Witch Chocolate Fudge

H.Y. Hanna

Witch Chocolate Fudge

Witch Chocolate Fudge

  • Title: Witch Chocolate Fudge
  • Author: H.Y. Hanna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A witch, a kitty and a wickedly delicious mystery Since arriving in the tiny Cotswolds village of Tillyhenge, Caitlyn is discovering that there are lots of perks to being a witch although sadly, magic still can t make your thighs thinner or stop you acting like an idiot every time you meet handsome lord of the manor , James Fitzroy.But when the nasty housekeeper atA witch, a kitty and a wickedly delicious mysterySince arriving in the tiny Cotswolds village of Tillyhenge, Caitlyn is discovering that there are lots of perks to being a witch although sadly, magic still can t make your thighs thinner or stop you acting like an idiot every time you meet handsome lord of the manor , James Fitzroy.But when the nasty housekeeper at Huntingdon Manor is murdered and Caitlyn becomes the main suspect, she finds herself surrounded by suspicious villagers With the help of her sassy American cousin, a mischievous black kitten and a slobbering English mastiff not to mention the old village witch and her shop of enchanted chocolates Caitlyn sets out to clear her name.She soon realises that this is no simple murder Her sleuthing leads her to an ancient ring with mythical powers a ring worth killing for But with a few clever spells and some chocolate magic, Caitlyn just might solve the mystery and find her real family too WARNING May contain traces of Hahaha This book follows British English spelling and usage.Clean read no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.Genre humorous paranormal cozy mysteries, cat cozy mystery series, women amateur sleuth, British cozy mystery

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I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed itThe first book in this series was so good! So I was eager to return to this series and it was awesome that book 2 was already available too. Witch Chocolate Fudge is just as good as the first book. It continues the story of Caitlyn her stay in Tillyhenge, her search for the truth about her family, mouthwatering chocolates and her involvement in another murder mystery! I love the blend of paranormal and cozy mystery in this book! A [...]

I have fallen completely in love with this series! In the first book the main character got on my nerves a little bit but she redeemed herself in this one. I am anxiously awaiting the next book!

More chocolate funA handsome lord, a batty uncle, and adorable pets add to the enjoyment of this book. The main mystery is solved , but two are carried over. Just FYI . Still, I'll read the next book in the series.

Witch Chocolate Fudge by H.Y. HannaBewitched by Chocolate #2Caitlyn and her cast of supporting characters return in this delightful second book of the magical Bewitched by Chocolate cozy mystery series. In this story Caitlyn learns a bit more about her mother, attends a fancy garden party, is suspected of murder and helps catch the murderer of Lord Fitzroy’s housekeeper. The book ends with a trail that might lead to a magical blood stone ring that was stolen and my guess is that Caitlyn will b [...]

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series it was a real treat to be able to delve into the second one straight away. Who could resist all those delicious chocolates? In this book we have the opportunity to continue following Caitlyn in her quest to discover who exactly she is and her desire to find out about her family. There’s also room for her to carry on learning and exploring her magical skills. The Widow Mags, Bertha and Evie, as well as Pomona and Lord James contin [...]

Caitlyn has only been in the Cotswolds a short while and is starting to come in to her witchy ways with the help of the Widow Mags, her daughter and granddaughter. She is also enjoying spending time with the handsome Lord Fitzroy. Caitlyn becomes the prime suspect when she finds the body of Lord Fitzroy's mean housekeeper. With the help of her cousin Pomie and the Widow Mags Caitlyn proves that she is not the killer and helps to find the real killer. Caitlyn also has to deal with some of the hat [...]

Witchy Chocolatey FunCaitlyn progresses, she gains a little confidence in figuring things out and gets more familiar with magic. She is attracted to Lord James but doesn't know what to do with her feelings. James has feelings for her but is too much of a gentleman to push it. Will they eventually get together? I look forward to the next book.

La magia della cioccolata? Si, questa serie fa decisamente per me! Peccato che rischio di mettere su qualche chilo solo a leggereScherzi a parte, bella storia e ben scritta, come tutte le altre di questa autrice.

Another amazing mysteryI'll loved this light hearted mystery. Serious subject matter, with a slightly naïve, but determined and intelligent heroine. I enjoyed watching the Widow Mags beginning to thaw a bit. Looking forward to the next installment, and the eventual disclosure of Caitlyn's history.

