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  • Title: Foundation
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780756405243
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover

The long awaited brand new novel in the bestselling Valdemar series In this chronicle of the early history of Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey s bestselling world, a thirteenyear old orphan named Magpie escapes a life of slavery in the gem mines when he is chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald Thrust into the center of a legend inThe long awaited brand new novel in the bestselling Valdemar series In this chronicle of the early history of Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey s bestselling world, a thirteenyear old orphan named Magpie escapes a life of slavery in the gem mines when he is chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald Thrust into the center of a legend in the making, Magpie discovers talents he never knew he had and witnesses the founding of the great Heralds Collegium.

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I liked this book - although I read several bad reviews for it on . I want to know what happens next to Mags - and I don't care if they have fondue in Valdemar 500 years before Selenay or play "I Spy" at parties and even - GASP - call it "I Spy". I guess I'm just a Mercedes Lackey junkie. I didn't see the same flaws that had the other reviewers calling it lazy writing - what they pointed out as goof ups or flaws were things that I just accepted as part of the story. I guess that makes me unsophi [...]

Let me start this review with saying I just finished reading this book for the third time, so needless to say I truly love this series. I have been reading Mercedes Lackey for years, I love her earlier work but her stuff in the past ten years or so have just been meh for me. This series makes me believe Lackey found what she was missing, the heart of her stories that Arrows, Winds, Magic, Oath, and By the Sword has. I don’t know if she just couldn’t give up her characters from Winds and just [...]

I'm a Mercedes Lackey fan from way back. I devoured her 'Magic' trilogy and haven't looked back since. This is one fantasy author I continue to buy as soon as her books hit the shelf because I know the story will pull me in and have me cheering for the hero or heroine. Her newest "Foundation" is no exception and as a bonus, it's set in Valdemar!Mags is an orphan who ended up in the hands of a greedy cruel mine owner as a baby. His work in those mines began as soon as he was old enough to stand a [...]

How to write a Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book in Three Easy Steps:Step One: Create a main character who is abused, socially stunted, living in abject poverty, living with religious zealots, or gay. Step Two: Have a Companion choose them.Step Three: Upon arrival in Haven, have them be awkward but keenly observant, picking up on a dastardly plot no one else has noticed, thereby saving the kingdom, while making friends, becoming more secure in their Gifts, and learning a few valuable life lessons al [...]

Well, it's no Magic's Pawn, but none of them ever will be again (let us not dwell on the probability that this is because I will never be twelve again) and in fact it's not a book I'm particularly ashamed of being given in hardcover. It sounds like a new series is being launched with some promising setup -- tension between the Heralds, Bards, and Healers! Herald turning on Herald! Ominous strangers from outside the borders! A certain lack of the preaching to the choir which has been driving me m [...]

Wrócić do Valdemaru to jak wrócić do domu. Do jakiegoś miejsca z dzieciństwa, o którym zapomniałam, a które kiedyś znaczyło dla mnie wszystko. To chyba pierwsza od dawna wydana po polsku powieść Lackey - poprawcie mnie, jeśli się mylę - więc tym bardziej się cieszę, że autorka wróciła na rynek, "Początek" to bardzo typowa Lackey i każdy, kto ją czytał, wie, czego się spodziewać. To opowieść o dorastaniu i odnajdywaniu swojego miejsca w świecie. Głównym bohaterem [...]

Most of Lackey's novels follow an easily seen formula-the character has an unhappy to horrible life until they are Chosen, then everything becomes sparkles and kittens while they solve problems that only their special talents can fix. 'Foundation' is, sadly, not different. Despite this commonality, the plots are usually interesting and well thought out. This book, however, was very disappointing in that area. While character development is desirable, it was too great of a focus, and left little [...]

I liked this a lot, but some clunky patches of writing and a little voice in my head relentlessly whispering "this is stupid" mean that I relegate it to 3 stars.

If you're looking for moral complexity or beautiful prose, you should direct your gaze elsewhere. Mercedes Lackey writes uncomplicated characters, in simple sentences, moving through a world that is entirely black and white. If the protagonist thinks poorly of a character on page seven, by page 307 that character has been revealed as a proud, shallow, child-murdering, power-hungry weasel. Good guys are easily identified when they share their last piece of bread with a starving orphan or put them [...]

