I'm Bad!

Kate McMullan Jim McMullan

I'm Bad!

I'm Bad!

  • Title: I'm Bad!
  • Author: Kate McMullan Jim McMullan
  • ISBN: 9780061229718
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover

From Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes a hilarious new picture book about one BAD dino who has just one thing on his mind dinner.Who s big Who s bad And who s hungry T Rex, that s who He s the rollicking and rambunctious dino who s foraging in the prehistoric forest, cause he needs chow rightFrom Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes a hilarious new picture book about one BAD dino who has just one thing on his mind dinner.Who s big Who s bad And who s hungry T Rex, that s who He s the rollicking and rambunctious dino who s foraging in the prehistoric forest, cause he needs chow right now When his belly rumbles and grumbles, you d better watch out Take cover, fuzzballs Hide your horns, reptiles It s ambush time.

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At times, I wonder if I ought to steal this title for Neo's future memoirs. This tale is all about a T-Rex, showing off how bad he can be. However, when it comes down to it, he is so scary that any and all food options flee in terror. Leave it to someone else to help him out and show is not-s0-bad side. Neo liked this story, the second about dinosaurs today, and reminded me again that we HAVE to go see them. Hmm where shall I take him?

When your a BIG dinosaur and little dinosaurs run away from you it can go to your headnd of like the MJ songbut then something happens - and you have to think about it.

The creators of I Stink and I'm Dirty, the stories of a garbage truck and backhoe respectively, now turn away from trucks and to another very popular subject: dinosaurs! Here we meet a T-Rex with plenty of attitude, showing off his huge teeth, big claws, stomping feet. But he becomes less impressive as he tries again and again to catch something to eat. It takes his much larger mother dino to come to the rescue with "takeout." In this book the McMullans continue their trade-mark dialogue style t [...]

Yep. It's a kids book. Before you crack the spine, two things will happen: your kids may beg/plead/bribe you to read it again and you'll have to explain to strangers why they're confronted with devilish grins, asking, "Are you bad?"This tale of a buck-toothed carnivore brings to life the sights, sounds and silliness of dinnertime in prehistoric suburbia. Imagination runs rampant. Adjectives fly off the page. For example, our favorite friend asks the reader: "Are you bad? I'm REALLY bad. Scare-th [...]

OK, so, full disclosure, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the McMullan's first few books (I Stink, I'm Dirty), so am probably not the best person to evaluate this. Have to say though, that I enjoyed it.ough, it's not as good as I Stink! I'm Bad is, of course, about a hungry dinosaur, who can't catch any food. I'd say it's good for preschool-1st grade. Pictures are great. I have a toddler dinosaur storytime this week though and I think the subtext would totally lose them (if this gives you a picture). The noi [...]

Frankly, I feel fairly indifferently about the author of these books. They are all somewhat formulaic, and a little disappointing. Well, they almost all are. This one is a true winner.You can see this book being a good one to share regarding bullies, mommies, and all sorts of other badness. (In both the normal, and Michael Jackson use of the word.)If you are going to read one McMullan book, grab this one.Recommend.

Moving on from trucks, the McMullans tackle the next most popular thing for young boys: dinosaurs. The TRex is the main character and several facts are sprinkled throughout the text, which is the usual noisy, rhyming and fast-paced narrative. Humor is also well used--the twist at the end is classic, but still a bit unexpected. Colors are bright and a little messy, which fit the story. One page even uses a little I Spy and the endpapers highlight several dinosaurs.

This book is about a dinosaur who thinks he is so big and strong. He tries to find his own dinner, but has some trouble. I think it is a very cute book, and has awesome illustrations. I would probably use this in a Kindergarten to First grade classroom as an introduction to dinosaurs. It's not really made to give facts about dinosaurs, but it has many different types of dinosaurs, which makes it fun for them.

pb16: At first I wasn't to sure about this book I just didn't see myself reading to my kids. However, after reading the end of it I kind of found myself growing to it. The ending was just unexpected and so cute. That I had a change of heart. I feel this book just depends on the person on whether or not they will like it.

Noise Books celebrate noises all around give children practice in listening to the sounds of our spoken language and what better way to hear noise than with a dinosaur! This book is a great roar!Early Literacy Skills:Narrative SkillsPhonological AwarenessPrint AwarenessPrint MotivationVocabulary

Another great, cute read-aloud by Kate and Jim McMullan. This book takes us on the journey of a 'big bad' t-rex looking for something to eat but can't seem to catch his prey. In the end, he needs the help of his mom to get dinner; not so big and bad now, huh?

This has to be one of my favorite books so far. It is hilarious how the dinosaur talks so bad throughout, and the you find out its a baby dinosaur. It gives a good look at how dinosaurs did eat other animals, which can be kind of a scary thing, but makes it not so scary. I love this book.

This book does not offer much in the way of plot. This book functions primarily as a work of voice. The main character is loud, boisterous, and boastful until he is humbled in a surprise ending. Although simple, this book does its job well.

