Going Postal

Terry Pratchett

Going Postal

Going Postal

  • Title: Going Postal
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780060013134
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover

Arch swindler Moist von Lipwig never believed his confidence crimes were hanging offenses until he found himself with a noose tightly around his neck, dropping through a trapdoor, and falling into a government job By all rights, Moist should have met his maker Instead, it s Lord Vetinari, supreme ruler of Ankh Morpork, who promptly offers him a job as Postmaster.Arch swindler Moist von Lipwig never believed his confidence crimes were hanging offenses until he found himself with a noose tightly around his neck, dropping through a trapdoor, and falling into a government job By all rights, Moist should have met his maker Instead, it s Lord Vetinari, supreme ruler of Ankh Morpork, who promptly offers him a job as Postmaster Since his only other option is a nonliving one, Moist accepts the position and the hulking golem watchdog who comes along with it, just in case Moist was considering abandoning his responsibilities prematurely Getting the moribund Postal Service up and running again, however, may be a near impossible task, what with literally mountains of decades old undelivered mail clogging every nook and cranny of the broken down post office building and with only a few creaky old postmen and one rather unstable, pin obsessed youth available to deliver it Worse still, Moist could swear the mail is talking to him Worst of all, it means taking on the gargantuan, money hungry Grand Trunk clacks communication monopoly and its bloodthirsty piratical head, Mr Reacher Gilt But it says on the building neither rain nor snow nor glo m of ni t Inspiring words admittedly, some of the bronze letters have been stolen , and for once in his wretched life Moist is going to fight And if the bold and impossible are what s called for, he ll do it in order to move the mail, continue breathing, get the girl, and specially deliver that invaluable commodity that every human being not to mention troll, dwarf, and, yes, even golem requires hope.

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The mail must get through!He was part of the government, wasn't he? Governments took money off people. That's what they were for.Turns out, years spent scamming and conning the public have excellently prepared Moist von Lipwig with the skill set needed to run a vast corporation.Who knew?My Discworld-reading for the Humour Club has had its ups and downs. Some books I loved, some bored me to tears, one I didn't finish. I thrilled to the adventures of the witches, laughed at the exploits of the Nig [...]

I love it when one work of art makes me think of another and my enjoyment of both is enhanced.The executive office meeting subsequent to the gallows made me think of Mel Brooks’ hilarious 1974 film Blazing Saddles and Harvey Korman’s portrayal of Hedley LaMarr. So throughout the rest of the novel I eschewed the British aristocratic drawl of Lord Vetinari and replaced with Korman’s robber baron prose for full comedic effect.Granny Weatherwax is still my favorite, but Sir Terry has succeeded [...]

This book was an excellent surprise; I love the Discworld series but was getting tired of seeing the same characters again and again in every book. But this book introduces an entirely new and refreshing cast of characters. I particularly liked the main character and felt he was very well-developed. Pratchett's books are funny precisely because he has a very firm grasp of human nature. His best work feels surprisingly profound even though you're also laughing so hard you're afraid you might brea [...]

Otras reseñas de Mundodisco en mi blog.«Cartas en el asunto» es la novela número 33 de la hilarante saga de Mundodisco; uno pensaría que a esta altura al gran Terry Pratchett no se le podrían ocurrir más personajes y que la calidad de la saga podía disminuir, pero con este libro demostró que todavía le quedaban excelentes ideas para rato. Esta novela da comienzo a una nueva saga que lamentablemente Terry no pudo terminar; presentó un nuevo arco argumental iba a estar protagonizado por [...]

This was really surprising, actually. Perhaps it shouldn't have been, given how many people whose opinions I respect are Pratchett fans, but I haven't read a fantasy novel since giving up on Robert Jordan's painstakingly prolonged The Wheel of Time (somewhere in book 5, I think) long before college. Actually, I suppose I read a bunch of the Harry Potters in the interim, but in some ways that felt more like keeping up with pop culture than reading actual fantasy.In any event, Going Postal was pur [...]

I picked up this book to read on a 15 hour flight from Chicago to Vietnam, on the assumption that it would be a light, pleasant way to pass the dreary hours (after one flight to China during which I watched the first X-Men film three times, I decided it was best to err on the side of having too many books rather than too few). My assumptions proved correct, and I enjoyed the book quite thoroughly. Three things struck me:1) Pratchett's use of language is always fun, and he occasionally makes wond [...]

I haven't read a lot of Pratchett -- I think this is only my second one -- but I do enjoy reading him for the color and the metaphor. The way he turns a figure of speech on the lathe will frequently leave you just sitting there in your chair with a table leg in your hand, and your wife says, "Hey, what's with the table leg." And I say, "I'm reading."

