27 Truths: Ava's Story

M.J. Fields

27 Truths: Ava's Story

27 Truths: Ava's Story

  • Title: 27 Truths: Ava's Story
  • Author: M.J. Fields
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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From USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes a gripping story of love and it s many truths Ava Links was raised seeing the different sides of love The beautiful and the broken Through it all, she knows the journey she is taking will lead her to the man she is destined to be with The man she has always loved, Luke Lane But as we know, there are no guarantees inFrom USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes a gripping story of love and it s many truths Ava Links was raised seeing the different sides of love The beautiful and the broken Through it all, she knows the journey she is taking will lead her to the man she is destined to be with The man she has always loved, Luke Lane But as we know, there are no guarantees in this world, no promises that can not be broken, and no way you will know what tomorrow brings A note for the readers At present time, this story is slated as a duet In the writing process things change This story has been begging to be told for two years Although not necessary, The Love series, The Wrapped series, and The Burning Souls series can be read before The Truth About Love This is not Steel or Caldwell, but at the core is a strong family just the same It does not promise an HEA or laughs This is heart, heat, and will evoke feelings that are not always pleasant To the lovers of my first works You have been patient You have been persistent The wait is almost over After you read this, please remember you asked for it Love you anyways.

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ARC Received via Netgalley for honest opinionAccording to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflectionThe first line or paragraph must capture my attention I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!My review!If I could have given this book 10 stars I would GIVE it without a blink of an eye! Authors note to readers! OMG I almost cried just reading this! Please note this is not an HEAWell this few sentences blew my mind! And I was hooked! [...]

WHY?????? WHY?????? WHY?????? That's my first thought after reading this book!!Heartbroken. I'm literally trying not to cry while writing this review. I'm valiantly fighting not to turn this review into a rant. I'm still trying to figure out how I've developed such a love/hate connection with this book. I'm still trying to accept the events that transpired in this story.Ava has always been in love with Luke. Ever since she was a little girl wearing her tutu and crown. She found her way by his si [...]

Love is messy. It's pure. It hurts. It heals. It weakens. It fortifies. Ava has an idea of what her life should be like after growing up with who she thought to be her fated love. Luke is not in an emotional place to give her the love she feels in return so they crash and burn pretty epically. Then Ava gets to know the depth and honesty of love in a way that makes her whole. It's amazing to read as she goes through this experience. There was nothing I didn't love about her journey yet, despite k [...]

***4,5 "Snickers"stars***I honestly don't know what to say about this book!!! It overwelmed me in both good and bad wayIt hurt me, it healed me, it made me sad, it made me cry, but it made me smile as well But more than anything else, it wrecked my heart for all our heroes's behalf, especially for Ava, Luke and T.!!!I freakin' loved this story, even when i hated what was happening!!!I couldn't feel in easy with anything in this book In the corner of my mind, i was always having trouble i was alw [...]

****4 STARS****Let me tell you what happened….a shit ton of romance authors got together at the beginning of the year for a little chat. During this chat, it was decided that 3/5 books this year had to have at least one character from each book die. I mean come on! This is getting ridiculous and my soul can’t take it.Where’s my happily ever after? I need an HEA! If you are looking for an HEA just keep it moving because it ain't happening here. :( :( :(Ava had the biggest crush ever on her [...]

****4 Stars****This story took my anxiety to high sky levels. Despite this weird feeling in my gut that something bad would happen at any time, I was completed hooked. No way would I stop reading it. Why do I do this to myself? Because I am twisted and a masochist reader.Who to blame for my nerve wracking state?Ava.Ava was a girl crazy in love with Luke Lane for her whole life, or so she thought. She also thought she could love him for both of them. Until the day he put an end on her dream. Unti [...]

***ARC received via Netgalley in exchange of an honest opinion***Although I enjoyed this book, I feel like I'm missing something. I really like the secondary characters. This is my first book by M.J. Fields and although she has written books about other characters in 27 Truths it can be read as a standalone. We certainly can understand the dynamics. Although now that I finished it, the other books might shed a bit more light or maybe help you relate more to this one.About the main characters. Th [...]

