Illicit Passion

Sarah Stuart

Illicit Passion

Illicit Passion

  • Title: Illicit Passion
  • Author: Sarah Stuart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0157DGA2G.Broadway superstar, Lisette Marsh, flees to Paris and joins her father, Michael, for a concert tour Michael discovers she is being blackmailed, for money and perverted sex, with threats to reveal that she had his baby eighteen years before He gambles his career, and his liberty, to discredit the paparazzi fuelled scandal TheiAlternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0157DGA2G.Broadway superstar, Lisette Marsh, flees to Paris and joins her father, Michael, for a concert tour Michael discovers she is being blackmailed, for money and perverted sex, with threats to reveal that she had his baby eighteen years before He gambles his career, and his liberty, to discredit the paparazzi fuelled scandal Their lovechild, Harriet, discovers the truth about her about her parentage and vanishes The man behind the blackmail sends ransom demands, so did Harriet leave her London home of her own freewill or was she kidnapped Will the Catholic Marsh family unite behind Michael and save Lisette or must she return to the man she fears 6,000,000 or you get her body, darling.

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I hope the author won't mind my describing this book as a great soap opera, centred around the lives of a glitzy and theatrical family. It reminded me of elements of Dallas and books by Harold Robbins but at the same time remained uniquely different. It is the first book I have ever read where the taboo of incest was at the heart of the story but I thought the author handled it really well, not sensationalising it but simply making it integral to the plot, which is full of suspense. The characte [...]

I wasn't aware the this was a second book when I chose it but it didn't matter as this easily stands on its own. The characters are so well drawn they are alive. Although the story is about a difficult topic, it is handled carefully and with a great deal of compassion. A look at this family portrayed gives deep insights into how they ended up where they did and why they will now react in a certain way. I think I felt most sympathy for Lisette as she had to go through so much. The storyline was v [...]

“Illicit Passion” is one of those stories you won’t be able to put down. Once I plunged into the world of show-biz with its twisted secrets, drama, blackmail and passion, I wasn’t able to stop reading this riveting story because I just had to know how it all would end. What I appreciated the most about this unconventional story is the extremely believable, multi-dimensional characters, with a whole spectrum of human emotions that can’t help but resonate with the reader. Another major p [...]

I had read and thoroughly enjoyed 'Dangerous Liaisons', the first 'Royal Command' novel, so I was fairly confident that I would enjoy this sequel too. As it happens, I think 'Illicit Passion' is even better!Time has passed and Michael and Lizzie, who were teenagers at the start of 'Dangerous Liaisons' are now in their fifties. Their children Lisette and James are now in their thirties and the younger children, Harriet and Kit are eighteen and Greta, the youngest, is eleven. One of the most satis [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed Dangerous Liaisons and didn’t think anything could match it, or in fact how the author could carry the characters and the story forward to another novel.Sarah Stuart did, and she has done it in such a way it can be read as a standalone. Within the narrative the back drop to the previous story comes through with clarity. It wasn’t repetitive for a reader of her first book, Stuart reminds readers in a subtle way where the story left off and the characters we met Dangerous [...]

Suspense!Intense is how I would describe Illicit Passion in one word. It drew me in from the start and I practically held my breath as I read it. Even when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. What would happen next – to Michael, to Lisette, to Harriet? Would Michael and Lizzie’s love hold strong, would Lisette break free of the chains which held her, what would happen to Kit and Harriet, to Greta? Where were Isla and Bob? Sarah managed to sustain the suspense that captured me fro [...]

I couldn’t wait to read this book as the first in the series, Dangerous Liaisons, kept me turning page after page. Illicit Passions didn’t disappoint. The characters are well-rounded, making them very real and I felt as though I had fallen into the scenes. Vivid imagery, lots of action and suspense coupled with a unique storyline kept me gripped from the very first page. The story follows on from the first book, which sees how a dangerous liaison catches up with the superstar, Michael Marsh, [...]

For lovers of family sagas with a host of compelling characters and surprising plot twists, Sarah Stuart has crafted a story of betrayal and revenge. Luckily for this family of talented and highly strung musical theatre stars, blood is thicker than water; when the chips are down they come together to protect their own. The story moves from the elegance of a grand European concert hall to the sleaze of a London knocking shop with ease. A stately mansion in the Scottish wilderness is thrown in for [...]

