Polo: The Runaway Book

Régis Faller

Polo: The Runaway Book

Polo: The Runaway Book

  • Title: Polo: The Runaway Book
  • Author: Régis Faller
  • ISBN: 9781596431898
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover

Here s a new volume every bit as charming and as mesmerizing as its companion, The Adventures of Polo When the resourceful dog sets aside his brand new book and drifts off to sleep, a curious little creature makes off with it Polo follows in hot pursuit, setting the stage for a new series of adventures into the sky, to a mysterious cloud made of cotton candy, through fuHere s a new volume every bit as charming and as mesmerizing as its companion, The Adventures of Polo When the resourceful dog sets aside his brand new book and drifts off to sleep, a curious little creature makes off with it Polo follows in hot pursuit, setting the stage for a new series of adventures into the sky, to a mysterious cloud made of cotton candy, through fun house mirrors, on hot air balloons, across a desert and into the jungle As before, Polo s journey is packed with incident and expression 80 pages of seamless, satisfying picture storytelling that call to mind the worlds of classic animated film, comics, and books.

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We found these books about Polo at the local library and fell in love with them - my 3-year old son and I. This is the ultimate picture book - no words (almost), just pictures telling a hilarious whimsical story about adventures of Polo who goes in search of his missing book and finds lots of friends on the way. The story seems like a dream - Polo climbs a rope to the sky and ends up in a pink cotton candy mountain, but that's just how his Universe works - all wonders are totally normal. And my [...]

Originally published in France as Polo, mon livre!.

Polo is absolutely ecstatic when his friend sends him a red, hardback book loosely tied with ribbon. He flips through the glossed pages all day and night and even sleeps with it held tightly to his chest. But when a precarious little green creature snatches it away, Polo chases after it and the story spirals into a top-notch adventure. He jumps on fluffy, cotton-candy mountains, rides in hot air balloons manned by chickens, and even encounters a genie in a bottle in the middle of an orange, star [...]

Polo The Runaway Book is a great book for kids. The reader gets to go on an adventure with the main character as he follows his book that disappeared. There are many different places that the character goes to that lets the reader explore and use their imagination. Overall, this is a fun, suspenseful book for children that they would enjoy reading.Even though this is a wordless picture book, it still is very entertaining and has a lot of different elements throughout the story. When reading this [...]

This is a wordless picture book about a dog named Polo. Polo is excited about the new book he received as a gift! He spends some time reading before bed, and then falls fast asleep. Polo wakes up to find a little creature has stolen his book and climbed out the window. Polo follows the creature and climbs high into the sky. He tumbles into a world made of cotton candy! Polo continues on in this new world, searching for the creature that stole his book! He meets many characters along the way, and [...]

Here's another fun wordless picture book in a longer, comic-type format. French pooch Polo lives in a tree on an island and falls asleep reading a book, which is so good that a tiny alien steals it in the dead of night and Polo must give chase. Although Polo only says two words in this story, he learns a lot:1) Anything you need is in your knapsack, from a ladder to a tuba.2) When climbing a giant beanstalk, watch out for the even bigger dandelion puff at the top.3) If trapped in a cloud prison [...]

The first things I always look at when it comes to kid's books are the illustrations. When a book is nothing but illustration, it has to be pretty captivating to draw me in, hold my attention, and garner my enjoyment. This book takes you on an interesting, exciting, and emotional journey. With the main character, you climb up to the stars, you see a land made of cotton candy, you meet new friends, and, most importantly, you find your book! My favorite character is the little thief. He expresses [...]

Wonderfully fanciful wordless adventure.Fans of wordless stories like Owly, Volume 1: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer or magical adventures like Harold and the Purple Crayon will be enchanted.

Carrie, you won't believe it, it's really a comic book for kids, and it's Paige and Harper's new favorite, keeps them each enteratined for about 15 minutes, which is pretty much unheard of. And they fight over it.While it's not my favorite to read to them because it's so long, they really like the pictures and story, and that it doesn't have very many words. I wonder if Sammy and Owen will be allowed to read it?

The Polo books are excellent! There are no words, just multiple small comic panels on each page. Each small panel progresses the story. The 3.5 and 6.5 year old really like looking at all of the small parts of the story on the page and making up their own narrative along the way. The colors are bright and the panels un-busy, so it's easy for the kids to tell an intricate or simpler story along with, depending on age.

I'm not sure about this. The concept is cute, but I'm not sure who it is aimed at. A glowing yellow alien sneaks down and pinches Polo's book that he is reading. Polo launches on a chase to get it back. It's quite long at 75 pages, I thought they could have cut out a couple of the scenarios and shortened it a bit. Clever illustrations, with good segues between the different places they go.

Polo, the dog, is very excited to get his new book. He falls asleep reading it one night when a creature like a sphere of light takes it from him. Polo chases him through different worlds to get his book back. A longer wordless (except for "My book!") book for preschool-4th grade students.

Fantastic! I especially liked how there were references to other children's books/stories--Harold & the Purple Crayon, Jack & the Beanstalk, Alice in Wonderland (?)--peppered throughout. Will have to go back and read the original Polo now! :-)

Another very fun, wordless book about Polo chasing after a smiley face who has stolen his book. During the chase he interacts with a variety of other characters in fun, silly waysEAT illustrations.

Simple and adventure-packed wordless picture book. When little dog's beloved book is stolen by a little creature, he follows it. He travels through all kinds of fantastic worlds while chasing the creature- finally learning the purpose of the theft.

This wordless story about a dog named Polo and his search for a stolen book is beautifully illustrated. The pages are set up in comic format so that the action is easy to follow. It's almost more graphic novel than picture book. But lovely, lovely, lovely all the same.

My youngest child fell in love with this book. There is maybe three words in the whole story but I emphasized describing what happening from picture to picture. My son got mad at my husband who refused to do what I did one night I wasn't able to read it to him. The pictures say it all.

Gracie LOVED this. She has a little graphic novel streak in her, I think. 5 for her, 3 for me = 4 overall : )

Just as cute as the first book!

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Cool blend of picture book and comic -- long (76 pages) but virtually wordless. Bright, engaging illustrations; a whimsical adventure to all kinds of faraway lands.

A great, long wordless graphic novel for kids. Tons of surreal twists. I had lots of fun shouting things like "he's getting away." Great book for non-readers to read alone.

Very enjoyable. Wide appeal.

Hooray for Imagination!

Another book about Polo. I might even have liked it better than the first. Still super cute, and funny. I would definitely enjoy more adventures with Polo.

Another wonderful, wordless children's book. Get it, you won't regret it.

Dug the elephant harem girls.

We both love the Polo books. My daughter will sit and 'read' them on her own, but also likes to choose them for a read together.

just as well-done as the first polo book. wordless picture book that does an excellent job of telling a story.

No words, very inventive storylines. The kids love "reading' these books.

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