The Rana Look

Sandra Brown

The Rana Look

The Rana Look

  • Title: The Rana Look
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9780553576054
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback

The author of forty five New York Times bestselling novels, Sandra Brown is one of the romance world s most acclaimed writers Rendezvous magazine has praised her as a novelist whose larger than life heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful, wild things in life Now, in the classic romantic tradition her fans have come to love, here is another sexy anThe author of forty five New York Times bestselling novels, Sandra Brown is one of the romance world s most acclaimed writers Rendezvous magazine has praised her as a novelist whose larger than life heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful, wild things in life Now, in the classic romantic tradition her fans have come to love, here is another sexy and extraordinary tale of passion the story of a woman who gives up fame and fortuned discovers true love in the last place she expected to find it.The Rana LookThe modeling world called it the Rana Looke exotic, one of a kind allure that only supermodel Rana Ramsey could deliver With her green eyes, olive skin, and wildly lustrous auburn hair, Rana posed for ad campaigns and strutted down runways all over the world, naming her own price to sell everything from cosmetics to women s lingerie But all of that suddenly ended one day when she looked her demanding mother manager in the eye and said, Enough That was the day Rana packed her things and left New York and modeling forever Settling in Miss Ruby s boardinghouse in Galveston, Texas, Rana finds success with her own busines and cultivates a new look to go with her new life Now her beautiful eyes are shielded behind tinted glasses, her famous figure hidden under shapeless dresses, her trademark wild hair falling straight down her back Rana knows she ll never attract a man this way, and that s just fine with her that is, until Ruby s nephew, football star Trent Gamblin, moves in to nurse his injured shoulder Ruggedly handsome, charming, and undeniably charismatic, Trent is the kind of man that Rana finds irresistiblee kind of man she is certain would never look twice at a woman as ordinary as the new Rana.But to her surprise, Trent seems unfazed by her Plain Jane look For he is drawn to a beauty that Rana can t hide He is determined to learn the mystery behind the elusive, reclusive boarder with the secret past To do so, he proposes an unusual pact they will only be friends, nothing .As the days pass, Rana and Trent are drawn together in a sensual idyll unlike anything either of them has ever known But the outside world cannot be kept at bay forever And Rana fears that when Trent learns the truth about her past, he ll feel betrayed and deceived Even worse, he ll never be able to see her as she truly is Then an unexpected tragedy strikes, and the stakes seem higher than ever Now they must look deep into each other s heart to determine if their relationship is just an impossibly erotic dream or a dream of love come true.

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Bless her heart but I am so glad that Ms Brown improved in her writing style. Fairly awful. No really story line. Hot jock, nondescript woman. She has a past she is trying to hide.I think I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here, trying to get my reading challenge done!!Fairly cheesy all around but it was on OK read.

Betapa hebatnya pengaruh sebuah cover, buktinya hanya gara-gara wajah perempuan dengan topeng unik saya tertarik membaca buku terbaru Sandra Brown terbitan Gramedia. Paras Rana, berkisah tentang super model Rana yang mengasingkan di kota kecil dan meneruskan hobi melukisnya. Tidak hanya nama yang ia rubah, penampilanpun berubah drastis. Kaos longgar, celana baggy dan kacamata menjadi andalan utamanya. Penampilan bukanlah segalanya, Rana malah memperoleh kebahagian sejatinya. Hidupnya terlalu lel [...]

Pertama, ini novel tipis SB pertama yang saya puji. :-)Kedua, covernya dibuat oleh orang Indonesia (tdk mengambil dari versi aslinya), dan kok kaya' Luna Maya ya hehehe entah karena kemiripan nama Luna - Rana atau karena si pembuat cover beranggapan bahwa Rana itu mirip Luna. :-)Ketiga, adegan seksnya cukup membuat saya kipas-kipas kepanasan.Keempat, buat cewek: mungkin suka penggambaran fisik Trent Gamblin saat berolahraga dengan hanya mengenakan celana pendek ketat :-)Kelima, agak terganggu de [...]

