Ex-Boyfriend Material

Sean Ashcroft

Ex-Boyfriend Material

Ex-Boyfriend Material

  • Title: Ex-Boyfriend Material
  • Author: Sean Ashcroft
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Wanted one roommate Alex is smart, charming, and attractive Good at approaching people and getting them to sleep with him, his talents fall down when it comes to maintaining a relationship His last boyfriend left him with a broken heart and without half the rent, so now he needs a new roommate This time, he wants someone mature, sensible, and not even a little bit attWanted one roommate Alex is smart, charming, and attractive Good at approaching people and getting them to sleep with him, his talents fall down when it comes to maintaining a relationship His last boyfriend left him with a broken heart and without half the rent, so now he needs a new roommate This time, he wants someone mature, sensible, and not even a little bit attractive to him What he gets is Liam funny, gorgeous, and surprisingly put together for a man who doesn t own a single shirt without a stain on it and has an incurable oral fixation After months of feeling as though he can never move on while he lives in London, America is Liam s fresh start His breakup with his girlfriend left him heartbroken, and home only reminds him of everything he s lost With a twelve month contract on offer, the chance to take a break is too good to pass up All he needs now is a roommate, since his company organised apartment has fallen through He runs across Alex s Craigslist posting and thinks the other man seems perfect little does he know that his new roommate is also nursing a broken heart, and coping with it by sleeping his way through the entire population of New York Can two men burned by love see what s right in front of them Both of them know the dangers of getting into a relationship with their roommates Alex spent months stuck in a relationship that made him increasingly unhappy, Liam had to move away from his home to give himself a chance to heal They seem to soften each other s rough edges, fill the gaps in each other s lives But love is risky, and their hearts are fragile can they learn to trust one another and take the chance to have a home in each other s arms Or will their pasts and their fears get in the way of their happiness Ex Boyfriend Material is a stand alone story of approximately 33,000 words It ends happily ever after, and has no cliffhangers It does, however, have unfashionable waistcoats, minor shirt fires, art exhibitions, cultural differences, and explicit scenes.

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Unexpectedly endearing love story between a British transplant and a New Yorker who needed a roommate. Nick is convinced he's not very lovable or even very likeable, but Liam lets him see how very lovable he is. Both Nick and Liam are bi though Liam has only had a girlfriend. The contrast between Nick's determined sleeping around and Liam's laid back approach to only having committed sex was interesting. A major plus was Liam's use of "love". The care and affection they showed each other was hea [...]

This one didn't do a thing for me. I was falling asleep while reading it. That's how exciting I found this book.Alex spends more time having sex with other people than with Liam. There is only one sexy scene towards the very end of the book and I didn't think it was steamy at all. One would think that after using 95% of the book as build up, there would be a an explosion of nuclear proportions well no. Think more along the lines of a little, tiny, cheap firecracker. This one goes to the will not [...]

This is one of those situations that my idea of romance crash with this book´s idea.Sorry but I can´t consider romance when the two roomies are in love from almost the begining and one of them is having sex with other people the whole book (yes, not until the 10% or the 30%, we can read this scene again at 70%!!!) This is pure angst and FOR ME kill all the romance !!!!

Sweet story about 2 roommates who've both been burned in love. They end up becoming best friends and falling for each other.

I will not remember this book 30 days from now

DNF @ 50%This is the first book I've tried by this author. The premise is good -- a slow-burn romance between two bi guys, one of whom is demisexual -- and I love the title. But the writing style is very basic, very "what you see is what you get," without subtext, without nuance. What I found more problematic, though, is that the story is devoid of sensory details. Sight, sound, touch, smell -- without them, it's as if the characters are disembodied minds floating in a featureless grey void. Whe [...]

This is a slow burn romance with one demisexual hero and one introvert hero with self esteem issues.It is slow going and there is a nice exploration of demisexuality as well as bisexuality. The heroes become roommates, then friends and then finally lovers. I would have liked to spend more time with them as lovers and see them bloom a little more but it was an enjoyable read.

**).•.•*) .•*)(.• (.•`*There was something between him and Alex that friendship didn't quite seem to cover.English transplant Liam and New Yorker Alex were an unlikely pair, but they were determined to make the best roommate ever. Where Alex's bedroom door was a revolving door of lovers, none of whom lasted past the night, Liam was more discerning. Alex was getting over his ex and not certain he was capable of love. Liam needed a connection to become intimate. Within months, they had b [...]

Very sweet storey but very little steam.

I received this book free for an honest review.This is a new author for me and I must say I really enjoyed how this book was written. I really liked the slow burn from being room mates to friends and then to lovers. The pace of the book was just right. I think it this had headed down any other route the book wouldn't have been as good. I really enjoyed the input from Alex's friend and also one night stand for how his relationship with Liam had actually changed and he just needed to find the cour [...]

