The Hidden Wife 2: Finale

B.M. Hardin

The Hidden Wife 2: Finale

The Hidden Wife 2: Finale

  • Title: The Hidden Wife 2: Finale
  • Author: B.M. Hardin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ever loved someone than you loved yourself Ever discovered that they never loved you back Tobias was left with no choice but to come clean, but can Strawberry handle all of his secrets With his hidden wife, out to take back what is rightfully hers, things get sticky and Tobias has to make some tough decisions that even he isn t sure that he can live with His hidEver loved someone than you loved yourself Ever discovered that they never loved you back Tobias was left with no choice but to come clean, but can Strawberry handle all of his secrets With his hidden wife, out to take back what is rightfully hers, things get sticky and Tobias has to make some tough decisions that even he isn t sure that he can live with His hidden wife is the love of his life but the wife, with benefits, is carrying his baby What will he do And importantly, which wife will he choose Secrets are revealed, true colors are exposed, and everybody becomes Strawberry s enemy All Strawberry wanted was love, and her very own happily ever after, but dreams don t always come true sometimes that something blue you A finale full of twists and turns, and everything else in between Until Death Do Us Part means something Especially to the wife that is often unseen.

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This author has the most a twisted mind and I love it!!! You just can never know what's going to happen next, with all the twists and turns. Please check out, The Hidden Wife also. They both were great.

ReviewI read until I couldn't read anymore. This book had me thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. Every time I read one thing, something else got thrown in the equation. And let's not talk about all of the secrets and lies involved.

Okay, so I have to say that after reading book 1 I was very much annoyed with this series. But because the books were chosen for my October bookclub meeting I forced myself to read book 2. And I must say that in a crazy kind of way I really enjoyed this book. I came into the story with a different mindset and I was on board with the story. All I can say is kudos to the author for all of the twists, turns, and drama that went into the story. A lot of the storyline I never saw coming. This is a tr [...]

WowA definitely 5 stars read. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Strawberry was put through hell and back. The twist and turns were awesome. You could never imagine what was gonna happened next. This author has an amazing talent to write her books. The plot is interesting from book one and continues all the way to the end. I would have never trust that scumb bag of Tobias. But when even your own family betrays you what else do you have.

WowI was not impressed with part one of this series but after reading part 2 I get it now and I am on board. This is a thriller and mystery story. I went in thinking it was your typical relationship gone bad. So kudos to the author for all of the drama and suspense. A true lifetime movie series.

Strawberry aka Tiffany was so dumb in the first book. I honestly didn't want to read this book and deal with her foolishness, BUT I'm glad I gave it a try. It was filled with twists and turns and when I thought I figured something out, there was another twist in the book. I didn't expect that ending.

BM girl you did your thing with this series, I loved reading it. Strawberry went thru it and that Ray is something else. Every time I thought I had it figured out something else would happen. This series is a must read and you will be ready to throw your kindle. BM your truly one of a kind, keep the thrillers coming

I couldn't put this series once I started I had to see it through actually read both in a couple hours. I kept me guessing on what was gonna happen next and was so different not your typical hood romance. Great read

Wow!!I wasn't expecting the story to end the way that it did. Tobias was the character that you love to hate until he did the unexpected. I didn't notice any errors. This was an awesome read!!

The hidden wifeThis was a good two book read.The story got so juicy and everything started to fall into place. I love this Author's work she never disappoints I am glad everything worked out in the end.

WOW!! BM Hardin kept this story going with its many plot twists. I did not expect Tobias to have a heart after all the wrong he's done. This ending was definitely unexpected and still left unanswered questions for me.What happened to April? Does she have a psychological issue and need help or did she say screw this whole sick and twisted family and bounce? Will Brian's indiscretion with Fran come to light? And the biggest twist was Tiffany's ex-husband, Ray. Honestly I am not that surprised that [...]

what the hell is all I can say this book is so full of twist and turns. everything time I though it was going one way another suppose jumped out. this is an amazing read. everyone in tiffany family or who she was associated was a snake seems like the only real person that she had in her corner was her mama, and baby sister April. Fran was all kinds of crazy over tobia and the things she did she should be in a mental hospital. I can believe Tiffany took him back in the end she is just as crazy as [...]

Old Dusty CookieOh my goodness. I can't even!! Again I never laughed to hard in my life! This installment was good. Now, it had some entertaining parts all throughout. My favorite part in the whole book was when Strawberry said something along the lines of 'Dang! He just busted all up in here like he was gangster or thug or something' And then she got a little moist! I about fell out my chair! The ending fell a little short for me though. I guess the word I'm looking for is anticlimactic. But st [...]

Fire Part 2 definitely didn't disappoint even more juicy then part 1. Everything is laid out on the table . But who could strawberry trust it's like everyone had their own hidden agenda. Love that a lot of questions got answer but I know it's more

The hidden πŸ‘° 2This book πŸ“šhad more twist and turns. Put it was a good read. Strawberry didn't see πŸ‘€anything that came her way coming and how familyπŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸ‘©πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅ can set you up. After helping them

WowThis book had so many twists in it that it had my head spinning. I didn’t know who was to be trusted. I really would have like to have found out what happened to the sister. Ray was the true definition of dirty cop

Good bookI enjoyed this book. I love the suspense. I was trying to figure it out as I was reading. Very interesting. The only issue were the grammatical errors. But other than that it was great.

Happy reading I was not going to read this book, I didn't think I'd like it well fast forward a few hours later and I've completed the series in a few hours . definitely a good read these characters are all very special

That was a crazy ending. Seeing all of the deceit and twists and turns involving who her husband was, who his hidden wife was and all of the involvement with familyg. This woman's life was a mess and she couldn't trust anybody!

Okay Well now I don't even feel sorry for Tiffany because she is ending with Darren like what is she thinking this man can't be trusted so he has done everything and has so many secrets that its not even worth it

Great ReadThese were some crazy women's amazing what people will do for money!!! I would never agree to share my husband with another woman, for NO amount of money!!!!

WowSo many twists I didn’t see coming and I loved them all. Definitely a must read! Loving your work more and more.

Very good endingVery good ending.n't wait to read the next bookRay and Shelly was a surprise to me never saw it coming

Love itOh I love this book! Who would of thought the book would end this way but it was a good book. A MUST READ

Twist and turnsA lot of twist and turns. The author has me no trusting nobody lol. Great read for a part three.

Hidden wife/wivesI enjoyed this read. My only problem was at end I was a little confused by what happened and how certain people played a role in the story I would read more from this author.

SisterI loved the twist and turns of this book. The only thing I want to know is what happen to April?

CraaazzzzyyyyJust straight weird n crazy tobias darten or what ever his name is crazy crazy crazy wow is all that i can day

October EyeCUThe sequel was full of twists and turns that kept me entertained. I am truly looking forward to reading Fran's side of the story.

A little too unrealisticIt was entertaining in spots but it was so crazy and far fetched the I often got lost and had to reread

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