The Thirteen Days of Christmas

Jenny Overton

The Thirteen Days of Christmas

The Thirteen Days of Christmas

  • Title: The Thirteen Days of Christmas
  • Author: Jenny Overton
  • ISBN: 0000192752138
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Unknown Binding

Features a story of how three of the Kitson children help the wealthy merchant woo their older sister Annaple with a different gift for each of the twelve days of Christmas But as the house groans at the seams with partridges, calling birds, swans, maids a milking, and , will Annaple really succumb to the romance of it all

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This was an adorable book. I enjoyed every page of it. Looking forward to making this book a Christmas tradition.

Five stars for making us laugh so much and teaching us a few things about Christmas traditions along the way.

The Thirteen Days of Christmas by Jenny Overton is a charming little story, beautifully illustrated by Shirley Hughes.Annaple tries hard to look after her father, two brothers and sister following the death of their mother. They see her as a terrible nag who cannot cook. Her brothers decide that she really needs to get married. Francis Vere wants to marry her but Annaple thinks he is dull and unimaginative. Francis decides he has twelve days of Christmas to come up with some unusual gifts. What [...]

One of my favourite Christmas stories, which I used to reread every year as a child - and which I now enjoyed reading out to my own children. A light-hearted, fun look at Christmas traditions, with a historical bias, and it certainly meant I never forgot the Christmas carol 12 Days of Christmas. Shame it is virtually unknown nowadays and out of print.

This is a charming Christmas story by Jenny Overton. It was recommended by my tutor Alison to whom I am grateful because I had never encountered it when it was first published in the 1970'sI don't know how I missed it!The story revolves around Francis Vere who is suitor to Annaple Kitson and is aiming to be more 'romantic'. He begins by presenting her with a partridge in a pear tree, and each day after, until Twelfth Night, the gifts keep coming. This causes comic mayhem with builders and plumbe [...]

(rereading in December 2016; review from January 2013) Finished this up a little late, and the kids loved it! It gives you the sense of what it would be like to receive (and take care of!) all the gifts in the classic song TheTwelve Days of Christmas. And it gives an idea of old English customs for celebrating each of the 12 days, St. Nicholas Day earlier in December and Epiphany (or Three Kings Day, as the author calls it). There are also some wonderful old carols included which I had never hea [...]

We LOVE this book. It is our great regret that we haven't seen it since we boxed up most of our books to get our house renovated 8 years ago. We would reread it every Christmas if we could. It delightfully combines warm family life, humor, music, folklore, and true Christmas spirit. Highly recommended.

This is my favourite ever Christmas book, and we're reading the battered original copy I read when I was young.

I *think* this is actually my last Christmas book of the season. I had a bunch still left to pick from, but decided on this one because it mainly takes place during the time after Christmas Day, ending on the Epiphany/Feast of the Three Kings which perfectly coincided with when I was reading it.Unfortunately, this was just OK for me. I can see how it could be considered a humorous or fanciful way of telling a backstory for the 12 Days of Christmas carol, but it felt to me like there was way too [...]

A great and humorous way to prolong the Christmas season.

charming little story

An absolutely delightful romance short! The rich-man-sweeps-village-girl-off-her-feet plot has been done before, but Jenny Overton puts a new twist on it. Annaple isn’t impressed by Francis’ wealth and ships, but she is a die-hard romantic, and through the conspiracy of her siblings Francis begins a new courting tactic on Christmas day. Thence ensures chaos and confusion, as Francis completely revamps their home, filling it with romantic animals, hiring carpenters to add a romantic pool and [...]

Annaple Kitson is the oldest daughter of the Kitson family and is generally in charge of running the household. Unfortunately her cooking is not the best so the others are rather keen on the idea of her falling in love and getting married. Francis Vere is very much in love with her and wants to marry her, but Annaple has dreams of romance. Annaple's brothers and sisters decide to lend Francis a helping hand when it comes to a few grand romantic gestures. And so on Christmas day Francis turns up [...]

We have read this every year for the past 4 years. The first chapter takes place on the Feast of St. Nicholas (Dec. 6). We then set it aside and pick it up again and start with Chapter 2 (Christmas Eve) and read one chapter each night until it ends on the Feast of the Three Kings (Epiphany). It is such a fun book!

Charming. I've read this every second Christmas or so since I was about 12. This year, my daughter read it too and she loved it. Interestingly she much preferred the way each day after Christmas is celebrated rather than having all the hype for weeks beforehand, culminating in Christmas Day. A really charming story showing how the "twelve days of Christmas" song just might have come about!

Nice and easy Christmas reading. I went to my local library and saw the cover of this book and it got me into mood of reading something about Christmas. I enjoyed it. The story is really nice, like a Christmas fairytale.

A charming and cosy and nostalgic Christmassy read aimed at children but of appeal to adults too. I found it very humorous! :)

I was concerned initially that this book might be a bit twee or simply a Christmas cash-in affair but it's genuinely evocative and wryly humorous. Children and adults will enjoy it.

I hope this book is as charming as I remember from when I was young

What fun! I like her writing, and I enjoyed all the old-fashioned customs as they unfolded. Very entertaining!

Lovely, lovely story - perfect reading for Christmas Day.

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