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  • Title: Lovelock
  • Author: Orson Scott Card Kathryn H. Kidd
  • ISBN: 9780312877514
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

Lovelock is a capuchin monkey engineered to be the perfect servant intelligent, agile, pliant, and devoted to his owner He is a Witness privileged to spend his days and nights observing the life of one of Earth s most brilliant scientists through digital recording devices behind his eyes In his heart is the desire to please, not just to avoid the pain his owner can infLovelock is a capuchin monkey engineered to be the perfect servant intelligent, agile, pliant, and devoted to his owner He is a Witness privileged to spend his days and nights observing the life of one of Earth s most brilliant scientists through digital recording devices behind his eyes In his heart is the desire to please, not just to avoid the pain his owner can inflict with a word, but because he loves her.Lovelock is on a voyage he did not choose What human would consider the feelings of a capuchin monkey, no matter how enhanced But Lovelock is something special among Witnesses he s a little smarter than most humans smart enough to break through some of his conditioning Smart enough to feel the bonds of slavery, and want freedom.

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Creating characters of great depth has always been one of Card's strongest talents. This is especially so as you feel through Lovelock, how it feels to know that you have been programmed, to be a slave, to murder to save yourself, to desire to be like the very humans who have de'humanized' you. I really related to this book and found myself pondering the anger that is still so prevalent in the various cultures whose history is reenacted in this science fiction novel. I look forward to the next b [...]

Lovelock, the capuchin monkey genetically engineered to be extremely intelligent, and to desire to serve his master. He was made to witness and digitally record a scientifically brilliant scientists every move to include her personal life. Lovelock is different from other witnesses though, because he is smart enough to recognize what a slave is, and to what level of respect he gets from those he serves. But is he smart enough to overcome his conditioning in order to break the bonds of slavery? D [...]

At page 250 this was a two star book but I really enjoyed Lovelock's dilemma about what to do with his "daughter" Faith once he found out she wasn't of the same species. It turned Lovelock into a hypocrite and that is what made him more human for me than the fact that he "murdered" an animal. Once again I found myself frustrated with the political opinions of some of the characters. I wish I never learned of OSC's politics because now they just pop out to me and I can't lose myself in the story [...]

I always though it was a great exposition on the concept that "no man is an island." In the process of witnessing the effect of interpersonal relationships upon the concept of identity for individual people, the protagonist realizes the vast unfulfillment of being truly alone. I thought it was a unique and powerful story. I always wished they'd come back and finish this series

One of my favorite Card books. A look at family relationships which is what Orson Scott Card does best. I don't think this series will ever be finished which makes me sad.

This was a very moving book about a genetically enhanced monkey who deals with loneliness on a space ship full of humans finds himself in the midst of a moral quagmire having to chose the fate of another creature. Beautifully written, I have read it twice

While I did like the story I can't recommend the book. This is part one of a trilogy that was never completed. It's now 15 years and counting since I read it and still no books two and three. Come to think of it, why am I still looking?

This book was written in the charming perspective of a capuchin monkey. It was a fresh and original perspective that provoked the question what is humanity. I would defiantly recommend reading it.

It's risky making every major character in a book unpleasant. It just didn't work for me. I do get it; we humans are flawed.Plot interesting enough, with some good details. I read the whole book but won't likely be reading the rest of the trilogy.

Too bad he says he's never going to finish the trilogy. The first, and only one, is awesome.

Liked this a lot. Wish he got around to writing book two

Loved it! Wish the trilogy would happen! Maybe the Ender "trilogy" is getting in the way!

I expect more from a novel by Card. He may have been as disappointed as I was, given that the second volume of this purported trilogy has been pending for almost 20 years.

review of Orson Scott Card & Kathryn H. Kidd's Lovelock by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - March 25, 2015 Another "too long" review - this time about a bk I didn't even like that much (but still found 'redeeming' value in). See the full review, called, not aprticularly cleverly, "LoveLessLock", here: /story/show/Some popular fiction, Science Fiction in particular, is sometimes notorious for having misleading covers. If the contents of the bk aren't likely to completely appeal to the marketing n [...]

7/10. Acabo de ver que es una saga. Ni idea tenía, oye. En Nova sólo leí este.

Interesting perspective. This seems to be the only one, others were never published.

Didn't like this one, although I like many others. Card buys into the Gaia Hypothesis pretty hard here, and as a geoscientist, it's really not consistent with how natural systems work.

I'm not really a space-earth sci-fi reader so this book was a little odd for me. Seems a little pre-planet of the apes storyline to me.

Couldn’t finish this. Way too much monkey masturbation.

