Always Forever (Emerson Book 5)

Maureen Driscoll

Always Forever (Emerson Book 5)

Always Forever (Emerson Book 5)

  • Title: Always Forever (Emerson Book 5)
  • Author: Maureen Driscoll
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition

From the author of the Kellington series of Regency romances, comes the fifth book in the Emerson saga Lady Rose Emerson has been in love with Nate Gage, the Marquess of Grayson, for most of her life She is determined to marry the man, but he s doing everything he can to keep her at arm s length for her own protection Home Office operative Nathaniel Gage is waging a warFrom the author of the Kellington series of Regency romances, comes the fifth book in the Emerson saga Lady Rose Emerson has been in love with Nate Gage, the Marquess of Grayson, for most of her life She is determined to marry the man, but he s doing everything he can to keep her at arm s length for her own protection Home Office operative Nathaniel Gage is waging a war against the man he believes is the head of a murderous blackmail scheme his father, the Duke of Bancroft The last thing he can afford to do is follow his heart But how can he resist his true love, Rose Emerson Can Rose and Nate find love while in the midst of a deadly battle Yes They can ADVISORY This book contains graphic scenes of an explicit sexual nature You will not like this book if you don t like sex with your romance You might like this book if you are not adverse to laughter.

Recent Comments "Always Forever (Emerson Book 5)"

I was so excited to see this book was out. I have been waiting for Rose and Nate's story, and it definitely didn't disappointed. Rose has been my favorite character in the whole Emerson series so to see her get her happy ending was lovely even if there was quite a bit of drama to go along with it. The end is bittersweet as I will miss the Emerson family, but I can't wait to see what Ms. Driscoll comes up with next.

I enjoyed the Kellington series but am less convinced by the Emerson. I find the tone a bit too modern and though Nate is an interesting character, I didn't feel much tension between him and Rose in this book.

Why? Why? Why did series end on a supernatural note?

I am only rating this higher because we finally see the completion of the long drawn out, over exposed romance between Nate and Rose. Honestly, I was tired of her moping over it through the entire series. Rose starts out interesting, strong and resourceful in the first book of the series and then it just degrades from there. Honestly? She chooses her room based on the view of Nates home so she can sit in her windows and mope over it? She is a shrill, jealous shrew because someone else is showing [...]

We're back to suspense with this one, which features Rose and her love Nate trying to find out the truth about his father the Duke. Surrounded by several people with not so innocent agendas, there is plenty of tension and conflict to move the plot along. We're already pretty familiar with Rose and Nate from earlier books, and their mutual affection is admitted fairly early on, so the bulk of the story is the cat and mouse game between Nate and his father. I liked that everything ended on a posit [...]

This had to be one of the most uneven reads I've had. There were several parts I rolled my eyes at and thought "you gotta be kidding me" yet there were parts I really really enjoyed. The ghost thing was strange, but Driscoll didn't overplay it (too much) and that arc was more interesting than I expected. The ending reminded me of a Rube Goldberg invention. And I laughed when Alex, one of the bro-in-laws said "What the hell just happened?" I'm not sure either, Alex, but I was smiling through the [...]

Loved it!Well this book has it all, mystery, romance (spicy), treason & murder. I hope I didn't leave anything out. We finally learn about the Ridgeway fortune and hear of several pregnancies (these handsome men are quite fertile!). The story is Rose and Nate's story but the author is generous and gives us more of the other couples stories as well. It's quite exciting and really good reading. I just could not stop till I got to the end.

Perfect endingThis book essentially ends the Kellington-Emerson stories. Everyone has their wedded partner, even Stemple's. There is a wonderful resolution to the mystery. We learn the secrets about the Earl, smuggling, and the Duke. And best of all those who deserved it received their just punishment ( even if its at the hands of ghosts). In this final book it ends in joy for the characters but sadness for the faithful reader. Great two series.

Nate and Rose They were in all the previous books so all that happened in this one was Rose trapped Nate into marriage, a repeat of all the previous stories, many, many villains, and way too much sex. This was not a romance by any stretch of the imagination, more like a mystery, but I didn't really care about it.

Always Forever review I’m so glad I read this story and that everything worked out for the best, I also recommend this book to readers of beautiful love stories, as I mentioned before you are a great writer and am ready to read more of your books!

Great bookLoved this book and the characters. The storyline was enthralling and entertaining which made it difficult to stop reading and put the book down. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

What an ending!This friends to lovers story where we finally see Nate and Rose secure their happily ever after is the perfect end to the series.

This would have been an ok book of it had been edited. It drags on and on, without a compelling story.

Loved this book.I loved the drama and the romance. The ghosts added well to the story. I was happy that Rose and Nate were not killed and were able to live normal lives.

A truly sweet conclusion to the Emerson saga

I loved the Kellington series and the Emerson series they are the best books I have read in a very long time! I loved each character and their story. I felt sad to see it all end. I look forward to reading more of Maureen Driscoll's books.

Ms. Driscoll’s stories have grabbed me ever since her debut and I can see her growth as a writer with each book she’s done. Rose and Nate’s story has been long anticipated from us, hard core Emerson fans and I have to say, it is everything I’ve hoped for and then some.With this last story in the Emerson series Ms. Driscoll had definitely outdone herself. The characters are well flashed out and the plot moved the story in a steady pace. The mystery kept me turning the pages and the parano [...]

Always Forever was a great addition to the Emerson series. I have been a fan of Maureen Driscoll's since I read book 1 of the Kellington series. I was excited to read Nate and Rose's story. This book had love, laughter, and suspense. The only part I was not thrilled with were the ghost in the story. I am not a big fan of the supernatural. Also, the book has two short epilogues, but they only mention Colin and Ava. I would like to have known more about Rose and Nate's future and the other Emerson [...]

disappointed. confusing to follow with all the potential murderers. also the Duke of Bancroft wanting to killing his heir seemed ridiculous. rushed romance for Rose and Nate, seemed more like a mystery. epilogue did not address all major characters, or children they had , especially Rose and Nate. Giving this a 3 because I enjoyed the series.

A satisfying conclusion to the Emerson series.

Another great bookAlways a great story line and enjoyable character development. Many thanks from a fan.Thank you and keep them coming!

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