Lots of fun. "I love my mom"

My son loves Kate McMullan's books but this one wasn't that great. I guess they all can't be winners. I was thinking she should write one about planes and name it "I'm high!" but immediately started laughing because that just wouldn't work for kids. This book was the I'm high equivalent just missed the mark. I didn't even think the dinosaur was that bad. Moving on

The illustrations are colorful and exciting. The text is funny but it's kind of strange. Maybe I just think it's strange because of the drawing of a dinosaur carcass that the dinosaur eats in the end. Okay so maybe not strange, it's just unappealing. Perhaps, that's why the dinosaur is so bad as he self-proclaims.

The wild illustration and variety of text truly help bring this book to life. This would be a great read a loud to younger children who love dinosaurs. It's funny and the ending reveals that the big, bad t-Rex isn't is scary as the reader might have thought.

My younger brother just had to have the dinosaur book. Haha. The story, sentence structure, and illustrations were okaybut I've seen way better children's books. At the end of the day, though, it entertained my younger siblings, and that's all that really matters.

I loved "I Stink" and thought this would be a great choice as well. It will be a fun read aloud, and the kids will enjoy it, just not quite as much as "I Stink".

Quick read and bright pictures about the T-Rex. Nice for younger ages.

I'm Bad! by Kate McMullan, illustrated by Jim McMullan is a look at a bad, hungry dinosaur who needs chow now.A T-Rex talks tough, looks for food unsuccessfuly, has a tantrum, and finally gets some food. T-Rex compares himself and his species to humans. The rhyming text includes lots of monologues, humor, action, emotions, and smart alecky talk. A bold and varying size font emphasizes action, with sounds highlighted. This dino uses descriptive, modern language and slang.The illustrations are col [...]

McMullan, J & McMullan, K. (2008). I'm Bad! New York: Joanna Cotler Books.9780061229725One big and bad Tyrannosaurus describes himself for the reader, comparing himself to the size and power of a human, doing an excellent job of putting this beasty in perspective. Despite the Tyrannosaurus's size and strength, it still has trouble capturing an animal in it's big huge jaws. It is worth noting that the voice of the Tyrannosaurus is very strong and modern and incorporates some anthropomorphized [...]

Hm. It's tough to review this one. I asked my niece to read Duck! Rabbit! to my nephew tonight, and when they finished that one he asked if she could read him another book. I handed them I'm Bad. She did read the story to him, and he seemed to like it, but I was driving while they read, and I couldn't focus more fully on their reactions.Here's what I could observe. My niece struggled with this text a bit. Since I didn't see the book, I don't know exactly what was tripping her up, but she indicat [...]

We have read the other books "I Stink!" and "I'm Dirty," and we enjoyed reading them so we had to read this book as well. I was really disappointed in this book as it just keeps saying the title all throughout the bookRead more at:lifeofstay-at-homemom

Picture Book - I'm not sure what specific genre this book would be in.This book was cute. It began with a big ferocious T-Rex who was trying to be scary and who was hungry and looking for food. After many failed attempts at catching his own food, the T-Rex begins to cry. His mother catches him and he denies that he was crying. His mother ends up giving him some food and so he eats it and is happy. I like that you don't really figure out that it is a 'baby' T-Rex until the end.Act. 1 - Story Boar [...]

A spin-off from the earlier and ultra successful I Stink!, but I didn't find many redeeming qualities in it. I didn't really warm up to the illustrations, not any more than I did for the first one, although I did find the color scheme interesting. As for the text, it left me equally cold, and the story line I don't know. And unlike its predecessor, it doesn't double as a concept book thus not much useful content. But, hey, there's never enough dinosaur books, are there

This dinosaur is definitely showing off his attitude. "I'm REALLY bad. Scare-the-tails-off-all-the-other-dinosaurs BAD." He's got claws, fangs, bad breat & 'triple-digit, kick-a-whomper stompers.' He fends off insults to his baby arms. For all his scariness, the dinosaur is having a very tough time catching food, leading him to declare "I hate fast food."Dinosaur pitches a fit over not catching any food. It's too fast, too hidden for him. A flap reveals an unexpected truth about this 'big' d [...]

This picture book is about a t-rex that is seen as scary and is looking for something to it. However, it ends with the t-rex ending up being a little t-rex who just loves his mom. This book would be great for a science lesson in which you are teaching students about herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. You could teach that the t-rex eats meat, and go on to explain what the other dinosaurs in the book may eat as well.

This book follows the daily schedule of a dinosaur, and how he scares everyone away, and does what he wants to do. But in the end, he comes home to his mom, where he isn't so bad after all.Classroom: This book could be a great way to show that you don't have to act tough, and that you can just be you. You could also have the kids fill in the line "I'm ______"(this book goes along with 2 others that I read!

Despite his boasting and posturing a terrible T-Rex becomes less and less imtimidating as he fails to catch anything for his dinner (even the "fuzzies" escape). The duo behind the award-winning I Stink! have created another monologuing beast sure to win over young readers. Bold watercolors in greens and oranges convey the humor in the dino's situation and a pull-out page with a surprising ending is sure to bring smiles.

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