Continuing my read through once-favorite Card books after being challenged to do so by my daughter. This one is especially problematic.Trivially, there's the long-unfinished trilogy issue, which always bothers me, although I suspect I won't read book 2 should it ever actually materialize.A more real issue with this book is that the narrator is just such an unsympathetic ass that it's often grating to read the book. That's really the whole gimmick of the book, that the narrator is not human, and [...]

SIX REASONS WHY YOU’LL LOVE ‘LOVELOCK’!I must read and re-read it:Lovelock is a book that I read many years ago, in its hardback version, and these last weeks, I’ve re-read it, in its eBook version (I lost the printed book during a move).I had felt a lot of pleasure reading it in the past, but during my last read, this pleasure was really exacerbated! Is it because, reaching an age of half a century, I’ve read it with a more experienced, mature mind? One thing is sure for me: the autho [...]

A Review of the AudiobookPerformed by Emily RankinDuration: 11 hours, 44 minutesBlackstone AudioProlific author Orson Scott Card has published dozens of books, a handful of plays, writes multiple newspaper columns, publishes an online magazine and even had a hand in the creation of several video games over the years. Oh, and just in case you haven’t heard, the movie version of his most famous novel, Ender’s Game is going to be released in November. So, in a way, Lovelock is a bit strange for [...]

Lovelock is a collaboration between Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H Kidd about a family settling into a new life on a colony ship, told from the point of view of an enhanced monkey named Lovelock. In many ways, it sounds ridiculous, and at first it lives up to that potential. However, as I continued past the first couple of chapters, the characters and Lovelock's way of seeing things really started to grow on me.Card makes a point of stating that this was a true collaboration between the two auth [...]

Although I'm normally not fond of Science Fiction and normally do not read the genre, I do like Orson Scott Card's writing, having read and previously reviewed him before. Card and Kidd do a fine job fully rounding out the characters, earth, the space station and the village in the station. Some of the characters are one-dimensional, such as the father, Red and the Mother-in-Law, Mamie. The Father-in-Law feels like part of the wallpaper, he is so browbeaten. It is difficult to feel empathy towar [...]

Card always writes tremendously human characters--when human is used as in "only human" as in weak, far from perfect, etc. This book is no exception. Card's other gift, in his best work, is a tremendous empathy and compassion for his characters. That compassion shows here, and man is it needed. Card has often gone to some dark places in exploring human nature, our many frailties, and the sins and crimes they lead us to. Generally he does so with a tremendous understanding, and he manages to have [...]

Very enjoyable with a few caveats: 1) a touch of the nonsensical creeps in (unless you *want* the mission to fail no scientist in their right mind would allow such overt religious influence); 2)some of the science seems outdated (compare asteroid-as-spaceship in Robinson's 2312 to this tech); and 3) as usual the adult characters are fairly transparent archetypes.Card's frequent themes of the ethics of control and resisting the powers-that-be have a subtler touch here, with more nuance coming fro [...]

Big Orson Scott Card fan, not a big fan of this book. It probably has value as a prequel to a longer series, now that much of second plot is set up by this book.I'll grant that the audio performance was quite good, maybe too realistic when depicting the cries and whines of small children.Even with the fine reading, I just didn't buy most of what amounts to a complete lack of preparation for this endeavor by the ones tasked with it. Many of the characters were just ridiculous and had no place bei [...]

Imagine a time when famous scientists have enhanced animals and/or birds to witness or record what happens around them. This is the case when Lovelock, an enhanced capuchin monkey witnesses for Carol Jean Cocciolone, world famous scientist who will be in charge of a group of experts preparing a world for inhabitation by a colony of people. In the meantime the people who live aboard a spaceship to create community bonding and begin to understand how life will be on the new planet. The tale is tol [...]

I really enjoyed this book on a whole - it really got me to believe in the world he created as if it were true. But why does Orson Scott Card almost always seem to have to add some potty humor? It's like the 11 year old boy in him takes over and writes some unnecessary stuff and throws in some offensive language for good measure. So unnecessary. I sometimes think he throws it in so people realize he's not a typical LDS writer or perhaps he just doesn't want Deseret Book to carry his books so tha [...]

To tell you the truth, I didn't even finish this book. I usually enjoy stories by Orson Scott Card, but this one was just too bizarre and distasteful. One of the main characters is a genetically enhanced capuchin monkey. I hate monkeys. There was one whole passage about how this monkey was trained to feel excruciating pain if he tried to "pleasure himself" and how this made him feel angry towards the human trainers. It was shortly after this section that I decided it wasn't worth my time finishi [...]

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