The Breakdown Lane

Jacquelyn Mitchard

The Breakdown Lane

The Breakdown Lane

  • Title: The Breakdown Lane
  • Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard
  • ISBN: 9780061374524
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback

An advice columnist for a local newspaper, Julieanne Gillis dispenses wisdom to her readers, but somehow missed the signs that something was amiss in her own home Devoted to being a good mother and keeping her twenty year marriage fresh and exciting, she is shocked by her husband s surprise announcement that he needs a sabbatical from their life together and devastatedAn advice columnist for a local newspaper, Julieanne Gillis dispenses wisdom to her readers, but somehow missed the signs that something was amiss in her own home Devoted to being a good mother and keeping her twenty year marriage fresh and exciting, she is shocked by her husband s surprise announcement that he needs a sabbatical from their life together and devastated when he disappears, leaving Julie with no funds to raise two teenagers and a small daughter alone But it is the discovery that Julieanne suffers from a serious illness that truly crumbles her family s foundation setting her children on a dangerous, quixotic journey to locate their missing father before it s too late.

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I just started listening to this one for my commute. So far I am drawn in and intrigued by the main character's children more than by her or her cheating husband Leo.Since I am listening to this book, I won't be able to critique the writing stylebut I will be forced to pay attention to the details of the story.I am at the end of disk two and honestly, I am not really that in to the book. Normally, even novels that I would have difficulty reading, I listen to with great attention and enthusiasm. [...]

This was a very good read, and it probably would have gotten 5 stars if the ending wasn't so out of left field.The book is told through the journals of Julieanne and her son, Gabe, a teenager who has problems with school-learning but has a gift of writing. When we meet Julieanne, she has quite the enviable life--a posh pedigree, a handsome, high-earning husband, loving in-laws, and two great kids, plus another one on the way. But then her husband Leo, tells her he needs to go on a hiatus to "fin [...]

I thought the story was captivating. It was so realistic that you wanted to know how JulieAnne would come to terms with her illness (MS) and her husband Leo who walked out on her. You just wanted to shake Leo for being so insensitive by disrupting the family unity to embark on his idealistic and unbelievable trek into a commune lifestyle. It was pure escapism from responsibility! The stress JulieAnne endured acerbated the MS symptoms. Not only does she have to deal with the grief of a husband le [...]

I mostly liked this. It does lose it right at the end with the appearance of Matt. Just way too convenient. Before that, was a very good book similar to a Jodi Picoult. I have to admit, I could kind of understand why Leo left. He had been trying to tell Julianne how unhappy he was with his lifestyle and over working, so she pulls an "oops, pregnant " on him to make him stay. I could never have too much sympathy for a woman who intentionally does that. However, what happened to Julianne with the [...]

I enjoyed Mitchard's writing style and some of the character development much of the way thru the book, but as far as I am concerned it fell apart with the unrealistic arrival of her Prince Charming. I couldn't finish it. For once I would like to see women going thru tough times prevail on their own. Authors, give me material showing that women dumped and sick as well have the courage to enjoy life without the rescuing super-men. A surgeon yet.

If you are a person angry at any man in your life, this might not be the right time to read this book because my overriding sense was that I was so infuritated with the husband/father character I wanted to strangle him.The Breakdown Lane, in my opinion, is a story of a 15-year old boy who has to grow up quickly to care for his quickly deterioriating family. I felt every emotion imaginable for this young man, Gabe. I wanted to reach through the pages of the story and give him a hug. His normal te [...]

This is a book I can legitimitely say I would never ever have picked up to read if my mum had not gifted it to me. Recommending books to her is something I love to do and she'd given me some recommendations of her own. But never before did she actually BUY me the book in question, though. This made me read the Breakdown Lane before anything else I want to read this summer.I am very glad I read this novel, since I identified with so many of its main characters (Julie, Gabe & Caroline) - for p [...]

I actually picked up this book on the recommendation of--don't laugh!--Stephen King. As one of the ten books he recommended for late summer reads in an issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, the premise hooked me. The book centers around a woman who not only loses her husband to a wacky desire to live a simpler and more-fulfilling life, but has to single-handedly raise two teenagers and a young daughter by herself, all while dealing with her diagnosis of MS. THE BREAKDOWN LANE is women's fictio [...]

I really enjoyed Jacquelyn Mitchard's other books. And "Breakdown Lane" starts out wonderfully, as Mitchard sets up the family of characters, weaving little bits of information and vital images together. It's the plot that disappoints here. It's not so much the flood of terrible and challenging things that happens to Julieanne--her illness, her feckless, faithless husband, her colorful children and the lengths they go to, to get their father to return. It's the miracle rescue that set my teeth o [...]

Maybe 2 1/2? MS was an interesting problem. Add to that a dissolving marriage and there could have been a good story. But, a clueless protagonist, a tidy, unlikely ending, and some unrealistic and unresolved characters weakened this book a lot. Additionally, too much effort to make the story seem "true" when that was not necessary.

