The Dinosaur Princess

Victor Milán

The Dinosaur Princess

The Dinosaur Princess

  • Title: The Dinosaur Princess
  • Author: Victor Milán
  • ISBN: 9780765332981
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover

With The Dinosaur Princess, we return to Paradise, Victor Milan s fabulous alternate fantasy universe where humans from Earth were transported to a world where dinosaurs never became extinct It is a marvelous but dangerous place, a realm where knights ride these beasts in order to fight epic medieval battles, a place where magic is real.The ancient gods who brought mankinWith The Dinosaur Princess, we return to Paradise, Victor Milan s fabulous alternate fantasy universe where humans from Earth were transported to a world where dinosaurs never became extinct It is a marvelous but dangerous place, a realm where knights ride these beasts in order to fight epic medieval battles, a place where magic is real.The ancient gods who brought mankind to Paradise have returned to judge their human experiment The Grey Angels, fabled ancient weapons of the gods, have come to rid the world of sin.And if humans are deemed unworthy, they will be scourged from the face of Paradise.

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Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 2.5 stars.The Dinosaur Princess is the third installment in Victor Milán’s The Dinosaur Lords epic fantasy series, which has been described by George R.R. Martin as “a cross between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones.” And where the first two books delivered loads of dinosaurs at war with more than a little pulse-pounding action, this novel slows the pace down considerably, focusing on characterization, worldbuilding, and tons of political in [...]

2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/09/18/In the first book, The Dinosaur Lords, Victor Milán took my imagination by storm with Paradise, a land populated by dinosaurs and the medieval knights that rode them. While things slowed down a little in its sequel The Dinosaur Knights, I still had faith enough to grab the next book, because surely a premise this cool deserved a second chance. Sadly though, instead of picking up again, the plot has continued to lose its steam in this [...]

Review for The Dinosaur Lords hereReview for The Dinosaur Knights hereSo this book put me in a bit of a bind. Qualitatively it is on the level with the previous two books: serviceable prose, fascinating world, knights on dinosaurs, decent enough characters. But it just didn't satisfy me in the same way the first two books did. Then it struck me: this book suffers from secondbookitis even though it was the third book.Secondbookitis, to put it briefly, is where the book falls between the first and [...]

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after a superb second volume which made me reconsider the series, this was disappointing - maybe it will become more interesting when volume 4 will be released as this one is to a large extent a pass the time book without any real resolutions and introducing more story-lines in the series

So. . . I missed the memo that this is not the end of the series. Totally thought this was a trilogy but that is definitely not the case so don't go into The Dinosaur Princess expecting a conclusion y'all. You'll find it's quite the opposite.I'll be honest, when I started this series I didn't have high hopes for enjoying the following books. I read them more out of a weird sense of obligation as a reviewer than anything and while they did improve I can't say I feel a strong connection to thes [...]

The Dinosaur Princess (The Dinosaur Lords, #3) by Victor Milán I am happy to finally review this book. I have been waiting for my Shirra to come to the peace with her beloved “Mother” Karl. Victor Milan just sets us fans up for the next three books, that I hope Tor allows to come to print very soon. The Dinosaur Lords is an addictive storyline with characters like the strong little Montse, her older and alluringly beautiful sister Melodia, and the striking love interest Jaume. Surprisingly [...]

I loved stepping back into this delightfully detailed world that in many aspects is medieval based with the added twist of incorporating dinosaurs into the fray. Unfortunately, large swaths of this novel did suffer from the proverbial middle book slump in a series where our beloved key characters are moved about similar to that of pawns in preparation for bigger and better battles to come in later books. With that being said, the long stretches of, let’s call it character growth, did not deter [...]

Victor Milán's "The Dinosaur Lords" series comes to a rip-roaring conclusion.In the aftermath of the failed Grey Angel Crusade, Melodia's little sister Montse is abducted by agents from the Trebizon Empire, a powerful seafaring nation to the east of Nuevaropa. Falk's conniving mother Margarethe arrives at court to work her wiles against the Emperor, while Melodia's grandmother comes to school her in the art of intrigue.Despite the failure of Raguel, the Grey Angels are still interested in destr [...]

Um okay. I guess 😞There's simply not ENOUGH to this book or any of the ones before it. There's not enough world building (and it seems like such an interesting world, too, if only I knew anything more about it), not enough character development And not enough story. Are there only supposed to be 3 of these books? I kinda don't believe that, because if that's really how it is, then just WTF?And who is the Dinosaur Princess anyway? Not Montse Melodia? Christ, she's a whiny brat, so I bloody hop [...]

Another fun entry in the Paradise series with lots of action and plot developments that keep things moving nicely. There's a pretend and a real Grey Angel Crusade involving Roy and Karyl, Melodia, and eventually the Emperor and Falk. Later, Falk's mother comes to the capital to ingratiate herself with the Emperor and draws the matron of the Emperor's family to oppose her. There's more on the Angels and Creators and the Fae in the background and actively interfering with the humans. Best new char [...]

The Dinosaur Princess by Victor Milan(Dinosaur Lords #3)Published by Tor BooksRelease Date: August 15, 2017Rating: 4 StarsThank you to the publisher for sending me a copy for an honest review!I just finished reading The Dinosaur Princess by Victor Milán, the third book in The Dinosaur Lords series. This is an epic fantasy series with Fae, Angels, Humans and Dinosaurs all in a battle for the planet, Paradise and what they want for its future. I am going to start of by saying I am going to not sa [...]

3 full stars.Going into this book after seeing the negative reviews from ppl i follow on here i was nervous that it was going to suck. did it suck? No, not at all.Could it have been better? Absolutely.It definitely had the feel of a "builder" book where the author was just laying a baseline for the folowing book. Still, I enjoyed this book and will definitely be continuing on with the series.

Definitely slower than the last one but enough happens without it getting stuck too much in the intrigue of the court, by the end of the book its all ramping up nicely though just in time to end this current episode.I thought this was supposed to be a trilogy but hey as long as it stays good I'm not complaining. The dinosaurs got a bit more page time too which was nice.

Another excellent book in this fun series. Same cast of characters with an emphasis on the dinosaur princess. A couple of new characters are added and they bring a lot to the plot. More great battle scenes with knights and dinosaurs, very well written. The ending of this makes me eager for the next installment.

This series is great. The idea sounds silly but the execution takes it seriously and does it well, good world building, some weird mysteries going on behind the scenes, and a handful of viewpoint characters. So far each book resolves part of the story but not everything -- it's not like those series where a book could practically be a chapter in a longer book.

The series is slowing down. For all the talk of intrigue in the book, the whole plot relies on butchery. I am unable to believe that so many people in a kingdom act so irrationally while making key decisions.

Rating: 3.5

3.5 stars. It was a bit slow and the assorted storylines dragged a bit, not enough dinosaurs. However, the ending really amped it up and can't wait for the next book.Needs more dinosaurs!

This book plods rather wearily like an old sackbut, though there are few new angles introduced in order to advance the plot. Firstly, this is rather slow in action, and secondly, there is lack of dinosaurs which is a kind of shortback. Although, there is politics and courtly intrigue abundant, it fails to generate enough tension in the readers mind. The characters remain the same one-sided people, although a interesting few are dragged into the play.The chief element of this book is the wider in [...]

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