Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers

Christina Collie

Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers

Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers

  • Title: Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers
  • Author: Christina Collie
  • ISBN: 9781455598687
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

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Fall in love all over again with this adult coloring book featuring 45 hand drawn illustrations inspired by romance novels from bestselling writers Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd, S.C Stephens, Abbi Glines, K Bromberg, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sit back, grab your pens and markers, and get ready to explore LOVE BETWEEN THE LINES.In the pages of this book you will find DesFall in love all over again with this adult coloring book featuring 45 hand drawn illustrations inspired by romance novels from bestselling writers Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd, S.C Stephens, Abbi Glines, K Bromberg, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sit back, grab your pens and markers, and get ready to explore LOVE BETWEEN THE LINES.In the pages of this book you will find Designs to help you relax and reduce stress Hidden images and book quotes Each design printed on a separate page Elaborate drawings s as well as quickie pages for when you just have a few minutes to color Illustrations inspired by the works of Anna Todd, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Colleen Hoover, S.C Stephens, Abbi Glines, K Bromberg, Claire Contreras, Jillian Dodd, Amy Harmon, Tiffany King, R.K Lilley, Molly McAdams, Tara Sivec, Alessandra Torre, Mia Sheridan, J Sterling, Katy Evans, Emma Chase, S.L Jennings, K.A Linde, Beth Ehemann, Tarryn Fisher, Karina Halle, Helena Hunting, Leisa Rayven, Madeline Sheehan, and K A Tucker

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NOW AVAILABLE!**Barnes & Noble*Books-a-Million*I've started to see these adult coloring books pop up everywhere lately and after getting this one I now know why. Because they are brilliant! I am not ashamed at all to admit I still love coloring just as much as I did when I was little but this book is ten times better than coloring one of my niece's Disney books. What makes it even cooler is the fact that most of the pages have to do with books! Perfect for an avid reader and any romance love [...]

An epic adult coloring book for readers of romance! There are so many fun designs from many authors I love, plus a few book-lover pages that aren't author specific. I colored one of a more simple designs/doodles (as you can see above) to make sure that my markers didn't bleed through to the next page. That happens A LOT. I'm happy to report that there is zero bleeding in this one. Christina's doodles are always amazing. I have seven hanging in my library. She did a fantastic job transferring her [...]

I've been following Doodles by Christina for a while. I loved the doodles she would make of books from my favorite authors, so when I read that she was going to release an actual book with some of her doodles I knew I had to immediately get it! I also pre-ordered a few to give away and some more to gift as Christmas gifts. Then I was even luckier to get an advance copy of the book and I almost died of happiness!This book is all sorts of awesome! Everything from cover to cover is great. It's the [...]

I love adult coloring books and I love reading. So when I saw Love Between the Lines I knew that I needed to get this coloring book.The book has pictures on one side only. This is the only kind of coloring book I use as I like to use markers.The paper quality is okay. However, I would prefer a slightly thicker, sturdier paper.I leave my pictures in the book. But there should be an easier way to take the pictures out. It would be much better if the pages were perforated so that they could be remo [...]

Recently these coloring books have been popping up more and more. What I love about these books is that they help with stress. As a mother of a newborn baby and a two year old, I need to distress. What I love about this coloring book is that it’s book themed. I’ve read a few of the books that have been featured and I love what kind of doodles Christina created for it. Some of the authors featured are: Colleen Hoover, Katy Evans and S.C. Stephens. The book is the same size as a scrapbook and [...]

As gifts, I've given countless coloring books to both children and adults. Sadly, I've never given one to myself. Well, I can't say that anymore! Can't wait to get started!!Love Between the Lines: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers features illustrations inspired by the works of five of my favorite authors:Amy HarmonAlessandra Torre/A.R. TorreKarina HalleColleen HooverEmma Chased many others:Anna ToddJodi Ellen MalpasS.C. StephensAbbi GlinesK. BrombergClaire ContrerasJillian DoddTiffany King [...]