****4 Roommates to Lovers Stars****Sean Ashcroft is a new author to me and this first book is a sweet, quick read with a great plot and loveable characters. The British "slang" really made me laugh and even though there isn't a lot of steam with these characters, I enjoyed it and will be looking for more from Sean Ashcroft.****ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review****

For such a short book, I found that Ex-Boyfriend Material was high on both character and relationship development. No, that relationship development didn't take the expected romance trope-filled path (one of the characters is demisexual, so that romantic burn was sloooooow), but I enjoyed it all the more because of that. Just a word of warning to my friends that crave a little smut with their sweetness You're only going to get a single blink-and-you'd-miss-it hand job scene in this story; there [...]

I very much enjoyed the quirks of the characters in this book. There was a fair amount of analysis in it and a more objective than emotional feel (though the subject be feeling) that I appreciated. Emotions were still evident, but so was the struggle to connect, one MC being somewhat socially inept/insecure and the other being demi-sexual and fairly inexperienced. I appreciated the unique presentation of the characters and their personalities.

I read this one a while ago and I remember this being "just okay" for me. I HIGHLY recommend reading 'The Wedding Date' by the same author, as THAT book was terrific :-)!!

This one seemed like it was missing a lot - it felt very unfinished and I wasn't a big fan of either character.

Alex is need of an roommate thats when Liam from London comes in. While both guys are bi alex broke up with hi ex and all he does now is one night stands because he doesnt think his boyfriend material while liam had a gf but wants a relationship. but in the end both guys are sweet and deserves a chance for happiness hopefully its with each other.

Stunning sweetIt took just a few pages to get into this book. I really do like inter-cultural stories, even if they're just between US and UK! Both Liam and Alex were hurting from breakups. Their tender ability to help each other is endearing. That said, there were times when they both needed to be slapped. Good story. Good protagonists. Good ending.

3.75 ⭐️ This book should come with a warning - prepare for shaking your head often, many face plants, the desire to purchase a pair of handcuffs to lash them together, and the overwhelming urge to yell at the MCs. In the end it's a cute read, nothing to serious, just aggravating.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.In short, this book was sweet. The two main character's were likable. One reader referred to this as a slow burn, and I would have to agree. Basically, Liam moves to the US and needs a place to live. Alex is in need of a roommate, so these two come together as friends first, then lovers. And for me, that trip was exhausting and a little long. Alex played up the whole "I am a slut" routine, and Liam was all "I don't sleep with people I do not have fee [...]

I'm always nervous about trying new authors, stepping in to the unknown, reading story lines that have been done to death. But, I was so pleasantly surprised with this book. It is fresh, original, witty and gives your heart a big hug.Alex and Liam are adorable and real characters. Their relationship grows steadily in a happy, contented way. It's slow burn but not in a frustrating way. The slow burn works in this book. It is very well written. It grabbed me from the first page and pulled me along [...]

This was definitely a slow burn. Liam needs a roommate to move to the United States and finds Alex on Craigslist. They seem like a good matchjust getting out of breakups. I liked how their friendship slowly started feeling like it could be more. Very sweet how Liam could see how damaged Alex was and wanted to help him regain his self worth. Even as friends, the two both cared a lot about making their living arrangement work because they enjoyed just being around each other. I liked the story whi [...]

this one didn't really grabbed my attention. on a totally unrelated note. I didn't know that not wanting to sleep with a person until you know them and have strong feelings for them was called demi seksual. I remember having a conversation with a friend about this and how other people called her strange for not wanting to have one night stands. it still baffles me that people don't get that. and now it baffles me that it has an actual name.

I liked this book. I liked the characters Alex and Liam and how the relationship progressed. My heart went out to Alex, I felt that behind the persona of him being promiscuous he was a guy who wanted to be loved. Luckily for Alex, Liam was that guy. I kinda wished they both would of fessed up to their feelings for each other sooner but overall it all worked out in the end. Very enjoyable story. Well done.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Excellent story.This is the first book I've read by Sean Ashcroft and I really enjoyed it. The slow build-up spoke to the differing personalities of Liam and Alex. Their budding friendship gave them the time to trust in their feelings for one another and eventually lead them to a solid relationship and the love they both deserved.

Cute story. I really liked Alex and Liam. They were both such sweet guys. My only complaint is that the story was a bit drawn out. I kept waiting for them to realize their feelings, but that didn't occur until almost the end of the book, and that in itself seemed kind of felt flat. Otherwise, it was quite an enjoyable story.

Just couldn't get into this book at all. The MCs were still 'will I won't I' more than 1/2 way through the book. DNF.Marked it 2 stars because I enjoyed the writing, it was just I couldn't connect with the MCs, could be my mood right now, not sure.

Lovely.This is a debut work from this author, and I can only say that the author has made a great start on what could be a very successful career. This is a really sweet friends to lovers story.

Nice feel-good storyThis was a very sweet story. I never quite bought the whole slut thing with Alex, but rather, it felt more like he was somewhere on the ASD spectrum. Liam was great, though a bit one-dimensional. Overall this was a fun, quick read.

I really enjoyed this book. It was the first book I've read from Sean Ashcroft and it definitely won't be the last. I loved the characters, the story, the writing. Really entertaining book. I would definitely recommend it. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

2.75 Stars

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