I am probably the last person on earth to read Terry Pratchett, but I'm glad I finally did. People have been recommending his books to me for years and although I had planned on starting with book 1, Color of Magic, the bookseller recommended I start with Going Postal instead (they were also out of stock of CoM). Every time I picked this book up I laughed out loud, it has a refreshing wit combined with a sharp perception of people and their funny habits. I ate this book up and bought copy of "Gu [...]

“What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.” This was really a funny, fun book. Lots of digs at corporations, lotteries, and just life.“People flock in, nevertheless, in search of answers to those questions only librarians are considered to be able to answer, such as "Is this the laundry?" "How do you spell surreptitious?" and, on a regular basis, "Do you have a book I remember reading once? It had a red cover [...]

Still my favorite Discworld book of all time

Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.Going Postal definitely ranks among my top 3 Discworld books. That is to say, Equal Rites will ALWAYS be my favourite, as it was my first, and the one that got me into Terry Pratchett to begin with. After that, the list gets blurrier, but nevertheless, Going Postal is among best.I saw the Going Postal movie no fewer than 3 years ago and I loved it. Which was my reason to postpone reading this book after I suffered from a severe Terry Pratchett fatigue. No [...]

What happens when Ventari becomes an angel and puts a con man in charge of the decrepit Post Office? Nothing one expects, of course. --------------------------------------------There was a silence. In that silence, Moist tried out a variety of responses, from "Pull the other one, it's got bells on" to "That's impossible", and decided they all sounded stupid. Groat looked deadly serious, so instead he said: "How?"----------------------------------------------There are many, many characters in the [...]

One of my favourite Discworld novels - although I'm sure I've said that more thank once.The way terry Pratchett plays with worlds is great - it adds to the pace and humour of this hilarious novel.

Monetary RelativityNo better theory of money exists than Pratchett's: money is founded on postage stamps that got out of control. Understanding that fact helps to explain the world better than relativity theory.

I have only read the Discworld books featuring the City Watch, and the related follow-up books featuring a spin-off character in this book, Moist Von Lipwig. That's because I'm afraid Pratchett's other books will not be my cuppa. As a writer, he walks a fine line, approaching my personal barrier — too much punnery and parody. I like the City Watch series (see Guards! Guards!) because Pratchett toes the line, proving parody in a neatly plotted mystery with the feeling of film noir, and I love t [...]

In this rich complex and darkly humorous story Terry Pratchett takes us to a side of Anke Morpork that the disc-world series had not previously visited; it's post office. Moist von Lipwig is a con man of major proportions whose last fraud has come to haunt him, caught and about to hang he believes it is all over for him. Saved from permanent death, the Patrician of Anke Morpork, lord Vetinari offers him a job; to revitalise the wrecked and useless Post Office. To do so Moist must use all his ski [...]

Okay, so this wasn't brilliant or incredibly original or anything that a 5-star novel should normally be, but it was funny and fast-paced and hugely entertaining. Pratchett's Discworld, with its hodge-podge of technologies, cultures, and magic, into which he shoehorns whatever anachronistic notion works for the story, shouldn't work as well as it does, but somehow you suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride.Starting with the cringeingly-named protagonist "Moist von Lipwig," Going Postal i [...]

Cute, but kind of stale--like Seinfeld. It's superficially funny, but you get the feeling it's been done before. Many times.In light of 2008's financial crisis, Going Postal might be taken as a timely reminder of the fallibility of humans, especially those entrusted with wealth or power.

The length of time it took to read this book is not a reflection upon its quality. I just haven’t been very good at switching between books lately due to a number of distractions.This one includes two things I have soft spots for: a talented con artist and the postal service. As I’ve commented in other reviews, such as The Lies of Locke Lamora, I’m fascinated by a well-executed con. Moist von Lipwig (one of Pratchett’s most deliberately awful character names) is one grade-A con artist. H [...]

Going Postal is the first book in the Moist von Lipwig subseries of Discworld, which is also associated with the Industrial Revolution subseries. In the case of this book, it’s maybe a little more of an “Industrial Counterrevolution”.The post office in Ankh-Morpork has effectively been out of commission for a while, with tons of undelivered letters sitting around. Meanwhile, over the past several books, we’ve seen the development of a faster and more efficient method of communication cal [...]

