The Destined Omega

M.H. Silver

The Destined Omega

The Destined Omega

  • Title: The Destined Omega
  • Author: M.H. Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Exiled from his family, he ll find love and a new home To keep both he must break a dark curse or die trying Wade is a lone omega werewolf, thrown out of his strict family for breaking their religious rules Searching for other werewolves leads him to a cursed alpha named Kierran Every night this alpha locks himself in his room Every dawn, death follows Warned to sta Exiled from his family, he ll find love and a new home To keep both he must break a dark curse or die trying.Wade is a lone omega werewolf, thrown out of his strict family for breaking their religious rules Searching for other werewolves leads him to a cursed alpha named Kierran Every night this alpha locks himself in his room Every dawn, death follows Warned to stay away, Wade finds himself unable to leave Curiosity keeps him and the desire to break Kierran s curse He s never met someone so alluring and troubled before But no one who falls for this alpha lives to tell the tale He ll have to use everything he knows to break the curse and save both their lives Only an omega s gift can free Kierran from his prison First, he must let Wade into his heart Note the novel contains mpreg or male pregnancy, as well as mentions of mature subject matter Reader discretion is advised.

Recent Comments "The Destined Omega"

Though I enjoyed this story, I didn't love it as much as the other two.I loved the plot, I even liked Kierran and Wade, but their relationship development was not clear. It seemed that it was somehow implied and not that they came to know each other and starting falling for each other. I wish there was some emphasis on how they gravitated toward and warmed up to each other.

I'm really enjoying the books I read from this author! This story especially I enjoyed because it felt fresh and a bit different. I loved that Wade was still a strong, independent character, not the typical omega that so many stories have. And I also loved the complexity of the world building in this one, where Malasin is this desolate place that is literally cursed, and magic is all out of whack and technology doesn't work right. Kierran has been cursed, and was captivated by how it affected ev [...]

I liked it, werewolves, curses, mpreg and the different way things happen in their society. This was a new author for me and can't wait to read more.

First let me say WOW!!! I was blown away by this book. Even though it was darker than I expected, the way it was written perfectly balanced it. Even days later, I still can't find the words to describe how good this book is.

Copy provided for honest reviewIn this story, we meet Wade and Kerrian. Wade is an omega shifter in an extremely religious family where both being a shifter and being gay are unforgivable sins. As such, his family kicks him out. Kerrian is the Alpha of a mysterious estate/land called Malasin. Nothing grows there and Kerrian is at the center of an infamous and lethal curse. Everyone who visits Malasin never lives long and Wade, after stumbling along trying to find Rada, a safe haven, is the next [...]

What else can I say? I liked it!Intriguing but cute tale that began ominously, then got happy, cute and heartwarming, all at the same time. Kieran turns out to be so much more than simply frightening and heartless, as Wade first sees him. Deep down, Wade's well equipped, given his friendship with the late witch Sasha, to rid them of the evil curse, though it takes all of his and Kierran's combined love and determination to come out on top. Great read - definitely deserving of the max five stars. [...]

3.5 out of 5 stars

** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.***note: This books, takes place several years after the first book, The Captured Omega.I'm completely enraptured by the world built in this series. Here we find Wade, an Omega who has been thrown out of his crazy religious (werewolf) family. In his desperate search of other werewolves he stumbles upon a lonely territory said to be cursed. With no other options left, he approaches this 'cursed' place and meets the Alpha, Kierran.He finds hims [...]

It will take this omega’s strength to break the alpha’s curse…This was such an enjoyable read for me, from the first page we meet Wade after he’s been cast out by his family, I could feel my soft spot for him developing. Seeking sanctuary in Malasin, a desolate werewolf territory with skewed magic, his first cryptic encounter with the enigmatic Kierran sets the tone for this book, shrouded in mystery as it is. As the chemistry between the two builds, and we find out more about the traged [...]

Werewolves, witches and curses add in a crazy preacher for a father and you get "Destined Omega" a very interesting and enjoyable book by M.H Silver. The concept of an alpha cursed by his wife with her dying breath was something I've never read about before. I've read books with cursed werewolves before but never nothing this all encompassing. Helen not only cursed her husband, Kierran, but all the lands he owned and any one who he could potentially love. Kierran's despair is so deeply ingrained [...]

In the tradition of dark fairy tales, this story of a curse is delightfully creepy and highly satisfying. The suspense crackles as Wade tries to discover just what the curse is and to desperately find a way to break it. All the looming and despair was just great, without being too heavy-handed. There is plenty of backstory and the author teases it out over the course of the story, giving us more mysteries to wonder over. I liked how complex the solution wound up being, it didn't cheapen the seri [...]

After watching his love Sasha die in their kitchen, Wade fell apart and his wolf took over. His and Sasha grow up together and her house his were he went to every time his father became abusive. Now getting kicked out by his parents because his wolf emerged he ran and hoping to get to Riga but got detoured in a sickly cursed village where only the alpha and an little old lady lived. The whole places is cursed and will killing omega competing to mate.with the alpha, all die, but Wade is determine [...]

Wade is wanting to find his true self and is out of time. He ends up the last place he needs to be. Kierran warns him to leave as soon as possible. It doesn't happen. Wade follows his heart, as he always has and gets into more trouble, but it gives them both the life they deserve, but only after they go through hell first.Amazing story.

Very interesting story. It was a lot different then the normal omega books I've read. I felt bad for the character with his parents. They sucked. lol. It was all good and I enjoyed it a lot. I will be recommending it to my friends and I'm glad I got to review it

KUDidn't impress me at all.

A great story with a slow burn on the love story, it had action and adventure. They grow to love, but there is way more then that. They learn to trust. I was given for a honest review.

An enjoyable read. Different but good.

A story which is based on a curse is more annoying than an interesting story plot.

I loved this book! I loved the build up of this book, the mystery, the romance and even the reveal. I can see this being placed in my re-read category. This is a definite reccomend

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