Single Chicas (Single Chicas, Volume 1)

Sandra C. Lopez

Single Chicas (Single Chicas, Volume 1)

Single Chicas (Single Chicas, Volume 1)

  • Title: Single Chicas (Single Chicas, Volume 1)
  • Author: Sandra C. Lopez
  • ISBN: B01KG85F1Y
  • Page: 414
  • Format: ebook

Perfection is a Barbie doll, and, unless you re looking for a guy with a fake smile, a hard head, and no genitalia, then you re better off NOT being perfect Single Chicas Single Chicas is a collection of stories about modern Latinas being in, out, and around the zany hurdles of relationships One woman receives strange calls from a lonely soul, another seeks advice on howPerfection is a Barbie doll, and, unless you re looking for a guy with a fake smile, a hard head, and no genitalia, then you re better off NOT being perfect Single Chicas Single Chicas is a collection of stories about modern Latinas being in, out, and around the zany hurdles of relationships One woman receives strange calls from a lonely soul, another seeks advice on how to love herself, and another wakes up in a parallel universe to a man she s never met These chicas will make painstaking effort to survive the complexities with humor and grace Once again, L pez dazzles audiences with her brilliantly candid craft Smart, witty, and funny, these stories will explore the true endurance of singlehood.

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The great thing about short stories is that they are short. So in our busy world, with our frenzied schedules, we can pick up a book like this between appointments, shopping, meals, whatever, catch a story or two, come back when time permits to read another.Having said that, I will admit that I read this wonderful collection almost straight through. I found the writing so engaging, the characters so colorful, the stories such a good time, I couldn't put this short collection down.You'll smile. Y [...]

This collection of short stories about single chicas is a series of lessons about why a young woman should lead her own life, and not become what her family or the men in her life want. Although somewhat uneven, the best stories are those such as "The Lesbian Theory," "My Big Fat Wedding," and "Night Caller" which take common themes and give them a new and surprising twist. The humor, directness, and insights make this an interesting contribution by a talented writer.

* I received a free copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review *It's very difficult for me to rate this book as I haven't read a collection of short stories before. Some were great (5 star) and others were okay (3 stars) so I decided to go with an average of 4 starsOnce again Sandra Lopez has given added a dry sense of humor to her stories, which I really like. It's not in your face, rather subtle but still enough to pull giggles out of me. What I enjoyed about this book was being exp [...]

Funny, witty collection of short reads with a romance and single ladies ‘be proud’ vibe running throughout. Read in one sitting but would be good for the lunchtime read. A well rounded read that manages to hold your attention and make you laugh throughout BROTHER’S FUNERALWhen your brother is making a massive mistake in your eyes but you are powerless to stop it happening. This girl can’t let go of always looking out for him but at some point she’s going to have to let him go out into [...]

I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange of a review.Perhaps it was the writing style, or the stories that I could not relate to, but this book did nothing for me. I like to feel connected to the books that I read, and this unfortunately did not happen with this book.

Well-written collection of slice-of-life stories about women either searching for or rejecting love. The characters are often snarky, impatient, and some are even a little mean. Mostly, though, they’re recognizable: these are the people you meet every day in school, at work, at the store, on the street, or even in your own home.The stories are linked together by several themes. One is culture. As the title implies, the women who populate these tales are Latina women living in the U.S. This com [...]

“Sandra López’s collection of stories in Single Chicas is humorous, poignant chick lit with a side of puro chisme. There's some heartbreak, cultura and romance in there, too, and a lot of insight on relationships and the “single-life.” López has made sure there's a little something for every chica to relate to—including this chica who couldn’t stop laughing or reading the next page.”—Sarah Rafael García, author of Las Niñas & Founder of LibroMobile"Smash your rose tinted [...]

