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  • Title: Horizon
  • Author: Scott Westerfeld
  • ISBN: 9780545916776
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover

When a plane crash lands in the arctic, eight young survivors step from the wreckage expecting to see nothing but ice and snow Instead they find themselves lost in a strange jungle with no way to get home and little hope of rescue Food is running out Water is scarce And the jungle is full of threats unlike anything the survivors have ever seen before from razor beakWhen a plane crash lands in the arctic, eight young survivors step from the wreckage expecting to see nothing but ice and snow Instead they find themselves lost in a strange jungle with no way to get home and little hope of rescue Food is running out Water is scarce And the jungle is full of threats unlike anything the survivors have ever seen before from razor beaked shredder birds to carnivorous vines and much, much worse With danger at every turn, these eight kids must learn to work together to survive But cliques and rivalries threaten to tear them apart And not everyone will make it out of the jungle alive.

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Full Disclosure - I'm gonna be biased because I'm writing Book 2, DEADZONE (Coming Sept 12, 2017 - you should definitely check it out!) That said, I signed on to the project before reading this book and once I did, I was beyond excited to be able to contribute to this series. Scott Westerfeld has built a fantastic world in HORIZON - part LOST, part LORD OF THE FLIES, and still a uniquely fast-paced adventure with heart and tension that will burst from the pages.

A sci-fi version of Hatchet?! ALL HAIL SCOTT WESTERFELD.Horizon is the first in an eventual seven book sci-fi survival series each penned by a different famous kidlit author. While flying to Japan, four teens from NYC find themselves stranded after their airplane suddenly crashes. They’re joined by four other teens--8 total survivors--but mysteriously no dead bodies are found in the wreckage. The other passengers have simply VANISHED. And that’s not the strangest thing. Shortly before they c [...]

Zeki insanları okumaya bayılıyorum! Bu zeki insanları böyle bir macera kitabında okumaya ekstra ekstra bayılıyorum! Kitabı övmeye başlamadan önce konusundan bahsedeceğim; Amerika'dan Japonya'ya giden bir uçak Kutupların orada bir anda düşüyor ve bu düşüşten 8 çocuğumuz sağ çıkıyor. Buzların ortasında olmaları gerekirken kendilerini yağmur ormanın ortasında buluyorlar ve bu yağmur ortamında garip bir şeyler var. Aynı zamanda uçakta diğer 500 yolcunun nerede [...]

~Review copy and Westerfeld are a winning combination as both know their target audience. If you're a reader/fan of Westerfeld like I am, you know that his books run the gambit from more Middle School to more High School interest levels and writing style. Books like UGLIES I would say was full on Young Adult fic, whereas HORIZON tends more to Middle School plotting and character development.The story begins with a flight from the US to Japan. The core group of kids are there with their mentor an [...]

sağ olsun bu yazarın bende diğer kitaplarından da varmış. Üstelik merak edip aldığım ama sonra oturup okumaya üşendiğim için kenara kaldırdığım. Şimdi kesinlikle başına oturup okuyacağım. 🙈Ufuk, hitap ettiği yaş kitlesine göre dikkat çekebilecek ve çok rahat, akıcı okunabilecek bir eser. Okurken hep yeğenim okusaydı severdi diye düşündüm. Yatılı okuldan dönüşünde ona hediye ederim artık.🙆Ağır, düşündürecek bir dünyası yok. Lost'un çocukla [...]

Plane crash.jungle.lected few surviveweird / unexplained things happening. ohhhhhh. it brought it all back. "Lost" (TV series).OhhhhhhhhI will never get over 'Lost'. I loved 'Lost'. Really loved 'Lost'. But I will never get over the endingr get over the disappointment.r get over the confusion. I devoted years to following the seriesr missing an episode.ying to untangle the more and more complicated storylines.loving the characterseir names roll off my tongue even nowl these years later.ohhhhh, J [...]

An okay story. But not self-contained. And way too far-fetched. And the characters are mostly all surface, though they have interesting possibilities. Pitched a little younger than I'd like. Basically this book is all implausible setup. Not one of Westerfeld's better ones though still quite readable.