FGMAMTC Blog Review + Teasers & GiveawayI'm really enjoying this book. I'm surprised! I haven't colored in years, many years. I thought it wasn't something for me anymore. I totally get the whole coloring for relaxation deal now. Many of these doodles are from favorite books of mine so working on them is like a nice trip down memory lane. Finding all the hidden details is fun. I recommend checking it out for yourself.***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***Fangirl Moments and My Tw [...]

This yummy "adult" coloring book does not really fit into in of the traditional categories here on but it is a must-have for any romance reader! It is a huge, gorgeous and very imaginative coloring book filled with "doodles" from many of my favorite contemporary romance and young adult books. I was afraid to begin coloring them in at first, but then I grabbed a bag of colored pencils and dove right in! It was actually incredibly relaxing. There are 45 hand-drawn illustrations inspired by books [...]

This book is GORGEOUS and it has some of my most favorite books in it! I am totally OCD so I am waiting to color it in once I have a new set of colored pencils lol I am looking forward to hours of relaxing, coloring fun and to revisit books that have stayed in my heart. Each page is so exquisitely done and Christina Collie is a truly gifted artist!

Got my book today! I really don't color, at all. I know many find it relaxing and soothing. I'm a reader, so I read to relax and sooth my bookwhore soul. But when I saw the lovely Co Ho talking about this back in July, I clicked the crap out of it. I've read all these books except 3. These pages are awesome and I'm going to color them, then frame my favorite books. I have 3 other doodles that I bought in the summer from Christina, so this will go perfectly together. Now I need to get me some nic [...]

This is pretty much the best thing ever, I've done nothing but color since I got this last week. The pictures are epic and represent some of my favorite books so well. This is the best adult coloring book I have ever seen. Christina is an amazing artist and I hope she does another one of these. I was a fan of hers before and now I am even more. ARC in exchange for honest review

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for an honest review.This is my first review of a coloring book. I usually don't take the time to color. My schedule is usually one that's on the go all the time. So this was one I had to bring with me to do in the car! It must have looked like I was having a lot of fun as one of my kids wanted to join with me in my coloring. HA! Personally - the pages with just words was way easier to focus on than the ones with several images. I think I might be [...]

Get creative with your colors! This is the BEST thing yet for book lovers! I am super excited to listen to my audiobooks while coloring away!!! It features all my beloved authors and the best quotes from the books!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Did I say LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yet?! Oh no? LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!I cannot wait to start coloring in them and show them off one by one to you all! SQUEEEEEE!!!

5 StarsThis coloring book is so cute and was made with so much love! Each page is more gorgeous than the other! It's THE perfect book for every book lover! <3Unfortunately, there are still so many pages from authors and books I have no clue about - simply because I haven't read those books yet! Of course they all are on my tbr now! ;)

This is the first coloring book I've ever bought for myself and I absolutely love it. I just got it in today and I'm already about to start on my second page. It is so fun to be able to decorate the words from my favorite books.

Every page is simply gorgeous

Images of three pages that I colored, with close-ups.Below, three other pages that I like.Below are three pages that I don't like at all. They're a good example of what the majority of the pages look like- big lettering. MY THOUGHTS: The book is 9 3/4" square. The paper is good quality, nice and thick, but the pages aren't perforated and it's a bit difficult to rip the pages out cleanly. The pages are too wide to fit fully on a scanner bed, 1" of the left side gets cut off, which is disappoin [...]

Simply put, this new adult coloring book by Christina Collie is a gorgeous work of art, a fantastic concept, and everyone needs to have one in their hands!If you are a book lover, this is a great introduction to some really terrific authors and their novels. It is also a very creative way to remember some of your favorite stories and quotes as well. Collie has included such a great selection of authors and books in her designs- some of my all time favorites such as Mia Sheridan, Emma Chase, and [...]