It's not that the writing was lyrical or musical but the characters were so raw and the truths in the book so real. I intitally rated it 4 stars rather than 3 but downgraded it due to a slightly over the top ending.

A hard read from the standpoint that this mother of three is experiencing MS symptoms as her husband is leaving her for a younger woman. I learned a lot about MS, but the author gives the reader a bit of an unrealistic ending. However, overall, this was a good read.

Lovely, up until the end, which was just a bit too pat. The structure of the narrative is superb, however.

This was entertaining enough - a little too tidy of a wrap up for some of the issues that were covered. Overall fairly good though.

I have this book for ten years, only just read it and was expecting a hard time to read through it, because the subjects in it, but turned out an easy read, mostly were the humor from Gabe's Journal, which I enjoy the most.Needless to say, Gabe is the character I like most, although it's hard to imagine how a teenager who has learning disability can help hold down the fort--of course, Cathy is probably a bigger help--when the mother is out in bed and the father is out of that same bed while deal [...]

I was surprised at how much this book got to me sometimes-I share some similar experiences with Julianne, having a husband you love ( and who you thought loved you) up and leave one day -and it feels like a switch has been flipped for him, all the love, support, companionship is just suddenly gone-and you are left to figure out being single parent, and you have to get a job and suddenly EVERYTHING is your responsibility-cooking, cleaning, going to work, taking care of sick kids, homework-it is o [...]

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.It's true I DNF this one, but I have rarely come across a main character whose voice makes me want to hurl them into the face on the sun like this one does. The kind of woman who would sip her organic green tea on the way to pilates before going out to buy her kid some expensive clothes. Sweetie, being born white and thin and rich does not make you a good person. By the introduction of Leo I was rooting for him to get out.Sorry, but this is one midlife crisis I won't be ab [...]

I would like to give the first 65% of this book 4.2 stars and the last 35% 2.8 stars. It starts off as a complex, hard-hitting and deeply insightful exploration of the impact on kids when parents abdicate, whether it is because of illness or immaturity. Then it insults itself by wrapping up with an unbelievable romance that solves everything. If there is an editor out there who is responsible for this facile happy ending, I hope you've searched your soul and made a large donation to a suitable c [...]

It's interesting when I read a book that is not that well put together, but I still want to finish it. This book held my interest mostly because of major themes that very closely mirror my life. Namely, this is about a healthy, active woman who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As this is happening, her husband leaves her. My life, in a nutshell. That is where the similarities end, but it was enough to keep me reading. Not sure I would recommend it to anybody who didn't have these links.

Ugh. What a ridiculous, frivolous, cheesy, preposterous, pointless book. From beginning to end. I should have listened to all the reviewers who said it was bad, but I was really hoping I'd like it. Completely lost interest and zoned out by the end of the book. This was my second book in a row from this author, and I wasn't impressed by the first book, yet this one was even worse. And I have three more books of this author to read. Not sure I even want to.

I was enjoying this story of a family who falls apart in pieces because of the father leaving then the mother getting a debilitating disease. The reaction of different members of the family was well written and mostly believable. The end, however, comes out of left field a bit and was less believable. There were many times during reading this that I had to go back a few pages and see if I'd missed something - I hate doing that with a book.

Not as good as The Deep End of the Ocean by the same author.The Breakdown Lane has a husband who needs to 'find himself" and leaves his wife and three children, one of whom is an infant. The kids think he will come back, but he doesn't. They try to find him and do, with another woman and child.Leo's first wife is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she relies on friends and her children for help and support.

I do not know why I keep reading Jacquelyn Mitchard's novels. Each one is worse than the last. This one was beyond ridiculous. Not only was the story absurd, but the writing was confusing with the narrator changing constantly.I only gave it two stars because the author has lovely prose, not as creative as Anne Rivers Sidoons, but still good.

I liked the writing style of this book with the story being told through the main character's eyes as well as those of her teenage son. I found the husband to be a first class jerk! What a selfish man to leave his family and disappear when they need him most. I really liked the ending made me sit up and say "wait, this is true?" Good twist.

Her husband leaves her just as Julieanne is diagnosed with a life-changing illness. This tale weaves together incredibly complex events with grace, wit, and honesty. The author does a wonderful job of finding humor in heartbreak while exposing the developing inner strength of her heroine. Great read.

Great story about a woman with three kids whose husband takes a turn from a conventional to an unconventional life and leaves his family behind. I particularly liked the two teenaged characters and their struggles in the aftermath, along with their adjustment to their mother’s health crisis.

took me awhile to actually get in to but knew, with the story line I would enjoy. good read.

Love this bookQuirky and moving. I love this book. The story and it's characters draw you in and your hooked. I truly enjoyed each and every page.

A good read.

Did not finish- poorly written, jerky narrative without coherency - and a very depressing theme.

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