Horizon is the debut middle grade novel for Scott Westerfeld, author of several young adult series including The Uglies. Horizon begins with a mysterious electrical force ripping the top off a plane causing it to crash in a jungle that seems to be located someplace in the arctic. The only survivors are a group of young people, many of whom were on their way to a robotics competition. The adults on the plane are missing, and are presumed to be dead, but with no bodies, it is hard for the kids to [...]

A super fast read, this book is perfect for students who loved The Raft, Adrift, Peak and other similar adventure stories. My main gripe is that it felt like its only purpose was as a giant set up to a lengthy series and so I didn't receive the resolution to the main plot twist I was seeking.Kids age 9-13 will enjoy it, though.

Horizon was a great book that took you on an incredible journey of young teenagers. I enjoyed every part of this book from the begging of there journey to the end where there was a heart wrenching race against time cliff hanger. I look forward to reading the next book in the series " Beyond the Horizon".

E ARC from Edelweiss Above the treelineWhen the plane in which they are traveling is in a freak accident, a group of children are stranded in a rain forest. They are confused, though, because their plane was not traveling anywhere near a tropical climate. Even weirder is the fact that eight of them, as well as the plane, land in the forest, but the rest of the people (including the teacher of a group of them who are on their way to a robotics competition) are missing. Still, there is little time [...]

read this and more reviews on Frayed Books:frayedbooks.wordpressHorizon is a middle-grade book that was pitched as Hatchet meets Lord of the Flies meets Lost. Now, Scott Westerfeld is one of my all time favorite authors so anything written by him, I’m sold. But throw in something about Lost? I’m instantly double give it to me now sold! I’m a die hard Lostie and I will love the show 4ever, so anything that is similar to it – sign me up. Horizon did not disappoint. I’m not usually a fan [...]

This was a pretty good book. It has good plot. I don't think there are a lot of books that include a jungle in the middle of the arctic and devices that can change gravity so I like the new ideas in this book. The creatures that they find are really cool. And I love how Javi tries to name them all! The characters were well written. I liked how there was enough balance between smart and adventurous with each character. The let's-all-think-about-it-first people mixed with the let's-go-explore peop [...]

First sentence: "Next question," Molly said. "How many miles of wire are in this airplane?" Premise/plot: A plane is on its way to Japan and goes down over the Arctic circle. There are survivors--eight, I believe. But of the survivors, none are adults. Four of the survivors are the members of a school team on its way to a robots competition. The others are strangers to Molly, Javi, Anna, and Oliver. Yoshi is on his way home to his father. He doesn't really get along with either parent. And the f [...]

4.5 stars.I was given this book by a YA reader in my life with the insistence that I had to read it. Whoa! From the first page I was hooked. A group of teenagers on their way to a robotics competition in Japan are flying over the Arctic when a mysterious force overtakes their plane, removing everyone but them, and crash-lands it in a jungle, where there are mysterious creatures and plants never seen before. Is it fantasy/paranormal? It's definitely science fiction. It's like Lost, the TV series, [...]

Our story begins with four youth on a trip to Japan to compete in a robotics tournament. Halfway through their flight, while above the Arctic, a strange force seizes the plane and rips the roof off. As blue lightning zips around, people are sucked out into nowhere and the plane then crashes into a jungle.Only eight people survive the crash, the rest of the 400 people have mysteriously disappeared. Besides our four robotics students are two Japanese sisters, a half Japanese/half American boy with [...]

I received this ARC from , not dependent on a review.I don't think that Westerfeld will ever disappoint. This is his debut middle-grade novel, but it comes across as one that can also entertain older YA readers or perhaps even a slightly younger audience. I was quite pleased to find that this book was not too cliché or predictable but rather enjoyable and a fast-paced read that stays intriguing throughout the entirety of the book. This will be a series similar to The 39 Clues series in that the [...]

"Did you do anything useful today, son?""Not much, just learned to fly."Yoshi and six other teenagers are the only survivors in a strange plane crash. They should be freezing to death in the Arctic, but instead, they crashed into a jungle. Everything about the crash is mysterious and odd life surrounds them in this jungle. The laws of physics don't apply here either, and odd technology is found near the crash. Why did they crash, and why are these seven the only ones of the 500 people on the pla [...]

