The Butterfly Whisperer

Lisa Moreau

The Butterfly Whisperer

The Butterfly Whisperer

  • Title: The Butterfly Whisperer
  • Author: Lisa Moreau
  • ISBN: 9781626397910
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

Some soul mates can never be forgotten.Jordan was in love with her best friend, Sophie, in high school and no one knew least of all Sophie After fleeing without a trace before graduation, Jordan vowed never to return to Monarch, the butterfly obsessed town along the Central California coast.Ten years later, Jordan owns a successful soul mate matchmaking company where sheSome soul mates can never be forgotten.Jordan was in love with her best friend, Sophie, in high school and no one knew least of all Sophie After fleeing without a trace before graduation, Jordan vowed never to return to Monarch, the butterfly obsessed town along the Central California coast.Ten years later, Jordan owns a successful soul mate matchmaking company where she finds love for others, but has little use for it herself Sophie runs the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and has yet to forgive Jordan for disappearing from her life When Jordan is forced to return to Monarch, will their soul mate connection deepen or will differing goals tear them apart

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I found this book to be just okay. This is my first book by Moreau, and for a newer author I think she writes pretty well, there was just nothing in this book that will be really memorable for me.The story is about Jordan, who runs a matchmaking service. After a call from a lawyer, she realizes she must return to her home town. Jordan has not been home in 10 years. The last time she was home, she broke the heart of her best friend and true love, Sophie. Will Sophie still be there? Is there a cha [...]

I read the news every day. Every day lately, I wish this was a habit I could break. As much as I try every morning at 5 AM, I'm up, back at inundating myself in the latest world crisis or political snafu. I decompress/escape by heading out for a run or grabbing a book. The Butterfly Whisperer was just what I needed after a long week of craziness that just won't quit. A great escape, that didn't overthink what it really was, two girls with a life-long bond that even after ten years of separation, [...]

Before rating a freshly read book, I ask myself a few questions. The answer to those questions tells me a lot about my impression of the book, and eases my rating. The first and most important question is about re-readability. So, do I want, at least partially, to reread The Butterfly Whisperer? No, definitely not. There are so many new books waiting for me to be read, and so many better books to be re-read.The other important question is about memorability. Is it likely that I will remember the [...]

*ARC provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. in exchange for an honest review.* Jordan, at the age of eighteen, very in love in her best friend Sophie, who doesn't know that, of course, had to leave Monarch, small town on the central coast, after her father found her diaries and found out her secret love. Disappointed in her family, she vowed never to come back. Until Her grandmother died and left her a will with few conditions in it - One of them is to come back to Monarch and stay fo [...]

Wow, this is true love!Once inseparable but now for years they lose touch with each other. Neither has imagined that their feelings would resurface during a forced encounter. After all these years, are these feelings real? Could fate change their lives forever? Can they overcome the past, the obstacles, the doubt and the trust issues? I found myself quickly drawn in this wonderful written love story. I enjoyed the bonus information about the caterpillars and the beautiful colored butterflies and [...]

This book was nice. The author has a nice style of writing. I was easily drawn in to the story. There was a whole host of secondary quirky characters that added some depth to the book. The chemistry between the main characters could have been developed a little more in my opinion. I also felt the ending was a bit cliche' and rushed. So, overall it was nice, but not great.I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

After a month I finally finished reading this. For starters, be prepared for a push and pull story with a really annoying MC (Jordan) frankly I don't really like her.She's secretive, cold and very frustrating. A very bad combo. I don't really know why Sophie still accepted her after all those lies that has been revealed considering she valued her "honesty policy". Maybe she's really in love with Jordan.I only enjoyed 30% of the book.With Butterflies, Bertha, and maybe Doug too.But I will still l [...]

This being the first time I have read this author I really enjoyed the book. The plot was interesting and very well written and am looking forward to read more books by Lisa Moreau.

This one was another fairly typical, predictable, and boring lesfic romance. The bright spot of this tedium were the butterflies, which added some sorely needed visuals. Sophie and Jordan were bland protagonists who I honestly hoped wouldn't end up together. There was a pretty strong undercurrent of immaturity a throughout this book from the dialogue to the interactions between characters and even in simple descriptions of actions. As another more viewer said, all of the book's action and storyl [...]

The Butterfly Whisperer has a very easy style to it, and I found the pages turned quickly as I was reading it. My first inclination is to call it a gentle book, but that angst is so good and really does add a tension that wouldn’t be there otherwise. There’s the question of the feelings that Sophie and Jordan have for each other and whether they can finally have the conversation that they should have had ten years prior. Running alongside that is the will-she-or-won’t-she of what Jordan wi [...]

My ReviewThis was a beautifully written novel by Lisa Moreau that tells the story of unrequited childhood love for both women, having never truly knowing the love they felt for one another.Jordan knows when she meets Sophie in high school, that she is her first love but also believes that Sophie will never truly love her the same way. After her Jordan’s father finds her diary with her feelings scribbled through it, he banishes her to live with her mother in another city. The scared young girl [...]