I've been waiting for this book since I read Dangerous Liaisons - I couldn't see how a sequel was possible! It is, and it's incredible. I would have enjoyed it if I'd never read the first book - Sarah Stuart dives straight in, introducing BLACKMAIL in the prologue! After that the action never stops, and this time it's Harriet who gets in trouble following the instruction to "find love" in Queen Margaret's Book of Hours and falling for the one man she shouldn't!It's difficult to say much without [...]

Having read Dangerous Liaisons and been bowled over by Michael and Lizzie’s antics, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Illicit Passions. The answer is more of the same only better. Yes, there is a lot of sex, and it has a controversial storyline, but the author tells the story so well, it all seems acceptable. Basically the story is about a theatrical family and their amazing lives. It reminded me of Jackie Collins, Jacqueline Susann at the their best. It’s a bit of a posh soap opera but it [...]

Have not yet read the first book in the series, Dangerous Liaisons but did not feel in any way that I was missing elements of the story or the characters. Full of twists and turns I had no idea where the story was leading especially as it involved the questionable paternity of Lisette's daughter, complete with threats and blackmail that followed and plagued her at every turn. Highly intense and dramatic, the writing is raw and visceral. This is a story that engages and doesn't let up from the ve [...]

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Illicit Passion, Stuart's second installment of the superstar Marsh family, builds on and improves even the exciting story we were first introduced to in Dangerous Liaisons. The web of deceit so intricately woven in book one grows even deeper, more tangled, and harder to control, for Michael Marsh, in book two. I think it is fair to say the second iteration of this story is actually superior to the first. Stuart is growing as a [...]

I enjoyed this book for three reasons. One – It is a compelling story; Two – I never knew what the next twist would be and Sarah continuously surprised me; Three- It is well-written with everything from raw unfiltered sex, blackmail and kidnapping to tender hearts The Book of Hours is a diary passed down through many generations in the female lineage of Queen Margaret of Scotland from the 1400s. The message to each one is the same – to find love where you may and that love is a gift from G [...]

Passion, blackmail, exploitation and isolation drive this well crafted tale of love and passion. Illicit Passion is an intense look inside family passions and rivalry. With the dysfunction around an incestuous affair long in the past still driving the family dynamics, Michael and Lizzy fight to rescue their eldest daughter from the sadistic man who is blackmailing her. The ramifications of incest and adultery resurface in the younger generation when Kit and Harriet who have lived as twins, but a [...]

I enjoyed this book for so many reasons. It was filled with drama, one juicy twist after another. It had mystery and action, the plot thickening at every twist and turn. The author tackles a controversial topic -- incest -- but she handled it so well, and I admired her guts for the way she wrote the story. She didn't condone incest, but she managed the topic in a way that felt real and believable. Also, I had no idea I was reading the second book of a series until I saw the first book online. Bu [...]

4.5 rounded to 5.A unique story and a very unusual blend of genres, contemporary drama, celebrity soap opera, romance, a hint of YA, a touch of history and in the last third a thriller. Wow there was a lot going on.I'd especially recommend this book to people who enjoy following celebrity gossip and glitzy soap dramas who are interested in having a peek behind the scenes of the rich and famous but be aware some of the relationships are outside of conventionally acceptable range. Although a seque [...]

I read many types of books beyond my normal interests not so much for the story line but to see how the writer strings their words together. I very seldom read romances as most of them bore me. When a friend asked me if I was interested in reading a romantic book that was not the norm, and being in between books, I said why not and purchased ILLICIT PASSION feeling I would read a few pages and then forget about it. I was completely wrong. The novel captured my attention. Although the novel is se [...]

LOVE, FAMILY TRYSTS, MARRIAGE, BLACKMAIL & DEATH -- THIS BOOK HAS IT ALLLizzie's son, Kit (from her affair with her boss, Clement) and Lisette's daughter, Harriett (from her affair with her father) have been raised as twins. Problems for the family, however, once again raise its head when Harriet is gifted the 'Book of Hours' on her fourteenth birthday, and Lisette is blackmailed, sexually abused and raped.Although, many people shy away from reading or talking about interrelationships in fam [...]

