Assassin's Price

L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Assassin's Price

Assassin's Price

  • Title: Assassin's Price
  • Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780765390479
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover

Assassin s Price is the eleventh book in the bestselling, epic fantasy series the Imager Portfolio by L E Modesitt, Jr and the third book in a story arc which began with Madness in Solidar and Treachery s Tools.Six years have passed since the failed uprising of the High Holders, and the man behind the conspiracy is where the rex and Maitre Alastar can keep an eye on himAssassin s Price is the eleventh book in the bestselling, epic fantasy series the Imager Portfolio by L E Modesitt, Jr and the third book in a story arc which began with Madness in Solidar and Treachery s Tools.Six years have passed since the failed uprising of the High Holders, and the man behind the conspiracy is where the rex and Maitre Alastar can keep an eye on him.Charyn has come of age and desperately wants to learn so he can become an effective rex after his father but he s kept at a distance by the rex So Charyn sets out to educate himself circumspectly.When Jarolian privateers disrupt Solidar s shipping, someone attempts to kill Charyn s younger brother as an act of protest Threatening notes following in the wake of acts of violence against the rex and his family, demanding action build ships or expect someone to die.The Imager Portfolio 1 Imager 2 Imager s Challenge 3 Imager s Intrigue 4 Scholar 5 Princeps 6 Imager s Battalion 7 Antiagon Fire 8 Rex Regis 9 Madness in Solidar 10 Treachery s Tools 11 Assassin s Price forthcoming Other series by this author The Saga of RecluceThe Corean ChroniclesThe Spellsong CycleThe Ghost BooksThe Ecolitan Matter

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Assassin's Price L.E. Modesitt, jrThis book is part of the Imagers series but imagers are only peripherally involved. Modesitt's stories are character centric and philosophically laden. He takes you into the mind of his central character, Charyn, and allows you to see how his decisions are made and where he is planning of going. Charyn is the heir to the Rex and determined to be his own person. Lorien is the Rex and seems demanding and short sighted. The story line includes a mistress musician w [...]

While this book continues the story arc about Alastar, he is a minor character. Several imagers play minor but crucial roles, but the main character is not an imager at all. There is no need to have read the other books, as just enough backstory is included, however those who have read at least the immediately previous book can have fun playing spot the incognito imager during the first third of the book.The first third is slow, but the action picks up after that. There is quite a bit of politic [...]

Originally published at Reading RealityAfter two book failures, I gave into temptation and picked up Assassin’s Price about a month before I’m scheduled to review it. And I’m very glad I did. Just like all of the books in the Imager Portfolio (starting points are Imager, Scholar or Madness in Solidar) this one sucked me in and didn’t let go until the very end.And now, as usual, I’m stuck waiting a year until the next one comes out. Because this story definitely isn’t over. Thank good [...]

Another amazing masterpieceL. E. Modesitt, Jr. produces the most intelligent and complex works, and Assassin's Price is no exception. I simply cannot recommend his works enough. When a new work of his is produced, everything else in my life grinds to a halt as I'm unable to do anything else but read. Thank you sir for always putting so much thought, effort, and talent into what you do.

I never fail to be amazed by Modesitt's world building abilities. The political complexities, the things left unsaid, all contribute to the brilliance of his works. In Assassin's Price, Charyn's respect for women, his relationship with his musician mistress are well done. His role as the heir to the Rex, his ways of discovering things about the kingdom he is to inherit are unobtrusive, decorous and respectful of those he looks to learn from. I look forward to the next episode in Charyn's life, a [...]

ok but such a let down considering how much I have enjoyed the previous imager books; while the seeds of Solidar's present system in Rhenn's times (council, Imager guards, steamships etc) are planted here and the main character (the heir and then rex who transitioned Solidar to the Council when he abdicated in its favor and took the Suyrien high holder name and presidency of the Council for life) is entertaining to a large degree, the book is really slow - at the pace of this one it will take 3- [...]

I read just about everything L. E. Mondesitt writes and have been following the Imager stories for years but this book almost lost me about 2/3 of the way through. L. E. is known to deal extensively in details but this book took it too far. It seemed that the story basically stopped and treaded water for far too many pages. (spoiler) The constant dithering about who was behind the assassination attempts went on too long and too repetitiously. We well understood that the characters were obsessed [...]

Good, if somewhat delayed resolution to the previous book.All was not well when the previous book ended. This one ties up those dissatisfactions and lays the groundwork for more treachery over the next several years of this arc.

If you know this series, all you need to know is that this is a good addition; it is a bit slower moving than some, does not go where I thought it might, and looks like a set up for another volume or three. It is, for the first time, told from the point of view of someone not an imager, which was initially disappointing but got more and more interesting as it went along.If you do not know the series, read on to see if it is something you might like, because if you like exciting stories that make [...]

We usually read these stories from the point of the Imager, either surreptitiously supporting the Rex in the background, or fighting his battles; or somewhat working around the people in power. In this book, though, we get two unique POVs: from a person who's not quite in power (magically or politically) but sees the effect of imaging from his point of view; and also from the POV of a person in power, trying to make ends meet, trying to survive, trying to do the best he can, and how he perceives [...]

Plodding and disappointing. I think he's getting tired of the series, though this one might just be a place holder to set up the next one. I kept waiting for the plot to get interesting, but it was completely transparent and procedural.

Cherryh as Narrator Brought New VitalityModesitt using the young Rex as narrator refreshed the storytelling. He allowed us to experience the growth of a non-imager young man giving a new perspective to this world.

