The Art of Touch

Dominique Frost

The Art of Touch

The Art of Touch

  • Title: The Art of Touch
  • Author: Dominique Frost
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Art of Touch is a modern love story about Jared Hamilton, the brusque and no nonsense director of a famous law firm, and Kyle Washburn, a cheeky and irreverent massage therapist.In a tale of opposites attract, Kyle and Jared clash words and egos Sparks fly, and they find themselves increasingly attracted to each other But the course of true love never did run smoot The Art of Touch is a modern love story about Jared Hamilton, the brusque and no nonsense director of a famous law firm, and Kyle Washburn, a cheeky and irreverent massage therapist.In a tale of opposites attract, Kyle and Jared clash words and egos Sparks fly, and they find themselves increasingly attracted to each other But the course of true love never did run smooth, and if he wants this new relationship to work, Jared must learn how to be vulnerable again

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A fabulous read from a new Author I will definitely be keeping an eye on.This is Dominique Frosts debut, it is a novella but in my opinion she shows great promise for future releases. The characters are most definitely three dimensional and the story totally engaging and certainly had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.The story is told completely from Jared’s point of view and I have to say he is an obnoxious and thoroughly unpleasant man, he’s a Lawyer and director of the famil [...]

Wow! Wow!Wow! Five star plus and why haven't I found Dominiques books sooner? I adored this quirky novella. It had everything I love in a m/m story. I laughed at the snarky humour, which is my favourite type, cringed at how bad tempered Jared was but at the same time secretly fell for him because he's so irascible, became hooked on Kyle from the moment he back chatted Old Grumpy pants Jared and cheered Vanessa ( Jareds cheeky secretary ) every time she totally ignored her ratty boss and just did [...]

Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews This story turned out to be quite different than I expected. It’s about Jared Hamilton, the overworked, stressed out partner in his and his uncle’s law firm. He is one cranky, mean son-of-a-gun to just about everyone with which he comes into contact. His secretary, Vanessa, who is a fabulous little spitfire, makes a massage appointment for him to help relieve his stress and generally try to make him more bearable to be around. Queue Kyle Washburn, sp [...]

3.75*Jared is a jackass, but in the nicest possible way. He's annoying and arrogant, but after sticking with him through a few pages of this story, a story he narrates, I started to like him.He's not quite as badass as he thinks he is, he knows who's the boss ( his secretary totally is! ) so when she sends him to get a massage he goes, grudgingly but he goes.Kyle his massage therapist annoys him too, but he sort of likes it. It's cute, funny and oddly sweet. It's a bit of instant love, but you k [...]

I'm really disappointed in Loose ID for publishing this. This is repurposed fanfiction from Teen Wolf and not very good repurposed fanfic at that. The story develops way too quickly, important background information is glossed over to the point that Jared (formerly Derek Hale) is unlikable rather than understandably conflicted. It works as fanfic because people seeking out Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski fanfic know what Derek Hale has been through and why Stiles might be attracted to him. In this c [...]

Yummy little M/M romance snack, 79 short pages. Well worth an hour of your time.

Review posted on World of Diversity FictionShort, sweet, funny an easy read and I loved it. A good pick me up story when you’re looking for something to cheer you up and make you smile or if you just can’t decide what to read. Jared’s uncle has just given him the directorship at his family’s law firm. He does nothing but work which makes Jared a rather unpleasant person to be around. Jared is totally stressed out, to the point of alienating the firm’s clients so his secretary makes him [...]

This is my least favorite Frost book to date. There was no background development at all. Jared was incredibly unlikable and robotic. Kyle was over-the-top impish. I didn't get the connection between them at all. The dialogue tried so hard to be witty that it was just campy. And frankly this does a disservice to massage therapists everywhere. Come on, I have never had an unprofessional massage, and the way Kyle acts with Jared, rolling him over with no towel on, being all sassy and snarky - he s [...]

So, I actually went and watched Teen Wolf since it seemed a lot of stuff that turned out to be p2p that I liked were Teen Wolf fanfics. My comments are belownd of far below**Words cannot describe how sad I was when it ended. D: I want more!It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Inane, witty, heart-wrenching, profound, and ajdsfkajsd;lgkahThis calls for a squeeEtA:Okay, what is this? Why are all these stories I end up liking P2P?And why does it seem like they're all Teen Wolf? Do I need to watch [...]

Bloody hell, I LOVED this!! Yeah, it's silly sometimes, and a tiny little bit unlikely (tiny? *cough*), and, okay, would a masseur that young and that new be THAT damn skilled and self-assured and perfectly confident in his abilities? And would he be working from the beginning in such an upper-class establishment? I'm a bit sceptical about all that So for this and Jared's secretary who's a little bit too over-the-top for my taste, I should totally detract one star.BUT, this was such a cute story [...]

