House of Many Ways

Diana Wynne Jones

House of Many Ways

House of Many Ways

  • Title: House of Many Ways
  • Author: Diana Wynne Jones
  • ISBN: 9780007275694
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback

A chaotically magical sequel to Howl s Moving Castle Charmain Baker is in over her head Looking after Great Uncle William s tiny cottage while he s ill should have been easy, but Great Uncle William is better known as the Royal Wizard Norland an his house bends space and time Its single door leads to any number of places the bedrooms, the kitchen, the caves under theA chaotically magical sequel to Howl s Moving Castle Charmain Baker is in over her head Looking after Great Uncle William s tiny cottage while he s ill should have been easy, but Great Uncle William is better known as the Royal Wizard Norland an his house bends space and time Its single door leads to any number of places the bedrooms, the kitchen, the caves under the mountains, the past, to name but a few By opening that door, Charmain is now also looking after an extremely magical stray dog, a muddled young apprentice wizard and a box of the king s most treasured documents, as well as irritating a clan of small blue creatures Caught up in an intense royal search, she encounters an intimidating sorceress named Sophie And where Sophie is, can the Wizard Howl and fire demon Calcifer be far behind

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First of all, I should note that Diana Wynne Jones is my favorite author. You're unlikely to find any of her books getting fewer than four stars from me.That said, I loved this book less than a number of her others. (That, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest I come to criticizing DWJ.) To be fair, it was billed as "The sequel to Howl's Moving Castle," which is my favorite book in the world, so my hopes and, to an extent, my expectations, were high. And in all of the usual ways - neat and relata [...]

I've now read the trilogy to Celyn and all three books are very good. Books 2 and 3 don't quite reach the highs of Howl's Moving Castle for me, but they're great stories to read to an 11 year old (I should note here that Celyn is severely disabled and can't read for herself).The book was written 18 years after book 2, 22 years after book 1, and 3 years before the author's death. Despite that the feel of the thing is quite in keeping with the earlier instalments.Once again we start with a new per [...]

9.8 out of 10Ревью в моем блоге/This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives (please use Chrome/Yandex browser or Android/IOS to see the page; otherwise, spoiler-tags I use to make my post compact may not work)Short-Soundtrack:Second Suspense – Wonders of LifeGenre: fairytale, fantasyStuff: magic house, royal mystery, young wizardsWOW: characters, plot, humor POV: 3rd person, femaleLove-Geometry: noneQuote-Core: “You don't need to be nasty to make a mess.”This series is the [...]

Well, I feel a lot of guilt for giving the final chapter of the Castle series a measley 2 stars, but it is what it is. The magic was pretty boring, consisting of water pipes heating up/cooling down, food appearing when you say "Breakfast, please!", and doorways that lead to many places depending on which direction you turn. Whoop-dee-doo.The plot was so, so slow-moving. And predictable. Maybe if it had just been one or the other I would have been more satisfied, but slow-moving and predictable? [...]

“House of Many Ways” is Jones’ third novel featuring Howl and Sophie, following “Howl’s Moving Castle” from 1986 (also a movie adaptation made by Hayao Miyazaki in 2004) and “Castle in the Air” from 1990. Although all of these novels stand alone very nicely, certain nuances of the story will make more sense if you read the novels in sequence. Certain characters’ cameo appearances will also be more satisfying with the background afforded by reading all three novels.This particul [...]

I really enjoyed reading this book. The writing was excellent, and it was certainly almost a sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, although calling it the sequel is perhaps unfair to Castle in the Sky.Vague spoilers follow:It did rather fail as a traditional novel for two reasons. First, there was nothing much holding it together thematically. Charmain's character development was interesting and coherent, but it had no real bearing on the endgame of the plot, beyond the fact that it allowed her to be [...]

To me this reads rather like Diana Wynne Jones trying to write a book that would translate perfectly into a Hayao Miyazaki movie. This sets it apart from Howl's Moving Castle, which was mutlilated in the process of being turned into a Miyazaki film. The hyperkinetic, overstuffed and underexplained action of the latter third or so; the surreal, dreamlike beauty of certain scenes; some bizarrely cute flourishes (like Waif); the frilly Anglo touches (Afternoon Tea, crumpets); the out-of-the-blue ap [...]

Kuća mnogih puteva nije baš treći deo u trilogiji, ali jeste treća knjiga u kojoj se (ovde kao sporedni likovi) pojavljuju Haul i Sofija. Ipak, bolje je da joj se priđe kao samostalnom romanu - em radnja nije vezana za "Haulov pokretni zamak", em bi u poređenju po kvalitetu izvukla deblji kraj. Jeste simpatična ova priča o devojci koja je razmažena jedinica, knjiški moljac i veze nema sa praktičnim životom a iznenada treba da se stara o čarobnjačkom domaćinstvu, ali nije ni blizu [...]

