Strong to the Bone

Jon Land

Strong to the Bone

Strong to the Bone

  • Title: Strong to the Bone
  • Author: Jon Land
  • ISBN: 9780765384645
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover

Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a gang of neo Nazis in Strong Cold Dead, an action packed novel of the critically acclaimed Caitlin Strong series by Jon Land 1944 Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a triple murder inside a Nazi POW camp in Texas.The Present His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself pursuing the killer her father nTexas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a gang of neo Nazis in Strong Cold Dead, an action packed novel of the critically acclaimed Caitlin Strong series by Jon Land 1944 Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a triple murder inside a Nazi POW camp in Texas.The Present His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself pursuing the killer her father never caught in the most personal case of her career a conspiracy stretching from that Nazi POW camp to a modern day neo Nazi gang.A sinister movement has emerged from the shadows of history, determined to undermine the American way of life Its leader, Armand Fisker, has an army at his disposal, a deadly bio weapon, and a reputation for being unbeatable But he s never taken on the likes of Caitlin Strong and her outlaw lover, Cort Wesley Masters.To prevent an unspeakable cataclysm, Caitlin and Cort Wesley must win a war the world thought was over.

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After reading Strong Cold Dead, book eight in the series last year did I buy the first two books in the series. I haven't gotten to them yet, but I plan to have a Caitlin Strong marathon someday! Anyway, when I got the chance to read this book did I not hesitate. I loved Strong Cold Dead and I couldn't wait to read this one!Part of the reason that I like this series so much is the parallel storylines that have a connection with each other. In this, we get to meet Caitlin's grandfather Earl Stron [...]

I am so happy to be back into a rootin’ tootin’ Caitlin Strong adventure. The Texas Rangers and Nazis…doesn’t bode well for the Nazis. LOLRight off, Jon Land does what he does so well, makes me so curious and surprised about our prisoner of war camps in Texas during World War II, that questions arise. Why have I never thought of this before? Was I never taught in school? Is is true? I know a lot of people don’t care one way or another about prologues, but this one sure did it’s job. [...]

A thrilling adventure that spans decades is Jon Land's ninth addition to the Caitlin Strong series. In 1944 Texas Ranger Earl Strong was dispatched to a holding camp for Germany's POWs in Hearne Texas. A prisoner had escaped after killing three men, bringing the attention of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Today, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is dealing with the fallout of that investigation. A modern day Nazi movement has risen--like nothing seen since WWII. Its leader has amassed [...]

This is my first introduction to Caitlin and this series. Despite having not read the prior novels in this series, I still was able to jump right into this book. In the beginning I was really into this book. Caitlin is a strong female heroine. I love a good female lead. Caitlin and Cort's relationship was a good one. Since, this was book nine in this series; they were settled as a couple, so their relationship did not need to be on full display. Which, for this type of book, I want the storyline [...]

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I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger, is back and starts things off with a blastof water. Caitlin's current day story begins in Austin, Texas where she has delivered a speech to law enforcement officers. After she and her lover, Cort Westley Masters, eat dinner and attend a show, there's a ruckus down the street at Stubb's Barbeque when a university party gets out of control and a woman has been sexually assaulted. It's virt [...]

“You may be able to walk on water, Ranger, but quicksand’s a whole other thing,” a character advised Caitlin Strong early on in Strong to the Bone.And quicksand is pretty much what Caitlin finds herself mired in here in the superb ninth book to feature the stalwart Texas Ranger who’s as close to a female Jack Reacher as it gets. No, she doesn’t use her fists with the aplomb of Lee Child’s seminal series hero, but she more than makes up for that with her prowess as a gunman (or, more [...]

This is no cozy mystery. The body count is high and so is the action. Caitlin is the kind of gutsy heroine I would want to be. She's a rogue Ranger, going off to work on her own. Her superior puts up with it because he knows she'll get it done.The plot in this novel is particularly timely. In this era of revealing sexual assault, Caitlin tackles a rape case that becomes very personal. Also part of the plot is a Nazi kind of white supremacy group. Land has combined these issues together well.Ther [...]

