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Janet Evanovich Leanne Banks

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

  • Title: Hot Stuff
  • Author: Janet Evanovich Leanne Banks
  • ISBN: 9780312941468
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Dear Reader,If you like hot men, hot action and hot attraction you re going to love this HOT new series HOT STUFF introduces Cate Madigan, a Boston native from a large and crazy Irish family Cate has far too much going on to get involved in extracurricular activities, like men and marriage She spends all day in school, earning her teaching degree, and all night workinDear Reader,If you like hot men, hot action and hot attraction you re going to love this HOT new series HOT STUFF introduces Cate Madigan, a Boston native from a large and crazy Irish family Cate has far too much going on to get involved in extracurricular activities, like men and marriage She spends all day in school, earning her teaching degree, and all night working as a bartender in Boston s South End Ex cop Kellen McBride has decided to make Cate s bar his nightly haunt He likes Cate s sassy Irish spirit and wild red hair He also has an ulterior motive for getting close to her Cate has sworn off all things romantic, but when she comes home to a ransacked apartment, a roommate who has flown the coop, and a sleeping bullmastiff named Beast, Cate has no choice but to ask Kellen for help Can Kate resist the charming Kellen McBride while keeping herself out of danger Or will Kellen turn up the heat on Cate and everything in her life We know you ll have a blast with HOT STUFF Janet Evanovich Leanne Banks

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Hot Stuff is the first book in the Cate Madigan series by popular American author Janet Evanovich, written with Leanne Banks (although, to date, some nine years later, no second book has appeared). Cate Madigan is working in a bar and renting a room in the luxurious condo that belongs to the bar’s entertainer, drag-queen Marty Longfellow. When ex-cop Kellen McBride walks into the Bar, the attraction on both sides is immediate, but both Cate and Kellen are wary of involvement. Then Marty disapp [...]

This book was lots of fun to read. It's a screwball romantic comedy, with an assortment of quirky characters, plenty of witty dialogue, some ridiculously funny situations, a bit of a mystery, and a Bullmastiff named Beast.

Hot Stuff Left Me Cold, April 9, 2007 I am a huge Janet Evanovich fan; this is not one of her better stories. The book jacket summary sounded very interesting to me, it had real potential to be a lighthearted, intriguing romance. The book started out decent enough, I immediately liked the main character, Cate, and fell for her and her crazy Irish family. At the same time I was falling for the Madigan's I was introduced to a not so loveable character, Patrick Pugg. This guy is so annoying it real [...]

This was very nearly a DNF for me. I really struggled with forming an attachment to any of the characters. I found the main character, Cate, to have too little common-sense and too much trust in complete strangers. I also thought she was waaaay too naive and kind of dumb. I know this was supposed to be a light-hearted, fluffy read, but I just couldn't get behind ANY of Cate's actions. Also, there was absolutely NO emotional payoff in this book. There is a death in this book, and not one of the c [...]

This was a quick read, very amusing characters and rhetoric. There were some sexy incidents but not overly so. I found myself laughing out loud (which is usual when I read Janet Evanovich). This was a good pairing with Leanne Banks and, if they write another together, sign me up!The main character is a student working as a bartender evenings to pay for her classes/living expenses. She rents a room from a female impersonator who disappears but sends her a big slobbery dog for protection while he' [...]

Just JanetThe book is a typical Janet read. I enjoy her books as they are light hearted and make me smile and laugh.

This was a fun quirky story.

IDK how this book got past me. It was published in 2007 and I usually read Janet Evanovich books soon as they come out. I found out about it and got it right away and read it in a couple days. Its very similar to her Stephanie Plum books. So if you like those, youll like this! Cate Madigan is similar to Stephanie, tho she works at a bar and is studying to be a teacher. Kellen McBride is a private investigate, formerly a cop,,,, so similar to Joe Morelli. There's mystery, suspense, romance and of [...]

