The Yorkshire Ripper

Roger Cross

The Yorkshire Ripper

The Yorkshire Ripper

  • Title: The Yorkshire Ripper
  • Author: Roger Cross
  • ISBN: 9780586055267
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback


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I'm only gonna do a short review because now I've found this, I'm definitely going to reread this. Some quick notes from what I remember, however:The information in this is portrayed clearly and is easily understandable. The author has done so much research into the Ripper and it really, really shows. This has all the information I was looking for at the time. The writing does seem very educational at times, and it interrupts the flow of the words quite a bit, and that was annoying. Hopefully, m [...]

Disturbing stuff in there. Definitely not a bedtime book.

This book was very informative about the facts surrounding the case however I felt a few points let it down. Firstly, the author kind of jumps around a lot which disrupts the flow of the book noticeably. Secondly, at points there are so many names and dates being mentioned that it is hard to keep track. I feel like resolving the first issue would help with this. Finally, there was really not much discussion on the motives of the crimes, just a brief mention at the end of the book. I found this q [...]

Armchair detective that I am I read The Yorkshire Ripper to try and get into the mind set of the original Jack the Ripper. My favoured suspect for the Whitechapel murders was George Chapman who was a violent man and could easily be shoehorned into the role. Having read Roger Cross, I'm no longer sure, the ripper could have been anyone. A fascinating read into the life of an ordinary man to every extent, barring his brief forays into terrible and brutal murder, that left victims and their relativ [...]

Very interesting read. I found that the last third of the book was a a bit disjointed though. The author seemed to be jumping from one date to another and it got a little confusing, especially when reading it late at night.

I loved this book. I think it was written well and gave great insight into the mind and life of a serial killer

You do NOT want to know why I ended up reading this book. Hospital appointment boredom does weird things to people, okay?

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