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  • Title: Transmute
  • Author: Eric Lahti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: ebook

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All he wants is a dinner date with his girlfriend, but there are jerks everywhere.As if Steven doesn t already have enough problems dealing with the Dreaming Lands actively rebelling against his rule, the freshly minted God of Dreams has to learn how to be a god, deal with overzealous followers, and generally get his head in the game To make things worse, a powerful enemyAll he wants is a dinner date with his girlfriend, but there are jerks everywhere.As if Steven doesn t already have enough problems dealing with the Dreaming Lands actively rebelling against his rule, the freshly minted God of Dreams has to learn how to be a god, deal with overzealous followers, and generally get his head in the game To make things worse, a powerful enemy has set its sights on Steven and Jessica, and the entire world could be at stake.New god New powers New problems At least he s still got friends.

Recent Comments "Transmute"

Transmute is the best story yet in the Henchmen Series. Watching these completely flawed characters haphazardly stumble into sympathetic heroes shows the true talent in Lahti's writing. Sure he's sarcastic and likes to crack jokes

Fun all the way. This is what books are for - pure entertainment. I don't care what I find between the covers of a book as long as I enjoy the story. Erich Lahti is first and foremost a great story teller. I read across genres precisely to find wonderfully enjoyable tales like the ones he has very carefully developed. It is evident that he has grown as a writer since the first in the series and everything here is about the detail. Nothing is left to chance in a book that has everything I shouldn [...]

Write faster, Mr Lahti!!

I love the Henchmen series, and the third installment Transmute is the best so far. Following the well developed, quirky and funny characters of Henchmen and Arise, this book grabs you and takes you for a page turning tremendous ride you wish would never stop. The development of Saxton in his own short stories has made for a wonderful, tension filled, and exciting relationship with our Henchmen protagonist, Steven. I can't wait for the next installment!

I've just finished Transmute, Book 3 in The Henchmen series by Eric Lahti. A great sequel to this refreshing trilogy. I love Eric Lahti's writing style - his tongue in cheek, honest, irreverent, humorous yet insightful writing and his larger than life characters make this series huge fun to read. A God of Dreams, two Valkaries, a hunter of monsters, an unstoppable enemy and a woman who can make dreams real. What else does a book need? Looking forward to the next one. Can recommend this.

A rough-and-tumble ride!Behind the fantastic Pulp Fiction style cover of this book, science fiction, fantasy, and a dash of paranormal come together for a rough-and-tumble ride. In Lahti’s Transmute, the action spins at an incredible speed when unlikely allies join to stop the forces intent on destroying humanity as we know it.What I like most about this story is the complex characters. The God of Dreams, a lethal force in his own right, doesn’t terminate without a conscience. The woman neve [...]

How do you know you’ve finished an Eric Lahti book? You have a sensation somewhere between mental exhaustion and elation. To read this author’s work it is essential to surrender yourself to the characters and the world they inhabit. It’s planet Earth, but not as we know it.I could wax lyrical about specific sections of this story, but let’s cut to the chase and identify the single ingredient which makes this guy’s work a joy - the unique writing style of the author. Yes, there is plent [...]

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, reading Eric Lahti's work is like drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Its effects are similar to having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.Transmute is Mr. Lahti's latest attempt to permanently separate me from my sanity, and what a great job it does (and I mean that a sincere compliment). Some books you just gotta drop all pretense, quit killing brain cells trying to figure s**t out, and just go with it. This series has b [...]

To be fair, I am already a fan of Eric Lahti. I have read the entire “Henchmen” series starting from book 1 and have now finished “Transmute”. I love books in a series where I can get into the specifics of the characters. I get to grow to like and know those characters as if they were family members. You smile when they triumph, you wince when they’re in pain, and you feel sad when they fail.Eric has a storytelling style all his own. He takes you from the beginning of the book to the e [...]

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