Tamed by the Virginian

Isabella Laase

Tamed by the Virginian

Tamed by the Virginian

  • Title: Tamed by the Virginian
  • Author: Isabella Laase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Eighteen year old Jory Logan has made than her share of bad decisions, but things come to a head when she is involved with a robbery that goes horribly wrong Facing a long prison sentence, she decides to play along with a mysterious woman who claims to be able to offer her an alternative to jail According to this seemingly powerful stranger, Jory must spend four yeaEighteen year old Jory Logan has made than her share of bad decisions, but things come to a head when she is involved with a robbery that goes horribly wrong Facing a long prison sentence, she decides to play along with a mysterious woman who claims to be able to offer her an alternative to jail According to this seemingly powerful stranger, Jory must spend four years in the past, learning the lessons she was never taught in her own life, and then she will be free to return to the present day with a clean slate Though she agrees to the woman s offer, Jory does not truly believe such a thing could be possible, and thus it comes as a shock when she awakens in Virginia in the year 1785 Alone and utterly unable to fend for herself in a world so different from her own, she is relieved to be taken in by frontiersman Nial McKay and his brother She soon discovers, however, that life on a farm is hard work and disobedience, disrespect, or failure to carry her own weight will earn her a sound spanking on her bare bottom Nial is determined to keep his relationship with Jory chaste and proper, but as time passes he is forced to admit that he is falling in love with the beautiful, spirited girl Can he bring himself to claim her as his woman rather than his ward, or will his hesitance cause him to lose her forever And when her four years is up, will Jory be forced to leave everything she has grown to love behind in the past Publisher s Note Tamed by the Virginian includes spankings and sexual scenes If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.

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This book is a great take on time-travel and historical romance. What I really like is that the story has a modern and fresh take on this somewhat stale genre. Love romance and time travel? Then Tamed by The Virginian is a highly recommended read! thetbrpile.weebly/reviews/

This was an amazing story with adventure, romance, domestic discipline, and a touch of paranormal. A young lady raised in foster care get in trouble with the law and instead of prison goes 250 years in the past to start over. Taken in by Virginians, learns a new way of life with hard work on a farm, rules to follow and romance. This was beautifully written by a new author that had fascinating details in the day to day living that was so realistic that I felt that I was there. I'm looking forward [...]

More than pleasantly suprisedI really thought this would be a short spanking story. I had no idea it would be a story of such depth. It had everything-witty humor, drama, second chances, and most of all love(not to mention some steamy scenes). It really was a book of substance. I loved all the characters, and i will keep my eye out for more books by this author. I'm impressed.

There were plenty of times while reading this book that I got frustrated, every single time that she got a spanking and was saying she would never do it again it got on my nerves. She always would do it again and again and again. Over although the book was really good, I enjoyed the story and the characters are really good. I do wish we had a little bit more of a view of the future, I'm curious what's gonna happen to poor James.

Just the right amount of steamy, eighteen year old Jory Logan is convicted of a horrible crime and is given the chance to travel to the 18th century to learn about life from two Virginian frontiersman. The relationship starts chaste, but the growing sparks causes confusion for the extended family.

This story was very surprising to me, I typically don’t particularly care for time travel stories, but this one was different. The time travel aspects are kept very simple. Jory has been convicted of a crime, rather than face a lengthy prison sentence she agrees to go back in time to acquire the self-discipline that she hasn’t picked up in her current life. She lands in the year 1785, alone, cold and scared. She is quickly rescued by Nial McKay has he travels from Philadelphia back to a home [...]

I adored this book. A new author for me but what a fantastic book! I loved the time travel element and the story just grabbed me on page one and would not let go. Jory was a fantastic character, strong and spirited but wanting love and I was cheering for her throughout. I love the length, it's always a huge plus for me but only if the story is well written. This book had that covered. Quit reading here, read the book, you'll be happy you did! I received this book from Stormy Night Publications a [...]

All I can say is, amazing. Sigh I did not want this one to end I wish I could be Jory for a day :)

Great read!This book had a great storyline , time travel, interesting characters , and a moral. It also had plenty of discipline as a young lady needed a helping hand to grow up .

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