Short book a little bit silly about supermodel who hiding out with the ugly glasses and clothes. Maybe others people thinking this book ridicilous and predictible. But who cares? I love this storyhahaa so entertaining and make me happy

Gadis cantik yang sadar diri kemudian terobsesi menjadi model? Itu sudah biasa. Tapi seorang supermodel yang enggan mengandalkan penampilannya dan justru mendambakan hidup anonim plus hidup dari bakat seni kreatifnya? Nah itu baru menarik. Berbekal dari hal itu aku mencoba membaca kisah tentang Rana sang supermodel internasional.Melarikan diri dari hingar bingar dunia penuh sorotan, Rana menikmati penyamarannya menjadi gadis kuper anti sosial penuh bakat seni di apartemen sewaan terpencil. Hidup [...]

Audiobook. Ok so this is not one of her mystery books but was still a nice book. It is small compared to her other books. This is a short sweet little romance story. Between a beautiful woman and a cocky man. Trent was a pretty comical guy. I liked how he handled Rana. I loved how she was combating her need for independence. Her mother ugh what a witch. Either way this is a short, nice read. Enjoy

Enjoyed this oldie. Very typical of its time. One thing I was glad of was at the end when everything came out, the hero listened to her explanation and reacted rationally.

Again, fun filled cheese!!! One of the few Sandra Brown books I hadn't read!!! Lol

An oldie but it filled my waiting time,lol!

Rana menyamar jadi Ana perancang anonim di Galveston dari supermodel Internasional.Bosan dan marah pada ibunya yang menjualnya ke laki-laki kaya, Rana melarikan diri dan tinggal di apartemen sewaan nya, hingga dia bertemu dengan Trent Gamblin pemain footbal yang kemenakan Ruby, induk semang rana.Masa menyembuhkan diri dari cedera bahu nya jadi menyenangkan bagi Trent karena dia memiliki kesenangan baru,menggoda miss Ramsay yg buruk rupa,berkacamata dan berpakaian kedodoran.Entah kenapa Trent yg [...]

After listening to the Audio Book of THE RANA LOOK I LOVED IT!! I laughed so hard & I talked back to the characters! If you want to be thoroughly entertained & if you are having one of those days when you want some laughter in your day THE RANA LOOK is sure to PLEASE! I had a great time with the(sweet) HERO TRENT ! Wow what a fun loving wild & keep me laughing type of HUNK! What a treat to have a great feel good story entwined with Love & laughter well combined!

A light fun read from Sandra Brown. I enjoyed this book (audio), it's a quick read, light hearted but deals with the problem of being judged for how you look and not what's inside. If you are looking for a good author to read, you can't go past Sandra.

I just loved how adorable this book was! It was short and sweet and just an overall fun read.

Model cerita Fave gwManiis tapi tersembunyi

setelah selesai baca novel ini, langsung ngerasa ini novel koq flat banget yah, ga kaya novel Sandra Brown yang lain

Very good read. Takes place in Galveston. You can see the scenery due to it's familiarity which brings the story to life.

Good book--more story line than others--but again romance and a bit of mystery

Selama 6 bulan Rana berhasil meninggalkan kehidupan "mewah"nya sebagai model internasional. Ia menjelma menjadi seorang yang menutup diri, tinggal jauh dari New York, menyewa apartemen dan berpakaian layak pemulung. Ruby, wanita tua yang menyewakan rumahnya sebagai apartmen tentu saja mengomentari cara berpakaian Rana, namun tentu saja Rana tidak menanggapinya, karena ia tidak ingin seorangpun tahu mengenai jati diri aslinya, termasuk Ruby yang adalah seorang penggemar fashion. Tapi semua penyam [...]

Nekem nagyon tetszett. Az első Sandra Brown könyv, amit olvastam, de biztos nem az utolsó. A jobb fajta Harlequin történetekre emlékeztető, azoktól kicsit bővebb, éppen ezért talán kidolgozottabb történet.Rana egy híres szupermodell, aki már fél éve visszavonult a szakmától és egy eldugott panzióban él egy idős hölgy, Ruby társaságában, mert megelégelte a felszínes életet, amit az anyja erőltetett rá, és hogy mindenki csak a külseje miatt érdeklődött iránta [...]