27 Truths captured me instantly and before I knew of it I was already at 35% and I just couldn't put this emotional and captivating story down. It was fast paced but it worked for me and only made me enjoy it even more. This was my first book by MJ Fields and I seriously loved this book. So many things happened and my emotions were all over the place throughout this story. I have to admit that Ava didn't win me over at first. She actually irritated me and I think it was because of her love for L [...]

*** It does not promise an HEA or laughs. This is heart, heat, and will evoke feelings that are not always pleasant *** Um… My opinion is the warning above should have been in bold print with flashing freaking neon lights. Damn!!!! I finished this story late at night, crying my eyes out and staying up tossing and turning. What the… I am totally wrecked and broken by the ending, the pain, and the truth…This author is new to me and I think she is another gem in the ocean thanks to author Kat [...]

4.5 StarsARC won during Shh's Summer Buzz Book Event! Thanks M.J.!Oh my lanta. I have so many feelings after finish this book! I have to wake up for work at 4:30 am and I didn't finish reading 27 Truths until a little after midnight. It was that good. It was worth not sleeping enough. It was worth bawling my heart out into a blanket. Like every Christmas past, Ava is going home to her family, to her friends, to the man she's been in love with since she was a girl and he was a boy. After seven ye [...]

Roxie and Jen's Review2.5 starsWe loved the synopsis for 27 Truths and couldn't wait to dive in. An ugly cry just what we wanted.After meeting Ava, we learn that she is so deeply in love with Luke. She dreams of their fairy tale ending and their life beyond the sunset. Their relationship is unconventional and when Ava is ready to make changes her world is shattered.24 hours later in comes T. He is the perfect Book Boyfriend. But as we read more and more, he was almost too good to be true. We kep [...]

If you've never experienced unrequited love to the point where you let your self down and allowed the rest of your pieces to be drug through the gravel then you might have a hard time understanding this book. Those women lucky enough to have entered and remained in healthy relationships might be outraged that a story like this is actually may be more common than any would like to be. I know this type of love. I've experienced it, and it hurts like hell. If you've never hurt this way you may not [...]

Review by Lisa Kane"You can never steal a girl's inner sparkle no matter how old she is."I am a huge fan of MJ Fields' Love series. I don't think I've ever read a series that had so much angst between a couple (Tessa and Lucas) that spanned over decades. Only after the death of Tessa's husband and Lucas' divorce did the two finally get together and stay together. But you don't have to have read any of the previous stories before you read this one. It can be read as a stand alone. Ava is Lucas' d [...]

27 Truths:Avas story is a book I waited a long time for. I was warned that I may not like what read, I may even dislike the author. Here are my truths about this book. 1. Ava Links fell in love with a boy, a boy that filled her dreams, her fantasies. 2.Ava was crushed by that boy.3. Another boy who has loved Ava since the moment he set eyes on her made her feel all the things that other boy couldn't.4. Ava felt loved and wanted and fell in love the boy who gave her those feelings.5. In one day A [...]

Wowat hurt, and not just a little bit. We have Ava, who from a little girl, loved Luke Lane. She was sure they were fated to be together, so she accepted what little he gave her. Then she got the nerve to tell him how she felt, and he shot her down in the most hurtful way. Enter Thomas, who is THE most beautiful, loving man ever. I will say no more other than to wipe my tears, rehydrate, and scream at how unfair this all turned out.

I honestly don't know if I can give a coherent review right now. I've waited several hours after finishing the book and still I feel broken and completely hungover. This book made me cry, not just cry though, I was balling my eyes out. You know the feeling you get in your chest when it's so heavy because it feels like something is crushing you? Yeah, that kind of crying. This is beauty, agony, heartbreak, and hope all wrapped into one beautiful book. We begged and pleaded for this book and MJ de [...]

4.5 stars! "Love is at its truest when it is mirrored: his to hers and hers to his, theirs together." This is my first MJ Field book. Why haven't I read anything from this woman!?? I don't even knw but after this story I will definitely check them out.Ava, Thomas, and Luke these people love and lovedI was kinda prepared to cry with this book. Damn it I'm still tearing up about it. The worst part was reading this book at work. Le Sigh. "Love is her smile and the way in which it effortlessly makes [...]

Title: 27 Truths: Ava’s StoryAuthor: MJ FieldsSeries: The Truth About Love Series, Book 1Release Date: July 31, 2016Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, DramaPage Count: 200Heat Level:3.5 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:From USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes a gripping story of love and it's many truths. Ava Links was raised seeing the different sides of love. The beautiful and the broken. Through it all, she knows the journey she is taking will lead her to the man she is d [...]