When walking to Huntingdon Manor to visit her cousin, Pomona, Caitlyn get caught in the rain. Arriving soaking wet. she is met at a side door by Lord James Fitzroy. Fortunately, Lord Fitzroy was actually looking for his housekeeper, Mrs. Brixton, regarding the Summer Garden Party or Caitlyn may have been left standing in the rain for quite a while.After drying off and changing into some different clothes, Caitlyn overhears Mrs. Brixton arguing with one of the maids regarding a theft. While visit [...]

After reading Witch Chocolate Fudge, it is obvious that H.Y. Hanna has another hit on her hands with her Bewitched by Chocolate series. After Caitlyn is singled out as a suspect in the murder of the handsome and charming Lord James Fitzroy's cantankerous and disliked housekeeper, Mrs. Brixton, she and Pomie set out to find the real killer, to clear Caitlyn's name. In the meantime, lots of amazing chocolate is being concocted for the Manor's annual garden party by the Widow Mags with Lord Fitzroy [...]

Great readIf you haven't read H Y Hanna's books yet your in for a great read with great stories and character s

I was offered a gift of this book by the Author, but, instead I chose to purchase my own copy as I wanted to make sure I could re-read it any time I wanted. So, this is my full disclosure.In this second volume, we find Caitlyn Le Fey, still staying above the Chocolate shop in a small town in the Cotswolds of England.Caitlyn had found out she had magical abilities with Chocolatecky gal. But, still the one search Caitlyn was still looking for wasjust who was her Mother and Father. Could she be the [...]

This series is doing horrible things to my diet! All I can think about is raiding a chocolate shop! This time around I want fudge, all the fudge. If I was somehow able to step into the pages of a fictional world of my choosing, it would be this one just so I could visit the Widow Mags chocolate shop, Bewitched by Chocolate. My mouth was watering at all the delicious descriptions! I must admit I enjoyed this second installment a lot more than the first, mostly because of all the chocolate based m [...]

Great New Series If I you are an ANGLOPHILE LIKE ME, you are certain to love H.Y. HANNA'S new series . Funny , curious, engaging characters and a lovely trip through the COTSWOLDS, with a giant English Mastiff, and adorable kitten. PLENTY TO ENJOY . I EAGERLY AWAIT BOOK 3. justcva46@gmailCAROL VANATTA

Book two in the series picks up right after the events in the first book.The main character continues her journey in finding out who she is and if she has family. The journey is only part of this well written whodunit.All the elements of a good cozy are here, a small village setting, a hint of potential romance and a whodunit that keeps you guessing.The magical chocolate shop and the witchcraft elements put this book high on my list of recommended books. I cannot wait to read more in the series! [...]

Sweet and quirkyReally like this series the characters are what you want in a cozy mystery. I love how chocolate is magic

“Witch Chocolate Fudge” earns 5/5 Magical Chocolate Butterflies!Caitlyn Le Fey’s recent experience with a murder investigation put her BFF/cousin Pomona in danger, yet she is recuperating well at Lord Fitzroy's grand manor. Heading over to visit, she gets caught in a downpour. While getting a dry change of clothes, Caitlyn overhears an argument between Mrs. Brixton, the curmudgeon housekeeper, and one of the maids who she has dead to rights stealing a Fitzroy family heirloom. But when Mrs. [...]

3.5 starsWITCH CHOCOLATE FUDGE is just flat out fun reading. It combines the best of paranormal and cozy mysteries, with a heavy dash of humor tossed in, to make great light escapist reading. I cannot wait for the next installment.This book picks up about a week after the action in book one of the series, DARK, WITCH, AND CREAMY. Caitlyn Le Fey is settling in to her new life in Tillyhenge Village and is still looking for answers regarding her birth family. She finds herself in a precarious situa [...]

This book was just as enjoyable as the first one! Caitlyn gets caught in the rain while walking over to the Manor where her cousin, Pomona, has been recuperating from an attack by a killer. (That story is covered in book #1.) James insists that Caitlyn get out of her wet clothes and hands her off to his housekeeper who seems to dislike everyone. During her time at the Manor Caitlyn overhears 2 arguments between the housekeeper and others. The next day, Caitlyn is informed that the housekeeper wa [...]

