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  • Title: Hinterland
  • Author: Neil Carstairs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alternate cover edition for B00LCEMEKMHinterland somewhere between life and the afterlife, where lost souls, demons and abandoned god s roam.Why is Harry Kellen seeing visions of his daughter, dead these past twenty years Why is Sean Regan haunted by a man made of mud and clay And what will an old immigrant man gain by giving his granddaughter in tribute to an abandonedAlternate cover edition for B00LCEMEKMHinterland somewhere between life and the afterlife, where lost souls, demons and abandoned god s roam.Why is Harry Kellen seeing visions of his daughter, dead these past twenty years Why is Sean Regan haunted by a man made of mud and clay And what will an old immigrant man gain by giving his granddaughter in tribute to an abandoned God Out in the streets of London darkness is coming ready to steal your soul and the only choice seems to be run or die JJ is running, but wherever he goes death follows, and he s just about out of places to hide.

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As a former English teacher from the United States reading a book written by an author from across the pond was somewhatdifferent for me. There were so many variations of the English language I found myself wanting to take out a red pen. But thenI thought - these people invented the language. So I threw away the red pen and sat down to enjoy the novel.With the range of publicity here in the U.S. involving our illegal immigrants you would never think they have this problem anywhere else,thus it w [...]

Hinterland takes place in the impoverished streets of London following the lives of various immigrants. Their stories collide as the demon, Chernobog, is called forth and a young girl is offered up as his bride. Sural escapes the demon just in time, but Chernobog and his minions continue to hunt her, chasing her through the dark streets of London.This novel is extremely well written; Carstairs knows his craft. Though a little slow to start, once the demon is freed the story really picks up the p [...]

Hinterland was yet another well written book by Neil Carstairs. He is one of my go to authors for a haunting story. The author captivated me in this book from the very first page dragging me deep into the story of the Chernobog. The pace is full of action and guides you nicely along, never leaving you with a dragging out feeling, nor ever rushed through the story.This story has a lot of great characters that really play well of each other. There are some nice people that rise to the occasion, so [...]

Fast-Paced and Gory, but with a Somewhat Arbitrary FeelHinterland is the story of an old man, Aref, who brings a demon back from the Hinterland, a place between life and the afterlife. But when the demon brings friends with him, and they get out of control, no place in London seems safe.For those of you who prefer your ghost stories fast-paced and gory, Hinterland will be to your liking. I’m not sure there’s one death in each of the 30 chapters, but it certainly felt that way. And some chapt [...]

Review; Hinterland, by Neil CarstairsDisclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for an honest, non-reciprocal review.Genre-supernatural crime/thrillerThis is the dark story of impoverished immigrants living in London. Some are lost to criminal avarice, drugs or prostitution; others have lost the hope of a better life in this new land. A local detective is struggling to come to grips with the loss of his daughter in a tragic accident that resulted in the failure of his marriage. As a brutal [...]

Hinterland by: Neil CarstairsI could not resist. I had to use a British phrase to describe my feelings for a solid British novel. This story well very well crafted was definitely “Not My Cup of Tea”. To those that like their stories dark, gory and cold, this book should be an excellent read. Whereas, for me, the most thrilling part was reaching the end.

Review of Hinterland. Neil Carstairs.This story centres on the emergence of a demon, summoned form the dark mountains, a black god from Eastern Europe. He is called upon to raise the impoverished, poor, overworked immigrant community in a particular part of London to escape the poverty, the bondage that surrounds them. The first problem is that the demon needs a human body to inhabit before it can return. It also needs a sacrifice; a wife, a virgin wife. The man summoning the demon has all the a [...]

This was a very difficult story for me to read. The premise held such promise, but with the exception of a few moments, that promise was left unfulfilled.As an example, the character of Aref is a good illustration of this. Carstairs has created in him a representation of the disenfranchisement of the immigrant experience in London. When he spoke of his living conditions—the tenement block he called home—or his disappointment over how London has treated himself and his family, I was truly ent [...]

Hinterland by Neil Carstairs is an engaging novella which sits somewhere between a crime thriller and the supernatural. It is an interesting mix, and with Carstairs's unique descriptive writing I was immediately taken into London's underbelly. Chernobog, a summoned demon, wants a woman as his bride. But his plans are cast astray and a hunt through the streets of London ensue. Evil is summoned from the Hinterland and the citizens of London face peril unless Chernobog can be defeated.While Carstai [...]

Vivid, dark and violent.The demon Chernobog is promised a virgin bride to make him whole, but when he comes out of the darkness, she is gone…Meanwhile, a series of violent crimes in London all seem to point to the same elusive eastern european gang.Very diverse, gritty characters come to life as their separate story lines entwine in this captivating mix of crime and supernatural. Aside from the odd typo, the writing is crisp and really builds up in pace as it moves along. The ending is a bit a [...]

All I have to say to Mr. Carstairs, is cheers. The overall feel of this book is suspenseful and dark. There are a few different story lines and they slowly intertwine together. I won't give anything away here, but I will say that overall I am very satisfied by the story as well as the way they are woven. His writing is concise and clear, with very few errors. Nice work, can't wait to see what else he comes up with!

Hinterland is a brilliant mix of thrills and the supernatural. Set in the gritty streets of London, a demon god is summoned under the false pretense of a better life only to bring more suffering to his victims. Carstairs gives us a great cast of characters with their own rich backgrounds that all work together to bring down the evil in their city. Hinterland is very well written and I enjoyed every moment of it.

A mixture of crime and supernatural set in London, Hinterland by Neil Carstairs, is a charming story. The descriptions are vivid, the characters interesting. I found some lines hard to believe (even for fiction), like when Sean says that his mother died of cancer brought on by the disappearance of one son and the death of another, but overall, the story kept me turning pages.

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