I picked this book up at my favorite bookstore - which foolishly provides nice comfy chairs right next to their shelves - and read it in about three sittings. (Yeah, right there in the store. Tsk, tsk!) I'd never read anything by Lackey before, although certainly her name must be familiar to anyone who frequents the sci-fi / fantasy section. I admit what drew me to the book in the first place was the audacity of namimg it "Foundation" (a word never used in the story, as far as I can remember), w [...]

A good start, but something that Lackey has been falling prey to lately is a lot of build-up and not paying it off in a satisfying way. I saw this in her latest Elemental book, and also The Phoenix Unchained.An example from within the book is when Mags goes to a party, and Lackey spends almost two whole pages describing the food. Not necessary. She makes up for this (as always) with her characterization and conflict, but it is mostly unrealized. I assume she intends to finish it up trilogy-style [...]

The Valdemar books are very much comfort reading-it was the first fantasy I every read and liked, back in high school, and I've always had a soft spot for them. The good guys are Very Very Good, the bad guys are Very Very Bad, and there are increasingly more details about life in a medieval(ish) society. overall, fun stuff, but definitely wait for the mass market.

Najlepsze zastosowanie: Mags jest trzynastoletnim chłopcem, pracującym w kopalni. Od małego wraz z dużą liczbą dzieciaków wydobywał kamienie szlachetne — im więcej, tym lepsze jedzenie. Chłopak nigdy nie był najedzony, wyspany ani czysty; dla niego świat zaczynał się i kończył na kopalni. Żył zgodnie z regułami mu wyznaczonymi, nie widział sensu w sprzeciwianiu się, ponieważ nie widział dla siebie innej perspektywy — cóż innego mógłby robić? Może nie uważał swo [...]

I really liked it? I honestly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Someone could say it reads like Harry Potter Valdemar!AU - and that would be true, there are many clear similarities. But I had zero problems with that, the story is nice and well-written. I liked it a lot, and will be re-reading it in the future (while waiting for the next parts of the series)

I recently read Mercedes Lackey's five-volume series The Collegium Chronicles.  The books, in order, are:FoundationIntriguesChangesRedoubt BastionHere, why don't I jot down a few words about the entire series, and not just the first book (no plot spoilers).Lackey is perhaps best known for her long-running series about the fantasy kingdom Valdemar, and this set of five books are her most recent addition to the saga.  The Valdemar books overall don't have to be read in any particular order; the [...]

Either Lackey has lost her magic, or she's just lost her magic for me. This book has a lot in common with "Arrow's of the Queen" in that it's about an abused, disadvantaged youth who is Chosen by one of the mystical Companions of Valdemar and is transported into a new, very different life in the city of Haven. Mags, the protagonist, is certainly not the same person that Talia (protagonist of "Arrows of the Queen") and the tale of Mags finding a new life and a place for himself is all fine and we [...]

Another Valdemar novel set in the time period prior to the Seleny novels but after the Mage Pawn and Griffin series. AS in the early volumes of each trilogy, this is more abbout introducing the characters, and leaves us kind of right in the middle of the story at the end. Its engaging and Mags, the main character seems to have several mysteries that will probably be fleshed out in the later books.Nothing amazing, but another nice little story in the Lackey universe.

Like much of Lackey's recent work. I read 90% of the book learning the detail of the world and the intricacies of the main character (loving both by the way), but only after that 90% did any sort of plot emerge and that was superficial and unfinished. If you're a Lackey fan, give it a try. If you've never read Lackey, this is definitely not the place to start.

i suspect i could have chosen a more exciting valdemar book as my first experience of mercedes lackey's writing but, although not very much happened until the last 50 pages or so, it was still interesting enough and i'll probably read the other books in the series, to see if it picks up.

Work. That is all Mags has even known, work in cold and in hot with no end in sight and very little food. That is until a Herald shows up and takes him away on a white horse called a Companion. Now Mags is never hungry, cold, and is in a place where he belongs. There is one thing that he doesn't know, who his parents are. He has been told that he had bad blood, but the Heralds say that that doesn't matter. His Companion, Dallen, explains things to him through Mindspeech, his Gift. So Mags just l [...]