Diana Wynne Jones may be my favorite author for those days when life seems altogether mundane. For those days when I need some magic and adventure, but I also need a helping of the charmingly flawed and stubbornly relatable. House of Many Ways, DWJ’s final book in her Howl series does just that. There’s something incredibly gratifying about having a go-to author whose books you can pick up in a time of need and know for certain that she’ll pull through for you. Returning to the world of In [...]

Oh, my Gosh, what an awful, disappointing story! What antipathetic and helpless characters! I was extremely irritated by Chairmain and Peter. Even Sophie and Howl are annoying. The ‘lubbock’, this purple-hued insect, is ridiculous. Even the last action scene is lousy. Though I liked Mr. Baker, the kobolds, and Calcifer, it is not enough even for two stars.

DWJ Book Toast, #8Diana Wynne Jones is one of my favorite fantasy authors, growing up and now, and I was saddened by the news of her death. I can't say I'm overcome with emotion - as personal as some of her work is to me, its not like I knew her after all - but I wish I could put into words how I feel about her no longer being out there, writing new adventures and laughing at all of us serious fans thinking so hard about her words when we should simply get on with the business of enjoying them.A [...]

“I’m beginning to think I’ve led a much too sheltered life.” Charmain Baker wants nothing more than to read her books in peace. Peace, however, is soon gone when her aunt decides she should look after Great-Uncle William’s magical house. The wizard has fallen ill and Charmain finds herself alone in the house with a stray dog, a huge mess and no means to clean up with. Things only get worse when Peter, a supposed apprentice shows up. Inexperienced with magic, both seem to inflict more d [...]

My least favorite of the Castle books, which still means that it's quite a good book. Sophie, Howl, and Calcifer are here, of course, and for much more of the book than they had been in Castle in the Air. They steal every scene they're in from Charmain, the newly introduced lead character.Charmain is almost the entire reason why I felt like House of Many Ways didn't live up to the other Castle books. As a protagonist, she's a hard sell. She's cross and somewhat lazy, to the point that it took me [...]

Much better than the second one! I really liked the characters, despite finding both Charmain and Peter annoying at times. She’s a bit of a lazy brat, and he’s a bit of screw up and a jerk, but it works. I quite enjoyed the story and the whimsical nature of everything as a whole. It’s fun, funny, fantastical, and brings the series to a very nice close.

I loved this series! The first one was so different from anything I had expected. I loved the characters: Sophie with her no-nonsense attitude to cleaning and motherly patience in putting together Howl's suit, Calcifer, Howl, the castle itself. Who can forget Sophie's enchanting hats and chasing a star for a spell. I loved the second book with its 1000 nights Arabian atmosphere. The third one had its own delights- aren't we all a bit like Charmain who NEEDS to read a book whenever she is happy o [...]

Una historia que se asemeja un poco a la primera, pero con su propio encanto. Me ha gustado mucho aunque veces Charmain y Peter me ponían de los nervios. El libro se me hizo algo tedioso hasta que aparecieron Sophie, Howl, Calcifer y Morgan que consiguen darle chispa al libro. Estoy un poco decepcionada, porque aunque te va contando que pasó con algunos personajes de los anteriores libros no mencionan en ninguno momento a Michael y Martha. De verdad que me hubiese encantado saber qué fue de e [...]

Ultimo libro en la saga de Howl lo cual es una lástima porque uno nunca se cansa de este mago y sus ocurrentes ideas.La protagonista de este libro es Charmain Baker alguien totalmente odioso. Una inútil, vaga y consentida niña que no sabe hacer nada y tampoco tiene intención de aprender a hacerlo. Creo que solamente hacia finales del libro logre que me cayera más o menos bien, pero no tanto.Peter, el joven aprendiz del mago, a pesar de ser torpe siempre esta esforzándose por hacer las cosa [...]

LA CASA DE LOS MIL ESPEJOS continúa en el mismo mundo que EL CASTILLO AMBULANTE y EL CASTILLO EN EL AIRE, e incluso recupera a algunos de sus personajes (view spoiler)[Sophie, Howl, Calcifer y alguno más (hide spoiler)], pero no llega a la altura de los demás. Si bien nos encontramos con una buena historia, tan imaginativa como las anteriores, se hace algo pesada hasta la llegada de Sophie y los demás.Los personajes no me han calado tanto como los anteriores. En EL CASTILLO AMBULANTE adoré [...]

