The Beast

Walter Dean Myers

The Beast

The Beast

  • Title: The Beast
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers
  • ISBN: 9780439368421
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

An exciting, eye catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.Seventen year old Anthony Spoon Witherspoon is returning to Harlem after seven months at an exclusive prep school He never wanted to leave the city in the first place especially not to walk the hallowedAn exciting, eye catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.Seventen year old Anthony Spoon Witherspoon is returning to Harlem after seven months at an exclusive prep school He never wanted to leave the city in the first place especially not to walk the hallowed halls of a mostly white New England school But now that Spoon is back home, he realizes how much he s come to rely on his prep school friends and routine And the one thing he s looking forward to most seeing his girlfriend, Gabi brings him the greatest shock When he left, Gabi was a vibrant young poet Now she s a thin, wasted drug addict Can Spoon help her find her way again

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I've never met a Myers book that I didn't love, but this one just seems off to me. I don't know what my problem with it is, exactly, but let me think it out:1. The main character, Anthony "Spoon" Witherspoon is a black kid from Harlem with rich parents who send him to a Connecticut boarding school for his senior year.I'm not crazy, right? But this is not Myers' typical protagonist. There's no motive given for Spoon leaving his regular school and going off to the fancy-pants new one. It's vague [...]

I expected a lot more from this book than it gave me. Starting on the first page, I knew the book was going to have some ups and downs throughout it. But, I didn't expect it to be so dry. This book shows how drugs 'the beast' can turn your life upside before you know it. Although the book wasn't my favorite, I do feel Myers did a good job with the point of view. The point of view was first person, from Spoon, the main character. The author really connected the reader to what the characters was t [...]

I must say that I really enjoyed reading The Beast. The story takes place in the city of New York so for a southern girl like myself of course it was a bit different for me to get use to the events which occurred in the text. I usually gravitate towards books of this kind, one where there is drama in the midst of the text and can really draw readers into the text. I must say throughout the course of reading the text, the author truly kept me on my toes. Certain events were truly unexpected, and [...]

Anthony Witherspoon goes away to finish out school at the Academy where he is removed from Harlem and life on the streets. After being gone for only a few months Anthony “Spoon” visits his high school love, Gabi, only to find she is more distant from him than he could have imagined. “She seemed so different than she had been, as if she had somehow wound tighter than a person ever should be, as if at any moment she would either spring loose into a thousand parts or stop altogether. Somehow [...]

After reading and reflecting on the book "The Beast”, I really enjoyed it. The author did a great job of making connections between the characters experiences with real life problems. I really liked how I could connect to the book because I’m the same age as Anthony.This story takes place in the streets of Harlem, New York. The main character of the story is a high school boy, who goes by the name of Anthony “Spoon” Witherspoon. Anthony is a great kid who just wants to escape the streets [...]

When I first saw this book I was very intrigued with the tittle: The Beast. The story was about a young boy, Anthony “Spoon” Witherspoon, torn between his old world: his family, childhood friends, and long time lover Gabi and his new and exciting world of prestigious education and intellectual companions. Casting a shadow over the already harsh transitions is “the Beast” that has captured Gabi and made things more difficult for Spoon. I quickly became very interested in this book because [...]

As I find myself reading more and more books, I have to say Walter Dean Myers is starting to become my favorite author with the way he portrays each character, it seems as if you knew them in a past life. The Beast portrays a high school student who has left the ghettos, and his loved ones to go search for better education in a all white prep school. His girlfriend who he though was perfect is addicted to drugs and his best friend has dropped out of school. Spoon is the main character and goes t [...]

This book had such strong feelings, but sometimes the descriptions were distracting or didn't feel like things a real teenager would say. I wanted to keep reading when it ended though!

Myers (Monster ) sketches a provocative picture of an intelligent, likable 16-year-old straddling two worlds: his neighborhood on 145th Street in Harlem and the privileged world of Wallingford, the boarding school where he is spending his senior year. Anthony Witherspoon (or Spoon, as his friends call him) comes from a loving home and has an aspiring-poet girlfriend, Gabi—introduced in the opening chapter, as Spoon departs for Wallingford. In the next chapter, Spoon and his fellow students mak [...]

