Magic's Pawn

Mercedes Lackey

Magic's Pawn

Magic's Pawn

  • Title: Magic's Pawn
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780606275668
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover

Chronicles the story of the most powerful Herald Mage ever born, tracing his growth from youthful arrogance to a position of power and maturity in the kingdom of Valdemar.

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I feel the need to explain myself. First, I read this when I was fifteen. The rating I gave it is the one I gave it when I first read it. And I admit, I still love it, even though I am a more discerning reader and can tell it's really not as great as I thought it was when I was only a squealy fangirl. End Discaimer.The main character is Vanyel Ashkevron; he's the eldest son of a minor noble. Vanyel's not like the rest of his brothers or cousins, who take after his father; they're all tall, stron [...]

By popular demand (ok a friend asked me to "do the one with the blue-eyed telepathic horses and the owls you could ride on"), a review of the Vanyel books. This series, with it's billowing clouds of adolescent angst, gay boys, and yes, blue-eyed telepathic horses, basically got me through my teenage years. I would lock myself in my room and sob. Oh the tragedy! Oh the gayness! Oh the telepathic horses!Note: I don't think the owls were in this series. Or the magic valleys where there were lizard [...]

What can I say about this book? I'm torn between being serious here, or funny. How about both?First, let me warn you: This book is gay. Really, really gay. Gayer than He-man, gay. So, if you can;t handle lots of gay in your books, skip it. I find it a bit refreshing, if not amazingly melodramatic. That's this books big problem. The story is fine and simple, but boy oh boy, it is as melodramatic as it is gay. This book definitely falls under guilty pleasure, and is probably only a few tiers up fr [...]

Vanyel, only fifteen, is the oldest son and therefore heir to a Holding. His mother is seemingly weak-willed and obsessed with her vapours, while his father is such a Man that he needs must push Vanyel into Manly pursuits as well, which includes letting the incompetent and ignorant Armsmaster beat the crap out of him. Vanyel is more interested in music. He's also self-absorbed, introspective, selfish, arrogant, a bit petulant - in other words, young and spoilt, as well as very handsome. His fath [...]

Oh, what a validating novel this would be for a child who had no sports talent, but was being forced to participate anyway! Every boy convinced by his father to set aside his violin or book in order to fail dismally at baseball or hockey would be able to relate to Vanyel. Music is everything to Vanyel with academics running a close second, but his father only wants him to become a brutal swordsman.Others who may relate: those who excelled in their own small pond (small town or small school), but [...]

This is the first Mercedes Lackey book I have read.First of all, this review might have been pushed up a notch if I could have had an ebook version and stripped it of all italics ever. As it was, my eyes were bleeding from being stabbed repeatedly by little slanted daggers. For emphasis.The story is standard fanfic fare - super emo kid is hated by everyone, is sent off to "become a man" by his evil dad, falls madly in love with the Most! Beautiful! Guy! EVA! after 3 seconds, is bonded for life b [...]

No! That blurb gets the book all wrong. What really happens is Vanyel is a young, somewhat vain, interested in music teenager at odds with his warrior father who sends him off to Savil because he doesn't know what else to do with him to make a REAL MAN of him. Vanyel reluctantly falls in love with a Herald in Training Tylendal who turns out to be his life bond soul mate. Then a tragedy strikes and THAT gives Vanyel his powers. Dang. Who writes these things? Also Tylendal was a guy because Vanyel [...]

Melodramatic, over-the-top, and as subtle as a brick to the skull, this is nevertheless an engrossing read. Vanyel's journey from a spoiled, effeminent musician-wannabee to a heart-broken, effeminent Herald-Mage is really engaging. Teenagers will especially find themselves drawn to this story. The one truly boring part is Vanyel's time spent healing with the elves (or whatever they're called--they're basically mystical Native Americans with equally mystical white hair and magical birds).

I picked up this series because I was in the process of writing a fantasy novel with a gay hero and I wanted to see what other works were out there. I had never read Ms. Lackey's work, so I didn't know what to expect. I was not just pleasantly surprised by this trilogy, I was completely captivated by it and very sad when I reached the final page. The plot is interesting and the pace is quick. The characters, especially the hero Vanyel, are extremely sympathetic, primarily due to the fact that th [...]

