Gantz 37

Hiroya Oku

Gantz 37

Gantz 37

  • Title: Gantz 37
  • Author: Hiroya Oku
  • ISBN: 9788416999804
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

Edici n argentina Tomo final.

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Rushed ending of the saga but is ok.Matrix. Dead people turning alien hunters after death. Sex. Action.Ultra-violence. Friendship. Sci-fi hi-tech. Horror. Great characters. Gore. Love. Suicides. References to manga/anime/movies/art (from Macross/Robotech Zentradi to Salvador Dalí!!!). Dinosaurs. Parents beating kids to death. Vampires. Sacrifice. Disturbing body horror. Students shooting classmates. Giant mechas. The end of the world. All of this and more in an almost senseless story hiding a d [...]

da fuck what kind of stupid ending is this they didn't even explain what happened to the mother ship that was on its way to crash into earthand there is no explanation what so ever for tae chan and ayumo to be there when kei kurono and katou get out of the water i think the writer might have been in a hurry and didnt want to put one more chapter for the ending to be great fuck it man i didn't like this ending not even one bit

This manga was fancinating and intringuing from volume 1. The art is superb, the storyline is very complex and the characters are relatable.The grand finale, against the invaders, was very rich and the final battle itself was fascinating, albeit a bit too heroic (considering there was no reason for Kurono to be fighting the guy alone from the start).Still, the actual ending, when Kurono returns home, was unsatisfying. How did they manage to survive in space? I guess the suit protected them while [...]

النهايةيبدو ان العمليه بهوئت منه شويه فحاول فى النهاية انه يلمها بس فكره الالحاد فى المانجا فجة اوىكنت بقابل منها كتتير خلال الفصول وكنت بقول يمكن فى النهاية هيحاول يثبت ان أبطاله غلط ويرجعهم يؤمنوا تانىالدماغ اليابانى ده محدش يقدر يعرف اخره ايه هههههههههههههههههthe last chapter [...]

Gantz is the story where people is brought back from the dead to kill some ugly aliens. Lots and lots of blood and death. And some adult scenes. The story is really good in the middle stretch but the romance subplot kind of drag the story down. Plus the ending is a bit unsatisfactory. Alas, this kind of story that starts really bizarre and becoming more so tend to be hard to be tied neatly at the end.P/S: At first, I don't want to include manga as part of my gr challenge but at this point, I wil [...]

Bueno final final de la serie. Este último arco creo que fue el peor de los tres, tiene sus cosas interesantes y sigue siendo tan adictivo como los otros, pero probablemente por la inercia de lo buenos que son los dos primeros tercios. El final realmente me decepcionó un poco, me pareció un poco cursi pero sobre todo bastante genérico. Más allá de esos defectos creo que es una excelente obra que vale la pena leer.

The ending was SO disappointing. It definitely feels like it had ended and it feels like lots of questions are still unanswered =(

Battle Royale between Kei and the badass alien with the fate of the earth on the balance. Heartwrenching and heartstopping!

I finally finished this series, and I will definitely have a full review posted later. I just finished about four hours ago so my mind is still trying to soak it all in.

Well, after finally finishing the whole saga, there my review: (Wil contain SPOILERS)The whole saga consists in a dystopia of a world where the aliens technology are not unknown to humans, to the point where if you die instead of whatever happens next, the data contain within you is stored and you are resurrected in an empty room where there is this giant black ball that gives weapons and a weird spandex suit to wear and send you to kill aliens out of fun… as the history progresses you have no [...]

37 volumes at approximately 180 pages comes to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6,660 pages!I'm pretty surprised I finished it too.No way am I going to laboriously going recap the basic premise. literally if you're reading this you already know. But, I am going to point out that if you take out every page of someone crying and compile them into a single book, it'd probably be well over 180 pages.That's a lot of crying.

Seri için puan verecek olursam, 4,5-5 arasında gidip gelirim. Peki neden son cilt 2 puan derseniz, okuduğum en iyi mangalar arasında yer alacak, evet, finali saymazsak. Bu kadar güzel bir seriye o final yakışmadı.Ama onun haricinde okumaktan fazlasıyla zevk aldığım, en iyilerim arasında olacak bir seri.

I'm sad that this has to end.

Pretty good series. It was so weird though.

Another good volume. This was a really interesting. From the characters and of course that art style.

The final volume, and well, it's not quite as annoying as the penultimate one was, but it's also kind of lack-luster. There was a tremendous amount of tears streaming down faces, the usual declarations of "I won't die", blah blah blah, and the troops rallying together to help defeat the boss monster that looks like it might beat the main hero. Pretty standard fare. It is rendered with the same high quality art as the rest of the series, but the emotional content seems trivial. The fact that the [...]

Admito que tuve muy buenos momentos con esta serie. El problema es que fue hace unos cuantos tomos antes de esta tediosa saga final. Un sinsentido absoluto y con el peor dibujo posible. Pareciera que Oku se tragó lo peor de dibujantes mediocres que en su momento se vendieron como novedosos como Todd Mcfarlane y lo tradujo en el viaje más tedioso y ridículo posible. Una excusa para matar personajes gratuitamente y tratar de cerrar una idea que hacía un tiempo esta trastabillando. No culpo del [...]

Tantos años y el final resulta ser tan conformista? Me esperaba algo un poco mejor.La calidad de esta saga (Catástrofe) en cuanto al dibujo bajo mucho respecto a otros tomos. Me costó mucho leerla porque más allá del dibujo, todo en la historia se volvió grandilocuente pero sin sustento. Obviando el momento surrealista del tomo 35, que como paréntesis me pareció una genialidad -aunque descolocado respecto de la trama general-, tengo que decir que la serie en general tuvo muy buenos momen [...]

well as almost anybody that read gantz can tell you by the end you won't get all the answers that you'll wish for and the ending isn't all that amazing too however i'm willing to rate it as a 5/5 for all the awsome times i stayed glued to the screen reading this manga and all the holy shit moments that happened (ther's quite a few) and if you think of it as the destiny isn't what's important but the journey is then this is one hell of a journey ,i recemmend this manga to anyone interested in jap [...]

And that's Gantz wrapped up. It was an incredibly tense ride with far better character development than you'd expect from the first volume or two.My only regret is that the final volume didn't have an epilogue chapter to speak of. I'd have liked to know what life after the world shattering events of the third phase would be like, especially for the survivors. There are various people I'd have liked to see again after the end we got.Well, at least it leaves me the opportunity to imagine that they [...]

Man!!! What a great fucking series!!! Everything I could want from a sci fi story. Brutally merciless violence and unabashed character development. To be honest when I finished the first volume I thought it would just be nothing but tits and guts through all 37 but it really grew into something epic and deep that I couldn't put down.

I can't remember who but someone reviewed Gantz as a series once and said it was "both trash and brilliant at the same time" Not sure if those were their exact words but I agree. That sums up Gantz quite nicely. Trashy and flawed in many ways but somehow very gripping and brilliant.

The ending is really lame which is why i give it 3 stars, maybe less cuz I'm harsh. The series overall is great, with awesome artwork and a story that hooks you on to very last end to see how it all ends. Would have been an even better series if the ending didn't suck

Possibly one of the weirdest, goriest and most disturbing mangas ever. As a reader you are kept in the dark as much as the protagonists resulting in an uncanny sensation of being trapped in a very real nightmare. I loved every single page of it! :-)

Deh, boia deh, boia. Gantz nun è ganzo pe davvero deh.

Un final demasiado conciso para la longitud de la historia total, me dejó con gusto a poco, pero disfruté casi la totalidad de los volúmenes

Uuuh So Yeah :/


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