So I really liked this book! One of my favorite novels of Valdemar is Brightly Burning, and this had many of the aspects of that novel that I liked, although you can tell this one is set up as a series as opposed to a stand alone. It had the lonely, abused boy getting Chosen and his world changing for the better. He struggled with learning the rules at the Collegium, but makes friends and uses his particular gift. At the same time there are events afoot that not even we as readers are privy too, [...]

I first encountered Mercedes Lackey's books at 13, with her "Arrows" trilogy, and she has always had a place on my bookshelves ever since. As I have grown older, I know I can always return to her books for a comfort read, and "Foundation" is no exception. Whilst the writing is quite simplistic (making it feel like a young adult read) it still contains Lackey's beautiful writing skills, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in the story. My major gripes, however, are that most stories rely on [...]

One of my favorite parts of the Valdemar epic saga are the Collegium so I love that there is now an entire series based on them! Foundation is the first in a (so far) five book series set in the Collegium. While Mags is the center of the series from the Herald Collegium, the Bardic and Healer Collegiums are also at play through Mags' two best friends.Mags has spent his childhood as little more than a slave, a paid worker in name only. He has been neglected and abused his entire life and seen tho [...]

3.5 starsRereading ready for Closer to Home Valdemar The Herald Spy 1 (and to be honest I couldn't remember what happened in Bastion or Redoubt which didn't bode well so I thought, "What the heck, full reread, mo-fo!!")I'm a Mercedes Lackey fan - have been for over twenty years now, I was 11 when I first read one. So momentum, nostalgia, everything is on the side of Ms Lackey. I'll admit, recent books have got a bit samey, but I'm a creature of habit - this doesn't bother me, and if it ain't bro [...]

So, this definitely felt like one of those easy to read comfort books that makes you want to curl up and finish in one sitting, with just the right amount of world building so that it doesn't hurt your brain. This may sound like a put down, but I intend it to mean the exact opposite. Sometimes a break from the epic EPICNESS of 800-1000 page fantasy tomes (which I often favor) is well appreciated. Sure this is another of those "chosen young lad rises from the depths of despair" kind of stories, b [...]

Argh, I *liked* this book, but in the end I could only give it three stars, maybe three and a half. Why so?I think the characters made this book for me, and I think they were the only reason I finished it.Other than that, the prose was so simplistic that by the end I was convinced I'd accidentally picked up a young adult book. I see now why other reviewers have called it "comfort reading" and literary junk food.There's too much unnecessary description of food and Valdemarian holidays and so on t [...]

Yet another success from Mercedes Lackey!!!I've seen many arguments about successful authors becoming somewhat formulaic the more they write in a particular genre. While I can understand that viewpoint, I have yet to understand why that is wrong. One uses a "formula"--any formula--because it works.The difference in Lackey's case, and a few other authors in various genres, is that she manages to take this formula and make each telling completely authentic to the tale that she is telling. Her char [...]

When I got this book as a birthday gift I was expecting a fluffy story once I learned the premise is that a young boy is chosen by a magical horse that can communicate with him telepathically. Despite this expectation though I still found the story to be weak. I felt like this book was more of a backstory and an exploration of the setting of a future sequel than an interesting standalone book. I only found the plot interesting after through 2/3 of the book, and the truly exciting action was only [...]

I really enjoy Mercedes Lackey's books, especially her early Valdemar books (the Herald-Mage series and the Oathbreakers series). I so wanted to really like this book and, while I do like "Foundation," it has some serious flaws that prevented me from enjoying the book as much as I would have liked.To begin with, this book takes place shortly after the Herald-Mage series and before all of the other Valdemar books. The writing is vintage Lackey--she writes fluidly and the characters are well drawn [...]

It pains me to say this, because Mercedes Lackey was once one of my favorite authors and I still love some of her earlier books, but this was just awful. It seems that she's become a bit of a novel mill and the quality is really suffering - I haven't read one of her new books that was better than middling in years, and this was the worst one yet.Bad writing. Boring characters. Repetitive stories about things and people we've already heard all about. Worst of all, no plot at all until the final 1 [...]

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