Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World

Steve Jenkins Robin Page

Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World

Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World

  • Title: Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World
  • Author: Steve Jenkins Robin Page
  • ISBN: 9780618375967
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover

The award winning team of What Do You Do with a Tail Like This and Move once again create a nonfiction picture book that is amazingly beautiful, fun, and filled with all sorts of interesting facts Here, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page investigate sibling relationships throughout the animal kingdom In this book you will learn that anteaters are always only children and ninThe award winning team of What Do You Do with a Tail Like This and Move once again create a nonfiction picture book that is amazingly beautiful, fun, and filled with all sorts of interesting facts Here, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page investigate sibling relationships throughout the animal kingdom In this book you will learn that anteaters are always only children and nine banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets You will also learn that falcons play hunt in the sky and that hyena cubs fight to the death This is the perfect book for animal lovers young and old

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This book is an excellent example of children’s informational literature for age groups from about preschool to third or fourth grade. Although intended for younger readers it also captures the attention of higher level children. Clear, direct, and easily understood text accompanied by captivating illustrations give kids an opportunity to learn while still being entertained. These elements contribute largely to the appropriateness for the intended audience; however, they are not the sole facto [...]

This book provides a unique perspective on animal and family relationships. It takes a look at animals and how they treat their siblings. It provides an overview of their relationship dynamics and if they are strangers, best friends, helpers, or rivals. the pictures are child friendly and help keep younger readers engaged. On top of the detailed description it also has emphasized text that sums up what is going on in the illustration and the overall dynamic between the siblings. I think this is [...]

Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationship sin the Animal World by Robin page• This is a great addition for any animal lover! This book tells stories of animals and their relationships, the good the bad and the ugly. Some cubs fight to the death! Some birds pretend to hunt as they play. It is a great way for children to understand more about animals in a fun way.• Teachers may use this for science, English• Grades 2-4• Individual students will enjoy learning more about animals from this [...]

Sisters and Brothers was a take on the animal world that is not normally explored in literature, and it's a shame that this angle hasn't been looked at more closely before. Kids generally like stories about animals, and kids who have siblings, as my niece and nephew do, may find extra enjoyment learning about the sibling relationships among animals.What was especially interesting about Sisters and Brothers was the diversity of the animals covered. Myna birds, anteaters, shrews, and grebes (among [...]

This book explains the interactions that animals have among their siblings in the wild. It entails any form of family in the wild, relating to one sibling or to many siblings that have never even met. This book is very family oriented, allowing students, with or without siblings of their own, to compare how they interact with the people they love, or care about. This book can be geared towards culture. Different species interact differently, just as different cultures interact among their family [...]

Find out how brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom get along. Some will stick together for life. Some have very specific roles growing up. And some will try to eat or hurt each other.A fascinating look at siblings in the animal kingdom. Jenkins does a great job giving a broad survey of different kinds of relationships and settings siblings can have, from different types of critters to numbers to how they get along. The illustrations are eye-catching, and as always in Jenkins' books, there's [...]

I think I have a favorite non-fiction favorite author. It is Robin Page and Steven Jenkins! I have even nominated one of their books for the Utah Beehive Book award. They are the best animal children's non-fiction I have seen. Historical non-fiction, Deborah Hopkinson wins!I love the pictures, the sibling information was fascinating! Just lots of funever I think Shrew(which aren't rodents but look like rodents) are on my eeek list. GROSS!

Kids LOVE this book! Amazing collage illustrations, succinct information, fascinating/amusing/horrifying tidbits to get kids' attention. And of course, they can relate to many of the relationships described.

I grabbed this book because of the elephants on the front. They're my favorite, so I thought this book would be all about elephants. However, I was in for a nice surprise. This book was all about different kinds of animals and the sibling relationships they had! It did start with the elephants, but it also talked about lions, bugs, and even bats! I thought the illustrations in this book were fine. Nothing to complain about, but also nothing to rant and rave about. They looked nice, but could be [...]

This books talks about all the different types of sibling relationships that can be found in the animal kingdom. It gives examples of animals who are an only child, animals who have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of siblings, animals who have intense rivalries with their siblings, and siblings who are together for life. The book is full of facts about the way each animal lives and the special relationships they have with their families.This book was very interesting and I enjoyed reading [...]

This books entails different animal relationships with their siblings. The bats are similar to tiwns as they cleave to their mother during the 1st four months of life. The whiptail lizards are only females as there are no males in the whiptail family. Wild turkeys brothers stick together to help attract female turkeys. lesson: summarizing: we will discuss how the animals relationships as brothers and sisters

Sisters and brothers is a great book that explores animals' relationships with their siblings in nature. On each page, a different species is introduced, and their unique relationship with their sibling is explored. It is educational and factually correct, so this would be a great book to use for science education in a classroom. I also think that it would be fun for parents to read to their children. I think that a good age range for this book is 4-8.

Genre: Informational Grade level: Lower/Intermediate/UpperHaving siblings can sometimes be difficult, for people and animals! This is a great book to showcase specific animal/sibling relationships! It is a good book for all ages because it is very informational.

Sisters and Brothers (2008) Written by Steve Jenkins and Robin PageThis informational text deals with sibling relationships in the real world. It discusses the characteristics and fun facts of different animals like spotted hyenas, black widow spiders, nine-banded armadillos, grizzly bears and more. The families of these animals, specifically the sibling relationships, are brought up. For instance, New Mexico whiptail lizards have only sisters while Wild turkey brothers are lifelong companions. [...]

