A Muse for Mishka

R.E. Butler

A Muse for Mishka

A Muse for Mishka

  • Title: A Muse for Mishka
  • Author: R.E. Butler
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  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Mishka, the five hundred year old vampire master of the city of Cleveland, prides himself on having one of the largest covens in the Midwest Although he has a life envied by many, the only thing he is missing is a mate How to begin to find the right female for himself is a mystery, and the lonely nights are starting to get to him Musical muse Harmony Celeste has been trMishka, the five hundred year old vampire master of the city of Cleveland, prides himself on having one of the largest covens in the Midwest Although he has a life envied by many, the only thing he is missing is a mate How to begin to find the right female for himself is a mystery, and the lonely nights are starting to get to him Musical muse Harmony Celeste has been traveling the states for the last two years trying to find her beloved mate After a vision showed her with a golden haired male with fangs, she knows for sure that he s a vampire, but his location is a mystery With her band in tow, she visits every major vampire coven in the states and uses her muse power to not only feed herself but also, she hopes to find her mate When Mishka and Harmony meet, sparks will fly, but they won t be the only ones who notice Human enemies have never stopped watching, and they take every opportunity to try to destroy vampires and those they love in the name of humanity When Harmony is taken, Mishka knows it s only a matter of time before she s killed This is a Wiccan Were Bear story with a vampire who has been alone long enough, a muse who likes to play, and an enemy who will stop at nothing until all vampires are wiped from the face of the earth Expect fangs, blood, and scorching sex between a vampire and his beloved mate.

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Loved it, was nice to see touches on some older pairs from that world like Cinder.

And they lived happily ever afterThe powerful head if the Cleveland coven has been looking for his beloved for 500years! A traveling muse ha been searching various covens searching for her truemate for two years! See his they come together! A great love story!

A Muse for Mishka was a great book to read. I'm happy Mishka's character finally found his beloved. It was sweet and passionate with a little danger in the mix. I hope the rest of the Family get their own books as well the band mates too.

GoodHarmony's power is unique, luckily she was able to save herself from the nasty humans, that show themselves to be worse then how they think the vampires are.

He Finally Has His BelovedWhy is a five hundred year old vampire has dreams about a woman. He's been lonesome for so long. She has been traveling for two years looking for her truemate and she knows he a vampire. Meeting Mishka for the first time literally knocks her out. This story has some violence, kidnapping and a whole lot of loving. Enjoy I did.

Mishka never thought anything of the dreams he has had until he seen her on stage at his club and then all hell breaks loose. Harmony has been playing vampire bars for the past 2 years since she started dreaming of her mate and now she finds the sexy vampire walking towards her while she is on the stage getting ready to sing. Trouble comes to the couple when she is taken by a radical church group who wants to destroy anything to do with vampires and the supernatural. Can Mishka save his mate or [...]

I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.Mishka, the five-hundred-year-old vampire master of the city of Cleveland, prides himself on having one of the largest covens in the Midwest. Although he has a life envied by many, the only thing he is missing is a mate. How to begin to find the right female for himself is a mystery, and the lonely nights are starting to get to him. Musical muse Harmony Celeste has been traveling the states for the last two years trying to find he [...]

Another hit!! I have loved this series so far and this book did not disappoint. I've been waiting on Mishka's book!Mishka is a 500-year-old vampire, he is the Master of Cleveland, his coven is large and swamped with controversy from vampire haters. We were introduced to Mishka in book 1 when he was involved with Elizabeth. Thanks to her aunt and a collaring ceremony she was mated to twin bears and had to break off her relationship with Mishka (and her other guards). Understandably, Mishka was hu [...]

Loved itLove this series. Loved Mishka and Harmony's story. Mishka has finally found his mate. In his club, singing in the band. Harmony and her band have been traveling the last 2 years, playing in coven clubs to find her mate. All her dreams tell her is that he is blond with gold eyes and a vampire. When she finds him she passes out.A fun fast paced and steamy story. I loved Harmony's band mates. I love the Wiccan Corner's so loved that the came to the rescue. One more book to go. I am sad tha [...]

Mishka isn't all that sure he wants a mate since a certain witch-who-shall-remain-nameless dropped him after finding her own mates. Slowly though, his mind is changing and he's ready to find his Destined One. Harmony is a Muse who, after having mate-dreams, is touring around the US and visiting vampire covens in search of her destined mate. When her band stops to play at Mishka's club, she knows her mate is there. She and Mishka lock eyes and BAMM!!! Mates. Both are thrilled to have found the ot [...]

Mishka's Beloved finds him!Mishka finally gets over his former lover, Elizabeth (A Curve of Claw, Wiccan-Were-Bear Series #1) when his true mate comes looking and finds him.Lots of loving as well as danger follows in a gripping and wonderful story.The scene with Mishka and Harmony in the private viewing room with Harmony using a purple fingertip vibe while Mishka pleasures her was HOT, HOT, HOT!The only sad news is that next year, 2017, the final book of the series (#13) will be published! Hopef [...]