Prečets savā labākajā formā. Asprātīgi un smieklīgi par valsts iestāžu darbību, lielu pilsētu pārvaldīšanu, manipulēšanu ar cilvēkiem, reiderismu, eņģeļiem, kas parādās vienreiz mūžā, golemu attiecībām ar brīvo gribu, vēstuļu maģiju, klak torņu hakeriem, kniepadatu kolekcionēšanu, kaķu glābšanu no degošām mājām un, apžēliņ, cik daudz ko citu.

La comedia está ahí. Los chistes y los gags. Pero para 2004 Pratchett ya no era el mismo (faltando cuatro años para que le diagnosticaran el Alzheimer). Aquí es un Pratchett mucho menos delicado para mostrar lo que Gaiman llamó la furia subyacente de sus libros.En este caso una crítica contra los corporate raiders y los monopolistas. Perfectamente válido hacerla, pero hay momentos donde parece que el autor está gritando. Y hay pocas cosas que me molesten más (si uno juzga mis reseñas d [...]

Also posted on my blog Got My Book.Real Rating = 4.5*What can I say about Terry Pratchett & Discworld that hasn't been said before? His fantasy has layers inside it's layersOK DETAILS:Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, read by Stephen Briggs, published by HarperAudio (2005) / Length: 11 hrs 27 minSERIES INFO:This is the first Discworld book about Moist von Lipwig, and is one possible (among many) starting point for newbies. There are two additional books, Making Money & Raising Steam in th [...]

Unlike practically every GoodReads reviewer, I really struggled with this book. The style seemed different somehow than the previous books and I wasn't engaged by the story or characters. A good idea and I should've loved it, but it suffers from the same problems as Monstrous Regiment. Extreme wordiness, a lack of lightness and quickness this just isn't the Pratchett we've seen in his many previous books. His illness was a real shame and it is showing here. This is the end of the line in my Pra [...]

Als ich vom Tod des Lieblingsautors meiner Studienzeit - Terry Pratchett - erfuhr, zog ich sofort einen der Schmöker aus meinem ansehnlichen Scheibenwelt SUB (Stapel ungelesener Bücher 23 gelesen/ 8 ausständig) hervor, und schwelgte im Andenken an den Autor.Normalerweise ist ein Buch nicht gut, wenn ich allzulange zum Lesen benötige, diesmal stimmt aber meine persönliche Faustregel gar nicht. Mehrere Rezensionstermine und Lesegruppen zwangen mich, diese höchst vergnügliche Lektüre zu unt [...]

In Going Postal, the enlightened despot of Ankh Morpork, Lord Vetinari, rather forcibly recruits a con man, Moist von Lipwig, to take over the running of the venerable and deserted post office, where letters have been accumulating for years -- if not decades -- without delivery. Moist steps reluctantly into the moldy shoes of the Postmaster, only to discover that the previous three occupants of the position died grisly deaths in the execution of their duties (and I use the term "execution" advis [...]

A forger is trying to escape his cell before his hanging, and discovers it is carefully set up to look possible. So the next morning, they hang him, and the next face he sees is the Patrician's. Who gives him a job offer: to get the Post Office up and running again. He finds that it is stuffed with letters decades old, never delivered, and staffed by an old man and a young one who's obsessed with pins. And, it turns out, that several men have recently died in his post, and he's the rival of the [...]

Con man Moist von Lipwig is about to be hanged for his various crimes, until Patrician Havelock Vetinari, tyrant of the Discworld city of Ankh-Morpork, gives him a new lease on life. He can hang (literally) or he can take over the defunct Post Office of Ankh-Morpork and use his considerable skills of persuasion and deception to fix things up postally. Just to make sure that von Lipwig doesn't go on the lam, he's given his very own Golem to watch over him and bring him back if he gets lostThis is [...]

Si je pouvais donner plus d'étoiles à ce livre je n'aurais pas hésité une seconde. J'ai ADORÉ cette histoire. Ça a été mon coup de cœur du mois, et un des rares livres que je compte bien relire un jour.Les personnages sont complètement "timbrés", ils m'en ont fait voir de tous les fous rires possibles. Dès les premières pages ce récit hilarant a accaparé mon attention et j'ai bien l'intention de lire tous les livres de la série. Je suis vraiment tombée amoureuse de l'imagination [...]

I was reading this to my son when that train crashed and burned in Quebec, destroying so much property and killing all those people. I watched the news and listened to the new owner of the company in question defend his methods of making more money by cutting expenses -- specifically, expenses like having two engineers on a shift when you could get away with only having one. In fact, it was probably safer to have just one person doing the safety check, because if there were two people, they were [...]

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