4.25-4.5If you're a spoiler tag reader like I am, then I will tell you now that my spoiler isn't going to be a spoiler spoiler. It just very obviously hints at some incredibly frustrating events, which you will stab yourself for if you ruin it for yourself.(view spoiler)[1. Dear Mercedes Lackey: WHAT THE BEEPING BEEP. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL OFF WHO YOU KILLED OFF. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY. THAT'S AGAINST THE RULES, AND I HATE YOU FOR IT.2. WHAT THE BEEPING BEEP. DID I MENTION THAT HE WHO WAS NOT [...]

Previous review Misunderstood youth who find his true love and other special powers at his aunt's place. Good book. More Young Adult than I thought it would be, but still good. 3-1/2 stars.Current review - AudiobookI didn't realize when I read the book versus listening to the book how much whining and passing out went on in this book. (view spoiler)[Yes, Vanyel had a horrible childhood. Yes, Vanyel lost the love of his life at an early age. Yes, Vanyel was filled with magic in a painful way. But [...]

Magic’s Pawn is absolutely brilliant! It took me about 100 to 150 pages to finally get into it, (when Vanyel finally meets his aunt Savil and her Herald trainee Tylendel, (too dangerously close to the OTC Tylenol)), but once I did I couldn’t let go. Mercedes Lackey had me smiling as I read, falling in love, crying my eyes out, and joyously cheering Vanyel on. It’s one of the best emotional roller coasters I’ve read. I’ve only read her work The Obsidian Trilogy, which I loved and there [...]

Previous review Misunderstood youth who find his true love and other special powers at his aunt's place. Good book. More Young Adult than I thought it would be, but still good. 3-1/2 stars.Current review - Audiobook I didn't realize when I read the book versus listening to the book how much whining and passing out went on in this book. (view spoiler)[Yes, Vanyel had a horrible childhood. Yes, Vanyel lost the love of his life at an early age. Yes, Vanyel was filled with magic in a painful way. Bu [...]

I could have been reading M/M back in the 80's? Mercedes Lackey was always on the shelves next to Anne McCaffrey in the bookstores and library. I always chose Anne McCaffrey. Not sure why I never read anything of Lackey's. Look what I've been missing!

Gary Stu does shonen ai. Although this book contains no unicorns, there are still too many unicorns.

When I first read Lackey's Cute Magical Horseys, Magic Schools for Angstier-than-Thou Kids and also Occasional Off-Page Orgies (which is how I remember this series from my childhood, okay), I ended up reading Arrows of the Queen and a few later volumes quite a few times, but somehow *never* made my way back to one that is perhaps among the best-known parts of the series: The Last Herald-Mage trilogy.First, I didn't read them because they weren't available in my favourite library. Then, I didn't [...]

3.5this, to me, wasnt the most groundbreakingly original fantasy novel (i´m especially tired of random nonsense made up languages that appear and have all these apostrophes and aren´t translated in any way and make zero sense) also, for a short fearful moment i almost thought this was going to be a really sexist world setting but it wasn´t, at least not more sexist than our beautiful actual universe is either, plus it actually features badass female characters, which is rlly a good aspectgood [...]

(Reread in 2016, just because)Okay, my first thought is that description for GoodReads actually only barely touches on the time period in which the book takes place, and even then still gets a lot of things wrong. Kind of sad, given that it's only a paragraph longNow, onto the real review.This was the first Valdemar book I ever read, and it was the one to hook me, reel me in, and never let me go. Every time I pick it up and read it, I'm taken back to a hot lazy summer in which my friend handed m [...]

It was one of the worst books I've ever read. I read it because many people told me it was great, but, really, it was pure masochism. That level of stupid angst is almost unbearable. The worst things happen to the main hero and he's totally emo all the time. Oh, and tries to kill himself all the time. I was hoping for some light reading; instead, I ended up with a book that made me want to bang my head into the nearest wall because of it's sheer stupidity.

Есть блестящие моменты, и есть невыносимо затянутые. Драма в лучших традициях античных спектаклей! Страсти, которым позавидуют аргентинские сериальные сценаристы! Жаль только, что в первой книге романтическая линия (view spoiler)[обрывается, едва начавшись. (hide spoiler)] Издание 89 г [...]

