Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors

George W. Bush Laura Bush Peter Pace

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors

  • Title: Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors
  • Author: George W. Bush Laura Bush Peter Pace
  • ISBN: 9780804189767
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover

1 New York Times bestseller Best Books of the Month A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America s military veterans With Forewords by former First Lady Laura Bush and General Peter Pace, 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Growing out of President Bush s own outreach and the 1 New York Times bestseller Best Books of the Month A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America s military veterans With Forewords by former First Lady Laura Bush and General Peter Pace, 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Growing out of President Bush s own outreach and the ongoing work of the George W Bush Institute s Military Service Initiative, Portraits of Courage brings together sixty six full color portraits and a four panel mural painted by President Bush of members of the United States military who have served our nation with honor since 9 11 and whom he has come to know personally.Our men and women in uniform have faced down enemies, liberated millions, and in doing so showed the true compassion of our nation Often, they return home with injuries both visible and invisible that intensify the challenges of transitioning into civilian life In addition to these burdens, research shows a civilian military divide Seventy one percent of Americans say they have little understanding of the issues facing veterans, and veterans agree eighty four percent say that the public has little awareness of the issues facing them and their families.Each painting in this meticulously produced hardcover volume is accompanied by the inspiring story of the veteran depicted, written by the President Readers can see the faces of those who answered the nation s call and learn from their bravery on the battlefield, their journeys to recovery, and the continued leadership and contributions they are making as civilians It is President Bush s desire that these stories of courage and resilience will honor our men and women in uniform, highlight their family and caregivers who bear the burden of their sacrifice, and help Americans understand how we can support our veterans and empower them to succeed President Bush will donate his net author proceeds from PORTRAITS OF COURAGE to the George W Bush Presidential Center, a non profit organization whose Military Service Initiative works to ensure that post 9 11 veterans and their families make successful transitions to civilian life with a focus on gaining meaningful employment and overcoming the invisible wounds of war.

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Happy July 4th where 13 colonies claimed their independence from England in 1776!!! NOTE TO ALL MY FRIENDS and members who have followed my reviews: THANK YOU!!!! THIS IS MY LAST REVIEW!!!! I am retiring 'completely'!!!! ABOUT *THIS* BOOK: It's a collection of portraits of our nations heroes -- that I've owned for about six weeks. Paul and I have both been enjoying it. We are both really' inspired. Paul says"after reading this book, and given our current situation, I never thought I'd be saying [...]

I doubt many people in this generation of Americans will forget where they were on September 11, 2001. In the subsequent years over four million Americans were to serve our country in the armed forces in the war against terror. Many suffered from brain trauma, post traumatic stress syndrome, and debilitating injuries including amputations and countless gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.Since leaving office, President George W. Bush has taken up painting. Under the tutelage of three e [...]

I don't agree with everything President Bush did politically, but this book is incredible from an art perspective. The man is truly talented. And I'm so grateful that he would share his paintings like this because it takes a lot of courage to put your art out there for the public to judge like some snarky Youtube comment section (I say as I proceed to judge everyone's books on a daily basis). This book comes from an honest, goodhearted place and I look forward to seeing more of his paintings in [...]

We all know that Dubya is experiencing a bit of a Georgeaissance if you will. To be honest I prefer not to think about what kind of world I'm living in where I look back fondly at the George W. Bush years. Now let's not kid ourselves, reading this book did not make me realize what a gift we all had in a guy who I'm sure was great fun to have a beer with when he wasn't busy mangling the English language and getting several thousand people killed and landing on aircraft carriers yelling "Mission A [...]

"Each of these portraits and the stories that accompany them, is the result of untold time and emotion; each reflects the subject's depth of service and the artist's care for his troops. They capture the essence of a warrior's spirit, the camaraderie, military ethos, sacrifice, and resilience that mark our men and women in uniform . . . I believe you also will come to see a message of love - from a Commander in Chief to his troops." ~ General Peter Pace; United States Marine Corps (Retired); Ten [...]

This review is strictly about this book and does not reflect my views on anything political, so please refrain from making any comments of a political nature, thanks!I really enjoyed this book from the painting aspect and think the portraits are pretty great. I studied fine arts for 2 years before finishing my degree in Anthropology and will always love any type of art. Especially painting. I read this book on my Kindle because I borrowed it from my library so I imagine the portraits are even be [...]

I just can't get my head around the way this starts off like the xkcd cartoon - world leader destabilising the world or art school - but it turns out maybe the guy can paint and it all should have turned out differently.

The most remarkable portraits in this book are of dead Iraqi civilians. In a stunning Conceptualist gesture reminiscent of Rauschenburg's White Paintings series, Bush depicts them as empty white pages at the beginning and end of the book, symbolizing thousands of lost possibilities and life stories never to be written as a direct result of his own illegal and unjust actions.

This is a remarkable book. President George W. Bush fills this book with portraits he painted of wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He highlights the individual stories of those soldiers included in the book using his plain-spoken style and occasional dry wit he is known for. One more note, many of those whose stories are include here speak of their healing being a life-long journey they have embraced. Most cite the love of family, faith, medical care, and exercise as key component [...]

I have never been a President George W. Bush's supporter. I was against almost everything he did while he was president. However, I like his portraits and this book. He is a talented artist, and his portraits have depth. While I was reading this book, the word "atonement" came up to my mind. My review @ Newsweek Japan:newsweekjapan/watanabe/

I think it's relevant these days to state that I am a dirty liberal. I deeply resent almost everything the Republicans claim "real Americans" believe in, and so on and so forth. I was in high school when GWB took office the second time, and I was a liberal then, too. Even so, I signed on with the Navy a month or two after I graduated high school, a career path that didn't pan out for medical reasons. Two of my cousins served in Iraq under Bush's presidency.I think it's relevant to say all of tha [...]

