Counting to Zero

A.J. Quinn

Counting to Zero

Counting to Zero

  • Title: Counting to Zero
  • Author: A.J. Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781626397835
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

NSA agent Dr Emma Thorpe is tasked with putting together an off the books team of elite cyber warriors to combat computer hackers who threaten national security She s given carte blanche to recruit the best of the best There s only one caveat The threat won t be resolved by following the rules, so she must find a way to recruit Paxton James, gray hat hacker extraordinaNSA agent Dr Emma Thorpe is tasked with putting together an off the books team of elite cyber warriors to combat computer hackers who threaten national security She s given carte blanche to recruit the best of the best There s only one caveat The threat won t be resolved by following the rules, so she must find a way to recruit Paxton James, gray hat hacker extraordinaire But the elusive, sexy as sin Paxton is in an Indonesian jail And she s there because one of Emma s colleagues double crossed her.Paxton s willing to deal with the devil himself to get out of the hell she s in It doesn t hurt that the devil s assistant comes in such an appealing package Dealing with their mutual attraction is one thing But learning to trust is critical Especially if Emma and Paxton are to survive long enough to prevent zero day.

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3 1/2 Stars. I was excited to read this, as I have really enjoyed Quinn's books in the past. If you are looking for another book of hers to read try Show of Force, it was excellent. While, I found myself not liking this book quite as much as some of her others, I did enjoy this and was entertained.The story revolves around the main character Paxton. Pax, a computer hacker genius, finds herself being offered a get out of jail free card, if she helps the NSA against a cyber national security threa [...]

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review----------------------------------------------------me: aw man! this book is gonna be SO GOODthe book:Yeah, safe to say I was a little disappointed with this one--------------------------------The blame for how I felt about this book may lie with me -- for some reason my EXPECTATIONS coming into this were totally . messed up? (I thought it was sci-fi for some reason ?! how ?!) COUNTING TO ZERO follows two women - Emma Thorpe [...]

“Counting to Zero” was surprisingly enjoyable as an audiobook! I was surprised because I was initially kicking myself when I realized I’d once again forgotten to look at my like/hate list of narrators and realized this book is narrated by Hollis Elizabeth. But, despite her unpleasant nasally, tobaccoey, gravelly voice when providing 3rd person narration, and frequent technical audio buzzing and other annoyances, her voices for the characters were actually enjoyable.Author Quinn’s story i [...]

Paxton “Pax” James is the ultimate hacker. She can do things with a computer that other geniuses just can’t. When we are first introduced to Pax she is currently trapped in Bali prison waiting to be executed for drug trafficking. Set-up by a crooked NSA agent and her supermodel coke-head ex-girlfriend, Pax finds herself in a jam that her computer wizardry can’t undo.Dr. Emma Thorpe is the head of a shadow organization loosely tied with the NSA. Emma is one of the few people with direct a [...]

Very strong 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars. Paxton is like Jack Bauer and Chloe rolled into one with a dash of MacGuyver too. An expert hacker who also happens to be able to take a beating and deliver on to boot. She's flippin' phenomenal. Her counterpart Emma starts off kind of bad ass, but then her character sort of forgets what all she's capable of. Doesn't matter though. Pax is able to take care of them both and then some. I was a little apprehensive wondering if my lack of in depth computer skil [...]

*The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. in exchange for an honest review*Paxton James, a computer, IT, hacking genius, gets framed by NSA agent and ends up incarcerated in prison in Indonesia. But the newly formed NSA team wants her on President's squad and is ready to do whatever it takes to get her out of the prison and have her. Is Paxton really ready to negotiate with NSA agent, Emma Thorpe? Is she ready to get out of the prison just to get back to NSA, which put her in a [...]

This has been a very interesting book for my taste. From the beginning I have found the characters, particularly Pax, very appealing.  Although that Emma has confused me a bit, since sometimes it is difficult to see her as responsible for such a team, among so many talented people, her ability is not very clear at times. The plot has hooked me making it very difficult to stop reading, waiting to know what came next. The book do not have much mystery, has action and some jargon that sometimes co [...]

In true AJ Quinn form, an enjoyable read with an interesting plot and cast of characters.

A real inside look and depth on the precise technical explanation and basic terminology of cyber attacks that takes place in the US and around the World,info on textbook hacking 101,lots of how to in computer skills and why this author showed us that there are two sides to hackers and why they are not all bad.s a good revelation that hackers are essential to any company's security system even the US Gov'T(NSA) and this is what's told in this book mix in was a little love story going on between t [...]

Great story from beginning to end. I have enjoyed other stories by this Author and am pleased of her latest book. The main characters of Paxton and Emma are strong and likable, their desires to keep the United States safe is admirable and their connection to each other gratifying. Their friends and teammates made for good secondary characters and made the story all that more enjoyable. As for Luther well good riddance to men of his thought process.

I enjoyed this one and love how the young hackers and NSA team cam e together. The fit did not seem force and Emma and Paxton were great together as well.