Originally posted on Slow Reader's BlogI love this coloring book! It’s so special and unique. I am someone who enjoys coloring once in a while and have tried adult coloring books in the past but I quickly forgot about them. Love Between the Lines is definitely special for a few different reasons though.Adult coloring books in general tend to be a lot of mosaics and things like that, which is fine, but just about every page in this book holds so much meaning for a book lover like me. If you’v [...]

This coloring book is so much fun! With forty-five hand-drawn illustrations inspired by our favorite romance novels from an awe-inspiring line-up of amazing authors – you are guaranteed many enjoyable hours zoning out while coloring between the lines contained in these pages. This is a really cute coloring book with designs ranging from simple to very intricate, each one providing hours of coloring fun. For the purpose of my review, I chose two designs – one simple and one detailed. For the [...]

My Thoughts:I was so excited when I received a copy of Love Between the Lines in the mail! I am a huge fan of Christina's doodles, and have been following her on Facebook for years!As a book lover, memories of my favorite characters and the stories that they live in are priceless. As I was flipping through the pages of this coloring book, I had a huge smile on my face. I was reliving some of my favorite moments from Slammed and It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover, Real by Katy Evans, Thoughtless b [...]

4.5 StarsAdult Coloring Books has become a huge trend as of late and it seems that everyone is doing it. I love coloring so when the trend first started I was all over it. I still have the first "adult" coloring books I purchased and have yet to finish them. With Love Between the Lines it blends my two favorite types of books, romance and coloring. These pictures are cute, fun, tasteful, and with great quotes from our favorite authors. The great thing about these adult coloring books is that you [...]

I absolutely love this coloring book! I've been a fan of Christina's for a couple of years now, and I think it's so great that she's finally able to share her work with all of us! And all of the amazing authors and their stories that were here muse, really bring back the memory of reading the book. It's so cool. The book is a great size and the pages are very thick and sturdy so if you wanted to take your work out and frame it, I think it would hold up great. I started coloring the page dedicate [...]

Jaime's Review5 StarsI own three of Christina Collie's Book Doodles and when I found out that she was doing this coloring book, I knew I HAD to have it.The doodles are amazing and I cannot wait to color pages featuring some of my favorite books and authors. I love that each page consists of only one doodle and that you can remove them to frame or decorate rooms however you want. This coloring book is going to give me endless relaxation time while reminding me of the stories that are nearest and [...]

So much to say about this amazing coloring book. First looks of adult coloring books out there, but lots I don't want to do around my kid. This we could color together. So relaxing to wait with my kid have my own book and color. A activity we could do together.Second the pages are sao beautiful and books I obsess over were the themes of the pages. It was addicting.Third. I could cut out pages frame put on my book shelf. The pages are that beautiful. Highly recommend. This was so fun and addictin [...]

Cover Reveal: LOVE BETWEEN THE LINES: An Adult Coloring Book for Book Lovers by Christina Collie wp/p3d0RZ-5tkPublication Date: November 8, 2016(Forever Trade Paperback; $14.99/$19.99 Can.): amzn/28JePjWB&N: bit/1ZWGTEhIndieBound: bit/261KAjaBooks-A-Million: bit/261JrIC: bit/1rtvoZd

I have always loved to color, even as an adult. I loved that this was book rleated with a lot of my favorite authors. I love the shape of the book, the pages are the perfect size to cut out and frame them if you would like to do that. If you love coloring and books, you definitely will want this one.

Les dessins sont vraiment magnifiques et le thème de chaque livre choisi est très bien illustré.

So many wonderful memories came back to me as I flipped through the doodles in this book. I loved every single page and the story it told.

When I got the coloring book. I just opened it up randomly and started coloring without really looking through the page. As I was coloring, it reminded me of Abbi Glines's book and I looked around the page and it was based on her Rosemary Beach Series. Then more memories of the series came back to me as I drew. That was so cool!I am not a proficient artist. I haven't colored since my kids were little so I am a little out of practice as my teenager gave me a disapproving look at my work. I don't [...]

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