The Sisters Club

Megan McDonald

The Sisters Club

The Sisters Club

  • Title: The Sisters Club
  • Author: Megan McDonald
  • ISBN: 9780763632519
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

From the author of the Judy Moody books, this exciting novel captures the warmth, humor and squabbles of three spunky sisters.Meet the Sisters Club twelve year old Alex, aspiring actress and born drama queen eight year old Joey, homework lover and pioneer wannabe and smack in the middle, ten year old Stevie, the glue that holds them together through dinner disasteFrom the author of the Judy Moody books, this exciting novel captures the warmth, humor and squabbles of three spunky sisters.Meet the Sisters Club twelve year old Alex, aspiring actress and born drama queen eight year old Joey, homework lover and pioneer wannabe and smack in the middle, ten year old Stevie, the glue that holds them together through dinner disasters, disputes over stolen lucky sweaters, and Alex s going gaga over her leading man Playfully weaving Stevie s narration with Alex s scripts, Joey s notebook entries, and hilarious elements such as How to Swear in Shakespeare and Dear Sock Monkey letters, this hugely engaging novel showcases Megan McDonald s ear for dialogue, comic timing, and insight into the ever changing dynamics of sisterhood.

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Book Review Life is crazy for the girls in the books Sisters Club by Megan McDonald. It is about three sisters named Stevie, Alex and Joey who all love acting. One day all of the sisters decided to make a club called the sisters club where they all have their own meeting about new drama, gossips and new events that are exciting to them. This book takes place in their hectic house with their mom and dad. I think the theme for this book would be to always know that someone is always there for you [...]

Stevie created the sisters club where they tell everything about each other. They tell each other rules and are very different, Alex is the oldest and bossiest, Stevie created the club, Joey thinks she doesn't have enough homework so she creates some herself. Their parents love acting. Alex admits to her sisters that she likes someone in the Beauty and the Beast (the play she is playing in). She invites in for dinner one day to practice and everything goes wrong. What will Alex say?I love this b [...]

I won't make this a lengthy review, only because this book is near and dear to my heart, as I grew up reading it. I remember reading this all the time, especially when I had nothing else to read. It was my fallback. A Nook book page run by some friends posted it for $1.99 as a Nook book, so I snapped it up. This, in my opinion, is a classic middle grade book that girls will love. Although it was, and is a childhood favorite of mine, something bothers me now that I've re-read it at 19. Is it me, [...]

The sisters club is about a group of sisters Alex who loves drama, Joey who loves homework and Stevie who is like the mediator of the family. The book talks about the life of a sister and all the ups and downs it comes with. To deal with them they go to the sisters club. Its when they go up to there tree house in there backyard and talk to each other about all their problems. They don't always get along but they are always there for one another.I loved the book because I thought it was really in [...]

The first sentience of the book attract me to continue reading this book which is "Being in the middle is like being invisible. Especially when you're in the middle sister in a family with three girls". I was exited to read this book, because it tells us a real stories happen between sisters and friends. Before reading this book I thought it is going to talk about friends as a sisters but it was about sisters and their parents. The sisters where Alex, Stevie, and Joey. Sounds of their names look [...]

I really liked The Sisters Club by Meagan McDonald. It is about a girl named Stevie Reel who feels like the glue of the family. Her older sister, Alex, has caught play fever getting ready for her audition for Beauty in Beauty and the Beast. Her little sister, Joey, is constantly working on homework that she makes up for herself. She is fascinated that her Great great grandmother was a pioneer and an actress. It's up to Stevie to save the sister's club (a club that Stevie made up for just the thr [...]

Third, fifth, and seventh grade sisters take turns narrating this book--although middle sister Stevie is the major protagonist--and we end up with a nice appreciation of each. It's not my kind of book and I thought I'd have trouble relating to the girls, but the more I read the more I enjoyed it. Very well done.

THis is a really good book i liked it because it was almost like a diary and it kind of reminded me of me and my two sisters

It's great how these sisters keep a great relationship even through the rough times.

i loved this book it was really funny i think that the sisters are just like my sisters.we fight alot and we make back up ,just ike the girlz in the book

It was such a good book! I love the characters and how you see the different points of view. And I love this book because in each point of view they show a different page set up, because the characters are different ages. I would recommend this book to people who want the book that you red in a few days, because it is so good.

What is it about I don't know we will find out when we we read it I see from the cover its about sisters that's fun we will find out let's go!!!

loved this book as a kid, as I had 2 sisters and it was very amusing for me.

I thought this book was great! 😊 My favorite part was when Stevie went up on stage for her sister to play the part of Belle in Beauty & The Beast. Overall this book deserves 5 stars!

Graciela read all 3 of these in Grade 3. She loves all Megan McDonald.

Ten-year-old Stevie Reel is the middle sister between near-teenager, Alex and funny, smartypants eight-year-old Joey. The girls’ parents own a local theater, and the entire family, in one way or another, has the performance bug. Whether they’re acting out King Lear in the living room, auditioning for a role in a community production, or filling in as a sister’s understudy at the last minute, the Reel girls all have a flair for the dramatic. Their club, The Sisters Club, is the forum for mu [...]