The author of forty-five New York Times bestselling novels, Sandra Brown is one of the romance world’s most acclaimed writers. Rendezvous magazine has praised her as a novelist whose “larger than life heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful, wild things in life.” Now, in the classic romantic tradition her fans have come to love, here is another sexy and extraordinary tale of passion—the story of a woman who gives up fame and fortuned discovers true love in the last p [...]

Remember the movie "Love Story" from the 60's, but this one has a much happier ending.

Finished in one day. A good read. Nothing great but enjoyable, easy reading.

Yeahis book was pretty cheesy.

Kesan awal waktu melihat kover novel ini adalah: kovernya bagus! Seorang wanita dengan wajah tertutup topeng separuh yang hanya menampakkan sepasang mata berwarna hijau yang berkarakter kuat. Pemilihan warna kover kali ini cenderung lembut dan feminin.Seperti kebanyakan novel Sandra Brown yang terbit di pertengahan tahun '80-an, novel yang satu ini lebih menawarkan aroma romance yang kental daripada romance-thriller yang menjadi ciri khas Sandra Brown akhir-akhir ini. Walaupun begitu, sebagai pe [...]

Susan seorang wanita yang berambisi untuk menjadi model terkenal. Sayangnya dia tidak memiliki tubuh wajah untuk menunjang impiannya. Beda halnya dengan Rana, putrid semata wayangnya. Tubuh Rana yang semampai, kulit coklat zaitunnya, mata hijau dan tulang pipi menawan menjadikan Rana seorang model papan atas. Banyak produk yang menggunakan wajah dan tubuhnya sebagai brand image. Susan menaruh semua harapannya pada Rana, dan menikmati kemewahan yang diperolehnya lewat Rana. Akan tetapi, tidak dem [...]

sepertinya gue bakal baca ini dulu dehweekend gini lebih enak baca novel yang santai; mudah dimengerti jalan ceritanya dan pasti seru. Berharap begitu:-))ada yang sudah baca buku ini?2 orang terkenal yang disatukan dalam 1 frame kehidupan yang bertemu di sebuah rumah milik janda tua bernama Ruby. Rana Ramsey, seorang model terkenal, merasa muak dengan segala aksesoris yang dilekatkan dikehidupannya. Dia mesti berpose sesuai kehendak orang lain tetapi tidak satupun mengerti dirinya. Punya banyak [...]

3 ½ stars. Fluffy, fun, lovely story. I liked a guy falling in love with an unattractive girl. It’s on the short sideVIEWER’S OPINION:I enjoyed it. It’s a feel good story. I liked someone in disguise and a couple getting to know each other based on what’s inside not outside. I’m glad there was no big misunderstanding. There was some conflict when he learned her true identity, but it wasn’t drawn out into a long, frustrating separation. There are some sex scenes, but they are done wi [...]

Kehidupan baru Rana terganggu.Dia mempunyai tetangga baru di rumah Ruby Bailey, dimana tempat tinggalnya sekarang, dia tidak mengira pendatang baru itu berwajah tampan, bertubuh kekar, pokoknya napsu deh kalau ngeliatnya ;p, dia adalah pemain football profesional sekaligus keponakan empunya apartemen, Trent Gablin. Dia pindah ke kota yang tidak terkenal itu demi masa penyembuhan bahunya yang cedera, sedangkan Rana bertujuan untuk menyembunyikan identitasnya, merasa lelah dengan kehidupan supermo [...]

Sandra Brown is a legend. Honestly, the synopsis for this book starts with “the author of forty-five New York Times bestselling novels”. You can’t really go wrong with picking up any Sandra Brown book if you are looking for a quick escape, especially with her oldies (but goodies). Her newer novels are definitely more formulated, with infinitely more complex plots and mystery, but I can’t help but fall back on her old romances, they’ve developed a king of nostalgic feeling behind them f [...]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any book below 250/300 pages, is in want of some more development.I never expected that this novel would blow my world, because it didn't have the length to guarentee proper character development or progression of the romance. The premise was actually rather okay. Your washed up - perhaps a harsh term but I really disliked Trent - football player searching for some R&R time, and a model trying to escape the flashy world that he adores. Perfect! Hid [...]

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