Ava Links always loved Luke Lane - she did. Growing up next door to each other, they shared family ties. Luke Lane was taller bigger and older than Ava Links - he was always protective of her and watched out for her. He treated her like a little princess but that all changed when she went through the "body thing" - boobs, he no longer looked at her like a little girl or treated her like the princess she used to be. Instead he distanced himself from Ava Lane.Luke left Ava and joined the army. One [...]

THIS REVIEW CONTAIN SPOILER SO DON'T READ IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED !!!What I like : - Luke : everyone hate him but not me . I can't wait to read his POV . He is very complex / torture H . I am pretty sure he loves Ava but I don't know why he act like this . He is suffering from PTSD I am sure moreover he tells her he is not good enough that s why he reject her ? . - The writing : This is my first book of this writer and I like how she writes What I don't like :- Indeed T is very kind H [...]

Wow! I Can't even write a review right now. heartbroken and hoping MJ can put My heart back together in the next book. total book hangover. 5+ StarsAll I can say that will do this book any justice is that MJ Fields is a mastermind at totally crushing my heart and making me empathize with characters I may not have liked as much in the past. She can take a supporting character from another book and make their story just blow you away! This is what she has done with Ava's Story and I can't even ima [...]

I had the Absolute Pleasure of reading a ARC of a Book I feel like I would have waited forever for. This is Ava Links Story and no matter how Heart Breaking it was I absolutely loved it. My family was Back I've missed all these incredible character's so so much and MJ Has blessed us by writing a book series of 27 Truths. Ava is and was one of my favorite Characters she always has spunk and loves so hard and is so fiercely loyal . We see everything she goes though good and bad. This was one of th [...]

4 27 Truths Stars Love is brutalLove is beautiful Love is broken Theses are my truthsWhen I started reading 27 Truths i was a little unsure and I was so frustrated by Ava, Is she a grown up or a teenager? At times it was difficult to tell! I think i felt like I was missing out. I should have read a few other series before this one. However as i got into this book that didn't matter. Jesus this book gutted and shattered me to no end. It was heart wrenching and emotional. I finished this book cryi [...]

Didn't like the blurb much less the disclaimer. I roll my eyes at dramatic suspenseful disclaimers. It's a huge turn off for me. And a review I read just confirm my not wanting to read this. And also there's (view spoiler)[a supposed death of a character, not sure, but the way the review was written, I'm pretty sure that's exactly that (hide spoiler)] I admit I am a cold heart when reading books. I'm not easy to be emotional or cry, specially in fiction. So I don't care for these plots.

Megan's Review When reading the blurb I had a vibe that this book was just what I needed. I envisioned a great fall. Both in love and the opposite. I hoped for angst. For deception. For reflection. Hoped for a great turnabout. I was iffy at the start of the prologue. It began with an intertwined family tree that at first, had the feel of telling, but by the end?? The hook? That something that tells you 'ah, what do we have coming' I was all in!! I sort of got what I asked for. It was a 100% whir [...]

5+ STARSI am officially a hot blubbering mess. This story was epically romantic, epically sweet and epically heart wrenching. I am a big fan of MJ Fields and I have fallen for so many of her characters, but I have never felt as much for them as I do for Ava and Thomas. I have to sayis book is BY FAR her best work yet. Ava Links was a princess. She loved her fairytales and she thought wholeheartedly that she knew how her fairytale would end. But fate wasn't as kind to her and she eventually opene [...]

Writing this review, I just want to cry again. From the beginning of this book, it was heartbreaking. I could see where some things were going, and it hurt, and I was angry.Ava is such a sweet character, and I hated seeing bad things happen to her, and continue to happen, and continue to happen. I cried right alongside her and wanted to rip my heart out so the feelings would stop. Luke… My momma always said that, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. ‘Nuff said. Thoma [...]

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O. M. G. the feels so, so many. Happiness, laughter, sadness, tears Shattered. This book shattered me into a million pieces.I'm going to assume there's more to Ava's story because I just can't see it ending for her like that.I loved it! Perfectly delivered, the characterization unquestioningly real and, again. the feels!PS I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

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