSM relationship, and though the characters are somewhat despicable and not at all realistic, as well as the narrator/main character being a horrendous role model--I did like this book. The prose is different, vivid and intriguing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, cover-to-cover.

My first foray into erotica. Completely unexciting. I couldn't help but think that the main female character just had really low self-esteem and she needed a therapist not a spanking. That's what I get for reading something that doesn't have a wizard or even a unicorn in it.

I enjoyed this book. Definitely a tease.

It was ok. i did not find it shocking. It was on par with the story of O and Sleeping Beauty.

just not sexy

This book has scarred me for life but I really enjoyed it.

This book describes the life-cycle of one woman’s submissive relationship with a dominant man. Her relationship with the man isn’t sexual in the conventional sense--though she participates in lots of sex and he commands her to engage in various sexual activities. It’s a relatively tame and more modern variant of the tale told in the famous “The Story of O” written by another Frenchwoman, Pauline Réage (a.k.a. Anne Desclos.) While “Submission” is like any number of stories of submi [...]

Is a novel by a Marthe Blau, a French lawyer from Paris which is allegedly based in true events. When in 2005 it was published it allegedly sent shockwaves through the French legal établissement with its frank portrayal of kinky sex and all that jazz.It sent shockwaves through me too for its frank portrayal of totally unbelievable derp and complete failure to be believable or erotic. So I borrowed a copy off my mother (don't ask) and set to reviewing it here.Executive Summary"I NEED HIS COCK IN [...]

oh where to start. I went through the entire continium of reactions to this book. First I found it hot, then it seriously angered me, back to hot, anger, disgust, then appreciation.Let me elaborate. I found a couple of scenes intensely erotic, specifically the basement scene during the dinner party, but it went downhill from there. The swing parties and lesbian action just didn't do it for me. As far as HE goes, he may be a sadist but he is NOT a dom, or not a good one at least. This man is a gl [...]

" You'll want to scream,but you'll be gagged.You'll want to cry,but you'll be blindfolded.You'll want to run away,but you'll be tied up.You'll have no way of begging me,I'll do what I want with you."Submission, the controversial novel that, according to The Sunday Times (London), "sent tremours through the French establishment," is bound to leave American readers breathless."Sexual obsession, domination, and dangerous desire drive the story of Élodie, a young married Parisian lawyer who finds h [...]

This book doesn't really have names for the characters but who cares. The story takes place with a woman trying to meet the demands of her secret sexual nature. She is running to a lawyer who specalizes in domineering sexual acts. When she gets to him he asks her to get on a table where he ties her down and does what she precieves as the best sexual encounter ever. After he is done tieing her up he rubs her cliteros until it burns from wanting to cum. Then he sodimizes her by sticking an object [...]

Finished my 1st book of 2013! And it sucked donkey dangle!My Sexxview of Submission by Marthe Blau:This was not a very good book. There were some high points in it, but overall, it sucked harder than a sub sucking on a dom's strap-on. The main character was whiny and annoying, desperate and childish and I didn't give a flaming fig newton about what happened to her. The guy, was over-the-top ridiculous and so egotistical you wanted to vomit. Some of the sex scenes were decent, but when it came to [...]

This is one of the worst novels I've ever read. "Submission" is so bad, though it is brief enough to blow through quickly. The story is told from the point of view of a woman in a new dominant/submissive relationship and we watch it develop. The details are incredibly graphic, not to mention depressing. The main problem that cripples the book is the repetitive writing. She does not stop thinking about this man and writes about him IN ALMOST EVERY SENTENCE. Okay, I understand it's supposed to be [...]

Elodie is an attractive thirty-something lawyer who loves her husband, her son and the city she lives in, Paris. Her friends, like her, are successful, fun-loving and wealthy. One day in Court, however, her eyes meet the piercing gaze of a man and she finds herself unable to look away. The man begins to exercise an irresistible and diabolic spell over her, both pleasurable and excruciating. Under his spell, Elodie discovers the erotic hunger of the flesh and the commanding power of worlds as she [...]

the other story there is the story you are reading, but between the lines is another story. who is she punishing? herself or her husband? he is ALWAYS away on business or with his mistress/es. whom she was before she became wife number two. before she got pregnant. before he left his wife and married her. so now she is a a barrister, a young wife with infant and a much older absent husband. at the end of the encounters she mentions the husband. she hides the signs of submission or does he not ca [...]

zzzzzz i thought i took out the wrong book - yet the jacket cover matched the synopsis"him" as she referred to - all bark no bite, the only beggin' & screamin' goin' on was for him to f*** her which never happened?!?!?! he was just an abusive guy who like to humiliate her they were both married so i don't get what the attraction was when they 1st met which was vague then at end of story with all she put up with the reason she ends it that's the "deal breaker" ?!?!?!what WAS pure fiction - a [...]

Oh dear. I found this on my bookshelf - must have bought it and not read it because I can't think why I kept it if so. Not sexy. Not accurate of the BDSM world. ( as far as I know!) It was just the story of a sick guy and a weak woman. No safe words, no kindness, just cruelty. Though, it was interesting in the way it showed the complete and utter thrall this guy could hold over the woman. She knew how bad he was for her and still couldn't resist debasing herself at his command. Not a healthy rel [...]

This is a much better book than the current best-selling series. It explores some really dark areas and some might find it a hard read because of that. It's definitely not fluff. I read it during a preety dark time in my life so it struck home even though I cannot say I've experienced this lifestyle first hand. In the end, it's about a woman giving up her power to man that does not love her and finally coming to terms with that. The lat couple of pages seemed to sum up my life during that time. [...]

Well, you know the French. This work might best be qualified as a modern day fantasy along the lines of The Story of O, light. Realistic? Not so much. Emotional depth? Even less. Kinky? At times, yes. Hot? Depends on one's tastes, of course, but there were parts that were.The lack of emotional depth or connection between the female narrator and her unnamed obsession (called Him or He) makes said obsession difficult to understand, even in a d/s context. Maybe it's the old women love the bad boy d [...]

La storia di una donna che si lascia sottomettere totalmente da un uomo, una sottomissione spinta anche dalla speranza che Lui (così viene chiamato l'uomo) si innamori di Elodie.La devozione di Elodie nei confronti dell'uomo la porterà all'annichilimento, ad un morboso desiderio di essere possesseduta che non riuscirà a trovare soddisfacimento.Interessante ed affascinante solo l'aspetto mentale del personaggio maschile."Sono sua, esisto, sono sua, rappresento una donna nella sua vita, mi attr [...]

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