An honest review thanks to NetGalley. I read Lisa Moreau's other book and fell completely in love, giving it an easy five stars with the need to read it over and over again. I think that I had too high of an expectation for this one. It had a good plot; the characters were just too much in their head for me. Not enough conversation and interaction. I did love the secondary characters, as they made the book into something much better. Moreau is a good author, and I do recommend this book to anyon [...]

I found this read to be good but nothing amazing. The characters were likeable, the story was classic romance of lack of communication causing the angst. I did enjoy the characters in town of the twins and Bertha, they were fun.There isn’t a lot to say about this book except I enjoyed the read at the time but won’t really think of it again. Nothing remarkable. I know I’m not selling this book, I would recommend it but just want you to know what you are getting.I was given this book by NetG [...]

I have really enjoyed reading this book. Although there are some points that are not clear enough at the end, I think the story is fairly well developed. The relationship between the two protagonists is very romantic and sweet, the secondary characters, most of them, help complete the story with some touches of humor and tenderness. So this book seems to me quite recommendable, if you like sweet romances without excessive drama.

2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Butterfly Whisperer Lisa Moreau1) Lisa Moreau warms our hearts with a delightful, feel-good story with interesting characters.

Never read this author, totally loved the story!

I was uneasy reading about a lesbian love affair and did not care for this book. I almost failed to say thank you to Net Galley for this novel which I received in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed Ms. Moreau’s first book, so I was excited to read this one. I wanted to love this book, but in the end it was just an okay read. The characters were well written, but for me were also forgettable. Jordan was selfish and a bit immature for my liking. Sophie was just too sweet. Sophie was my favorite character in the book, and actually made this book more enjoyable. I typically enjoy 1st love reunion romances, this one just didn’t make me feel that their love was worth the wait. Ofte [...]

First off - 'Anorexic' is not an adjective and it is not a synonym for skinny. It's serious, it's life threatening and it hurts people to be used like this. I don't know if this can be changed in further editions, but I think it would make a difference. (p 33 - Tiffany was their receptionist, a twentysomething anorexic with a red streak in her hair)Jordan runs a successful matchmaking company in Los Angeles where she Drives a JAG, has a semi famous girlfriend and has just come off a successful s [...]

This book is perfect in what I imagine it set out to be. It's a beautiful sweet plot with lovely characters throughout the town and a delightful romance as well.

‘The Butterfly Whisperer’ is a lovely heart-warming story of two women who come back into each other’s lives after 10 years and find that the feelings they once had have not changed. Jordan returns to her old home town, Monarch, and finds that it has become obsessed with butterflies and even has a butterfly sanctuary, now run by her childhood best friend Sophie. She was madly in love with Sophie before she left town and those feelings are still there. The problems arise when she finds her [...]

The book is a romance and the author does a wonderful job of painting a lovely story. The two main characters, Sophie and Jordan, are very well developed. Sophie is a tender soul who gets joy out of the little things in life. Jordan, on the other hand, had to fend for herself early on and was driven to succeed in her business. She and a partner own a matchmaking business.Although the story is a little predictable, it is worth reading. The interaction between the two characters is very realistic. [...]

I really liked this book. Yes most of it was predictable but what I focused on was how Moreau handled the relationship between the characters. One of the characters was disowned by her father and stepmother due to her sexual identity which left her with some long lasting self esteem issues that negatively impacted her love life. The other main character did not come term with her sexual identity until she lost the first girl she ever loved. In each case the author used them to show the different [...]

The book itself is well written. But I still found Jordon (the main character) to be a bit of a selfish and bratty, so I didn't empathize with her on many levels. The other character Sophie was warm, inviting and just was a character you wanted to experience wonderful, kind emotions/experiences in her life. So the coupling of Jordan & Sophie was mixed for me. I couldn't connect to what Sophie would find attractive in Jordan. As the book went on I did find Jordan's character evolving to being [...]

Review: To be honest, the only beautiful thing about this plot is the Monarch butterflies and how they have been given an individual characterization. The plot is sweet and simple and narrated beautifully, but there's nothing memorable about it that will make me want to re-read this book. The two lead characters, Sophie and Jordan have been beautifully sketched, but it is Sophie that holds the attention more and makes a greater impression in the minds of the readers. The title and the cover imag [...]

* ARC BOOK PROVIDED THROUGH THE PUBLISHER AND NETGALLEY*This  book was beautifully wrote when sophie and Jordan was kids they had a special relationship and then when they were 18 Jordan left all of a sudden without explaining to sophie why10 yrs later not knowing the other played the same team they rekindled their friendship and finally discovered each other on a lovers level. Jordan had a lot of issues to work out but with Sophie's help love gets you through it no matter what the issue is.

Another "BFFs secretly in love, separated as teens" story. With some butterflies (the real ones, not the stomach type) in the mix. Very predictable, a little dragging.

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