George Orwell once wrote that ‘People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.’This is the ninth book in the Caitlin Strong series and I do believe I would have gotten more out of this story if I'd read the other eight books. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy this book because I did. I just feel that it would have been more fleshed out with a background on Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong.This story actually starts in a German POW ca [...]

17+ like most of this series. This one, however, is special. Strong to the Bone takes on the most intense topics of any Caitlin Strong book I've read, dealing with both rape and racism. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the author to put this story onto the page, given the darkness hanging over it. Mr. Land does not mince words and manages to treat these topics with the appropriate mix of frankness and delicacy, all while hitting the reader with his usual blend of character [...]

The story begins in Hearne, Texas, in 1944. As in all of the Strong books, Mr. Land writes a rousing contemporary story while rooting his Texas Ranger based adventures in the past. Caitlin Strong, as the first female Texas Ranger, has taken up the job where her father and grandfather left off. Not only is the continuity familial, but the crimes.This story, as though ripped from today’s headlines⏤I sometimes think Colonel Paz is based on Jon Land himself, as a seer able to see into the future [...]

Nazis, Aryan Nation, Hells Angels, drug running, illegal aliens, FBI, Homeland Security, Venezuelan hitmen, a corporate raider, greed, politics, and Texas Rangers converge in Jon Land‘s latest Caitlin Strong thriller, Strong to the Bone. A secret calls out from the past of WW2, to come home to roost in Caitlin’s latest case. A secret so frightening to the average American that the US government made sure it lay hidden away for 70 years. A secret that her grandfather found himself smack dab i [...]

Fifth generation Texas Ranger, Caitlin Strong, is just that, “strong” and relentless, as she inadvertently picks up where her own Texas Ranger grandfather left off in the pursuit of a killer her grandfather failed to apprehend during his career back in the 40’s. She decides to undertake the quest to find the murderer and investigate the conspiracy that goes all the way back to World War II and the time her grandfather worked the case. She investigates and examines the scheme and conspiracy [...]

I absolutely LOVE finding an incredible author that generates such an interest in their novels, that once you begin them, not only are you transported into the story as a bystander, but you simply can't put it down. Such is the case with my introduction to Jon Land's series of Caitlin Strong novels, with his latest, number nine by the way, Strong to the Bone. This is my first experience with this author and let me tell you, he can weave a story so compelling, you won't be able to put it down, un [...]

Caitlin Strong is a third generation Texas Ranger. She can handle almost any situation without fear, that is until she has to revisit one incident in her past. Can she finally find answers and put this behind her, once and for all?Retired from Special Forces, and "partner in crime" with Caitlin Strong, Cort Westley Masters was faced with his own challenges. He discovers, along with a rebellious son, demons from his ancestral past has arisen to haunt him. While each simultaneously deals with his/ [...]

This is the first Jon Land book I've read and now I'd love to go back and read the entire Caitlin Strong collection! She is an incredibly strong character -- it doesn't take you long to discover just how deep that strength is. She's continuing the tradition as working as a Texas Ranger; however, she's the first woman in her family to work in that field. Being a lover of history, the flashbacks to 1944 - time of WWII and horrific, tragic events that took place at Jewish concentration camps - are, [...]

I've read the entire series. I think the story lines are thought through and researched but the stilted conversations really annoyed me. Everyone goes by a nickname and tries too hard to be macho. Doubt if I will continue with the next book.

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I enjoyed this book more than the previous book in the series. It captured my interest and had several story lines merging into one to make a good read.

Buckle up! Badass Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger, is back and taking readers on another thrill ride of plots and subplots. This is the 9th novel in the series but easily reads as a stand alone. After reading STRONG COLD DEAD, I jumped at the chance to read this book!This story spans 3 generations of the Strongs, all Texas Rangers. Earl Strong, Caitlin’s grandfather, is a legend of his time, and is hunting for a Nazi POW that has escaped but not before killing three other POWs. J. Edgar Hoover is [...]

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