Great job!I was watching Ellen shows when I see Former President Bush on the stages and talked about life after his presidency. And also talk about his book about military men's and women's in service. Wow the former president wrote a book? I was so excited to go online and get it and read it right away. Anyway I chose this rating because I was very touched about our veterans what they've been going through after service I was crying while reading all their stories. And as a matter of fact it wi [...]

"I hope he and his brothers and sisters in arms know that I care about them still, and that I will until the day I die" (174). -President Bush, Portraits of CourageWithout a doubt, one can feel the immense love and admiration President Bush feels toward our service men and women. The book is a testament to President Bush's life mission since he left the White House in January 2009, to honor our veterans and current men and women serving in the military. President Bush's portraits, coupled with a [...]

I saw the President on the Today Show and liked the concept of the book and that proceeds were going to help veterans. So when I saw the book later that day at Barnes and Noble, I bought it to support both the bookstore and the cause. I didn't expect to be captivated by it. I barely knew if I would appreciate the art component, much less the stories. But the stories gripped me and I read it almost straight through. The recollections of injuries always ended in hope for the future. I was amazed b [...]

These portraits succeed in expressing real emotion. I found the stories about each of the subjects very moving. This is definitely worth a look.

Never take your life, health, and Freedom for granted! This is a wonderful book! Thank you to all the active military soldiers and Veterans in the world!

I completely support and respect this. Whether you love Bush or weren't a fan, as an American you owe it to these wounded warriors to hear their stories that he is telling. Bravo all of you, and Thank You for everything you've done for me and mine, though we didn't Deserve it. God Bless you All.

It's always interesting to see what presidents do after their term in office. George W. has been less in the public eye than some of his peers, but he's clearly been working on something impressive and noble. Portraits in Courage showcases dozens of American service men and women through portraits painted by Bush himself, along with a brief bio for each subject. The stories often demonstrate the commitment and sacrifice exemplified by these American heroes, many of whom have prevailed through lo [...]

Surprisingly moving account of close to 100 wounded warriors who have graced the former president with their presence and shared their stories with him. President Bush's amateur portraits convey spirit and essence of these soldiers who have sacrificed more than I can comprehend. Life is complex. The sense that 43 has dedicated his post-presidential life to art and to honoring those he sent on controversial missions is palpable. I felt emotional wondering what the world would be like had he disco [...]

Our former president, you know, the one people love to make fun of? He has learned to oil paint from three experts in Dallas, and has started a foundation for wounded warriors. Annually, George W. Bush has a 100K mountain bike rally on his own ranch in Crawford. Further, there is a golf tournament for these people too. In fact, as you look at their pictures, and read their histories, you see and feel how these two sports (and huge amounts of therapy - physical and mental) have helped them not ju [...]

NoI DID NOT vote for George Junior. With that being said, the former president of the US actually has some talent with a paintbrush. To me, his work is a mix of naive art, Egon Schiele, and the creepy Francis Bacon. In a good way. It's a nice coffee table book. And I believe that the proceeds of the book sales go to US veterans, as it should.

Amazing tribute to some true heroes. Say what you want about Bush as a President, but you won't find many classier people on the planet who truly love their country & respect the military. He put an amazing amount of time into this with all those portraits & I applaud his efforts.

My head said no, but my body said yes. I was really moved by this.

George W. Bush’s post presidency book is a collection of stories about military warriors who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and were injured in the line of duty. Each portrait was painted by President Bush and is accompanied by the serviceman’s story of courage and bravery at war, journey to recovery and often honorable discharge as well as their reentry into civilian life. Through the glimpses into the many broken lives, Bush challenges us to remember not all wounds are visible, there are m [...]

This is an INCREDIBLE tribute to those who have served this Great Nation. As an artist myself, I am impressed and thrilled with President Bush's skill in oil paint and impasto. Being an art teacher at a local elementary school, I have already begun planning to incorporate this book (appropriately for the age) into readings and an art project for my fifth grade students who- with the elementary school being right outside a Naval base- mostly are in military families of some sorts. The men and wom [...]

Politics aside, what an incredible concept. I checked this book out from the library out of curiosity and refusal to support the author financially. After reading it, I think everyone should. The paintings are great but the stories are incredible.

I love the fact that the former commander in chief, who sent the subjects of his paintings into battle, then decided to write about them and paint them and show us all that although they have been wounded in battle, they are still people who contribute and are amazing. If I were a better writer, I would be able to express how impressive our military is and how blessed we are to have such courageous and driven veterans. I appreciate all that President Bush does for our veterans and hope that his [...]

When I first learned of President George W Bush’s hobby of painting portraits I was amazed. This was not what I expected from him. I guess not too many people did. I wanted to see his work, and to decide for myself whether he was an artist or not. I have seen his work and have decided he is an artist.In his book Portraits of Courage, A Commander In Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors ninety-eight US Military personnel are depicted. Bush has written a short bio based on the warrior’s in [...]

This book was absolutely phenomenal. I've never read an art book before (although this was much more than that), so I didn't know what to expect from this or if I would like it. Before I knew it I was 60 pages in and loving it. President Bush's love for the members of our military, past and present, is so evident in this book. It practically jumps off of the pages. I admire him greatly for undertaking this project and all that he does for our troops. The stories of these veterans were so inspiri [...]

I've never been a GW Bush person (nor a supporter of the war in the Middle East while it was happening) but hearing of his new hobby in the last year and then seeing it first hand at his Presidential Library this summer was amazing. Between his commitment to veterans, including forging personal relationships to these true heroes to taking such care and detail in his paintings to portray emotion and personality, I found new respect for him. It is truly awe-inspiring and such a great way to use hi [...]

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