FOOD FOR THOUGHTI admit to being a little lost at the start of the book, as the tangled web of this dysfunctional family was tricky to figure out. As this is the second in the series, I would recommend reading the books in order. Once I did work it all out, I settled down to enjoy a really good story with plenty of twists and turns and a few surprises. I was not sure which character to identify with as there were so many of them! The characters were portrayed as very human, full of worries and f [...]

Having read and loved Dangerous Liaisons I was waiting for the sequel with bated breath. Would Michael and Lizzie's indescretions come back to haunt them? Showbiz superstar Michael Marsh, who shocked readers with his scandalous betrayal of his beloved wife, Lizzie, is back in Illicit Passion. Two decades on from his, and Lizzie’s, “Dangerous Liaisons” he discovers that Kevin Tyrone, with whom he crossed swords years before, has a hold over their eldest daughter, Lisette. Once again, it’s [...]

I won't delve into the story by restating what has already been written. I will simply state my opinion on the work which I read in two days. It's complicated, the cast of characters constantly evolving as a drama of significant proportion is forced upon a family who are living the life, and are, at the same time embroiled in relationships that breach convention. Sarah Stuart manages beautifully to keep it all rolling along, bringing order through her ability to keep the drama interesting right [...]

The book starts off with a great dramatic blackmail scene that relates the parentage of an illicit child, then moves forward a few years and then jumps even further. The narrative that follows focuses on sibling rivalvry and the deciphering of a text, several hundred years old, and parallels of events in the distant past and the present.I applaud the author for tackling a serious and taboo issue, such as incest, and for her gift to write great drama. I personally didn't get the links to the past [...]

I have read Dangerous Liaisons and I was looking forward to the sequel and Sarah didn’t disappoint. Not only did she make a smooth transition but you can actually read the books as standalone and you almost wouldn’t know there are two books.We meet again Michael, Lizzie and the rest of the group from the first book. Sarah’s characters still jump off the page and she did such a great job complicating their already complicated lives.The plot is interesting and the writing exquisite. Highly r [...]

Hot, sexy, mystery, suspence - a wonderful mix of all of these!I enjoyed every moment of of this book, and I actually didn't realise it was the second in a series - so that was a good thing - as I've not yet read the first book (but now I will have to)Well written, great characters and keeps you turning pages until the very end! Everything you need in a great read!

kept me reading far too late into the night. The characters were were well drawn, so much so that my dislike of the father is still quite vivid this morning. Obviously the author caught my attention. There are more than enough twists in this to keep you reading. Make sure your device is fully charged before you start

I have a pinned tweet at the moment with a banner that reads "The price of temptation must be paid, but who will pay it?" The question in body of the tweet is: "Will it be paid in Dollars, Disgrace, or Death?"Illicit Passion was a sequel that had to be written: it almost wrote itself. Without using spoilers for anyone who has not yet read Dangerous Liaisons, the first book in the Royal Command series, all I shall add is the way Michael, Lizzie and Lisette dealt with their "troubles" was bound to [...]

Another great read from Sarah Stuart. I wasn’t sure how she would improve on the first one but she managed to exceed all my expectations. Illicit Passions is a very entertaining book set in a surreal celebrity world. It is a true drama filled with complex emotions, sex, lies, betrayal and much more compelling you to read on. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Double Wow!This author has turned out the wildest plot I've ever read. A world famous family, descended from royal blood, in the most twisted affairs of the heart. Sarah Stuart makes it all work.Adding suspense and horror to this book is a sadist that wishes to totally control one of the main characters. I don't want to issue any spoilers to this twisty-turny plot, but suffice it to say there is never a dull moment.Have fun with this book.

Mature ThemesHarriet is in love. She adores Kit. He’s handsome, talented, and… forbidden. It’s Love with Chains.Sarah Stuart takes on a topic usually spoken of in hushed tones. The story is fast paced, with lots of action and steam. Illicit Passion takes the reader into a different world, in which all that glitters isn’t gold.

Illicit Passion takes the reader into the secret lives of stage royalty. Stuart masterfully shows incest at its most warped. The novel is sinfully hot, but does show the consequences of incest in the character, Harriet--my favorite.If you're looking for a hot read that's low on morality, I suggest Illicit Passion by Sarah Stuart.

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