Prawo serii to książka, która opowiada o typowo aktorskiej rodzinie Reelów, gdzie prym wiodą trzy siostry: najstarsza - Alex, najmłodsza - Joey i środkowa (która nazywa siebie klejem) - Stevie. Dziewczyny zakładają Klub Siostrzyczek, który ma wspomagać wzajemne wsparcie. Ostatnio jednak, jedna z sióstr - Alex nie ma czasu na uczestniczenie w zebraniach klubu z powodu prób do szkolnej sztuki Piękna i Bestia.Kiedy usłyszałam, że autorka znanej mi dobrze serii o Hani Humorek napis [...]

"Sisters, blisters, and tongue twisters": that's the secret password for The Sisters Club. Alex (12), Stevie (10), and Joey (8) Reel are three distinctly different and dramatic sisters who are devoted to one another. Swearing in Shakespeare, talking to sock monkeys, preparing unique and tasty(?) dinners, and giving each other marshmallow pedicures (don't ask!) are just a few of the crazy and wacky things these sisters do. Oldest sister, Alex, has a flare for drama and she has set her sights on a [...]

Another classic read by favorite author, Megan McDonald (author of the Judy Moody series). I read this aloud with all four girls gathered round. We loved it! (Not only the story but the time we spent together.) McDonald really captures the "drama" found in a family full of girlsmething we relate to very well. We read this book for book club, but have since checked out from the library the two books that follow in the series. It has been fun to see my girls pick them up and read aloud to each oth [...]

Reading this book was like going back to my own childhood. I grew up in a home of three boys, and reading this book about three sisters made me realize that I never knew how much boys and girls were alike. Megan McDonald, who grew up the youngest of 5 sisters, writes about the friendship, love, hate and trials of family life among siblings. Our cast of characters is:Three Sisters:Alex Reel (the oldest)Stevie Reel (middle the glue)Joey Reel (the youngest)Parents:Mom (Susan Reel Actress)Dad (Richa [...]

The Sister's Club by Megan McDonald was a cute book but I think it is for more of a younger generation. Although there are some things a fourth grader wouldn't understand while reading this book, the way the book is written is a little under my reading level. This book is about three sisters who explain their life through family dinners, plays, and of course The Sisters Club! Alex, Stevie, and Joey, who were originally supposed to be boys, are three sisters who come from a long line of actors. W [...]

In this book by Megan McDonald, don't expect another version of Judy Moody. That is NOT what The Sisters Club is about.In The Sisters Club, there are three sisters, and most of the book centers around Stevie (yes, a girl named Stevie), the middle child. She was the sister who thought up the Sisters Club, an exclusive just for the Reel sisters club. The only ones allowed to participate are Alex (the oldest), Stevie, and Joey (the youngest). Stevie often feels like she is not special, until she re [...]

I chose the book The Sister’s Club, by Megan McDonald, because my sister recommended it to me. This book is about three sisters, Alex, Stevie, and Joey, who share their views of being the middle, eldest, and youngest child. In this story, the three sisters deal with boys, wacky experiments, and goofy parents. My favorite quote from this book is, “Being the middle is like bring invisible.” I like this quote because I’m the middle child and the quote is very relatable. The book is written [...]

Meet the Reel sisters. All named after boys, These girls are just like sisters. (They fight, they cry, they tease, but they also have a fun club were they can just be sisters.) Alex, the oldest, and the best in her opinion. Is a bossy, drama queen, Twelve-Year-Old. Stevie, the middle feels like the glue in the family and feels she needs to keep the family together. Later, she finds being the glue can be a "sticky situation". Joey the youngest, or "Duck" as her sisters call her. Loves pioneers, h [...]

The book The Sisters Club is about three sisters that have a club but the older sister does not have time for their club. The middle sister thinks she is plain and boring then her dad told her she was the glue. Then she try’s to keep her family happy and still loving each other. You should read this book if you like Are you their god it’s me Margaret and lunch money because they all are realistic fiction. This book is funny, exiting and things will happen unexpected. In the book they write p [...]

it was cute! i loved it! heres a list of my favorite books. notice that the sisters club comes in second!!!!!! (ps its reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to get second place very picky about my books so congrats the sisters club!)- the mysterious benidict society action, mystery-the sisters club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute-the enchanted forest intriguing -the popularity papers series humoris - thea slilton books all i got is AWESOME!

This was a great book, I loved it. This is the kind of book you want to own so you can re-read it over and over again. It was about three sisters and the ups and downs of their lives. The three sisters have this club and throughout the book you learn more about it, but this is where the sisters are really together. Their mom gets a new job, Alex has a play, and many more complications. In the end though they really all come together. I really liked all the characters and I would recommend this b [...]

The three Reel sisters are close in age and form the Sisters Club for themselves. The story centers on their acting family and the new acting opportunity and love interest for oldest sister Alex. The younger sisters, most notably Stevie, simply can't help but mess things up along the way. The chapters are told from different perspectives of the three sisters and through different medium (narrative, journals, illustrations, scripts, etc.). It takes a bit for it to get going, but once it does, the [...]

i loved this book. i would read it in the summer in the sun. i didn't want to put it down. it wasnt a thriller keep you on the edge of your seat but it was a good book and how the author described some things i felt like i could actually see what she described. i started to read it because i thought it would have to do with like conflics with sisters and all fun stuff sisters do together. but it actually a good book.

This is a fun book that explores the relationship between three sisters. Told through notes, mini scripts, drawings and more. Each of the three sisters contributes to the story in her own unique way.One thing I liked about this book, more than some others where multiple characters tell the story the voices of Alex, Stevie and Joey are unique and different. This helps the story unfold in an entertaining way where all perspectives are clearly told.

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