Sisters & Brothers explore the unique relationships of animals and their siblings. Steve Jenkins and Robin Page starts by telling that animal siblings can be like human siblings. Then he goes through different types of families and how they work starting with African elephants whose older sisters can be like built in babysitters. After a few more animals that are born in specific patterns, he moves in a section on how they treat one another and then into different family types. Each page lay [...]

Sisters & Brothers by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page is a wonderful book about sibling relationships in the animal world. In Sisters & Brothers, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page investigate and explain the sibling relationships throughout the animal kingdom. In the book, readers will learn about anteaters and how they are always only (single) children and how armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets. This book can touch the hearts of animal lovers whether they are young or old. The [...]

This book was not my first choice, but I actually very much enjoyed it. Although a somewhat random collection of various animals, it remains focused on the sibling aspect of each species discussed. The pictures were accompanied by stylized phrases pertaining to the animal. I found it to likely capture the attention of a smaller child while a parent or older sibling could read the longer passage. Colors in headings were coordinated with the shades within the illustration on the page. Each species [...]

In this incredible book, author Steve Jenkins discusses the unique relationship between animal siblings in the wild. He describes and explains in great detail the different types of animals and how their relationships with their siblings and even their moms or dads are different from us as humans. Each animal is depicted with the most lifelike images. I learned so much information about new animals that I did not know much about and then I learned more about animals that I already knew some info [...]

Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World presents all kinds of information and fun facts about animal siblings. For example, did you know that nine-banded armadillos are ALWAYS born as identical quadruplets? Well, did ya? I bet you didn't know that there are no male New Mexico whiptail lizards or that cheetah brothers hunt together throughout their lives while the sisters separate from their families when they're two years old to start their own. Pretty cool, huh?The book [...]

From Booklist*Starred Review* Most talk about animal families focuses on the parent-child relationship, but this riveting picture book, illustrated in Jenkins’ signature style, is packed with amazing facts about how young animals nurture one other or compete for survival and leave home. Depicted in crisp, gorgeous, cut-and-torn–paper collages set against lots of white space, the subjects range from female African elephants that stay with the herd and help take care of their younger siblings, [...]

If you are looking for a cleaver way to talk about siblings while covering a variety of facts on animals from around the world, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page have it covered for you! This short picture book delivers a brief introduction of how over twenty animals are born and how they survive with family members. Although details are concise it is clearly stated. The author also provides additional facts on each animal at the end of the book. The additional facts would help any primary student ge [...]

Steve Jenkins’ signature collage-style artwork depicts animal siblings with a heading and a slogan for each in this nonfiction picture book. The heading for the New Mexico whiptail lizards is “Sisters.” The slogan is, “Girls rule!” Did you know that all whiptales are female and that all whiptails in a community are identical clones of one another? A paragraph of fascinating information about each animal is also included. Twenty-one different animal brothers and sisters are introduced, [...]

This animal sibling book of wonder features 19 different species of animals from elephants to beavers. It tells funny facts like nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets. Or that cheetah brothers hunt together for life, while the sisters leave their family when they are two years old to start their own family. The illustrations are made up of cut and torn paper collages which gives the book its added uniqueness. This book is for all ages of children because even if the you [...]

I loved this book! And so did my children. This book is full of fun facts about different animals, insects, and birds and their relationship between siblings. My kids really enjoyed the colorful, block-like, collage pictures. It was fun to read about animals you recognized, but maybe didn't know a particular fact about them. Did you know that armadillos always have quadruplet clones?! Additionally, they had a fun facts page at the end of the book that further listed some interesting things about [...]

Did you know that black widow brothers and sisters are cannibals and eat each other up? What about that wild turkey brothers are friends for life? Or that some types of lizards *only* have sisters-- never any brothers? Kids can learn these fascinating facts and more in "Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World". Glad I'm not a spotted hyena, because my battles with my siblings can often be to the death. But I would love to be a baby cichlid (sick-lid) fish whose mama sets [...]

So many cool facts and of course, the Jenkins' popular signature collages. But I do have a few concerns:notes to self:The conversion from pounds to kg's is wrong for the birth weight of the elephants index and no page numbersIt's mentioned that the New Mexico Whiptail Lizards do not need to mate to reproduce -- but never explained how they actually come up with the next generations!

Steve Jenkins again because I love his books! This one is about siblins in the animal world. I thought it was fascinating. Nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets, and New Mexico whiptail lizards have only sisters! Once again, the illustrations are awesome, and kids will have fun learning about animal families. It would be fun to use as a writing launch for their own sibling stories. Maybe as a companion to The Pain and the Great One?

Some animals eat their brothers and sisters. Some animal siblings live together and remain friends for life. Some animals have "step-siblings". Some animals babysit their younger siblings. This is a perfect book for young animal lovers or kids who have siblings. Sibling facts are presented about a bunch of animals, accompanied by paper collage illustrations. At the end of the book, more facts about each animal are presented. An interesting look into the animal kingdom.

Sibling relationships in the rest of the animal world are just as varied as human relationships between sisters and brothers! Did you know that nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets? In addition to great descriptions of sibling relationships are wonderful cut and torn paper illustrations. My favorite illustrations are those of Nile crocodiles and wild turkeys. You can browse this book for your favorite animals or read it end-to-end.

A simple book about the relationships of brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. We learned some interesting things but when it comes to informational books I really prefer actual photographs as opposed to illustrations and the students I polled felt the same way. The votes are as follows: Loved it=169, Liked it=41, Didn't like it=50.

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