This was a great start to a new(ish) middle school science fiction series written by different YA authors. A plane goes down and a small group of teens are left to survive and figure out where they are and what happened to them. There is a group of engineer students who use their problem solving skills and their science facts to figure out solutions. The group is rounded out with 2 Japanese sisters, a Japanese American boy with his ancient family sword, and a random boy who you know is going to [...]

The first in a series of books written by multiple authors (much like the Infinity Ring and 39 Clues), this is a quick, action-packed read for middle grade readers. There's not a lot of character development or depth of emotion, but there are lots of interesting twists and turns that will keep readers engaged. There's a possible sci-fi element twisted into the adventure, which I think gives the story a little added appeal.

Horizon was a fast read that hooked my attention immediately. Each chapter of the story is told from the perspective of the different characters and was easy to follow despite the back and forth narrative. I realized with about 1/4 of the book left that there was going to be little resolution and the book would end with a cliffhanger and lots of unanswered questions. I look forward to reading the next book in the series but am sorry I have to wait for it!

It's a great MG novel. It is fast paced and an easy read. I had to know what happened! It is the first in a 7 book series.

Fun quick read. I liked the idea of the story and have no clue what’s going on so makes me excited to read book 2. Not 5 stats just because the characters weren’t super interesting, didn’t get too invested into them

I liked this well enough - it kept me interested to find out what happens, but I didn't like that it was the beginning of a series. If I had known, I probably wouldn't have read it.A team of student robot builders, along with 4 others are the only survivors of a plane crash on what appears to be an alien world, but on closer inspection is probably something else.Characters were great and plot was interesting, but it reminded me a little too much of "Lost" and the Stephen King book where the town [...]

Action packed, suspenseful and inventive are words that i would use to describe Scott Westerfeld’s newest book, "Horizon".After a plane crashes in an alien jungle, eight kids are left to fend for themselves, battling alien creatures, finding mysterious technology and discovering the limits of reality.Scott has written a fantastic book where the characters seem to jump off the pages and become real. The ending of this book is a cliffhanger, because this is the beginning of an amazing, detailed [...]

3.75 starsI was given a digital copy of this book, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. There are some things that you should know about this book before you start it. And that is what I am going to tell you. First thing is that this the first in a seven (7!) book series. While the entire series was outlined by Scott Westerfeld, he will not be writing all of the books. This series is written in the way that Spirit Animals, The 39 Clues and The Infinity Ring series was written. Another thing [...]

received an arc from edelweiss . . .This is just cliché, I mean the first events talks about a plane crash (the foreshadowing, if you wanted to call it that) . . . and the characters is the usual kids, the samurai-wielding one, the leader, the science geek, the two non-English speakers, the not trusting-I-must-be-the-leader one . . . so enough of those ones and twos.This reminds me of Cage of Eden - which is manga NOT SUITABLE for children.So the kids are stranded in an unknown place - is it Ea [...]

The story: Five teens crash land in what is supposed to the the Arctic--but find themselves stranded in a tropical jungle filled with predatory animals and plants that are out of this world. Literally. Now they have to use their engineering smarts, as well as their fighting skills, to figure out whether they've been transported to another planetor to another realityor maybe just to another dimension in some mad scientist's insane schemeJune Cleaver's ratings: Language PG; Violence PG-13; Sexual [...]

Review:Protagonists: There are a LOT of characters in this story. On a crashed flight to Japan, eight teens are the only ones who seemed to have survived the wreckage. If their flight path is right they should be in a much colder climate, however, a quick look around shows that they are instead in a dense and odd jungle and a rescue seems unlikely. My biggest problem with this book wasn't the characters themselves, there's a highly diverse cast of characters who each add a special element to thi [...]

Horizon by Scott WesterfieldGrade Level: 4 - 7Lexile Measure: 690Series: Horizon (Book 1)Hardcover: 256 pagesPublisher: Inc. (March 28, 2017)Horizon is a Science Fiction book ala Maze Runner that involves an odd group of robotics geeks on their way to robot soccer games, a half Japanese son of some unknown powerful family with a priceless sword, twin Japanese girls, and an older boy who thinks he should be in charge all trying to survive. These kids crash on a mysterious jungle after the rest o [...]

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