Literary Analysis for English 2 Honors “The Beast” started out with a boy and a girl saying their goodbyes. The boy, Anthony, was leaving to a new high school away from his girlfriend Gabi. Gabi was hispanic and spoke the spanish language often, sometimes through poetry. Anthony is black and grew up in the ‘hood’, along with Gabi. When he left for school they promised to talk often, to keep in touch. After about two months Gabi stopped replying, her phone was turned off and she never ans [...]

This book dragged. I picked it off my shelves of 'to read' thinking it'd be a quick entrancing book. I have read and loved lots of Walter Dean Myers work so I was stunned when I had to force myself to keep going. I admit I skipped over paragraphs in the book because I couldn't bare to read through them. I felt like my life had been wasted getting through this book. It lacked depth, it felt as if he'd published an outline of an IDEA of a book but forgot to write the actual story itself. Even for [...]

Anthony is an African American teenager who went away from home to go to a white boarding school in New England. His home town is Harlem and came back after 4 months but he found out that the life's of his friends turned out bad. One of his friends dropped out of schools, another one joined a street gang and others became drugs addicts. He also became un certain when he came back home as if he never been there before. Gabi is a good friend of his that they had a thing before him going to new Eng [...]

This was a truly captivating book that had me on my seat the whole time. Myers added the perfect amount of romance and action, and there was no way that you couldn't help feeling incredible sorrow for the characters, despite their mishaps. Description was at a premium, and I myself felt as if I was in Anthony Witherspoon's shoes, living through this catastrophe. I completely loved "The Beast".

1. One thing that the author makes curios about is the tittle. Because I thought it was going to be a horror book but it is love story.2. Something that the main character would never do is to stop thinking about his friends, family, and his girlfriend. Because he studies at New England and all the people he loves live in New York.

I haven't been reading. I hadn't read for two weeks when I decided I had to categorize the stacks of books by my bed. I had picked up this book because it seem small but interesting. It seemed to mock me from its shelf, so I picked it. When I was organizing the books earlier, I was like, I can't return all these books unread, and so I decided to read this one. I said, "Well, hey, it's small. I can finish this by today." Three hours later I was reading the last five pages. Part of me didn't put d [...]

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The Beast by Walter Dean Myers is a great teenage read by one of the best young adult fiction writers. Myers has written over 50 novels of fiction and non-fiction. His gritty, realistic portrayal of war, clashing culture, and adult experiences through the eyes of youth has generated both acclaim and controversy. He has won the Corretta Scott King award, while at the same time, being condemned for the language and adult content of his stories. The Beast is no exception. A young adult novel about [...]

The BeastBy: Walter Dean Myers This book takes place in Harlem and Connecticut. The main characters in this book are Spoon, a teenage boy going to school in Connecticut and Gabi's boyfriend, Gabi, Spoon's girlfriend, and Rafe, Gabi's little brother. In this book Spoon leaves Harlem to go to a school in Connecticut for awhile. He is doing great in school and making friends but he forgets about how things go back in Harlem. When he comes home for Christmas break he thinks everything is normal. Hi [...]

I rated this book 2 out of 5 stars because I did not enjoy it that much. The main reason I did not like The Beast was that I think the story was a little too young for me. If I were in the seventh grade reading this book I would probably have loved it. The basis for the story was good, Gabi getting into drugs, Spoon trying to help her, but the way the situation was described was not detailed enough for me. To me it seemed like Walter Dean Myers put too much effort into trying to tone the drama d [...]

“The Beast” written by Walter Dean Myers Is about your typical love story, but what you don’t know is they are deferent age and one will be going to college and the other will be going to high school. They boy in the relationship leave to college for a couple mouths. He left all his friends and family. When he come back for break he realized that things have changes.I would have to say the main characters are The boy friend and girlfriend plus the girl that he has meet at college. The girl [...]