I got the strangest urge to reread this trilogy today. It seems like a bad idea. I loved this in highschool but I am sure it is not going to live up Here is everything that I disjointedly remember about these books:They are basically a torrid gay love story for teenage girls. Vanyel is the main character and he is very pretty and VERY angsty and NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HIM so he goes to live with his aunt or something. He wants to be a Bard - Bards are like magical musicians who make people SEE the s [...]

I liked Vanyel. consensus seems to be that he's a whiny little shit, and I'm not saying that's not true, but I liked him for his being a whiny little shit. Once in a while you're allowed to be.Vanyel has bad luck with pretty much everything. He doesn't like up to his father's inflexible ideas of masculinity, he's being beaten for being effeminate, and no one understands him. Two out of the three are actual legitimate grievances, and if you think this angst is overblown just wait until the halfw [...]

Smothered by his oppressive country family, Vanyel is given a second chance when he's sent to the city to live with his aunt, a Herald instructor. But his maturation begets tragedy, and magic, and perhaps war. Magic's Pawn seems intended to be a powerful emotional journey of love and loss, but Lackey expresses almost no understanding of human emotion. Vanyel lives in emotional extremes, his character growth is delineated and repetitive, and most of all his experience and reactions are both so tr [...]

Wow.I just finished this book, and I gotta say that I can really see a high school girl swooning over it. Soooo much angst, sooooo much melodrama, sooooooo much pretty ponies, soooo much.well, adolescentness. I can see it all the way.OTOH, as an adult, I have to do a lot of head shaking. For some of the very same reasons. The main character, Vanyel, is a self-absorbed self-pitying jerk of a teenager for most of the book. Fortunately, he's SUPPOSED to be a self-absorbed self-pitying jerk of a tee [...]

There's lots of praise and lots of laughing about Mercedes Lackey's books, either of which apply for those of her books I read alike. But still, despite constantly reoccuring elements that would bug me into stopping to read other books altogether, I never can put one of her books down. It's no different with Magic's Pawn, first in the trilogy on Vanyel, a character in the Valdemar universe.This book has everything. Absolutely too many italics AND BOLD PRINT, angst, more angst, over the top magic [...]

Gorgeous cover. Reminds me of long forgotten children's books.:)

Because I had seen this title at the top of just about every 'best of' LGBT/gay/mm fantasy list, my expectations were quite high. I'm afraid the story did not hold my fascination as much as I would have liked.What I did appreciate was the portrayal of young adults, particularly the brooding main character Vanyel who throws himself down on his bed and cries at frequent intervals. That's certainly a different take on a fantasy hero, and his defensive withdrawal from others and haughty, vain behavi [...]

I was reading Limyaael's rants and she mentions this bookOh, Teh Tragedy! Oh, Teh Doom! Oh, Teh Angst!Here’s something I don’t get: Why, in fantasy worlds where the balance of sexuality is different and the society is portrayed as less prejudiced than our own modern one, do gay and lesbian characters wind up living incredibly over-angsty lives anyway?(view spoiler)[Take Vanyel from the Last Herald-Mage trilogy (yes, again). He comes from a society that initially seems incredibly prejudiced, [...]

I don't normally like Mercedes Lackey books. I'm not certain why, but most of her stories leave me cold, and I forget about them shortly after I close the cover of the book. But Magic's Pawn is different.I truly care about Vanyel Ashkevron, the main character of this series. He is handsome and proud and arrogant and lonely and desperate and scared and insecure, all at once. There are moments in the story when I wish he would be a little less insecure and chin up, but those moments are rare. Most [...]

And holy crap, while I'm reminiscing, I think in this trilogy he died at the end? And his horse maybe died too? Oh, and the cover art on these books is subtly seasonal, right, with Book 1 having all like winter imagery, Book 2 like summerish, and Book 3 with falling leaves and things, because you knew his life was almost over? OMG, so sad! I wonder what would happen if I re-read these, whether it would blow my mind and I'd regress back into sci-fi-dom, or if they'd turn out to be horribly deriva [...]

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