It's not often I find a new author that I immediately fan/follow, but I knew within 10 pages that I was going to be slavishly loyal to Dominique Frost. This is her only publication to date, alas, but hopefully there will be more.Why? There's just a solid, delightful, super fun character and prose voice in this. Some other reviewers put me off with their reviews, because I don't like "jerk" characters in general. But no problem there, this MC immediately grabbed my interest because the writing is [...]

Cute and funny. I love snark, i really do, I love when one guy verbally gives back as good as he gets. That's exactly what Kyle does to Jared and it's freaking hilarious.Short but fun read.

3.5 stars rounded up to 4. Short but super cute romance. Kind of insta-love, but it worked for me. Looking forward to see what else this author writes. :)

I really disliked Jared. His rude attitude, then his secretary, simply didn't play well at the beginning. To be sincere, I didn't get this forced humor between Kyle and Jared, which was supposed to be comical. Anyway, this storyline develops to fast, and doesn't feel right. The HEA at the end is forced and false.

This short story was a good surprise. It doesn't take itself too seriously, the MCs are fun (one is grumpy funny, the other sensitive funny) and the romance is cute. There are movie and book references thrown in which added an extra something cool (for me at least), and the way the relationship develops is believable. An enjoyable read.

Cute story.

This is a case of "it´s not you, it´s me". This book has a great deal of insta-love. I don´t like it. I really liked the MCs, but the relationship didn´t convince me.

4.75 Stars. Review Originally Published Here: joyfullyjay/2013/04/reviewJared Hamilton’s life is his work. As the director of the prestigious law firm Hamilton & Hamilton, he works 18-hour days and has time for nothing else. He’s not the greatest guy to be around. His employees are scared of his brusque, no-nonsense demeanor. He gets what he wants and that’s the end of the discussion. In an effort to alleviate some of his stress and, therefore, try to turn him into an actual caring hum [...]

Jared Hamilton is irritable, cranky and extremely unlikeable at the start. The domineering attorney has no time for love, a life or the massage his assistant has booked for him. He’s wound so tight she’s afraid he might snap and run off all their clients. He’s rude and standoffish to the massage therapist, Kyle from the get go. Young twink, as Jared refers to him in his inner monologue, Kyle is outgoing and friendly. Jared immediately recognizes that he’s gay since he is as well. Jared f [...]

Jared Hamilton has an aversion to meddlesome people. Nevertheless, this does not stop his secretary or his uncle from interfering with Jared’s health and well-being, since Jared’s life consist of work only. Bullied into visiting massage therapist Kyle Washburn, Jared is prepared to find fault with wasting his time for a massage. However, the experience opens up a whole new relaxed world Jared did not believe possible.The Art of Touch is an amusing romantic short story. Jared and Kyle have co [...]

This was boring. Some of the elements stayed the same throughout all 3 books I've read by this author. There is a significant age difference between the characters, the younger one is always mouthy and very bold, the older one knows to take it slow and seduce his way into the younger one's bed and heart.The only thing that made it bearable was the slight humor included, the jokes sprinkled here and there (and even they sometimes fell flat). I got to a point where I was reading fast forward, hard [...]

Maybe it's the recession, but I see a proliferation of "billionaire" romance, wherein billionaires fall in love with the help, or the financially challenged. I guess the M/M genre would not be immune to it. Dominique Frost's "The Art Of Touch" is a variation on that theme. A CEO who is so busy falls in love with his masseur. Fair enough. But Frost not only makes the millionaire character unlikeable, but she also does not present the case for romance. We are befuddled why these two people would f [...]

This is a character driven story with a smoothly flowing plot and characters that are definitely true to life. The writing style of the author is crisp and concise, with an original and hilarious sense of humor that I really enjoyed and the HEA ending with a quirky twist makes this a tale that I would recommend to anyone looking for something that is definitely different.See Trish's complete original 3 1/2 sweet pea review on April 25, 2013 at mrsconditreadsbooks/index.

I really enjoyed this novella. Dominique Frost has a way with tension and sex scenes that made this book well worth the read in terms of erotic moments. The dialogue between the main characters is also pretty sharp and enjoyable, and she has a way of balancing them so that they're both a bit rude and unpleasant without fully plunging into unsympathetic. A quick read, and a pleasant one. I have another of her books on my kindle and I hope it's as good as the first!

This is one of the cutest things I have ever read in my life, EVER. This short little novella will give you the warmest of warm fuzzies. If you're looking for a:- Funny- Sweet- Passionate- Adorable- Non-angsty- Gay- Romance en this book is for you, and it is awesome.

surprise, surprise. MORE teen wolf fanfic. Would love to know how the author justified this to herself.

Hot, slightly angsty, and all together perfect. I laughed, a teared up, I got off. Ten out of ten, have read multiple times.

2.5 stars

This used to be a Teen Wolf fanfiction called The Science of Touch (Is Not an Art) by saucery.

Jared & Kyle. The business man and the masseur.Read it in one night. Alas this is my last book from this author!!

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