The first story is about a woman unable with the younger brother she raised getting married sets the tone for the stories that follow. Relationships hold you back and down, don’t do it! There were a several that creeped me out involving stalkers and trickery then several more with regressive attitudes and stereotypes. Like: “Oh, geez, what color are your panties, dude? Were you even a dude to begin with? Do you have even the slightest bit of balls rolling around down there?”At that point, [...]


Sandra Lopez's Single Chicas is a surprising story collection about single women who actually opt to stay that way. The theme is both romance and the opposite of romance. Rather than happily ever after, why not choose happy for now?In "My Brothers' Funeral," Bea laments her younger brother's choice to marry at nineteen. Instead of freaking out about being the family's old maid, Bea thinks of divorce as "the blissful release from a life sentence," and worries her brother's fiancé is "wearing his [...]

A sister who can't accept her sibling's choice of wife, a woman whose plan to avoid being hit on by guys leads to unforeseen complications, and how a series of strange phone calls prompts a singleton to doubt her own sanity. Short stories are like buses - if the first one doesn't happen to be going in a direction that appeals to you, you can hop on the next one. And so it is with this unusual collection, featuring a group of disparate young women finding their way through life and love. We see t [...]

There’s a brand new voice in Women’s Fiction and her name is Sandra Lopez. Single Chicas brings a new perspective to the trials and tribulations of being a single woman. A Hispanic group of women dealing with everything from being hit on by men in the grocery store to a crank caller to learning to love oneself to trying to please your family. These six short stories will make you laugh, cry, nod your head in agreement and so much more.Sandra Lopez knows what she writes and it adds truth to t [...]

Reviewed by: BelaRating: 5 starsReview: This is a wonderful collection of short stories starring smart and savvy Latinas. Each one shows an entertaining view of the dramas of love, dating, and marriage.Lopez excels at creating dialogue that is both believable and intriguing. In order to show the multi-faceted nature of marriage, the dialogue serves as not only a plotting device but also a window into the many reasons why people choose to get married.One of the biggest strengths of this collectio [...]

SINGLE CHICAS by Sandra Lopez is an interesting and inspiring collection of stories about modern Latinas and relationships. Now I personally am not a Latina, but I still found the book to be an interesting and inspiring read. Some are more realistic and some are totally outlandish, yet still very entertaining. For instance one woman wakes up in a parallel universe! I mean talk about science fiction! I loved how there were so many different genres within this one book. I think the parallel Univer [...]

Single Chicas is a smart and funny collection of stories centering on the lives of modern Latinas. Young women pursue their dreams while simultaneously navigating the complexities of contemporary relationships. Along the way each woman struggles to maintain her precious independence. In ‘My Big Fat Fake Marriage’, a young woman is forced into deceit in order to appease cultural traditions. As she misleads her family, she secretly maintains her grip on modern womanhood. In ‘Old Maid’ an o [...]

Here are my Happily Ever After Novel ThoughtsI must start off by saying this book is a bit strange. By that, I mean, there are thirteen chapters and each chapter is just a glimpse into a very small portion of each Chica's life. New chapter, new Chica. Each one is single and dealing with life the best way she can. The chapters are super short and don't have any kind of finality. All of that said, I really enjoyed the stories and would like to read more. Some of these stories are hilarious and som [...]

Single Chicas by Sandra C. Lopez is more than just a compilation of short stories. It’s a collection of good advice on love, relationships, and life. I like the way the author teaches the reader how to use rational judgment instead of blindly following one’s heart. Reading this book is like chatting with a close friend—someone who will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. Each story is only a handful or pages long, so you can set the book aside and pick it [...]

This collection of short stories is perfect for the young adult reader who can appreciate fast-paced and engaging tales about love, loss, and life. I found myself laughing out loud and really enjoying reading the well-written diverse tales, that include the story of a young woman whose brother's marriage in her view is his funeral and another wherein the lie a young woman tells an unwanted admirer, leads to another unwanted suitor. Sandra Lopez's hip and current dialog ring true and her knack fo [...]

Sandra Lopez delivers clever and witty tales that totally capture today's single ladies livin' la vida loca!

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