This has become one of my favorite cozy mystery series. This is book 2 and Caitlyn is still trying to find out information about her biological family. When the housekeeper at Huntingdon Manor is murdered, Caitlyn becomes the main suspect because she is was seen leaving the manor around the time of the murder. So Caitlyn sets out with the help of a few strange characters and animals to clear her name. This series is full of great characters like Evie the wanna be witch whose spells seem to go al [...]

In the second in this series Caitlyn is still living with the Widow Mags, a chocolate witch in a small Cotswolds above the fantastic chocolate shop. This book picks up immediately after the last ended, as Caitlyn has only been in the village a week. This time, when Lord Fitzroy's (James') housekeeper is murdered, Caitlyn is one of the prime suspects.Over the course of the book in addition to having the mystery solved, we get to see more of the villagers' dislike of the Widow Mags; these feelings [...]

Funny and witty!A cozy-mystery mixed with magic and chocolate.Love the details with the process of chocolate tempering and flavor mixing that occurs in the little Bewitch by Chocolate store, the author sure knows the way around the delicate work of cacao.The characters are amazing and in a variety of forms: a not so perfect main character with flaws like any human being but with a strong will and courage, the perfect gentleman, the hard looking but with a heart of gold old lady, the crazy cousin [...]

I really enjoyed book 2 of the Bewitched by Chocolate series by H. Why. Hannah. I'm enjoying watching her character progression. We watch our lead heroine gain more confidence in her sleuthing abilities and becoming more interested and willing in testing her witchy skills. There's an obvious attraction between herself and Lord James, and yet neither one seems to know what to do with the feelings for the other. I really hope the two of them get together in this serie on down in this series, I fee [...]

What a fun series this is! I always enjoy H.Y. Hanna's writing. Her stories are well developed, the editing is excellent - this is a pet peeve of mine! - and the characters are unique and interesting. I loved that the animals played a bigger part in this book and I enjoyed the growing attraction between two of the main characters. The mystery was a good one and again, I like that there is an ongoing mystery for which we do not get all the answers in a single book, but that the story keeps unrave [...]

A witch, a kitty and a wickedly delicious mystery Just as good as the first book. Caitlyn and the other supporting characters returns in this delightful and delicious second book of the magical Bewitched by Chocolate Mystery series located in Tillyhenge.This paranormal cozy mystery is a quirky and fun to read,. The characters are very entertaining whatever human, or animal or even immortal being. It contains magic, chocolate, adoreable pets, friends, enemies, secrets, family and potential romanc [...]

Pleasant readThis is a pleasant little cozy with a thankfully ordinary heroine who actually has a pear shaped figure and not only likes chocolate but is a "chocolate witch". The mystery is readable and not predictable at all though clues are sprinkled in well enough for the brilliant to have a hint. There is a continuing storyline or two and a possibly budding romance that make you interested enough to want to pick up the next book even though the main mystery is completed. I will be buying the [...]

Cute quirky and chocolateyThe beginning had a bit of a backtrack after the strong and firm ending in book one. I was honestly disappointed with Caitlin's waffling. I'm still not quite sure what to make of Viktor. The romance between Caitlin and Lord Fitzroy is so slow. It's cute but sometimes they both deserve a good shove in the others direction. It was nice having some answers about Caitlin's past, but it led to more questions. I still love the chocolate and magic mixture. This book is more fu [...]

This is an enjoyable, very light read but is a bit short and the series continues to leave unanswered questions—sort of a like a hook almost forcing a reader to continue to buy books in the series to discover Catilin’s full story. While I enjoyed the book, I’m not sure I will continue to buy the series because I dislike being left hanging—and I doubt the next book (or even the next) may answer all the questions about Caitlin’s past. The book would have been better served had plot and c [...]

Witch Chocolate FudgeCaitlyn came to Tillyhenge looking for her birth family after finding out that she was adopted after her adoptive mother died.She is staying above the Witch Mags Bewitched by Chocolate shop. Caitlyn has recently found out that she also is a witch. James Fitzroy owns the manor house and is throwing the yearly garden party. However, there is a problem when his housekeeper is murdered. Inspector Walsh has too many suspects but no real leads.I enjoyed this cozy mystery. The char [...]

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