I have sooo been waiting for Mishka's story. Its a long time coming. He deserved such a sweet story. What better way than matching him with a Muse? Harmony is sweet as pie. She sings to replenish her powers as well as push her positive vibes onto the crowds she sings to with her band. There is a darkness to her power which we do see. Those church nuts are at it again. I dont think we hear the last of them because its still feels unfinished with that particular part of the series. I know she does [...]

Mishka is the lead vampireHarmony is a muse whose singing brings her life force and in turn she sends out happiness and joy to those she sings to. She has dreamed about her mate a nd knows he is a vampire so her band her bands has been playing in vampire clubs. Mean while Mishka has also had dreams about his beloved. Mishka is the Master of all of Cleveland's vampires. This is Harmony and Mishka's story. But all storylines have you guessing what could go wrong. Great read as is every story in th [...]

Ooooh, this one was so good! I've been waiting for Mishka's story since book one. He's every bit of the hero that I'd hoped he be. He falls for Harmony with no reluctance. He wants to give her all that he has and all that he is. Harmony is an amazing woman in her own right. Being a Muse means that she knows what a true mate is and her visions have her looking high and low. I loved her strength and her brains, but her complete devotion to Mishka is the best of her attributes. The story has plenty [...]

A Wonderful Addition to the Series by R.E.ButlerNot a lot of angst but I liked that it's more of a instant connection between the two main characters and enjoy their building a combined family from their former separate groupings. R.E. Butler continues to create an amazing combinations of heartwarming , colorful characters. So I recommend you get this book to add to your collection!

An interesting story but a little inconsistentHave always enjoyed the story line in this series, but it feels like it's being written with the only intention of finishing the series. Inconsistencies exist within, the plot is weak and characters are not as defined. Having been introduced to Mishka in previous books, it was expected that this book would just be better. Just my opinion.

I've been waiting for this book since we first met Mishka in book 1 and I wasn't disappointed! This book is absolutely amazing! Harmony and Mishka are perfect together and I loved every second of it! I really liked seeing more into life in the coven. I hope we see more of the family ad them finding their mates! Hint Hint Ms. Butler! lol All in all this is a great book in a great series by a truly amazing author and I look forward to her next book!

Mishka finally got what he was waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have been waiting for a long time to read about Mishka and it was well worth the wait. With a sexy,gorgeous and powerful vamp its hare to find someone powerful and just as sexy to be his other half. Being a master comes with enemies. But you don't become Master and Mistress without the power to kick butt to protect what's yours.

Omg Bloody brilliantI couldn't wait for this book . loved it . mishka is one of my favorites alongside brone , if you loved the other books you will definitely love this one . if you haven't read all the other books I strongly recommend them . cannot wait for next book . please please hurry , not sure I can wait until 2017 .

As with all her books, R.E. Butler has done an amazing job. A 500 year old vampire falling for a musical muse. Awesome. Of course danger is everywhere and we find out how powerful Mishka's muse can be. Harmony can affect both the good and the bad, bring joy to your heart or make you bare your fears. And she will do anything to protect her vampire and the coven.

Sugary sweet boredomNot much of a story other than over the top instant I love you my most perfect mate in the world, no one could possibly be more perfect than you. Look we don't even have to do anything other than be in this club and be utterly perfect, together in our perfectness.

A Muse for MishkaI think this is the best book in the series,Mishka deserved to find his mate he's been alone for five hundred years.That would give anyone a complex.Harmony was looking for the man in her dreams when she found him in a club.She passed out and you will have to read the book to find out.There is so much going on that you won't want to put the book down.

I was entranced the whole way through!I love reading series books, if done right they are very character involved. Which keeps my mind on the story even when I'm not reading. So if book 13 is gonna be the last of the Wiccan-were-bear series? I wonder where we will see Vex & Rage next?

Finally a heafor MishkaNice read I cant wait or the family coven series to let us continue with the vampires but still have an eye on the other supernaturals evolving stories. The next book in this series is long awaited. Hopefully it will let us know on the spin off for the coven and finally everyones hea.

Quick readGlad to finally see Mishka get his beloved. I have followed this series closely and the author has put a great spin on each of the different paranormal elements. I'll be sad when the series ends.

Well worth the 500 years wait.Mishka is a 500 year old master vampire.He has finally found his truemate. But things are never that simple. Once Harmony explains her powers, fate decided to test her. I couldn't stop reading.

This was a very good book I love all of r.e books. This book was very entertaining great storyline and a wonderful HEA. I highly recommend this whole series. I received this copy for a honest review but the thoughts and opinion are mine own

Another stunning book from the amazing R.E Butler and I cannot wait to read more, from this series as well as any books she writes about the vampire coven from this book. Fingers crossed there will be more from the characters we've met in this book soon. I loved them all.

Loved ItThis book was well-written and holds your attention through out the story? The characters were awesome and well suited for each other. This is a series that when you start reading book one; you just want more. A must buy and highly entertaining.

Another great read!!!!R.E. Butler has done it again with Mishka's meeting of his beloved Harmony. I loved it all from start to finish and it's bittersweet knowing that there is only one moire book in this series. I recommend this book for everyone.

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