[ Review copy provided by the publisher (via NetGalley) ]NSA Agent Emma Thorpe is in charge of recruiting a team to combat a new cyber threat. Next in her list is former black hat hacker Paxton James, currently in an Indonesian prison after being set up by a former NSA agent. Paxton has been locked up for over a year and wants nothing more than to regain her freedom, so Emma's offer to join her team comes at a good time. And so the story begins, with them dealing with their attraction and trust [...]

I am rating this book 3.5 but have rounded up because I did enjoy it more than not.I enjoyed this book, it was well paced keeping the page turning for me. I would say this was more a romance than an action type book. The story line had the action and mystery of trying to find the terrorist but I personally felt it took a backseat to the romance and interactions between the two. In fact I would have liked Dr Emma Thorpe to have more of a role in the action part of the book. She just stood around [...]

An honest review thanks to Netgalley. This book was well thought out, and I loved the plot and characters that were put into play. The only reason this book didn't get more stars is that the chemistry between the two characters was extremely lacking. The plot was great, but the romance that was thrown in just diving make sense as there wasn't enough chemistry for me to believe and want those two to get together. The plot and suspense in this book though are great and is worth checking out.

*ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review*3.8 StarsThere are certain books that you can tell straight off the bat are going to be a joy to read and this is one of those books. Sometimes I start reading a book and although the story is good I take extra long to get through it because I struggle to overlook that awkward style of writing or the story just doesn't flow but I didn't have that problem here. The author presents the reader with a well researched, well written and [...]

Audiobook version.

A very good romance with a fast paced plot. Hackers and government agents what more could you ask for.

This was an interesting read from start to finish. Interesting because of the personalities of the main and supporting characters. Emma Thorpe, determined, confident and indirectly looking for love. Paxton James, talented, insecure and indirectly looking for love. The storyline was intriguing and I wanted to know what would happen next and how the bad guy would be eliminated. Cyber national security was presented in such an understandable way even a novice like myself could keep up with the happ [...]

Good read by AJ Quinn. Not quite as good as her previous one but entertaining nonetheless.

Frankly I didn't have any expectations towards the book. This is my first from Aj Quinn. Yes, I know. :) I enjoyed it but I would have enjoyed it more if the spotlight was shared between Emma and Paxton and not just with Paxton alone.I felt like Emma was just Paxton's babysitter or something. I wanted Emma to kickass too since I can see a lot of potential to her character but I guess the author's focus was just set with Paxton.Paxton James = Arthur Bishop.Aside from her uber genius mind, she can [...]

the fuck when a random hacker has more resources than an NSA team run by the president of the usa. also, when someone is beaten within an inch of their life, the chances of them running by themselves the next day are slim to none but you do you author. couldn't even finish it, had to skim the last few chapters. snoozefest.

At first I didn't want anything to do with this booke cover art didn't do justice to the story. I didn't want to read Sci/Fiankfully, the cover art was misleading. Very good book, well written, great plot, lots of moving parts all tied in together and a lot of dancing around each other.

What a wonderful suspense book! I was drawn into Counting to Zero by the second page. If I hadn’t had to sleep and eat, I would have read the entire book without stopping. This is not the first book by Ms. Quinn I’ve read and it certainly will not be my last.The character development was great! It felt as though you could sense what the main characters were experiencing. The early chapters dealing with the prison experience were surreal and made one think that international travel (especiall [...]

Good readI must say I gave this book 5 stars because the storyline was a little different. The characters where strong and maybe AJ will write a sequel

I have loved AJ Quinn's work since Hostage Moon. This one's no different. :)

I liked this book, it was ok. It started out well and got me gripped, then toward the end I started to feel a bit bored of the characters and the story. It wasn't a bad book and I imagine others would love it, but it wasn't really for me.

I really enjoyed this book - it wasn't perfect but it was a damn good read. Paxton is an excellent character - rounded, well drawn and likeable. Some of her actions make you wonder how damaged she is and at times whether she is a goodie or a baddie but you always remain sympathetic to her plight. Emma is also credible and the relationships "feel real". I like the presidential aspect and the taking over of aeroplanes as a plot idea. There is a lot of good stuff in this story and I enjoyed it desp [...]

I am always up for an AJ Quinn book and once again I was disappointed. I LOVE books about strong capable women. It's a nice perk they happen to come with a little lesbian romance too. I am always interested in AJ's characters and the adventures they're on. It's fast paced storytelling, yet it's written well. This story was interesting and covered quite a bit of detail. As someone who works in technology I enjoyed the technical detail, it showed the author did good research, which I appreciate. I [...]

This book is an engaging chronicle of cyber-security; including quirky hackers and enforcers. It’s refreshing to read about female computer geeks. The story has action, adventure and attraction and is an entertaining read.

Excellent reading. I couldn't put this book down. Characters were a bit unusual but believable. Great imagination. Recommend

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