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  • Title: Renaissance
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Smudge really needs to get laid, if only to stop himself wondering about the softness of Raleigh s curls and why he keeps running away.After his tumultuous teenage years, Smudge has settled into his quiet life in the sleepy English village of Slopy Bottom He s his own boss with the time and space to indulge his artistic creativity And he has friends He s happy SatisfieSmudge really needs to get laid, if only to stop himself wondering about the softness of Raleigh s curls and why he keeps running away.After his tumultuous teenage years, Smudge has settled into his quiet life in the sleepy English village of Slopy Bottom He s his own boss with the time and space to indulge his artistic creativity And he has friends He s happy Satisfied Lonely And the pool of potential soulmates is almost non existent His friends, Rick and Mal, flush with their own happy romance, keep trying to set him up with the most incompatible men, and he s never finding true love on Grindr Hell, he s not even going to manage a hook up based on the kinky messages he s been getting recently He ll just have to slake his desire to find his own HEA in the pages of bosom heaving romance novels Raleigh is the darling of Slopy Bottom s blue rinse brigade church organist, mobile librarian, and apparently wedded to his trademark cardigans He seems to be the polar opposite of the artistic Smudge, whose brightly coloured mohawk and piercings should be a red flag to Raleigh Yet he s yearning for company too It s just that Raleigh has less expectation and definitely less courage to chase after it, for reasons that he keeps very close to his chest Reasons that don t stop him from being drawn irresistibly to Smudge Smudge is sure that the way Raleigh runs from him whenever he sees him is cruelly deliberate A reflection on his bad boy looks and his disdain for Raleigh s precious church So why can t he stop thinking about the softness of Raleigh s curls and his delicate body Then Raleigh offers an olive branch of sugar and caffeine, Smudge s favourite combination, starting them on a road to an awkward truce And when they are conned into working together on a community project at the local hospital, the proximity ignites a spark that can t be ignored But navigating the murky waters that could take their relationship beyond tentative friendship all depends on whether Raleigh can release his secret fears and whether Smudge is the man to share and allay them.

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Renaissance by Lillian Francis was a pure joy to read. I was waiting for Raleigh and Smudge’s story since I first met them in the previous book in the Village Love series. I am very happy the author quickly fulfilled my wish. I loved this new release so much.This is an “opposites attract” story, Raleigh is the perfect and so beloved librarian of Sloppy Bottom, Smudge is the strange owner of a print shop, full of tattoos, piercings and colorful hair. When these two world will be brought tog [...]

Smudge's story is finally hereazon/Renaissance-ViFor all those that were waiting for Smudge's story, it's nearly hereA (28 March):One more week to go.

Five bliss-filled hearts - though I have a bit of a confession; for some reason this book took me a while to get into. I kept starting it, then reading something else - I just couldn't get into it. Until I could. I truly don't know why this took me so long to get into to read because I loved it enormously once I did get going. Once I properly started it was an I-can't-put-this-down kinda read. I genuinely, genuinely loved it and had a horrendous book hangover at the end. I liked the first book, [...]

This is the second installment of the Village Love series and I was so excited to get to read Smudge’s story. He’s an artist in the small village and sort of the resident bad boy, at least in the eyes of some of the villagers, based on his teen years and also his appearance. “Gauges, tats and a purple faux hawk with green streaks would do that.” One judger in particular is the cardigan-wearing church organ player and librarian, Raleigh. Raleigh is downright rude to Smudge, going so far a [...]

4.5 Stars!!!Renaissance is book 2 in the Village Love series and while it can be read as a standalone, I suggest reading Resonance (Book 0.5) and Resistance (Book 1), which both feature Rick and Mal's story, who feature prominently in Renaissance. Raleigh is shy and doesn't quite know how to deal with confident and extroverted Smudge and because of that, tries to avoid him as much as he can, which in turn, makes Smudge think that Raleigh doesn't like him. Being thrown together to work on a proje [...]

Smudge and Raleigh are Heartbreakers! The Village Love series by Lillian Francis has captivated me from the first short where we meet the local handyman/gardener during a chance encounter with the man of his dreams while being checked out at a local hospital. I love everyone in this little town of Slopy Bottom! I even love reading about the vicar Colin and his wife who apparently makes the best cakes ever. Raleigh has fascinated me for a while since Mal thought he recognized him and he's known t [...]

Darned, I finished, not ready for that yet. Very recommendable part of the Village series.

(Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews. Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 Love Bytes.)I was super happy to see this book show up on a Signal Boost Promotions list. I really enjoyed the previous installments, Resonance, 0.5 and Resistance, 1.0, (Review here.), and I knew that I wanted to read this one immediately because I expected it to be just as good.I was not disappointed. I think I liked this one the best so far. The story is told with the same level of writing as the first two, and the various char [...]

I absolutely love the Village Love series and Rick & Mal, but I think this was my favorite book so far. I was looking forward to getting to know Smudge & Raleigh better and was not disappointed. Renaissance was such a sweet, heart melting story.When I read a book, it's to escape from reality for a while, but the realness and believability of watching Smudge & Raleigh's relationship evolve was a nice change of pace from the instant-love stories.Other reviews I've read describe Renaiss [...]

This was a cute story, easy to read and well put together. Also my first Francis' story. It has a good, slow-building romance that ends up on a satisfying note in the end. Well done!

3.5 stars

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