YA Fantasy. Charmain Baker has lived her entire life in her parents' house with not a thing expected of her until she's shipped off to look after her great-uncle's house and she realizes just how many things she has no idea how to do! At that point it hardly matters that the house is magic and populated by her great-uncle's spells; she's already way out of her depth. Add to that a King, a small dog, an evil purple bug, and a bumbling apprentice, and Charmain has a lot of learning to do, and fast [...]

This follows Castle in the Air as a sequel to Howl's Moving Castle. Charmain Baker is pleased when her family sends her to look after Great-Uncle William's little cottage while he's ill; after all, she longs to have some time to herself and the freedom to read and do whatever she wants. But Great-Uncle William is the Royal Wizard of High Norland, and his house isa little unusual. Soon Charmain is drawn into intrigue at the royal palace, where the king has called in magical help from another king [...]

Once again, not really a sequel to me since Howl and Sophie are more of supporting characters rather than main characters. The magic in this book was a lot quirkier and lot more reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle, but it’s always the characters that get me. This book revolves around Charmain, a mostly ordinary girl who is sent to care for the home of her wizard relation. I could have gotten more on board with this book as it had more of Howl and Sophie than the previous book and more of the [...]

No es el mejor de la trilogía, pero me encantó :3Además me encantó que en la mayor parte del libro el exterior de Howl reflajara su interior jajaMe gustó el final, me causó mucho Morgan y como se va gritando "Dingle", me causa muchísimo saber que Howl va a tener que lidiar con eso ahora (y que está criando un mini él!)Ahora a superar la idea de que ya no voy a volver a leer nada nuevo sobre este señorito presumido :/Veremos cuánto me dura la depresión post-Howl *se va corriendo a llo [...]

Con este libro finaliza la trilogía de Howl y el castillo ambulante y a pesar de que para mí es el más flojo de los tres, me ha parecido una historia mágica, entretenida y muy simpática.Charmain, la protagonista, me ha puesto muchas veces de los nervios, pero ha sido todo un placer reencontrarse con Howl y compañía y con nuevos personajes como Peter, Waif y la casa del tío abuelo William con sus mil pasillos :-)

House of Many Ways (Howl's Moving Castle, #3), Diana Wynne Jones (1934)عنوان: خانه ی هزار تو: جلد 3 از قلعه متحرک هاول؛ نوشته: دایاناواین جونز؛ مترجم: شراره صدیق؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، کتابسرای تندیس، 1390، در 248 ص، شابک: 9786001820328؛

I'm having such a HUGE crush on Mrs. Diana Wynne Jones! I'm not sure you should trust me when it comes to her books.

قرأتها بعد قراءتي لهاول وكان أسعد شيء لما حصلت على تحديثات لمستقبل هذي الشخصيات العزيزة، هاول اتزوج صوفي وصار عندهم ولد!بالنسبة للرواية نفسها ما ينقصها الوصف الحي الخاص بديانا واين جونز، منزل العم الذي يعمل على السحر ويظهر صوته بارشادات هامة في وقت الحاجة، وبصفقتين يظهر ال [...]

Este livro é o último da trilogia do Castelo Animado. Não é necessária a leitura dos dois anteriores (as histórias são fechadas apesar de apresentarem personagens recorrentes como a Sophie, o Howl e o Cálcifer), mas seria legal se eles fossem lidos para melhor compreensão da história, assim ninguém se perde no enredo do livro. E não se preocupem que a resenha não tem spoilers das outras obras, viu?Normalmente, continuações (principalmente continuação de continuação) costumam p [...]

In this sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle, we once again move to a new continent, but we see the return of old favorites like Howl, Sophie, and Calcifer, as well as a few characters from Castle in the Air, namely Jamal and Princess Hilda.When this book showed up in my mailbox, I excitedly pulled out all my Howl world books and reread them in anticipation of House of Many Ways. I probably need to reread it before truly judging it, but upon finishing it I didnt’ feel as much of a need to reread a [...]

Gran desilusión este libro. La idea me parece genial, pero creo que tiene muchos fallos y muchos conceptos mal llevados. Acaba siendo un libro demasiado lento y largo en exceso, creo que le sobran algunas páginas. También me ha parecido que tiene ideas desaprovechadas: se sugieren viajes en el tiempo pero no se explotan, con el juego que habrían dado; el laberinto de pasillos siento que tampoco se explora demasiado. No sé, le falta mucha chicha.Y si hablamos de los personajes, apaga y vámo [...]

Yay! The paperback didn't take very long at all to come out, did it?It is DWJ so of course I enjoyed, but agreed with whoever it was -- on LJ flist, or on GR? -- who said that it was unfortunate that Howl, Sophie et al were in it, because the old characters were obviously more interesting than the new ones. Charmain was all right. I got quite irritated with her, because -- I can identify with her just wanting to read books all the time and getting irritated when people won't let her do that, and [...]

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