I didn't get much read in April with all the travel and visiting I was doing. I was so tired on the flight over that I stuck to sudoku and movie-watching. A fellow passenger gave me a Janet Evanovich book on our way into Portland called Hot Stuff. It was very light reading, even more so than her Stephanie Plum mysteries, but it was cute and funny and suited my mood.

Fun, fluffy read - I needed something quick and entertaining that wouldn't require too much effort and this fit the bill. Liked the fact that it had a dog in it, Beast but thought the character of Pugg (who is not a dog) was a little over the top.

Nice easy read my mom picked up for her trip to Hawaii and then handed off to me because it was about a young girl who lives in Boston who lives with a drag queen in Boston.Can't imagine why she thought it would interest me.

This is a typical Evanovich smut book. You'll laugh out loud many times. Don't know if this is the start to a new series or just a one off. It ended so if there aren't any more, that's fine. No cliffhangers or anything. Quick fun read.

What an adorable book! If I didn't know better, I would think Cate Madigan and Stephanie Plum are twins! They are SO alike it's scary!! =)

Can't make my opinion known until after book club!

I laughed out loud a lot! Don't remember vulgarity in this one (as opposed to the Plum series).

Wish she had more books like this. I really liked this one. She is a great author. Can't wait for the movie.

I'm a big Evanovich fan, and while this isn't her Stephanie Plum character, it was still pretty good.

Great story!! If this is #1 of the Cate Madigan series, where is #2? Need more, please.

I need to start by saying, I read this to get myself away from another book I've been reading that was making me a little crazy (not in a good way) I've never read any of Janet Evanovich's before. I found this one and one other one at a yard sale and decided to give them a go, since several people have recommended them to me. I did enjoy this book, the reason for the three stars is more of a little irritation by the writing (just a few flaws here and there) Other than that, I liked the character [...]

An easy, quick, and light-hearted read, just right for the right mood. One of Evanovich's better co-authored books - with some they aren't humorous and you wonder if she had anything to do with the writing, or was involved "in name only."Irish gal Cate Madigan is a bartender studying to be a teacher, and she lives with a male cross-dressing lounge singer. When Marty Longfellow goes away, a supposed guard dog, bullmastiff Beast, is delivered to her, and then a package arrives from Marty with a be [...]

I love Janet Evanovich, but this wasn't the best. I loved the characters and I loved the signature comedy in it, but I'm used to her characters taking charge of the situation. Cate isn't a weak character but she just gets pulled along with everything that is going on. Kellin is awesome, and a very good fit for Care, he's also a very typical man in most of Evanovich's books. There is only one book, so I can't even say that I hope it gets better as this seems to be a stand alone book. On the upsid [...]

Fast read Started about 2:00 this afternoon and was finished by 6:30 this evening . . . might be the characters I like best from the series I have read so far. Too bad there is only one book in the series :( Guess that doesn't make a series.The characters were starting to form into interesting people . . he theme was similar to the Stephanie Plum Series except this was an Irish family . . 3 boys and 1 girl . . Cate. She has two interesting friends . . one responsible, one a little rough around t [...]

This was an incredibly amusing story! The characters were well written, the dialogue was fun, and the storyline was full of amusing and interesting twists! And I must say, I just adored Julie. Even Pug got to be enjoyable the longer the story went on. This was a cute, fun, easy read and the reader for the audiobook did amazing voices.

3.5 starsthis was probably one of janet's early ones. i liked it was cute, light, quick read & funny. the characters were appealing.when you look this one up online, it says cate madigan #1. But unfortunately, it looks like there was never a #2. that's a shame. i would like to read more about these characters.

I only expected a "fluff read" from this book, but that might have Ben been a bit high expectations. The cheesiest writing ever, with characters that are so fake it's annoying. This author seems so popular, but this was not good.

Cute book. Easy read. However, very predictable. I think I knew half eay through the book how it was going to end.

Easy rom/com/mystery read.

Hilarious book! Enjoyed every minuteFast read and great for summer.

It was entertaining fluff, but exactly the no-thinking-required book I needed over the holidays!

A light humorous romance set in Boston.

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