The beast is a powerful story of love pain and drug abuse. The characters in the story were lost in the over powering tone of life in the worst part of the big city. Myers created characters that were not fully developed and seemed to not be full characters. The main characters personalities and back stories were washed out by the droning on about miniscule things like the color of the leaves and the hum of the city. The author's voice seemed absent from the story and the main character seemed l [...]

This book is one of my favorite books. You can compare this to a real life story. This book talks about how Witherspoon has gone to High school and came back to New york to see his friends and family. Once he gets here he feels different. He doesn't really know what is going on. He feels like if he is on a labyrinth. He decides to go see his girlfriend, Gabi. She was a girl that loved to write poems. She has been acting a bit weird around him. He then finds out that she thinks he doesn't miss he [...]

I read this book as my Urban Realism. This turned out to be a great book. The main character, Anthony Witherspoon ("Spoon"), is leaving Harlem and going to Wallingford Academy to finish High School. He is in his Senior year, and hopes this will help him to get accepted into a nice college to have a better future. Gabi, his one true love, is staying in Harlem and begins to battle family crisis when Spoon leaves. Upon returning for winter break Spoon is nervous and feels he is returning to the unk [...]

I didnt like this book because it 's about love and romance and not really about the beast itself. This boook has good details and i would like to read more about this book. From beginning to end, theres this boy named Anthony and his Girlfriend Gabbi. They are in a relationship but somehow gabi is on drugs meanwhile Anthony is at Wallingford Academy in Connecticut. At first i wondered why would he leave his girlfriend behind and i wonder what gabi might say about the opportunity he has. in the [...]

The Beast by Walter Dean Myers is a great novel for middle school students to read. As a high school senior reading this book I enjoyed the concept and plotting. For me it lacked detail and explaination of some of the interesting things of drug use and Gabi's struggle through it. I felt that the author did go into detail but it seemed to be on the things that were not important to the story. This would be an excellent read for middle school students and those transitioning into high school. Real [...]

The Beast is about a young man (Anthony) who is a senior in high school and at the beginning of the school year his parents send him to a prep school three hours from home. He has a girlfriend who he is very in love with and her name is Gabi. When he leaves for school expects Gabi to write to him often with her beautiful poetry and stay very close. They made many plans but little did he know so much would change. When he comes home for Christmas vacation he finds that Gabi has become a drug addi [...]

I read the book the Beast. I think it was not the kind of book of my interest. But, I was matureenough to read this book. I didn’t know this book was about love when I read the description onthe back of the book, but it was okay.The story in the book was actually good for a love story. I liked how the concept of what onewould do for another person. The book has taught me to put others before yourself and that is away you should live your life with other people that you like. I don’t like how [...]

Summary of book:The book is about a girl and a boy getting together and he had went back to his school and she was in a rehab trying to get off drugs and then at the end she had got her a job at the end of the story and they had said good bye to each other and then they had move on with their life and that was the best thing to me and one last thing he liked Chanelle but he just love Gabi the most though.What I like about the book?This is what I liked about the book he really did care about Gabi [...]

Once I started to read this book I fell right into it. I could barely put it down. I really enjoyed the whole story and everything that was happening. It took me a little while to get why they call the main character "Spoon". However, it didn't take long to finally realize it just had to do with his last name. I didn't exactly know what to expect with this book. I had no idea what "The Beast" was, so, I didn't exactly know what to expect. As I moved on and started reading you quickly learn what [...]

The author Walter Dean Myers,romantic and drama filled book,The Beast, has many "I wonders," "I would like to knows," and "I predicts,". The Beast, takes place in New York and is about a boy named Anthony who is 17 years old,senior in high school,and has a loving girlfriend,Gabi. Gabi's younger brother is gang banging and he's taking on the worst drugs, hypodermic needle, and hiding them in Gabi's dreeser. Gabi's younger brother behave starts to change a she describes him as "The Beast." Anthony [...]

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