The best of the three books in this part of the series. It's fast paced and full of good information.

Tight, Well-crafted StoryThis is a gem of a story. An absorbing and intricate plot line which is another of this author's trademarks. It kept me riveted from start to finish. Thanks!

Started a bit sluggish, but that could also have been my mood at the time I began reading. By the halfway point I was hooked.Minor spoilers:I liked the fact that we don't follow an Imager. I also liked the fact that the reader for once had more answers about some of the things the protagonist was struggling with. In some of the Imager books I've felt a bit at a loss when the protagonist has figured things out without it being written directly, but here, finally, I felt I knew more than him, whic [...]

I was not disappointed.There was not as much action as I am used to, but it was excellent none the less. It was interesting to see the ordinary characters in the spotlight.

L. E. Modesitt Jr has a quiet tale of treachery in his world of magical imagers. Charyn is the current heir to the Rex when the family is attacked again and again, followed by threats. He is a studious young man who luckily has been provided Imager guardians so that he survives the attack that kills his father. The Kingdom has plenty of problems, including pirates on the high seas and not enough money to build enough ships. But the main problem is finding who is paying for these murders, some of [...]

One of the best in the series. The book was very human without destroying thousands with magic. The solutions found were very creative. There was continuation from the last book.

A Rec dies and another is created.Perhaps the best book of this series so far. The Rec is assassinated, his son totally unprepared takes his place with more attempt s made on his life, numerous crisis he must handle and a very few people whom he trusts to give him some assistance while performing "On the job training"

I really enjoyed this book. This was a story told by a non-imager which was very refreshing to see them from the outside. My takeaway from this book is that leading people is extremely hard.

I enjoyed this but it's not his best. It's quite slow which means a lot of time for character and plot development. The trouble is that the plot stays the same as in the previous two books. I know that he is working towards the foundation of modern Solidar but it is taking a long while to get there. Charon isn't his most interesting character either. Looking forward to the next Recluse book later this year

Excellent!A great addition to the series. I really wanted Howal to stay in a more permanent position, but I loved the endiing with Palenya. Perhaps Bhayrn will Mary and have many sons, so that Pakenham can be with Charyn.

Modesitt shakes things up a little in this eleventh volume of the Imager series. After jumping from one imager to another over the course of the first 10 books, the 11th book doesn't follow an imager, instead the main character is Charyn, the heir to the throne of Solidar (as the eldest child of the Rex (aka king)). This position is more curse than blessing as the wealth of the Rex has faded dramatically over the years and though the position still holds considerable power, particularly in terms [...]

Respect.I really enjoy reading books where the main protagonist is a magic user. I have particularly enjoyed L.E. Modisett, Jr.'s Imager Portfolio fantasy series. [Imagers are people who can create, or destroy, at need using their only their minds.]Assassin's Price was the first book in this series which I have read where the main protagonist was NOT an imager. Instead, the main protagonist is Charyn, Heir to the Throne [the Crown Prince, as it were], later rex (the king). But the worldbuilding [...]

I am not sure if I need to go back and look at this series again at some point in the future and reevaluate my scores or if its just this book that doesn't feel the same. I know not having the main character be an Imager is different and took some getting used to but I just don't have the interest to spend the time with this character and I have to say that a lot of Modesitt's characters are really starting to blend together. Many of them have the same tone when I read them whether they are from [...]

"Assassin's Price" is the eleventh book in Modesitt's Imager Portfolio, my favorite of the three fantasy series of his that I've read. It takes place several years after the events in book ten, "Treachery's Tools," switching perspective to Charyn, heir to the throne of Solidar. I note that it is fairly clear that this storyline will continue in book twelve.I enjoyed reading this book very much, yet am somewhat at a loss to justify my enjoyment. Charyn isn't initially obviously likable: he rescue [...]

This is such a refreshing change from the usual mediocre books I read. There are only a few authors I follow who are at this level, and I have to wait a year or more for their latest work. Unlike the last ten entries in this series, the imagers only play a supporting role here. Whenever they show up the story is that much more exciting and bright. This novel follows a young ruler as he adapts to his job while fending off threats.The author is known for his intricate detail about the most mundane [...]

Many Modesitt's books are like comfort food. They are competent, well-written, with a sense of proportion. They also feature passages with rather leisurely pace to set or reinforce the world; passages that require some patience to get through. There is a large cast of unreasonable people in power -- not villains exactly, but sometimes just as destructive in their selfishness and short-sighted ambition, with only the hero and a handful of allies seeing clearly enough to understand the real proble [...]

Starts off a bit slow, something happens, slows down again. Even the mystery is not much of a mystery and the reader spends most of the book waiting for Charyn to figure it out and then the rest of it trying to prove his supposition. As side stories go imagine picking up a "Sherlock Holmes Portfolio" and it being mostly about the day to day life of Inspector Lastrade - Holmes pops in to give him a hint or two and the temporary loan of a Watson. A pleasant enough read but I caught myself skimming [...]

Reader thoughts: The MC had a barren mistress, but this sounds like the custom for a son of a Rex? He wasn't allowed to marry her because she was barren, and he needed heirs. This was such a small part of the book, though, that I ignored it and finished the book anyway.The MC had an imager bodyguard everywhere. I didn't feel his vulnerability because no one ever attacked him unless his bodyguard was around. Sure, he had a lot of problems to deal with, but they felt smaller than ones from previou [...]

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